Keep America Safe, Liz Cheney’s exciting new social thing likely named after some mid-career Waugh novel or other, produced a very serious new work of cinéma vérité, for which Liz Cheney managed to round-up like 6 unhappy people and a piano who all make noises indicating their displeasure with Obama’s idea of transferring the Guantanamo people to the town of Standish, Michigan. Except so now Standish’s City Manager and a lot of people in Standish are making noises indicating their displeasure at Liz Cheney, exploitative lying monster.

Succession of staccato E notes:

Standish’s City Manager tells us that local leaders and residents want the facility, and dismissed Cheney’s efforts as “fearmongering.”

Cheney is “certainly not representing the views of our community,” the City Manager, Michael Moran, told our reporter, Amanda Erickson.

While some local residents do appear to have expressed mixed feelings or opposition to the plan, Moran says that they’re an isolated minority that Ms. Cheney’s video elevates out of proportion in a way that’s “off base.”

What’s more, the Standish city council recently passed a unanimous resolution expressing support for bringing Gitmo detainees, citing job losses in the wake of the closing of the facility.

Still! How ’bout that documentary film?? Like Twilight + Twilight II over there. Jobs at Liz Cheney’s famous Hollywood movie studio for everyone!

[The Plum Line]

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  1. Dear Liz Cheney – although it’s impossible for your puny, privileged mind to comprehend, for most Michiganders the threat of unemployment is much, much greater than the threat posed by safely incarcerated terrorism suspects. But, go ahead, keep calling Americans chickenshit fraidy cats that are scared of incarcerated suspects, shadows, and the Saw movies. I’m sure that’s a winning strategy.

  2. PowerPoint fail on the eye-test graphics.

    What rural community doesn’t like a prison? Good paying jobs for people with low-level skills: what’s not to like?

  3. My eyes take such a long time to focus on this writing – is it because of my fuzzy thinking, or is the darkness, my god the darkness, Jim!…

  4. Gee Liz, way to round up a group of people I couldn’t dislike more:

    Crazy waitress-lady with marmoset on head. Check.
    Boring couple of olds who should be first on death panelz. Check.
    Fat cop-like character with stupid goatee. Check.
    Whiny fat conservatard bitch with voice like Fran Drescher. Check.

    Maybe we shouldn’t move the prison there and instead just bomb the fuck out of that place and put them out of my misery.

  5. “Black Mischief” comes to mind, of course, but that’s early Waugh. I would go with “A Fraction of the Whole” if we’re going to talk prisons in the boondocks.

  6. Moran says that they’re an isolated minority that Ms. Cheney’s video elevates out of proportion in a way that’s “off base.”

    Yes,they may be a minority, but they make up for it by being shouty all the time and therefore must be obeyed. Just ask the Post and the NY Times.

  7. Speaking of morans, did you see Liz on Stephanopoulos yesterday? She knows everything about everything in the world!! She read a magazine article and she is an expert about the middle east!! She is smarter about these things than Obama surely!!! He needs to listen to her because she read this article!!

  8. The names in this story, the last names are so bad. First up we have a person with the last name of ‘Cheney’, which automatically discredits all your opinions about everything. Then there’s the reporter, one Ms. Erickson. Do you suppose that she is ashamed of her brother/cousin/creepy uncle/unrelated guy that shames her family name anyway, Erick?

    And Mr. Moran, who ably demonstrates that he has already gotten a brain, thank you very much.

  9. The Lizztard is such a twunt. Let’s look at her plan…
    1. Prizztards too, too crazy bad to keep
    2. Trials too, too easy to legal beagle loophole
    with these two premises (premissa?) her conclusion must be

  10. We must keep America safe — by being afraid. Especially of things we shouldn’t be afraid of.

    Oh, and Liz — if Guantanamo is closed, that means your pathological sadist daddy won’t end up there. I’d think that was in your best interest.

