The new Drudge SirenDemocratic Sens. Blanche Lincoln and Mary Landrieu finally called their own bluff and announced at the last minute that they would, controversially, vote to allow the Senate to debate a piece of legislation it has spent most of this year crafting, to help provide affordable medical care to people. What heroes. Their procedural votes for their own party’s major bill cost the nation hundreds of millions of dollars in pork handouts. That’s how Serious About The Deficits they are.

It sure will be funny when they strip out the public option and Republicans still call this a “government takeover of health care” and Blanche Lincoln still loses and everyone still dies:

“Let me be perfectly clear,” Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-AR) said on the floor of the Senate. “I am opposed to a new government administered health care plan as a part of comprehensive health insurance reform, and I will not vote in favor of the proposal that has been introduced by Leader Reid as it is written…. I’ve already alerted the Leader and I’m promising my colleagues that I’m prepared to vote against moving to the next stage of consideration as long as a government-run public option is included.”

Maybe they can get that Cao guy to vote for it again, in the Senate.

Lincoln: “I’ll Filibuster a Public Option” [TPM]

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  1. Better yet, they could drop roofies in Blanche and Mary’s ‘swate tay’ and asshole Joe’s Manischewitz and raise their doped hands to vote ‘aye.’ Then they could dump the unconscious lot of them in the damned Potomac. How about that?

  2. Oh, sorry Jim. My seething hatred made me forget to thank you for this weekend post. Thanks!

    Now, back to our regularly scheduled seething hatred.

  3. [re=464406]rafflesinc[/re]: I’ll try to have some more posts tonight, liveblogs or individual posts or whatever…

    I was thinking about doing a separate tiny post for this but, “OT”, Bill Moyers announced he’s ending his PBS show next year, and if you didn’t see last night’s episode, you damn well should.

  4. [re=464399]Jim Demintia[/re]: [re=464400]user-of-owls[/re]: [re=464401]Scandalabra[/re]: [re=464404]tootsieroll[/re]: [re=464405]plowman[/re]: [re=464406]rafflesinc[/re]: [re=464408]Jim Newell[/re]: weekend post and pithy comments score well above average! thanks, guys

  5. I was watching the live feed from the floor. After Menendez and Harkin, Whitehouse or whoever’s presiding, says something like “and now under the agreed to rules, the minority has the floor until 7:15. The chair recognizes the senator from Iowa.” So elected ruminant grandpa cornpants rises to speak. His first words? “I ask the chair to notify me when I have spoken for twenty minutes.”

    I am no longer watching the live feed.

  6. Well, look, Arkansas and Louisiana are the home of the world’s healthiest people, so really why would they vote for reform they don’t really need?

  7. [re=464412]chascates[/re]: Inglourious past in Vietnam, meet inglourious future in Afghanistan!

    As for the topic at hand: Can’t Obama ask Big-Dog Bill Clinton to sweet-talk this Senator gal from Arkansas?

  8. [re=464401]Scandalabra[/re]: Very good. Being a bunch of un or underemployed liberal arts graduates, the literary reference is always a good play on “our” wonkette. A warning: Never, ever fuck up a comma like , this.

    Scathing scorn was heaped upon a twatter for doing that very thing. A congress-person twatter. Good times.

    I’ve been cooking amazing home baked shit all day, to prove my bona fides as the world’s coolest fucking mother on Thanksgiving. (My mom! She makes crescent rolls from scratch, pie crust that flakes in a strong breeze AND she uses profanity and freely discusses her abortion. What a cutie!) I took a break, assuming Jim would be live-blogging the Senate debate. Grassley was speaking, so I checked in to find our whether anyone had committed suicide yet. Listening to Sen. Corndog is torture.

  9. [re=464415]trondant[/re]: Mike Enzi has been babbling about small businesses — such as his shoe store — for approximately 450 minutes. Yeah, no thanks.

    The House is so much more fun.

  10. [re=464408]Jim Newell[/re]: I’m devastated. Moyers’s show was fantastic. So many parallels to Iraq and Afghanistan. Thanks for ruining my fucking weekend, Jim. After switching channels on Grassley before I slashed my wrists (being in the kitchen, the knives were handy) I try to have some fun with this extra-special weekend post and now this.

