Oh, some bill passed. A resolution to honor the… let’s see… oh wait jesus they passed a HEALTH CARE REFORM BILL? This will have some sort of effect on the 2010 elections, the pundits are saying. Wow. Give it up to Nancy Pelosi with the whippage, you guys. She’s passed two enormous, signature bills (this and energy) with a caucus that includes two polar opposite blocs, either of which could kill a bill if it wanted to, and both of which are constantly threatening to do that exact thing. And now health care, like energy, will go to the Senate and somehow emerge as a cap gains tax cut. Hooray! [NYT]

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  • progressiveinga

    Nancy is the shiznit.

  • rambone

    Dammit! They stripped out the “kill your children” part of the bill. WTF am I supposed to do now?

  • jennx

    Ya, straight up. I really feel bad about not having liked Pelosi in the past. She has pulled some shit off!

  • shadowMark
  • Dilaceratus

    If I had a gun that could fire into the year 2000, but only one bullet, Life might be suppler for me right now. Of course there’d be no need to aim for Mr bin Laden, since his schemes were already well unnderway, and wasting that cap on either Messers Cheney or Bush would be rash wastes of Science Fiction, since they were not only visibly Terrible people, but those who would replace them as bad or worse.

    No, that cartridge must be reserved to be situated right between Mr Gore’s beady little eyebulbs, for being the only person in the world who thought that vulviform simulacrum Joe Lieberman was deserving of a vice-presidential berth, and resulting rise in national prominence.


  • Lionel Hutz Esq.

    Arise ye workers from your slumbers
    Arise ye prisoners of want
    For reason in revolt now thunders
    And at last ends the age of cant.
    Away with all your superstitions
    Servile masses arise, arise
    We’ll change henceforth the old tradition
    And spurn the dust to win the prize.

    So comrades, come rally
    And the last fight let us face
    The Internationale unites the human race.

  • Lionel Hutz Esq.

    We are all Socialist now, sucka’s!

    Now do we get to put Beck, Hannity and Limbaugh up against the wall?

  • Lionel Hutz Esq.

    And now health care, like energy, will go to the Senate and somehow emerge as a cap gains tax cut.

    Jim, don’t sell the Senate short. Like energy, it will morph into a subsidy for the health care industry.

  • snideinplainsight

    Well if abortion was the issue, as the NYTimes now bleats, then where the F___ were the Republican votes for it after every male Democrat in the room rolled over on it like a two-dolla whore? I don’t get it – talk about selling out cheaply.

  • AxmxZ


    From now on, the word “nancy” is to mean its complete opposite, thank you.

  • Maxine of Arc

    I wanted to call up Ahn “Joseph” Cao (R-Lousiana) to say thanks for being the guy who officially made this bill ‘bipartisan,’ but his voicemail box is full. Here’s hoping at least some of those messages are something besides incoherent wingnut nonsense / death threats.

  • Cicada


  • Cassawary

    Shut up, Jim, and come back to bed.

  • BeWoot

    Watered-down glee whee-ish.

  • Aurelio

    Nancy Pelosi is a well-known Satanist.

  • gurukalehuru

    So, Nancy Pelosi, with 80% public support and a huge party majority, manages to eke out a win on an extremely watered down health care bill, and suddenly she’s a big heroine.
    I don’t buy it. She failed to impeach and will always have a place in history as someone who missed their moment.


    Yay! Now everyone send rock salt to Collins and Snowe and write “I want healthcare” on the bags.

  • spryte

    Fucking Stupak amendment piece of shit motherfucker.

    But yes, health care bill passed, whee. Pelosi, huzzah! San Francisco, represent!

  • The Decider

    Check out the comments over at Freeperland. You’d think this bill outlawed deep-fried turkeys.

    “The day America died”. Uh, what?


    [re=453304]The Decider[/re]: R U talking about ‘RIP:USA – TO DESTROY YOU WILL BE NO LOSS’ You’d think this bill outlawed eating your toenails.

  • LowerdPeninsula

    [re=453282]gurukalehuru[/re]: The celebration (and prior support for this bill) is for successful execution of complicated parliamentary procedure against a wingnuts whose strength is greater than their numbers since they are even more backed by the plutocracy than the Dems. I do cheer that, myself, though I’m a single-payer guy, myself, and think that the bill will be a total failure, regardless.

