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Hey, kids, remember your civics class, where you learned that there are other parts of the government that aren’t currently controlled by Muslims? There’s the so-called “Supreme Court,” which everyone ignores most of the time right up until they legalize gayness; but then there’s this other thing, whaddya call it, Congress, and there’s like dozens and dozens of those jackholes, so even though they aren’t “worse” than President Antichrist on an individual level, there are more of them, so it kind of balances out! Anyway, one half of Congress just passed some crazy-ass law last week. How did they manage to do this? Simple: DEVIL MAGIC.

As ever, one must click on the cartoons to embiggen them. DO IT!

Do you ever go to your local public swimming pool and see the big signs hanging on the wall that say “NO HORSEPLAY”? You’re probably assuming that this refers to the sort of light-hearted running and chasing games that kids at public pools used to engage in, before video games and mandatory child seats made them husky and listless. But in fact, these signs are forbidding anyone from engaging in sexual fetish horseplay of the kind depicted here, as that particular kink is, according to an obscure clause in Article I of the Constitution, only permitted to members of Congress. Most of us will never miss it, of course, but those who long to be saddled up by some pasty middle-aged dude, to feel the satisfying tug of the reins against the bit between their teeth — well, they are forced to grimly work their way through the city council and the state legislature, putting in years of effort, before finally, finally getting to the august halls of the Capitol, where the carrots and sugar-cubes are plentiful, and there are no “NO HORSEPLAY” signs to ruin the fun.

Oh, and somewhere in there these horse-sex freaks have to find time to pass laws and stuff. Now, in an institution with as long and storied a history as the United States Congress, there are bound to be some traditions that might look a little strange to the modern eye. For instance, historically, the Speaker of the House celebrates the passage of a particularly auspicious bit of legislation by putting on his or her finest Druid robes (a Snuggie can be substituted if necessary) and using a ritual silver dagger forged by Paul Revere himself to sacrifice to the Dark Lord whichever beast represents the majority party. This is actually a little-known bit of cost savings that has come about after the 2006 elections, as sacrificial donkeys are significantly cheaper to come by than sacrificial elephants, and require much less cleaning up after.

But Nancy Pelosi has tricked us (again)! While she purports to only be the High Priestess of some Satanic cult, in fact she is herself the Princess of Darkness, the Lady of Lies, Beezelbubette! While the mortal Congressmen are entertaining themselves with their erotic equestrian simulations, Nancy likes to go down to her infernal kingdom of flames and sulfur and unwind a little bit. Just as the Bible tells us, Satan likes nothing more than to prematurely claim the souls of honest, hard-working old people, with health care. She’ll be tormenting them with her pitchforks and her strict coverage requirements for private health care plans for all eternity, and there’s nothing you or the AARP can do to stop her!

Meanwhile, the Senate is a forward-thinking institution. It doesn’t bother with mummery like weird ritual animal slaughter in the name of Moloch or whatever. No, the Senate is interested in the future, and the future is all about science! For instance: would it be scientifically possible to sever Joe Lieberman’s head, and attach it to the broad shoulders of some nightmarish man-elephant hybrid, and all the while keep the Lieberman-head alive, and breathing, and smiling that smug fucking smile, and derailing important legislation just for kicks? The Senate’s best minds are on the case!

But not every scientific experiment goes to according to plan! For instance, in this one, two heads weren’t better than one, as Lieberman’s pathological need for attention meant that he could never share a torso with anyone else for any length of time. Unfortunately, some careless lab tech accidentally threw out ol’ Joe’s below-the-neck bits — oops! What to do? The only solution was to graft his skull onto a dog they found God knows where, but even that procedure didn’t go as planned, and it was impossible to save the Senator’s chin. Still, he’s pretty much as good as ever, and the cause of human knowledge is advanced!

But let us turn our backs on Congress, and America, for the time being. What’s going on with those kooky Foreigns? For instance, what’s Tony Blair been up to since he quit his job as Queen Elizabeth’s Royally Warranted Snuff-Wrangler and Chief Advisor On Lesser Non-Snuff-Related Matters? Well, apparently he’s been working his way through every depraved sex act Europe has to offer! Now, sure, most of us have taken a dip in the “French Trench” or swum in the “Spanish Channel”; but how many can claim to have spent a lot of time in the “German Black Spot,” or plunged into the fabled “Finnish Hole”? Truly Tony is a true man of the world.

