Mexican deerhunting gang target and fat dunderhead Lou Dobbs went on Bill O’Reilly’s show last night to discuss, let’s see here, who gives a fuck. But skip ahead to :35 for a comical moment in which O’Reilly asks, dead seriously and out of nowhere, “Is Barack Obama the Devil?” Lou Dobbs doesn’t miss a beat and immediately begins his meandering answer, with utter Seriousness. This is a conversation between two theoretically self-aware adult humans!

And don’t you just love how Lou Dobbs or Bill O’Reilly can say, as an established obvious fact — indisputable, common sense! — that the health care reform under consideration is the government fully taking over 1/6th of the economy? Meh. MEH. Dobbs/O’Reilly ’12.

Piece of shit country.


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  1. Could it be . . . SATAN? Good to see Fox reenacting old SNL skits, only in utter seriousness.

    It didn’t take long for Dobbs to find his natural home, did it?

  2. Also, I love how they caption “Lou Dobbs” with “Resigned from CNN” as though this were some principled act. I thought that being paid an $8M extra-chin-maintenance fund meant that you didn’t leap so much as respond to the push.

  3. two theoretically self-aware adult humans

    You’re being unusually generous today, Jim. I’d ask if you got laid last night, except that might be misinterpreted as an insult rather than my normal voyeuristic interest in what people are doing with their bodily juices. Which, fortunately, doesn’t extend to O’Reilly or Dobbs, especially when they’re together.

  4. Excuse me, but this is the greatest, strongest,richest, most powerful nation in the history of mankind, which makes the fact that our government cannot provide sensible, affordable health care for its citizens indefensible.

    It’s not the country that’s shitty it’s our democratically-elected leadership who have come to power because people like me are too fucking lazy to do anything about it.

    So fuck me.

  5. Can the North secede from the Union this time? Maybe the West Coast can secede at the same time, and we can enter a bilateral treaty.

    Lou can take all the Southern borders to live out his fantasies, and the South can build that Christian nation out of moonpies and RC Cola. O’Reilly seems to love tormenting himself, so maybe he can create an independent autonomous Vatican outpost comprised of a loofa cage in Times Square.

  6. Bill O’Reilly’s question was wrong. It should not have been, “Is Obama ‘the’ devil.” Rather, it should have been phrased, “Is Obama ‘a’ devil,” to which the answer is an indisputable yes.

  7. Love it or leave it, you mexican infidel.

    “Piece of shit country” is the same kind of shit that Hasan was saying in the weeks preceding his Fort Hood massacre. Is anybody over there at Wonkette paying attention to this caryopsis of a man? How long before he dons his white ACLU robe and goes all “assault weapon” on you while screaming “Gobble-the-goo Akbar!” I wonder who this mexican menace hates more, Dobbs or that Cuban Menendez.

  8. And OT David Brooks adds to the stupid white guy meme today by bemoaning a lack of Merican ‘futurity.’ He is slyly trying to hijack the Obama change narrative (like Ms. Snowbilly of course) with his own brand of Puritan shame. Please Little Davey, do remember Reagan theocritized the hollow faith (with viral greed filling the vacuum) you speak of. Time for a little more Stoli in the morning coffee. Paging Charles Dickens.

  9. [re=460074]sezme[/re]: I’m writing blog comments at 8:30 AM my time, for free, so perhaps I’m not the best person to answer that question.

  10. [re=460068]Aflac Shrugged[/re]: Of course it was a principled act; CNN demanded that he tamp down the racism or leave, and if there’s one principle Dobbs holds dear, it’s racism.

  11. [re=460086]DoctorCulturae[/re]: Put that Brooks column back where it belongs, protecting the bottom of the cage from Squeaky the Parakeet’s leavings.

  12. Fox NEWS Program Idea: Walk into a depressed farm community’s coffee shop in Kansas and grab the nearest old-flaccid-under employed-racist-social security-medicare sucking-crabs and listen to them bitch about how liberals fucked up this country. Wait! We already have ten damn flavors of this show.

  13. No, these people are devils: Bill O’Reilly, Lou Dobbs, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Michele Malkin, Ann Coulter, Karl Rove, George Bush I, George Bush II, Dick Cheney, John Ashcroft, Alberto Gonzalez, Harriet Miers, Andrew Card, Ari Fleischer, Dana Perino, Condoleezza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld, any high-ranking person in the Nixon, Reagan and Bush I and II administrations, and anyone who agrees with any of these people on most political issues.

    There’s your devils.

  14. I just hope Dobbs doesn’t do the New Jersey senate thing. He should wait to assume his true place as Ambassador to Mexico under Pres. No-I’m-Not-Jared Huckabee.

    Or head of the CDC’s Swine Flu and Leprosy division.

    Either would work.

  15. They planned that question and answer carefully. Too smooth by half.

    And I’m rather sick of this 1/6th of the economy line, which is the argument they used to sink health care in ’93. Just what percentage of our national wealth do they think is appropriate to spend on health care? 1/6th just doesn’t seem that high to me. Health is important.