    [re=453298]spryte[/re]: As a Michigander, I do apologize Mr. Stupidpak. Please understand, though, that he is the President of the Yoopers, a curmudgeonly people who populate one of the most rustic and rugged areas in the entire Upper Midwest. They are an odd people, who refer to us here “Below the Bridge” as trolls, and who gave Obama some of his biggest wins in Michigan in 2008, but who are also ridiculously uncomprimising traditionalist. They aren’t fundy evengelicals (they are heavily Northern European descendant Catholics), but boy do they agree with them on some issues.

  • bago

    Shit. I passed out from my Boehner drinking game and missed last call.

  • Lionel Hutz Esq.

    You got to like Drudge’s headline: SNEAKY PELOSI: PASSED ON A SATURDAY NIGHT

    Because no one knew this was going to happen for the last four days or so.

  • inedalo

    how many of you noticed that Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) voted against the Pelosi health care bill.
    he’s against helping the insurance companies.
    any wonky comments on this?

  • magpie

    @lionel: ride ye prisoners of starvation!

  • magpie

    oops, rise.

  • SayItWithWookies

    [re=453350]inedalo[/re]: I think that’s great. It means that as much as the GOP is complaining about us turning into the Borg, there are people who think the current bill doesn’t go far enough. We need to have more people pushing the legislative agenda more towards helping the tired, the poor, the huddled masses, etc.

    Pelosi knew what she was doing — not only did she have enough pro votes to have the Dems in weak positions vote against it (sissies), but also to allow the conscience vote of someone who thought it should be even more than it is.

    And I’m just stunned to have seen this day. Hell, I mean I thought the House would vote to legalize torture before they voted to approve universal healthcare. Oh — wait. Shit.

  • LowerdPeninsula

    [re=453350]inedalo[/re]: Not wonky, but I say good for him. We need more folks like him so that they can force there way into actually being consulted on Democratic policy. God knows that this is a god-awful bill, whose victory lies more in being able to claim that we’re doing something, anything than it actually being good policy, because it simply isn’t.

    [re=453360]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Could you please stop calling this universal healthcare? This is health care reform, and that is about as far as one can go rhetorically on it.

  • Extemporanus

    To celebrate the bill’s passage, I just experienced a catastrophic medical emergency. Universal access to affordable health care coverage is available immedOWOWOWOHGODOHGODHURTSOSBADOHGODSWEETJESUSMAKEITSTOPOWAHHRRGGGHHiately, right?


  • vaporware

    Seems it was Rep. Joseph Cao’s night
    -he’s proves you can be a popular Louisiana politician
    without having to eat curry or become a ‘Patel’

    -He finally got that Nancy Pelosi lap dance, and it
    only cost him one vote

  • Extemporanus

    [re=453373]LowerdPeninsula[/re]: [re=453374]Extemporanus[/re]: What?! It’s not universal?!

    I French kissed an alien, ferchrissakes! Does this mean that the xenomorph fetus currently clawing and gnawing its way toward the “exit” is still considered a pre-existing condition?

    Shit! Instead of a stand-up fight, it’s all just another bughunt!

  • Cookie Guggelman

    Kill your parents. Then we’ll talk!

  • Suds McKenzie

    How dare they make me choose between Football and CSPAN. What is this, Nazi Cuba?

  • qwerty42

    [re=453313]NYNYNY[/re]: jeeze, sounds like things are bad over in freeperville.

  • bitchincamaro

    [re=453282]gurukalehuru[/re]: Agreed. But I think Pelosi may have taken her marching orders from Obama, who managed to start the bidding from a compromised position created entirely on his own. His lack of negotiating skills put her and every other advocate for meaninful health care reform in the hole from the moment they walked in the door. As for the impeachment thing, she fucked that one up entirely on her own.

  • Larry McAwful

    Now that we Socialists have finally taken over the White House, the Congress and the health care, we can start our in-fighting. And let me tell you all right now: I and the other Trotskyites are going to absolutely pummel you Stalinists, Leninists, Maoists, Titoists, Castroists and Shining Pathers. I will avenge you, Leon!

  • house of the blue lights

    [re=453304]The Decider[/re]: Worse, my wingnut friends (yes I have some) are going apeshit all over my Facebook page. Is nothing sacred?

  • Aflac Shrugged

    [re=453384]Suds McKenzie[/re]: Fortunately, I’d caught enough of John Shadegg channeling the unborn to switch on Cinci v. UConn.

  • Suds McKenzie

    [re=453424]Aflac Shrugged[/re]: Teh football was much more civil.