Meanwhile, back in America, some big-shot Hollywood Jew sure seems to think the crucifixion is funny!

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  1. I often wonder if the people that claim to be against “socialism” really want to give up medicare, social security, fire departments, police protection, public roads and public education, or if they just don’t like the idea of allowing the poor and sick to have access to medical care.

  2. Glenn McCoy shows that Sarah Palin spirit by quitting his last cartoon halfway through, slapping on some heads from Google Image Search and calling it a day.

  3. Maybe there is something to over-labeling the cartoons, since I thought the robed figure in the first McCoy comic was supposed to be Michael Jackson. Granted, it would make as much sense either way.

    And then he goes and labels the second, where he’s using an actual photograph. No, Glenn McCock, I can actually tell who it is then.

  4. [re=457933]red sky[/re]: Your question would suggest that these people have any idea of what they are saying. The Onion had a piece based on the people who blather on about the Constitution(incorrectly)- but they haven’t read the Constitution- they get their info from Fox media whores.

  5. Oh sweet jeebies. I just remembered that 2012 came out today. You realize, of course, what that means, no? Next week in editorial cartoons will be a Dante-esque landscape of horror starring Obama and/or the Democrats as the (electorally) doomed and Sarah Palin as an angry Mayan deity. Don’t take the bait Josh…for the sake of humanity, don’t take the bait!

  6. “as sacrificial donkeys are significantly cheaper to come by than sacrificial elephants, and require much less cleaning up after”

    And just WHO has to clean all that up, hm? This is why D.C. votes Democratic.

  7. “The only solution was to graft his skull onto a dog they found”

    I thought it was a cow, what with the frayed tail and tri-bumped posterior. It’s definitely a cow, hence all the cud dripping out of its mouth: those are Lieberman’s campaign promises being chewed up and regurgitated.

  8. Seriously, if you’re going to use a photograph of Larry David’s head, do you also need the shirt reading “Larry David”?

    Why isn’t Jesus’ name written across His chest, too?

  9. Are those Frankenstein stitches? Has the elephant had an Abby Normal brain transplant? Lieberman looks just enough like Marty Feldman for that to be funny.

  10. [re=458063]keepinitrealyo[/re]: I was wondering that, too. Here it is:

    Religious groups are denouncing a boundary-pushing new episode of HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm in which star Larry David inadvertently urinates on a picture of Jesus Christ, leading other characters to believe the image is miraculously weeping.

    Gee, you pee on one fictional Mithra clone and all his hardcore minions go insane.

  11. Just to be an insufferable smartarse, may I point out that the dagger being wielded by the Pelosi/Jackson Demon is in fact a Malay Kris, traditionally used to assassinate folks/run amok with in Java, Indonesia, which is where Jakarta is, and Jakarta… well, you get the idea. Semiotics!

  12. Jakarta?!? So it’s a Muslin dagger? Makes perfect sense.

    That looks like a pic from Passion of the Christ in the last “cartoon.” A T-shirt that said “Sugar Tits” would have been more appropriate.

  13. Glenn McCoy is sort of becoming the Genius of Wrong. His cartoons don’t make sense to anybody (save maybe himself?) but they are getting funnier by the day, somehow.

  14. I guess I’m the only one that didn’t think Pelosi was MJ. Meh.

    As for the Tony Blair cartoon, before I clicked on it I was thinking “what a jacked-up picture they drew of Obama.” Seriously, Blair looks biracial in that cartoon.

  15. [re=458108]jimmynail[/re]: Oh, you think YOU’RE a smartass? The kris isn’t the only wavy dagger blade out there; they were popular in Italy in the Renaissance, when rapier fencers developed a defense that involved grasping the dagger (early rapier fighting involved a sword AND a dagger). The curvey blade has more cutting surface and is more likely to slice up your hand if you try to grab it. The European version is called a flamed dagger. Also, not every kris has a wavey blade.

    So Pelosi, being some kinda Dago or other, is just in her native Renn Faire getup. Nothing to see here, move along.

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