  16. When will O’Really? start dressing the part and wear a Napolean costume on the air? Interesting, nevertheless, how the archfiend Murdoch has chewed on both ends of the demographic spectrum — going after kids with Fox TV and old farts with Faux News. Every city neighborhood has a bar full of Bill & Lou’s grumbling about how “this used to be a good neighborhood before the (fill in correct response: hippies, niggers, beaners, kikes, towelheads, zipperheads, yuppies, rich assholes) moved in.” What’s sad is watching one happen: on Lincoln Avenue in Chicago, there used to be an old German bar called Katzenjammer’s where the Nazi fugitives would bemoan the street turning into a hippie playground. The hippies all hung out at a new bar called Sterch’s. Katzenjammer’s is long gone, replaced by some joint where yuppies drank Jello shots and shot silly string at one another. In the meanwhile, the hippies at Sterch’s have hit 60 and sit around whining about how the neighborhood used to be good before the Gen X frat boys showed up. As ageless Pete Seeger wrote, “When will they ever learn?” In Bill & Lou’s case, never.

  17. My favorite Fox moment evah:

    Camera man and dude with microphone go into a coffee shop in some square state. Asks everyone to raise their hand who is voting for Obama. The whole room raises their hand. Then he asks who’s voting for McCain and only he raises his hand. Then he looks dead serious at the camera and says “as you can see, the results are very mixed here”.

    “We distort, you decide.”

  18. [re=460064]JMP[/re]: Yes, this country certainly has come a long way. This is just like the old “All in the Family” episode when Archie goes on TV to give an editorial on how to stop airline hijackings. “Arm all your passengers.” GENIUS It was so funny then. No one would actually think that is a good idea…right?

    Now they actually talk about doing it.

    What a country!!1

  19. When will O’Really? start dressing the part and wear a Napolean costume on the air?

    Even if he did, he would appear to be more sane than Palin on Oprah yesterday.

  20. Unfortunately, Dobbs is laughing all the way to the bank. It cost CNN 8 million to get rid of him. So the Dobbs haters and Dobbs himself came out the winners in that deal. CNN took it in the shorts in their quest to go “neutral”.

    When do we start the clock ticking on Wolfie?

  21. Two words: turing test. O’really must have gone to bed after having read too much Philip K. Dick (no jokes, please) and had a nightmare about armies of relentless Dobbs-Droids(tm) hunting him down after the interview and sitting on him. You can never be too sure –

  22. [re=460143]P Drizzle[/re]: Oh, I don’t know; it could result in a very entertaining election, at least; especially if he runs against Menendez, who just might set off Dobbs’ rage. Or if the truly ancient Lautenberg re-retires or dies, and the rumors about Jon Bon Jovi wanting to run for office in Jersey prove true.

  23. Is it really possible that Dobbs doesn’t realize that one can’t spend years stoking (stroking?) irrational hatred, anger and fear of Messicans, and then expect the wingnuts to be able to calmly differentiate between foreigners and Mrs. Lou Dobbs, a certifiably brown-skinned Messican-American?

    In any case, now that he’s got the wingnuts all fired up, and since Dobbs claims that teh Messicans bring in teh leprosy, how does he expect to get elected? Sane people won’t vote for him, and the wingnuts probably want his wife tested before they cast their vote.

  24. [re=460169]JMP[/re]: The people of NJ have obv. forgiven Bon Jovi for his past crimes against good taste and good hair. I think he actually has a chance now that Springsteen is a total commie.

  25. Oh come on guys. You know they were just playing. That was O’Reilly imitating Colbert imitating O’Reily imitating Colbert imitating O’Reilly! You just don’t get it!

  26. Before Uncle Lou went nuts he wouldn’t have given a fucktard like O’Reilly the time of day. I liked him a lot better when he was just an arrogant prick.

  27. Ah the ole “When did you stop beating your wife?” question pure classic BOR. So our President is either mismanaging the country or is The Devil? Wunderbar. Geobles couldn’t have phrased it better.

  28. [re=460076]engulfedinflames[/re]: Naaw … its the people, or least those living in sucky, mostly warmer states. I mean according to the Post, Mississippi has a nearly 20 percent malnutrition rate and its governor Foghorn Balhorn is considered a serious presidential candidate. This is a guy who won becuase voters were so outraged about getting rid of the stars and bars off the state flag.

    I don’t see any angry mobs dwon there getting worked up about being on the verge of famine.

  29. Couldn’t make it past the 53 second mark.

    Ugh. “blah blah radio show blah blah teevee or run for office.”

    Because — what’s the diff?

    Piece of shit country.

  30. Come on folks, it was a test. Billy was just checking to see if Dobby could keep a straight face while responding. It doesn’t matter what he said, it matters how he said it. It’s called “journalistic integrity” folks… All the Fox News talking heads have it.

  31. I can feel the melanin gathering behind me whenever Bitch Cassidy or the Fatchance Kid are on teevee. You heard me. If I click on a YouTube or flip to a channel with either of them on it, it repels my fucking blackness, and then I have to walk around all day with a pale face and a black back.

    I will never understand what people see in these men.

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