    Just kill me.

  11. [re=464422]DustBowlBlues[/re]: This will cheer you up:

    “I have begun meeting with some of the best minds in the country that believe in limited government, maximum freedom and the values of our Founders. I am developing a 100 year plan.”

    Ha ha! He thinks this country has another 100 years.

  12. I think someday people will look upon this and say that this vote, this vote to agree to eventually allow a vote, might just be the greatest and most important vote in our nation’s history and historians will sing the praises of Lincoln and Landrieu for years and years to come. I get a little sniffly and feel like cranking Lee Greenwood just thinking about it.

  13. [re=464425]Jim Newell[/re]: Oh, yeah. Didn’t have to read it, just saw Beck’s smiling face and felt all better. And fuck Dodd for making fun of those of us who are watching CSPAN on Saturday night. Good thing he redeemed himself after that by making it emotional, or I might have become a Republic. Joking.

    McConnell thinks the nation is watching them tonight. Maybe a few dozen of us and some newbies who are asking themselves, “Did that guy have leprosy, or something? Where are his lips?”

  14. [re=464421]Johnny Zhivago[/re]: When the going gets tough, pull out the special needs prop. Maybe that’ll sell more books. Oh, I see a hand up her ass on the bottom left-hand. Is that Dick Cheney or Dick Armey’s hand puppeteering the “Every Day” mom? I’m sick of that dumb slag. I’m waiting for Miley Cyrus to get preggers (it’s a matter of time) so the media can focus on that hillbilly since we love them so much.

  15. A health-care reform liveblog opportunity at our wonkette? Well hot dog. I was just wondering what to do, as the spousal unit has commandeered the big TV to watch his pathetic Tennessee Vols lose another football game.

    The vote’s at 8 o’clock, right? Yes! Just enough time to shake up some cosmos and put on my p.j.’s.

  16. [re=464415]trondant[/re]: I watched all 20 minutes, because I love this country and I’m a patriot, dammit.

    Of course, it was 20 minutes of lies. So there’s that.

    And McConnell’s mysteriously disappearing lips are a fright. Maybe the new congressional health care exchange could arrange for some sort of transplant or something.

  17. [re=464429]DustBowlBlues[/re]: Mitch McConnell is being hilarious. He looks like he’s been holding in a massive fart the whole time.

    I’m watching this on CNN HD, which affords me the pleasure of staring at Orrin Hatch’s hand veins in stunning 1080p resolution.

  18. [re=464425]Jim Newell[/re], [re=464422]DustBowlBlues[/re]: I knew most of what the phone conversations revealed but it was still devastating to listen to them. To hear members of Congress agree that we shouldn’t be in Vietnam and that we couldn’t win there (this was prior to the 1964 election). To hear Goldwater rattling sabers, ‘we can’t allow the Commies to topple the governments in Asia.’ Then the Gulf of Tonkin incident and everyone publicly said ‘we must retaliate, we can’t cut and run.’ At one point Mike Mansfield suggests we could maintain 500,000 troops and be there 10 years and still not win. And that’s exactly what happened.

    And now history repeats itself but not as farce. Send more troops, don’t quit, we’re America, we have to do this. And many thousands of our troops will die and hundreds of billions will be wasted. All because we have a reputation to live up to. To ourselves and to the world. But it will end the same way as it did in Vietnam.

  19. Every time a Republic criticizes the Dems for the deficit, our senators should take turns jumping and yelling, “You lie, hypocrite.”

    Then all the others can chant “Your six trillion, your six trillion” and CSPAN ratings would go through the fucking roof.

  20. If Blanche Lincoln votes to kill health care, I will not miss her voice in the Senate after she loses reëlection next year. If Blanche Lincoln votes to pass health care, I will somewhat miss her voice in the Senate after she loses reëlection next year.

    Ditto to you, Landrieu.

  21. [re=464425]Jim Newell[/re]: Wow he is going to teach his followers “community organizing.” I thought that was just for us commie ACORN pussies with deep seated hatred toward white people.

