Lady On Website Wonders If Sarah Palin Is Real Or Not

  today in brilliant email pitches from other websites

This e-mail made us sad. “In her column, Suzy offers her two cents on Sarah’s interview with Oprah, with the key takeaway is whether Sarah is real or not.” This “Suzy” sounds like a keeper, HEHNGNN?

Second most depressing e-mail pitch of the day comes from the Huffington Post, for this subject line: “Arianna to Warren Buffett: Put Down the Pom-Poms and Tell Us the Truth About the Economy.” Why is the mean rich lady yelling at Nebraskan investor Warren Buffett?

Links all around!

We need to get Intern Riley to start sending these pitch things out. “WONKETTE’S WEINER: Suzy, Put Down Arianna’s Pom Poms And Make Out With Warren Buffett And Oprah And Sarah And Stuff And What Is Even Real Or Not, Goddamnit.”


[Daily Beast]

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