• 2010 attack ads seem to come earlier every year! [RedState]
  • OH merciful heavens! The SEIU are coming! The SEIU are coming! Quick Kenneth Gladney, go hide in the fallout shelter! [Gateway Pundit]
  • Will America do the right thing and invade Fort Hood for harboring “al Qaeda?” There is, after all, a rather alarming precedent. [Weekly Standard]
  • Is there anything the Westboro Baptist Church does like? How about puppies? Or chocolate cake? No. God hates it all. [True/Slant: Harmon Leon]
  • AMERICAblog and Daily Kos are boycotting the DNC! Yes, they will no longer purchase boxes of Frosted DNC Flakes at the supermarket, even though the kids love it. The generic brand is more reasonably priced and just as tasty. [AMERICAblog]
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  1. “According to press reports, Nidal Malik Hasan attended the Dar al Hijrah Islamic Center in Falls Church, VA in 2001 and held his mother’s funeral there on May 31, 2001. Two of the 9/11 hijackers also visited the same mosque and received assistance from its members during this period.”

    That settles it. The 9/11 hijackers may have killed Hasan’s mother as well. Or she was beaten to death by SEIU thugs.

  2. I used to be a member of the SEIU. Trust me, if the SEIU wanted Kenneth Gladney dead, then Kenneth Gladney would already be dead. He’s got nothing to worry about.

  3. [re=454396]chascates[/re]: I once visited the same airport the 9/11 hijackers visited, and received assistance there. I even picked up my Mom from a flight at the same airport. All during the same period in 2001. Guess it’s Christmas in Gitmo for me.

  4. Fuck these people. AmericaBlog “boycotting” the DNC… The Democrats so splintered in a healthcare vote they looked like a group of preschool epileptics having seizures during a potato sack race… I’m sick of them all. Every single damn Democratic group thinks they are so high and mighty, that they’ve done it all for the party, and they want results NOW. ME ME ME. Spoiled brats.

    Ok, I feel better – thanks!

  5. So please sign the Petition and take a Pledge to no longer donate to the DNC, Organizing for America, or the Obama campaign until the President and the Democratic party keep their promises to the gay community, our families, and our friends.

    Keep their promises? When has either party kept their promises? And Democrats can barely agree on a promise let alone try to fulfill it.

  6. [re=454413]ph7[/re]: Well, if the airport you hung out at put up a blog post this morning that said:

    … Nidal opened fire on soldiers who were on their way to be deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. How can there be any dispute about the virtue of what he has done? In fact the only way a Muslim could Islamically justify serving as a soldier in the US army is if his intention is to follow the footsteps of men like Nidal.

    — then possibly the FBI might reasonably want to chat with you.

  7. [re=454418]Toonces[/re]: AmericaBlog and all them have been looking for an excuse to “break up” with Obama the moment he won the election. One week, those blogs would be all “he’s got man hands” and then the next week it would be “he eats his peas one at a time” and another week it’s because “he won’t say ‘heloooooo'” It was just a matter of time.

  8. [re=454418]Toonces[/re]: I just clicked on the True/Slant link and listened to a rousing rendition of “This Land Is Fag Land.” The people who believe that (not the Phelps group, but homophobes in general) aren’t boycotting their party. So even though I’m upset that the DNC hasn’t pushed for legalizing weed, gay marriage, taxing churches, free condoms, more money for schools and less for the military, I’m still gonna send them money. In a two-party democracy, they’re the party I dislike less.

  9. [re=454434]Hooray For Anything[/re]: Sucks that they live in a country with a two-party system, huh? Their protest will last about as long as, oh, the 2010 election.

    AmericaBLOG has always been written at a fifth-grade reading level. Daily Kos is RedState with better design. Jane Hamsher is a ludicrous martinet who is still upset that somehow Scooter Libby didn’t take down Dubya. All their commenters are somehow subhuman, waiting to be told who to hate next. They’ve always had a hyper-inflated self of their own importance, and I look forward to them being scrupulously ignored.

    What’s their win-loss record on insurgent races? Oh, right, these are the people who have made Joe Lieberman into a pivotal vote in the Senate. Good job!

    Also, after eight years of being lectured by Kos about how I have to give give give to every fucking Democratic Congressional candidate or I, personally, am killing American soldiers with IEDs in Iraq? Yeah, this is more than a little disingenuous. Hold on, what’s the term I’m looking for? Oh, right: “Rank bullshit.”