  22. [re=464434]chascates[/re]: The Viet Nam era people around here romanticize the war, carry on about the underappreciated vets when they came home, etc. Last night, all I could remember was our chant, “Hey, hey LBJ: How many kids did you kill today?”

    I lost friends in the war, a very, very close friend and you know what? His life was wasted. Fucking wasted. And no matter how they rewrite history or romanticize the current war, people are dying for nothing.

    And I don’t remember Mike Mansfield saying that publicly or widely. I just hope that Obama and Axelrod were watching last night. Evoke LBJ, and get us out of there.

  23. [re=464440]problemwithcaring[/re]: The best part is that today he pumped this whole thing up, his 100 Year Plan For Marxist Community Organizing And Freedom, at… The Villages, the olds’ Mecca. These great Americans will be the soldiers over the next 100 years, to be sure.

  24. [re=464421]Johnny Zhivago[/re]: Whatever you do, DO NOT photoshop anything where Trig’s head should be. That goes to everyone on the Wonkett. How dare any of you elitists mock Sarah’s special-needs baby, lay off her family, etc. &c.

    Nice post mocking Landrieu and Lincoln’s heroics, Jim.

  25. Is Byrd there? Did they manage to prop him up for a vote? Here’s an idea: It’s Saturday night, traditional night to rock. Why don’t the Democrats just call the Republics bluff and make them actually filibuster this thing?

    How many Dems need to be there? Isn’t it just the Republics talking and refusing to yield the floor, or something?

  26. Oh, I should take this opportunity to express publicly, albeit anonymously, that Joe Lieberman is a doucheknuckle.

    Seriously, look at him. Is that not what you see in your mind’s eye when you say/think/type “doucheknuckle?”

  27. [re=464431]MzNicky[/re]: At heart, I think we’re all the same person. It’s probably lucky we’re not all in the same room together. Your evening sounds awesome. And how sad does make me sound?

  28. [re=464418]dr.giraud[/re]: “As for the topic at hand: Can’t Obama ask Big-Dog Bill Clinton to sweet-talk this Senator gal from Arkansas?”

    Perhaps the Senator isn’t zaftig enough for the Slick Willie?…

  29. [re=464460]DustBowlBlues[/re]: Well, not so awesome. It’s just me and the dawgs here in the computer room watching the Senate vote on the little TV (which by the way: woo-hoo! moving forward!) as I draw up my Thanksgiving grocery list. Cosmos always help make the (well, my) world go round.

    Loved your snapshot portrait of your mom. I, ahem, also make a flaky pie crust and am a frequent user of profanity.

  30. [re=464421]Johnny Zhivago[/re]: What’s wrong with this picture? What’s wrong is that little Trig is trying to get away from this crazy bitch and her crazy talk, but SHE WON’T LET HIM GO!!!!1!

  31. I was about to get all weepy about this historic moment and all 60 votes being there when we needed them, then I remembered: All they did was stick together to agree to talk about something.

    And this is bravery?

  32. Obama’s facebook status: “The Senate just voted to begin debate on a comprehensive health insurance reform bill. America is now closer to real reform than ever in our history.”

  33. [re=464408]Jim Newell[/re]: Gah! Oprah and now Bill Moyers?! How will the dimocrats win 2010 now??! We’re lost! Oh, wait. Isn’t this the second or third time Moyers is “quitting?” That’s at least one more than Oprah, long may she reign! Huzzah!

  34. [re=464462]MzNicky[/re]:”Loved your snapshot portrait of your mom. I, ahem, also make a flaky pie crust and am a frequent user of profanity.”

    I know this is OT, Jim, but bear with me. I’m giddy after this giant evening of watching awesome political bravery with the wonkeratti:

    That wasn’t my mom I was describing. My mom was a crazy bitch. That was ME I was talking about. What’s your pie crust secret? I just started making it better from scratch than from the Pillsbury box. A ninety+ year old friend–literally on her death bed– whispered it to me.

