Much like your Wonkette, Fox News also enjoys assigning comical file names to photographs. Although “Obama_WarCouncil_doomsday”? Ehh. A bit overwrought, as all those words mean the same thing. Thanks to URL Spy “Ryan L.” [monster; WarCouncil_doomsday; japan_monster]

UPDATE: Some Fox intern wrote in to Andrew Sullivan! Unlearn everything you thought you knew about FOX jpegs, stat.

It’s like this, see?

I am a former intern in Fox News’ web department, and I can tell you with certainty that “Doomsday” and “Monster” are internal code names used to describe the dimensions of images that appear on the home page.

A “Doomsday Top” describes a wide oversized image, like the one of Obama’s War Council in this example.  When goes into “Doomsday Mode,” a single story will appear above the fold with one large photograph, such as this one.

Likewise, “Monster” corresponds to another image size: Big, but not quite as big as Doomsday.  You will notice that the two images with the Monster title are the same size.

The fact that nobody bothered to rename these images something less ominous certainly constitutes laziness or carelessness on somebody’s part, but probably nothing more.

And yet what of “Japan”? Can’t exactly explain that one away.

[Andrew Sullivan]

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  1. [re=462357]ManchuCandidate[/re]: No, Obama fought a monster in Japan. Then the monster grew to giant-size and Barack, Michelle and three others had to summon their robotic animals which combined to form a giant humanoid robot…

  2. [re=462357]ManchuCandidate[/re]: GODZILLA IS ON NOTICE. Obama will not only beat the hell out of him and Mothra, he will bury them somewhere in his fortified adobe in Kenya.

  3. Juli, I’m pretty sure you and your American-hating URL spy “Ryan L” are violating Fox News’s God-given First Amendment rights to freedom of religion, and other freedoms, that the troops are fighting so for. To.

    Also, RAAAACISM.


    Juli, you lean so far left in your hatred of real Americans, that you managed to lose the “e” in your name. Know who else didn’t have an “e” in his name? Hitler.

  4. [re=462372]Katydid[/re]: You have distilled all of American conservative politics into one brilliant question and response.

    Know who else didn’t have an “e” in his name? Hitler.

    That should be put in diamonds on a titanium plate and bolted to Reagan’s tombstone.

  5. [re=462456]Tundra Grifter[/re]: It was an honest mistake. Someone at the news desk clicked on

  6. Two of the photos share the same suffix (_monster_397x224.jpg), which suggests that their photo editing process is somewhat automated. Like, the photo editor will run the file “obama_japan.jpg” through a script, which re-sizes and compresses the photo, then spits out “obama_japan_monster_397x224.jpg.” My guess is that it’s a photo/Web intern who thinks he or she is really sticking it to the man.

  7. Silly ducks. Obama is Monster Zero. Remember him? Three headed monster also known as “King Ghidorah” that looks suspiciously like thee Beast who hangs out with the Anti-Christ? With the zero being code for the letter “O” as in OHMYFUCKINGGODRUNFORYOURLIVESITSTHESOCIALISTGRANDMAKILLINGCONSTITUTIONEATINGMONSTERSPACEALIENLIZARDFROMKENYABECAUSEHAWAIIISAFOREIGNCOUNTRYANDWHEREISHISBIRTHCERTICATEYAAAAAAAA!!

    Epic Gojira trivia fail, bitches.

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