  11. The mid-career Waugh novel you’re thinking of is “Put Out More (“Don’t Tread on Me”) Flags”. “Vile Bodies” was rejected as being excessively honest.

  12. Nothing excites a Jihadi more than the death of an American, but the death of a Spaniard, Hollander, Brit, German, or Japanese comes pretty close thankfully. Basically whoever might be standing around an old Egyptian ruin, they’ll do. Is it me or does the opening speaker visibly orgasm when speaking about what excites a Jihadi? Her voice gets real quavery, that’s usually “the sign.”

  13. [re=464669]Advocatus_Diaboli[/re]: Thank you (and all others) for summarizing. I couldn’t bring myself to watch it. Now I have a pretty good idea what it contains. Without Carmina Burana what’s the point.

  14. “Spy” magazine once called LaToya Jackson a ” doomed publicity whore.” True,perhaps, but it so much better fits Liz. Geez, Liz, how can we miss you if you won’t go away.

  15. So Evil Dick’s daughter(The Evil Strap-On?)goes to a community with high unemployment and tries to scare away the promise of a few more jobs.

    Screw her. She’s as big a prick as her old man.

  16. [re=464694]geminisunmars[/re]: The Wonkette commentariat has allowed me to skip many of the too horrible to view videos and still know exactly what I missed.

  17. They need to find another small town in the mid-west with an unused prison nearby for Liz, her dad and most of the Bush administration jerks. Make them a deal: if they admit guilt and promise to keep quiet forever they can avoid jail – otherwise isolation for life. That’s fair isn’t it?

  18. [re=464713]betterDeadThanRed[/re]: You wouldn’t want to give them a forum for expressing their views, would you? Better ask Liz if a public trial is a good idea.

  19. [re=464716]thefrontpage[/re]: No, the other was spared from errant shotgun blasts in exchange for her silence. However, Liz is still dodging bullets from her dear old dad.

  20. The denial in her family is incredible. I bet psychologists everywhere would love to study her family dynamic, or whatever evil it is that makes them tick.

  21. The buckshot Dicky the Magic Marksman has pumped into her over the years is slowly resulting in lead poisoning; it’s a slow, excruciating death, not unlike being a Republican.

  22. Dude! Not even ONE shout out to the pre-existing A-rabs already jihadin’ it up in Michigan! Come on now, Liz–that hurts. The Mitten’s home to the grandest muslin community outside the Middle East…that’s like *shiniest* of fear-monger factoids in existence! How could she miss it?!

  23. We’re sending crowds of people to prison to keep local economies afloat. Why not just cut out the prisoner middlemen, and pay the guards to, I don’t know, deliver meals to the olds or clean up parks.

  24. Waugh? I thought that was what Charlie Brown says when Lucy pulls the football away. I’m not smart enough for this blog anymore. Why can’t you say “ding-dong” like Ken?

  25. [re=464720]comicbookguy[/re]: Who said anything about a trail. That’s just a librul thing from before 9/11. If they won’t shut up they’re terrorists and throw them in the slammer.

  26. I think Liz is just trying to get into NYU film school. They’d eat this up — black and white, slow, foreboding in a boring way, with a host of strange characters talking about the doom that is soon to come.

  27. [re=464652]Noodle Salad[/re]: “Dear Liz Cheney – although it’s impossible for your puny, privileged mind to comprehend, for most Michiganders the threat of unemployment is much, much greater than the threat posed by safely incarcerated terrorism suspects.”

    I think this should be repeated forever. This is, indeed, the majority opinion not just in Standish, but the whole state. We’re being destroyed from the inside out right damned now, and we’re so tired of this stupid shit. Pete Hoekstra, Liz Cheney & Co. can all go to hell, as far as I’m concerned.

  28. [re=464661]V572625694[/re]: Standish rent-a-cops just need to translate their curriculum vitae into gubmint KSA-friendly blather. Then they’ll be set for life.

    Better get used to hearing a muzzezin 5x day/7/365, Standish…

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