  • turnelbup

    I love how the rich Republican machine can dupe poor, no-pot-to-piss-in bastards into thinking healthcare reform is a bad thing for them. Wow. Wow. Yeah, when I see some 20K secretary commenting about how bad this is for America, I think “wow, that chick is brainwashed. She’s gonna marry some other brainwashed bastard and have brainwashed kids”. So, The Republican Party is, in essence, a tiny group of wealthy, greedy a-holes controlling the minds of millions of weak-minded, uneducated (and don’t tell me you’re educated just because you went to college or have advanced degrees, that isn’t enough) low-income ding-dongs. That’s amazing. Just amazing. America is Zombieland.

  • lawrenceofthedesert

    Another giant step for mankind, bringing US social services within 50 years of most European nations — the narrowest the gap has been since Ronald Raygun beamed in from shallow space. Now, remind me, once the bill becomes law, who exactly must I ask permission to go to the bathroom? Do I have to wear a beret? So many questions yet unanswered — as a result of the new bill, must Joe Leiberman go six rounds with Vladimir Klitchko? I hope so.

  • proudgrampa

    [re=453272]Aurelio[/re]: Reptilian, also…

  • Justin Time

    The various versions of healthcare bills before the Congress do not become effective until 2013. Repeat, 2013. Only 2% of the under-65 population will be allowed to buy into any skimpy-by-design “public option”, as a way to preserve the health insurance companies’super-profits. This compromised farce of a bill is nothing but a huge gift of 35 million new mandated customers to the health insurance racketeers. Kucinich is absolutely correct. My modest suggestion: outlaw private health insurance altogether(including Medicare HMOs) AND institute Medicare-for-all. Have the feds negotiate drug prices with the pharmaceutical manufacturers down to rock-bottom levels. Include dental care and nursing home care as part of the newly expanded Medicare. Collect sufficient taxes on businesses and individuals to fully fund all health expenses and eliminate all co-pays. By outlawing the $300 billion in health insurance overhead and profits, this new Medicare will cover everyone at a net huge savings to the country as a whole! Instead of calling this new paradigm “socialized” medicine, call it “civilized” medicine – and finally join the entirety of industrialized nations that all have national healthcare plans.

  • Aurelio

    [re=453448]turnelbup[/re]: Well, the Dems’ plan is going to damage Medicare. They are going to take $500B in “waste, fraud and abuse” from the Medicare program to finance the new healthcare plan. I doubt there’s that much waste fraud and abuse in Medicare. So premiums are going to rise or services are going to be cut. Just saying.

    I wish we could just have Medicare for everyone with no cuts. But if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.

  • Aurelio

    [re=453462]proudgrampa[/re]: And serious blood drinker, torturer of children and adults, shape-shifter, and sexual abuser of mind-controlled slaves. Nice lady.

  • betterDeadThanRed

    [re=453474]Aurelio[/re]: Forgive my cynicism but an increase in Medicare premiums doesn’t bother me much. My share of my health insurance premium has increased about 100% over the last 5 years. But you say seniors are on a fixed income. Unlike those on social security who have had COLA increases every year up until now, my salary has been flat for about seven years now. There are a lot of people who are much worse off than they were a few years ago that are forced to pay more for their employer provided health plans every year.

    I am deeply disappointed with the health care reform bill but the Medicare issues is the least of its problems.

  • Aurelio

    betterDeadThanRed. Yes, there is plenty else wrong with the health care reform Bill. BTW, did you know your sig is so long that the “reply” button doesn’t show up? You sly dog!


    [re=453469]Justin Time[/re]: “Only 2% of the under-65 population will be allowed to buy into any skimpy-by-design “public option”” Says…who?

  • desertwind

    [re=453469]Justin Time[/re]: My dear young, man. We’re dealing with politicians & politics here. You’re being too reasonable, practical & right-thinking. And your wonderful plan (which I support, BTW) would not have got out of committee.

    Sad, but true.

  • Aurelio

    [re=453469]Justin Time[/re]: This compromised farce of a bill is nothing but a huge gift of 35 million new mandated customers to the health insurance racketeers. And let us not forget the meaning of “mandate” here. Under Nancy’s plan, people who don’t become insurance customers can actually be jailed.

  • Slow Fish

    In breaking news, the Death Panels have killed Ronald Reagan.

  • StoneAge

    Nancy Pelosi can whip me any time.

