You mean we can't leave until 5 p.m.??Poor self-important freshman Senator Claire McCaskill. She’s been in the Senate for nearly three whole years now and it’s made her tired and sad and maybe everyone should just give Congress a break, because what’s most important to the American people is that every current senator gets re-elected: “I don’t think anyone’s excited about doing another really, really, big thing that’s really, really hard that makes everybody mad. Climate fits that category.” Ugh, AMEN, cause then you’ve got to read it… write it… explain it to people… organize… make up your mind… this is not what Claire McCaskill expected the Senate to be like! It was supposed to just be super easy votes on awesome things like wars and other wars and tax cuts and junk. [Ezra Klein]

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  1. Saying something like this in public should be grounds for immediate imapplement… imtangerinement… impomegranatement… darn it, what is that word?

  2. “I don’t think anyone’s excited about doing another really, really, big thing that’s really, really hard…”

    You don’t spend much time hanging-out in the congressional cloakroom, do ya Claire?

  3. Yeah, she’s right — as you work your way up to more responsible positions of government, the job should steadily get easier. It’s the little guys at the bottom who are supposed to do all the hard stuff that involves thinking and controversy and such. Claire is just pissed that she’s not clearing brush from the bike trails at her ranch right now.

  4. congress makes me tired and sad, too. it’s broken and i wouldn’t poke it with a stick. not even to try to wake it up so it can do some sort of really big thing and make everyone mad.

    if something can be fucked up, the u.s. congress is always at the head of the line, saying, “let us do it!”

  5. Right, we wouldn’t want to make anyone mad, like that one time the Pres. was black and wanted to encourage students to work hard in school. That made people pretty mad. Let’s coast through the next few sessions just updating state mammals and kickin’ the can down the road.

    Sack up, Claire, you dimwit.

  6. “Our constitution protects aliens, drunks, and U. S. Senators. There ought to be one day (just one) when there is open season on senators.” Will Rogers

  7. [re=463135]gurukalehuru[/re]: [re=463145]BlueStateLibtard[/re]: Claire’s from the “Show Me State”, not the “Do Me State”, and as such prefers just to watch, thanks.

    She’ll be over in the corner…won’t even know she’s there…feel free to get started whenever you’re comfortable, OK?

    Great! Now let’s do this thing!

  8. Hard stuff? The Prez hasn’t even opened the big box he keeps under the desk with the real H-bombs in it. Like giving the Dakotas back to the Indians. And basing the federal income tax on body fat. And not only withdrawing U.S. troops from Afghanistan, but pulling them out of Texas, too.

  9. Next time I’m working, whenever the boss asks me to do something I don’t want to do, I’m going to tell them this: “Hey, boss, I don’t think anyone’s excited about doing another really, really, big thing that’s really, really hard that makes everybody mad. This project fits that category. So I’m going to go back to reading Glee message boards now….”

  10. [re=463106]skippy[/re]:
    “I’ve made dozens of votes,
    Given hundreds of quotes,
    It is such a chore.”

    “First health care then taxes,
    Nobody relaxes,
    And then there’s the WAR!”

  11. Translation: More hard work? Seriously?! What the fuck is THIS shit? Where are the oiled-up pageboys & big fat rails of crank I was promised? WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!

    Alt-alt-text: “But … but I poop from there!”

  12. I have one word for Senator McCaskill- Junkets! Just keep on a bitchin’, a moanin’ and a whinin’ for long enough, and your fellow senators are bound to feel your pain and send you off on an excursion to some far flung location to conduct “vital research” or to attend some “major conference”. By mere coincidence, of course, this shindig will be taking place in some hell hole like Paris, Sydney, Tokyo, Geneva or Vienna.

    Once there, your hosts will insist that you stay at their finest hotel, and dine at their best restaurants – We know how hard this will be, but when you’re a visiting dignitary, you simply have no choice but to accept such hardships.

    When you return to the House, you will, despite the trials endured in the service of your Country, feel somehow refreshed, renewed even, and ready to take on the hard stuff again.

    So, chin up Claire old girl; and make sure that passport is up to date for when duty calls…

  13. Claire’s been a DINO from day one. If she never had to vote again, she’d be ecstatic. This is all just a ruse to cover up the fact that she wants to seem like a Democrat without actually having to be one a lot of the time.

  14. It’s a measure of my quality of life as a Missourian that Claire is the better of my two senators. At least she won’t be actively opposing climate change legislation like Kit Bond.

  15. No body knows hard unless they are prepared to quit. For the good of the cuntry. Then you can write a book and get paid billions, provided you lie about fake babies, children with brand names, and all the ‘literature’ you read

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