Here’s a super hot sex story from an affadavit that this one birther, Lucas Smith, filed in a Birther lawsuit, in which he claims that Orly Taitz asked him to perjure himself. Lucas also tells us about Orly’s affair with some other birther, though, which we thought we’d pass along, to ruin your day. [TPM]

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  1. Can you imagine witnessing such a thing…

    “Daddy, what are you doing to that goggle-eyed muppet?! Why is she she screaming ‘SHOW ME THE CERTIFFIKAT SHOW ME THE CERTIFFIKAT’?”

  2. If this birther could get Orly to the heights of crazy Moldovan wetness, imagine what Ann Coulter could do with her big, big, big endowment of an Adam’s apple!

  3. [re=456943]Servo[/re]: No, no, remember she’s a dentist, too. She knows what trouble sex bites can lead to.

    Anyway, she’s obviously more of a scratcher than a biter.

  4. So Mr. Smith was too crazy for WorldNetDaily, yet the crazy bitch Taitz, Esq., DDS was too crazy even for him.

    Oh, and Ms. Taitz, with suborning perjury added to your many frivolous suits and refusal to pay sanctions, say goodbye to your bar membership.

  5. A lesson to you ladies out there, always wondering WTF it is w/the Bachmans, Palins, etc and their appeal to menfolk.

    It’s the crazy, I tells ya. Do the crazy part right and you don’t even have to do the kinky part.

  6. [re=456964]Lascauxcaveman[/re]: It’s the crazy, I tells ya. Do the crazy part right and you don’t even have to do the kinky part.

    I thought kinky was a must. All those years wasted in Catholic school.

  7. Sounds like she passes for sane, compared to her ranting followers, including the renowned Mr. Lincoln, who is a great man, and is probably a virgin, who has never seen anyone’s vajeeen, let alone Orly Taints’.

  8. I’m no law-talkin’ guy, but can the judge in the case adjudicate that these facts are true? Like, could the judge come out and say “It is the determination of this court that Orly’s mouth can delaminate chromium cladding from a trailer hitch.”?

  9. [re=456964]Lascauxcaveman[/re]: The Crazy is like Da Schwartz. There’s an up side and a down side. The up side is sexytimes blah blah blah. The down side is ice picks and where did my pet bunny go? The Japanese recently invented the word “yandere” for their mangas about The Crazy.

  10. Miss Aimee Semple McPherson, meet Miss Orly Taitz. Miss Taitz, meet Miss McPherson. Regarding this karmic,soon-to-be viral sex scandal my only question is this: What took so damn long?

  11. Suddenly, I’m sexually curious about Michelle Bachmann.

    Wow…ok, yes, you did in fact ruin my day….oh Wonkett, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  12. [re=456964]Lascauxcaveman[/re]: As I’ve always said, crazy women are lots of fun until they stop being fun and you wake up with her standing over you holding a knife and speaking in tongues.

  13. No doubt this has been done here, but upon reading those alarming excerpts, the best my fried circuitry could come up with is “The Orly bird catches the worm … but doesn’t bite”, and “Orly to bed, Orly to rise”.

  14. I would be more than perfectly happy to establish a special federal court for all birther-related litigation, so long as it was presided over by Judge Carrot Top and housed in a ROCKET HEADED FOR THE FUCKING SUN.

  15. This whole group of people are such liars who can believe anything any of them says?
    And I’m trying to figure out what the denominator is here of this “burther” dude’s experience with “younger women” might be. Ogling a summer temp at McDonald’s? Internet porn?

  16. Hotter, wetter, tighter It’s like the Olympics of fucking.

    Or maybe this Lincoln character just talks too much, like Jizzpump Duvall or whatever his name was, in California.

    Anyway, I suddenly feel a lot more empathy for Orly Taitz.

  17. She doesn’t bite because, as a dentist, she knows that teeth marks last a long time and could be used to identify her or the dude. And as for that turning some of y’all on — WTF? She always reminded me of Malcolm McDowell’s mom in A Clockwork Orange (who, for some reason, I couldn’t find any pics of online).

  18. so this is some sort of crazy, kinky, wingnut stream-of-consciousness legal brief? It even includes World Nut Daily? I was thinking maybe wetsuits too, but don’t want to get greedy.

  19. If you like it tight, don’t even think about fucking Orly in the ass. It’s all floppy and loose from all the fake Kenyan birth certificates she keeps pulling out of it.

  20. You know, my uncanny ability to only get mental images when I will it so has saved me once again. I laugh and laugh and laugh. I mean, seriously, when someone says “Picture This: Sean Hannity oil wrestling with fat Al Sharpton”…nothing. Haha. I hate you all, obvz.

    [re=456970]ManchuCandidate[/re]: Pictures or it didn’t happen.

  21. It may well be that the torrid affair is over, as the renowned Charles Lincoln III is now living in a packing crate after having his home foreclosed on.

    Apparently, his lawyer forgot to tell him about a hearing they needed to go to.

    Yes, that lawyer. The one who has been sleeping with her clients, suborning perjury and generally being a stand-up member of the profession.

  22. [re=457017]smitallica[/re]: It’s not enough that you ruin it for people who like opposite-sex? I had considered myself impervious to the rapidly spreading impotence which is currently infecting Wonkette.

  23. Apparently Lucas Smith is a convicted felon and the noble Mr. Lincoln is a disbarred attorney. Together with Orly, they’re quite a team to save America.