    Goddamnit, that guy who writes AmericaBLOG is just fucking stupid. Like seriously, all the Web should be negated because it has somehow allowed that guy to promote himself as some great political activist. He’s a fucking idiot.

    (Don’t mind me, just having a cathartic moment.)

    One last purge: I have a severe and unrelenting hatred for Daily Kos, for capitalizing on legitimate outrage at the 2000 election and somehow channeling that unbounded rage into “donate to Democrats! Look, it’s MO-22! OUR GUY WILL WIN!!!!!!! Oh he lost, DONATE TO SOME OTHER GUY!!” Most former military would start, I don’t know, organizing a coup. If I saw Kos, I would totally go to the bathroom on him.

  10. where were these people when we were lied into war, our economy destroyed, blah, blah, blah and impeachment was removed from the table?

    It seems that would have been a good time to remind dems that they were the opposition party and withhold funds as an incentive to oppose.

    fuck”em all.

    or some of them anyway

  11. [re=454413]ph7[/re]: Oh, hell no, son. This is the new age of accountability. Being improsioned may eventually lead to granting due process rights. The only government ‘agent’ coming for your ass is a Predator Drone.


    I’m pretty sure a bunch of lefty bloggers were actually happier when W was President because they could say anything without having to worry about reality.

  13. Someone please explain to me, one more time, sorry, how it is that who people I don’t know sleep with hurts me? I know if you just explain it to me ONE MORE TIME, it will make sense. kthnkbai

  14. [re=454445]SayItWithWookies[/re]: “In a two-party democracy, they’re the party I dislike less.”

    And that is my reason for voting how I did in 2000 and 2004. Especially with the running mates both candidates selected.

  15. [re=454469]Paul Tardy[/re]: When the conservitards support a parent’s right to slay disobedient children or my right to smite some folks in the parking lot of Red Lobster, then they might have a valid point.

  16. Why is the black President so weak that he continues to allow Al Qaeda have a toe-hold in the United States. Do you think George W. Bush or Ronald Reagan would allow Ft. Hood to continue to stand? Or Texas for that matter? Fire up the Bombers!

    Shock and Awe, Mother Fuckers! Shock and Awe!

  17. This whole DNC “boycott” thingy reaffirms my decision to switch from Democrat to Independent today on my voter registration. I’m just sooo tired of this whining and hand wringing. I’m not saying that the President is perfect, I’m not even saying I agree with all of his decisions, but it seems that if certain groups don’t get their needs addressed when they want and how they want (despite the fact you can barely get members of Congress to agree on any issue), they will stamp their feet and try their best to undermine his leadership. People just need to grow up. This is nonsense. But yes, let them boycott and then see what happens in 2010…

  18. [re=454493]house of the blue lights[/re]: It’s ’cause God is like the teacher who keeps everyone in for recess because one person talked during class.

  19. PUtting your faith in a political party to begin with is kinda really hella-stupid. Thankfully, I am animated by my hatred of Republicans, so voting’s never a problem and I don’t really give two craps if anybody keeps their promise. Not that it matters because I live in Texas and those wretched GOP fuckers win anyway.

  20. God is such a bitch- he doesn’t even like all BAPTIST churches, just the Westboro Baptists church. And I don’t even think everyone in that church is going to heaven. Heaven is clean empty, just waiting for some of those Westoboroers to die.

  21. That Gladney/SEIU beatdown video always cracks me up. I’ve seen it 12 times and damned if I can see anything more in it than it opens with Gladney on top of one Purple Shirt and another SEIU guy trying to pull him off. What happened before that? Pffft. Next you have the conveniently placed trial lawyer (sorry, he’s right-wing therefore “A Personal Injury Attorney”) missing about five beats and then tossing accusations. Gladney’s walking around just fine, not a scratch on him visible.

    One or two days later, there’s Gladney with the classic neck brace, in wheelchair, with that trial lawyer as his spokesperson (he’s a material witness, so his brother another trial lawyer is representing Gladney). Now there are SEIU Thugs everywhere! Beautiful!

    Astounding the right wing flop-sweat as they desperately toss every possible accusation against the Dems and Obama. When they claim to have a list of Communists in the State Department, maybe even Fox News will tell them to shut up and grab a mop.

