FOOD/BOOZE NEWS!  2:39 pm November 25, 2009

Don’t Hurt Yourself On Black Friday

by Arielle Fleisher

Thursday, November 26:We approve of all post-Thanksgiving-dinner-with-Mom-and-Dad drinking needs. The Washington Post has a lineup of where you can find the bars open on Thanksgiving night. [Washington Post]

  • Friday, November 27: You could get trampled at Wal-Mart on Black Friday, or you could avoid such hell by DRINKING. Bars in Bethesda are hosting an Anti-Mall Crawl from 2 p.m.-10 p.m. on Friday.  Enjoy cheap beers and cheap mixed drinks. Oh, you can even heal the world while you’re at it: donating two cans of food gets you $3 off the admission price of $10. [Anti-Mall Crawl]
  • Friday, November 27: If you choose to brave Black Friday and head up to Target, Best Buy, or Bed Bath & Beyond, Commonwealth is offering rewards for your bravery: show your receipt and get a free beer or dessert with the purchase of a lunch or dinner entree. [CommonWealth]
  • Thursday, December 3: Look, an opportunity to actually do something good for starving children in Africa: ThinkImapct is hosting a gala at the Kenyan Embassy to raise money to build roads and such for said starving children. A $35 ticket includes wine, hors d’oeuvres and a raffle. [ThinkImpact]
  • December 1 through December 24: For all those who like Restaurant Week, here’s a much, much better deal: a three course meal and a glass of wine for just $24 at J. Paul’s, Georgia Brown’s, Paolo’s, Old Glory BBQ, Neyla, or Third Edition. [24 days of Dining]
  • Reopenings: A nasty fire ravaged Penang restaurant a year ago, but they rebuilt it and now it’s a super swanky place with an extensive menu. [Penang]
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lochnessmonster November 25, 2009 at 4:58 pm

I think I’ll do the drinking part but shop too whilst sitting on my butt on my couch in front of the TeeVee with my netbook on my lap. I think it’s the only way to shop!

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