You boys want some taffy?The Washington Post‘s “Dean of Sociopaths,” David Broder, wore his finest slacks to write this paragraph: “It is evident from the length of this deliberative process and from the flood of leaks that have emerged from Kabul and Washington that the perfect course of action does not exist. Given that reality, the urgent necessity is to make a decision — whether or not it is right.” PSST… $50 if you choose the wrong one, so I can have things to criticize? Trick question, I will criticize any of them. Can I still have $50? Where did I put those slacks… [Washington Post via Spencer Ackerman]

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  1. David Broder has needed new material since 1983. His columns are kind of like “H├Ągar the Horrible” strips–you see them in the paper every day, but who really reads them anymore?

  2. Wow, someone sure misses “The Decider In Chief.” Nobody remind David what hasty decision making has done for us in the past or he might feel just a bit foolish.

  3. No, no, $50 dollars is what you get when you say the secret word. Also, it comes from a duck which you must have sex with. I’m sure a special interests group paid him much more to write this column.

  4. All those information-gathering agencies, think tanks, international relations pundits, congressional recommendations..they are just so much window dressing to convince people that Important Decisions are the result of an interrogative/deductive process.

    Insiders like Broder know that Barry will just give it the ol’ Harvard try, and why not, ya know, right now?

  5. He has his column and critique already written for when the decision is finally made, and is annoyed that he has to keep trying to find other things to write in the meantime.

  6. Slightly off topic but it reminds mof Dame Peggy on Tweetie’s Sunday journo-circle-jerk, taking 500 words to say that if Obama’s choice on Afghanistan is right, he’ll be praised, whereas if it’s wrong, he’ll be criticized. “This is the important thing!” she said, with many Speech Communications 101 hand gestures. Even Katty Kae gave her a weird look on that one, as if to say, “They pay you for that shit?”

  7. The idea that “doing something wrong is better than doing nothing at all” sounds profound but has absolutely no relevance in the real world. Sort of like Broder, except for the profundity part.

  8. Hey everyone. Do you remember a time when blog-whoring was a capital offense here? Do you yearn for the days of yore, of the shining website on the Hill?

    Then please, join me and let’s TAKE OUR WONKETTE BACK!

    “Hey, hey, Mr. J, how many whores did you ban today!”
    “No blog whores, no quease!”


  9. David Broder was a silly old fart when still a relatively young man. He’s become rather more silly with as he’s gotten older. If he lives to 90 he’ll become an honorary circus clown.

  10. Next week in his ground-breaking series on arriving at a bad idea by chance and clinging to it like grim Death, David Broder asks whether condoms, handrails and seatbelts are of any benefit, or if they really just play into the terrorists’ hands.

  11. Let’s give David a rifle, an 80-pound pack, and a pair of combat boots and put him out in the middle of Afghanistan with Delta Company. Then we’ll see if he wants a decision “whether or not it is right.”

  12. Wow! Exactly the same argument made last Friday by the owner (and radio personality!) (and douche) of our only local radio station. Where else can we get news of the latest meth bust?

    Does The Dean of Washington Journalism also say “dithering” over and over again?

  13. I eagerly await Broder’s long and thought-provoking column in next Sunday’s WaPo where he gives Obama advice on how to make that tough decision about Afghanistan and suggests such thing as the flipping of coin, a game called “eeny-meeny-miny-moe,” and the calling of the Psychic Hotline.

  14. Given that the perfect course of action does not exist, let’s make a hasty and ill-conceived decision now. It’s OK, we can always ban the press from taking photos of the coffins. At least I’ll get some column inches out of it, suckas!

  15. And there sits the greatest mind of our time with that faraway look in his eyes, struggling to deal with the flood of emotions in the wake of his weekly colonoscopy.

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