    (Shhhh . . . don’t tell anyone. I use lard. It’s perfect pie crust. Just don’t eat pie everyday or you’ll die very early.)

  35. The one thing I kept wondering about during Moyers was the fact he didn’t show himself doing the press for President Johnson. Note to President Obama: LBJ managed to get the most sweeping domestic legislation since the New Deal enacted, but what he is remembered for is that fucking war.

    Can’t they just come out and say the truth: The war in Afghanistan was a difficult job to begin and so mishandled in the first 8 years that they created a quagmire where lives and money are being squandered in exchange for very limited outcomes?

    And they lied to go into Iraq–Hopey should remember that he was against it in the first place and it, also, has wasted lives and trillions of dollars for nothing in return.

    The cost is completely out of proportion to the most positive possible outcome.

  36. [re=464444]Jim Newell[/re]: AARRGGHH!! “The Villages.” My father and stepmother moved there several years ago (since moved to Sarasota[*]). Sounded like a really f-ed up place.

    When they moved there there was no such place. The phone company didn’t recognize it, the post office didn’t either. Apparently they had battles over things like whether golf carts were legal on the streets, which is I guess why they wanted to secede from Lady Lake. (Saying “Lady Lake” would cause them to get violent.)

    [*] They got a really great deal on a fixer-upper in Sarasota in January, 2008. I bet.

  37. [re=464469]AnglRdr[/re]: Yes, a mite bit much for a Sunday morn (my time), but here are a couple of much more pleasant image to you to fap to contemplate…

    And contemplate this on a Sunday morn… if death by poisoning was the preferred method of state execution in Jesus’ time as it was in Socrates’, all those krazy khristians in church would be wearing little hemlock cups around their necks…

  38. [re=464470]DustBowlBlues[/re]: Keep the dough cold, COLD COLD! Use honest-to-god lard (not hydrogenated lard from the store; I know that part of the strip has got to have someone rendnering leaf lard. And then it’s all down to ‘soothingness.’

  39. [re=464470]DustBowlBlues[/re]: Oh dear, beg pardon re: your mom/not your mom, YOU. Pie crust secret:

    Use White Lily® flour and ONLY White Lily® flour. It’s soft winter wheat flour, a product of the South but I think Williams-Sonoma catalog offers it as well, which is hilarious. (A friend of mine in Vermont went looking for it once and was directed toward the “ethnic foods” section!! haw haw) White Lily flour and cut in tiny bits of Crisco. A touch of salt and sprinkle with just enough water until it forms a ball. Handle practically not at all and roll out immediately.

  40. I know the mouthbreathers wouldn’t respond too well to this, but whenever one of them critcizes the Dems, couldn’t the Dems say, on television in their most annoyed/digusted, matronly tone: “Gawd, you guys; we’re fucking trying to help your fat asses.”

    You know, the criticism of the Dems with their “government takeovers” and all seem downright quaint when you take into consideration that our criticism of the Republican neon-cons was that they were quite literally trying to take over the whole.damned.globe by bombing those that disagreed with them into total submission.

    Why don’t these folks get who the real danger was/is? The Dems are fucking trying to make your fat asses healthier, and prevent you from breathing in particulate matter, and preventing the globe from going 2010 on your fat asses. Yet, when the GOP suppress and dominate anything that moves whether at home or abroad, you don’t just instinctively accept it, you sometimes cheer it.

  41. I’m a single issue journalist and voter. All that propose the ongoing forever war, ala Orwell, and the military industrial complex, ala craven coward, Eisenhower who didn’t mention it until he was leaving office, should be ground to dust.

    Fuck Obama

  42. [re=464493]MzNicky[/re]: Late to reply, so you probably won’t read this, but maybe we could persuade “our wonkette” to have an open thread to share kitchen secrets. I’m sure Ken would be totally on board with this idea.

    Thanks for the tip on White Lily flour.

  43. i thought Sen. (former non-VP) liebearman promised to filibuster away the healthcare by voting with the GOP? why did that slimy-sly creature give in to Reid and the Dems? or did they buy him off with something?
    does anyone have the answer to this sleazy Q?

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