  • agentstinky

    Jesus, these Freeper comments. Republicans have become the Party of Hyperbole.

  • Aurelio

    Sorry to be a pest, but here is another post on Nancy’s reptilian jail penalty for not buying health insurance. Does anyone know of anything else like this? Is there any other product that you can go to jail for not buying? If you decide not to buy insurance for your car, you can go to jail if you are caught driving without it. But you could, alternatively, just not drive.

  • finallyhappy

    Dear Frank Kratovil- don’t ask for any more money for your reelection from us libruls here in Montgomery County. Voting against this bill is not going to help you win the next election. No one is going to talk you up at our meetings and the MD dem party is going to get the same answer from me that they got when they supported Al Wynn over Donna Edwards. We kicked Wynn to the curb and brought in Donna. The money you got to secure your seat will be vanishing quickly. We don’t need a Dino in your seat.

  • you cannot be serious

    Hey Michael Steele – WHEREZ YER COW NOW??!!?

  • hoosiermama

    [re=453358]magpie[/re]: No, I liked your first interpretation better.

  • Justin Time

    [re=453496]NYNYNY[/re]: From my reading of various alternative media, it is my understanding that anyone covered under an employer’s healthplan will not be allowed to switch to any available public plan. It is right in the wording of the various legislative proposals. This point has not been emphasized by the media at all – the Republicans have made much ado about nothing regarding the public option. The only people who will be allowed to choose the public option are self-employed people and uninsured people. With a possible opt-in or opt-out state-by-state choice, there may be only a few states where a public option is even avaiable. That is how the 2% figure – 5 to 6 million people – (educated guess) is calculated. Q. E. D.

  • rocktonsammy

    Whoa, slow down with the civics lecture dewd.

    Its 70 degrees in Wisconsin today, grilling, drinking and waiting for my health care.

    Its all good baby.

  • Suds McKenzie

    [re=453532]you cannot be serious[/re]: Its Vinegar Joe in the Senate.


    [re=453562]Justin Time[/re]: hmm. I wonder if the bill makes my office cover us. There are 5 employees.

  • TGY

    Today, we are all milquetoast socialist.

  • SnarkyMark

    Wait, so now we’re spending billions of dollars to keep Americans alive rather than spending billions of dollars to kill them by sending them into irrelevant, ill-advised wars? Oh, wait, we’re still doing that second thing….

  • Can O Whoopass

    With that tongue ya bettah keep Nancy away from Carri… Prejean, taht is!

  • Lionel Hutz Esq.

    Like NY-23, health care passing was a glorious victory for Conservatives.

  • CanadianBacon

    Ha Ha Now that you have Canadian style health care coming you are going to have to wait in line for average health care like I do instead of not getting premium health care and dying at home like some of you do now. There goes your freedom.

  • Gumboz1953

    Yeah, and the Senate has already run screaming from the house bill like a bunch of five-year-olds. Ted Kennedy picked a lousy time to take his ball and go home.

  • LowerdPeninsula

    [re=453522]Aurelio[/re]: I was wondering the same thing, myself. I think we’ll quickly find that at least that part of the bill in unconstitutional on its very face. Gawd, I hope so, at least. This is one of the very few issues where I believe that there isn’t a middle ground. The only way to have a successful health care system is to completely remove it from the grips of the profiteers permanently. To mandate that we have to buy insurance from the same folks who fucked (and continue to fuck) us over or risk jailing is simply insane.

  • octupletsmom

    [re=453298]spryte[/re]: Fucking Catholics and other religious fuckers who just have to have their way about this, in spite of this being a country where we are not supposed to let the Religious make the laws, and in spite of getting our knickers in a huge knot about Islamic countries that have theocratic governments.

    I am enraged by this too. The DEMOCRATS HAVE A HUGE MAJORITY and they have to cave on abortion and THE THEOCRATS WIN. THE BOYFUCKER PRIESTLIES WIN on this one. Look at the Times.

  • new complexnegro

    Fuck,fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!

  • Herman the German

    Who is this nice lady?
    I want to marry her.

  • Aurelio

    [re=453668]LowerdPeninsula[/re]: Amen.

  • betterDeadThanRed

    [re=453494]Aurelio[/re]: I didn’t plan it that way. I just resurrected my favorite old cold war slogan. It has new relevancy since the Republicans are now the reds. I love irony.

  • sweetcharity

    I have no need for Reid….and LieberSCUM too…
    Nancy is the shit.

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