    And, Mr. Lincoln, to say such things about a lady marks you as a cad and a bounder!

    And for you to repeat and print those things, Mr. Smith, marks YOU as a cad and a bounder!

  24. Maybe I’m dense, but what on earth does this particular bit of testimony (hilarious as it is) have to do with a perjury suit? Are judges & lawyers forced to deal with her getting so bored that they’re just resorting to locker room talk while the stenographer writes?

  25. [re=457062]Maxfretless[/re]: The explanatory text seems to indicate that it’s part of an affidavit filed by a third party, along with his complaint. This part of the affidavit should never find its way into evidence, but it is hilarious nonetheless.

  26. [re=457062]Maxfretless[/re]: Nothing at all to do with perjury. Nothing at all. But isn’t it just like the wingnuts to throw everything at the wall and hope that something will stick?

  27. [re=456996]norbizness[/re]: *chuckle* Oh you kids. That’s a great idea, but you’ll have a hard time convincing birthers that space exists without proof of its birth certificate.

    “We can make her crazier than she was before. Wetter, tighter, hornier.”

  28. It’s too bad there wasn’t a camera recording my reaction to reading that. It was just like those YouTube videos of people watching “Two Girls One Cup”.

  29. I can’t speak to Taitz specifically (now that I think of it, who can?) but this guy and Franklin are absolutely right about Older Women. Rrrrrrowr.

  30. It took ten damn long years, but this finally replaced ‘goatse’ as the “what has been seen cannot be unseen” mental imagery that will torment me unbidden in my quieter moments of contemplation.

  31. Reading that affidavit drained all the snark out of me. With Orly living in such a fantasy world and behaving that way, I am left wondering what childhood abuse and horror she has survived.

    But I guess that is what it takes for you to become useful to MOSSAD on such a mission.

  32. [re=456976]Click[/re]: Nancy Grace isn’t that kind of crazy — she’s just MEAN. “Get him on camera. I said GET HIM ON CAMERA!!!!! And you call yourself a lawyer??? Oh, yeah, right. You ARE a lawyer. How much do they pay you to coddle babykillers??? It’s a legitimate question. ANSWER ME-E-E-E-E!!!!!!!!!!! No, I don’t want to hear your answer. Bring up the other lawyer.”

    Seriously, who could find that attractive? Yet, she has good taste in jewelry.

  33. “…wetter, tighter, more of a nympho than I’ve ever met…” Plastic surgery and hormone supplements COULD achieve that. But it would be expensive. No wonder she has to be a lawyer, a dentist, AND a Realtor.





  35. If only Orly was more high profile… Then we could have Hustler make a very high quality production! I guess we’ll just have to settle for MANIAC SPACE MILFS FROM PLANET Y.

    (please let that be a real porno)

  36. Some of us will have to politely disagree and put in a strong vote for women from 19 to 29–they are definately the best, on every level. For one thing, the odd middle-age crazy hasn’t set in yet. The college-aged girls and twentysomething girls are also more energetic, thinner, more positive, more fun, more sexually-active, cuter, prettier, they laugh more, and they have less anxiety. They party better. They’re more fun. And they look better.

  37. [re=457188]thefrontpage[/re]: I think you may find that you are baiting the wrong demographic here. Prepare for a world of disappointment, if everyone hasn’t already moved on to the next post. (Our middle-aged to aged attention spans are like that.) HENNNGGH?

  38. [re=456986]MarSF[/re]: Absolutely. Gratuitous, yet sexy. And without those key details, the horny and crazy stand alone like a picture of an orphan with big tearful eyes. Or not.

  39. [re=457002]maven[/re]: This whole group of people are such liars who can believe anything any of them says?

    Let Ken Starr sort it out — he seems to have a thing for investigating the sexy-times of the players in political soap operas.

  40. [re=457049]Extemporanus[/re]: Damn you to HELL for ruining a perfectly good song. Geez, now I have to scrub it from my Zen, with bleach, even.

  41. I was getting into reading some of the hot steamy passages, but then my imagination kept unaccountably presenting me with images of Orly Taitz having hate sex while her eyes shone with murder, and the sudden bouts of racking, uncontrollable crying caused my burgeoning stiffie to wilt in short order.

  42. [re=457008]thesheriffisnear[/re]: We’ve been ordered to stop that for Shakespeare’s, sports’ and the Bible’s book of Judges thrown/flying into Orly sake.

  43. I guess… But whenever I bang a woman on Thorazine, I always remember to bring plenty of lubricant, because most anti-psychotic medication causes difficulty for them in making any kind of moisture themselves. Quite often, they’re so dried up they can’t even make tears.

    That said, I’ve never been adverse to having sex with crazy people.

  44. now I have to stop over at xHamster and search –hotter wetter tighter insane raccoon mask nympho humping GMILF— for some instant tainted orly mess on the carpet.

    I’m so ashamed

  45. I’m pretty sure this post constitutes a violation of the Geneva Convention – & every ethical standard known to humankind.

    (translation: MOAR ORLY PRON PLZ)

  46. “This my sister, she number 4 prostitute in all of Kazakhstan! She have vagine like sleeve of wizard!”
    Has anyone seen Sacha Baron Cohen and the Taint in the same room at the same time? Perhaps they are related? The public has a right to know……………

  47. I read that TPM post weeks ago and didn’t know about that hidden gem in the document. I depend on TPM to get information. I depend on Wonkette to highlight the good stuff.

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