'Like a baby, stillborn. Like a beast with his horn ....'
God, this guy … with the bowing, again. What little fascist-communist dictator is Obama kowtowing to this time? We don’t know, some child despot, maybe the Sultan of Cuba or the African Queen. No wonder Fox News has to name all the pictures of Barack “monster.jpg.” And that stench? Oh, that’s just the smell of the constitution burning. [Flickr]

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  1. Welcome back, Ken! Are you putting those beat up shoes you wore on the coast trek up on eBay? Will proceeds go to a worthy cause, like the Wonket likker cabinet?

  2. “I’m sorry Maddie, I know I’m burdening your generation with universal health care, it’s just that as a fascist liberal Nazi Commie America hater I can’t seem to help myself…sob…forgive me, real America…”

  3. Hello pals! Yes I am back, sadly un-raped/un-killed by hobos or bears or elephant seals.

    I am not quite at the Managing Editor’s office, but will be with you for all of next week, because I’m sending Newell to be sodomized by a circus bear, for Thanksgiving, at the Four Seasons.

  4. In honor of Ken’s nigh-permanent return, I propose a celebratory banning. [Looks at rabblerouser42]

    Oh, and The African Queen is a great movie.

  5. [re=462602]Nigerian Business Executive[/re]: Maybe Jim getting raped by a bear can become a Thanksgiving Tradition (TM), like the Burroughs video!

  6. [re=462600]SmutBoffin[/re]: If it’s that same guy pushing that political satire website, then I’ve seen that rabblerouser fella at Crooks&Liars, too. He’s on a whore tour too.

  7. Welcome back, Ken. Glad to see you back, though I must confess I was hoping you were going to stay in CA to become full-time correspondent covering the assorted shenanigans of the CARLYFORNIA! campaign.

  8. That is actually Lord Pippin, Governor and Thain of Hobbitstan, a country Sarah Palin would also like to bomb, along with the other “stans.”

  9. [re=462599]Ken Layne[/re]: Ay carajo! If that’s what you’re doing to Jim, I can’t imagine what Riley’s in for.

    Buuut, if you’re taking requests, I have just one word: tentacles.

    Think about it.

  10. Maybe he should drag that kid to the Congress and tell everybody how much the kid wants healthcare to pass… what? really? He’s not a complete douchebag? Then nevermind.

  11. [re=462580]Sweet Baby Cheeses[/re]: That’s not Obama! It’s Pedo Bear wearing a suit.

    [re=462624]SmutBoffin[/re]: “Stuffing the turkey” has long been a tradition in my household.

  12. [re=462599]Ken Layne[/re]: Consider yourself lucky. I was actually trapped on a wave-battered rock and attacked by a sunbathing elephant seal at Russian River Gulch a few years ago.*

    They’re apparently not big fans of being photographed in the nude. I’m not sure if it was the flash that set him off, or my veiny, raging hard on.

    Either way: Scary!

    (*This is true.)

  13. She was seconds away from discovering the long form birf certificate, hidden away in the top, right drawer, when the President came with a perfectly timed distraction…

  14. I hate to say it, but even if that were Bush there playing peek-a-boo instead of St. Hopenacious that would still be a damned cute photo. Tugs at the heart strings, it does.

  15. [re=462969]problemwithcaring[/re]: See??!?!?!!!11!! We’re all doomed! DOOMED!

    Was that teabaggy enough? No? Needs more socialism I think.

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