  22. I worry about the long-term effect on the Wonkette staff of having to wade through the most depressing forms of right-wing nutso Web sites. I doubt that I could take three weeks of it without winding up in a deep funk. They are, in Lincoln’s wise words, fooling some of the people all of the time, and it’s very sad to witness how well the old tricks of wrapping up lies in the flag or religion still work on otherwise sensible folks. There is terrific humor there, too, but the totality of it saddens. Some of it is depraved and appalling; little children singing homophobic parodies is a scene from an Orwell novel come to life.

  23. The fact is that Obama is more interested in courting the wingnuts that he’s sure would totally love him if only they knew the real Barry. Well, we’re done throwing money without there being some improvement. No one was asking your permission, either. If you don’t like it, dig deeper straight america. Put your rotten kids to work and have them send their pennies to the DNC.

  24. [re=454548]lawchic[/re]: The people boycotting the DNC are hardly Democrats. They are liberals, and I happen to agree with them. I thought folks here tended to have minds of their own and realized that you shouldn’t be donating any money to any national party. I say more power to the boycotters, but more importantly, that they should have never felt beholden to the party in the first place to then feel that they have to boycott.

    I used to think the third-party folks were simple contrarians, but there really is one conservative party, and then another conservative party with enough of a conscience that it could theoretically be made to feel bad about their equally corporatist ways. To call these boycotters “selfish” when its our elected leaders taking and taking and taking is beyond ironic and stupid.

  25. [re=454445]SayItWithWookies[/re]: And yeah, I agree with Wookies. The thing every lefty with an axe to grind seems to be missing, constantly and eternally, is that people on the other side of the fence all do the same secret handshake, have the same little coded buzzword-talk, do the same little dance together, whether they’re crazies from the most out-of-touch church on the planet or CEOs from effing Wall Street. Those people have absolutely zero values in common, yet they vote together against the Democrats constantly, gleefully and with a passion. On the left, every little niggle of difference has to be made excruciatingly painful and obvious, at every moment, now and forever, because I forget why – why is it that way? Oh, right, because we hate winning – I keep forgetting that part.

  26. [re=454729]snideinplainsight[/re]: Oh, right, because we hate winning – I keep forgetting that part.

    I’m really getting tired of this stupid meme. What is “winning” if when the Dems win an election and only make policy 2% less sucky than that of the opposition? What have the Dems “won”, so far, on policy besides a president and Congress that appear to be more mature than their opposition (a feat not at all hard to accomplish given the childishness of the GOP)? We’ve lost so often because we’re not an honest-to-goodness alternative on policy. Why would conservative leaning independents vote for a party trying to be Republicans when they could elect actual Republicans?

    What the Dems need to do for once in their damned lives is offer and actual and stark alternative to the crazies, and start being both proactive and stop being reactive every time the GOP has a problem with what they propose.

    There are so many of you here who have obviously been victims of learned helplessness…

  27. I don’t understand the cynical disapproval of liberals who wish for a real set of changes, an actual move back toward at least the center from the right where we seem to be firmly lodged. Why do you believe we are being selfish and unreasonable? Let’s examine a few “promises” we have been offered by the Obama administration and the DNC Democrats:

    End “don’t ask, don’t tell”? Not so much.
    Real health care reform? Not so much.
    Real climate change reform? Not so much.
    Close Guatánamo? Not so much.
    Withdraw from Iraq? Not so much.
    Withdraw from Afghanistan? Not so much.
    Repair our broken economy for the real producers of wealth, labor and small business? Not so much.

    Although I have generally felt that we should work within the two-party system, I am becoming frustrated to the point of finding a reasonable third party option. Our system seems to be irretrievably broken with the current players, the majority of whom are whored out to the moneyed interests.

  28. [re=454493]house of the blue lights[/re]: I can explain. It hurts me deeply that, say, Ashley Judd doesn’t sleep with me. Or Carrie, from Mythbusters — I was really hurt when she turned up pregnant, and it wasn’t my baby. See? It hurts. On the other hand, what gay guys do with each other, not my problem.

  29. Suffer not the little Westboro tykes to hear the message that they don’t have to hate! We are much too lax about who can raise children in ‘Murkka. MUCH more Nanny State plz.

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