There is no reason, ever, to invite racist ex-Congressman failure Tom Tancredo onto any television show, or at least the political ones. So thank you Tom Tancredo for graciously acknowledging your unimportance and leaving the set mid-interview!

The fun starts around 2:45 when Tancredo suggests that everyone in the military past or present hates their free government health insurance. Then that mean blogger Markos Molasses says, I was in the military, unlike you, who got a deferment from fighting in your beloved Vietnam War, because of sadness. Tancredo responds, yeah, well fuck this, I’ve got borders to patrol.

[YouTube via this comment]

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  1. Ha. That’s a healthy medium between Grayson’s over-the-top “whore” and “holocaust” comments and the typical Democratic timidity.

    [re=452878]user-of-owls[/re]: So close to a fantastic zinger, but needs a little re-wording.

  2. Now, if Tancredo had been packin’ a M-9 Beretta 9mm, with a couple of extra 15 shot mags, we might have had Another Great Moment In Cable Television . . . .

  3. Too depressed to serve? Tom, you were every trailor-dweller’s macho, alpha male, ubermensch fantasy hunk! Lousy week indeed. If it weren’t for the Prejean self-help tape, would be one of the worst ever!

  4. Hahaha, “I’m going to FoxNews where I’m appreciated!”. Go back to your hole racist!

    [re=452882]user-of-owls[/re]: It’s not you, user-of-owls, it’s Wonkette. We lack an edit feature and a moderator to inspire us to send salt or poo poo to politicians.

  5. Tom wouldn’t have had to retreat if only he’d remembered the first rule of combat:

    There are no dwarf Mexican army veteran socialist bloggers in FOXholes.

  6. Well that was a stupid personal attack. On the other hand, Tancredo’s such a prick that maybe that’s what it takes to get through to him. I mean, he’s the genius behind this:

    Tancredo introduced the Mass Immigration Reduction Act. The act would have imposed an indefinite moratorium on immigration to the United States. Under the act, only spouses and children of American citizens would be allowed to immigrate, which Tancredo estimated would amount to 300,000 immigrants annually. The moratorium would last for at least the first five years of the act and, after that, until such time as there were fewer than 10,000 illegal immigrants entering per year.

    He also doesn’t believe in evolution. I guess having the brain of a marsupial is all the evidence he needs.

  7. When Gore called Buckley a Nazi–back before when calling someone a Nazi wasn’t such a popular fad–Buckley said, “Now listen, you queer, stop calling me a crypto-Nazi or I will sock you in your goddamn face, and you will stay plastered.” Buckley didn’t ask for an apology and walk off the set. Tancredo needs to learned how to do TV.

  8. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

    “I has a sad, so I can’t go to Vietnam and get buckshot in my ass.”


  9. It’s surprising the number of Republicans that sat out the Vietnam War by playing war in the reserves. Like W. for example and Mr. anger-management – Joe Wilson.

  10. So let me see if I understand. This guy goes on the Tee-vee to hold forth on what veterans like and dislike, all the while he passed on actually being a veteran, and decides it’s cool to go ahead and argue veteran shit with a veteran, then he picks up his toys and goes home when people start being mean to him. Oh, and he’s a conservtard. Got it.

  11. [re=452914]betterDeadThanRed[/re]: It’s surprising the number of Republicans that sat out the Vietnam War by playing war in the reserves.

    Indeed. If by surprising you mean predictable (looking back) and by playing war you mean going AWOL.

  12. [re=452905]WickedWitch[/re]: The best thing about the hawks is their collective pussing out of Vietnam.

    [re=452901]shadowMark[/re]: video pls.

  13. [re=452888]Neilist[/re]: Are you suggesting that Tom Tancredo is such a poor shot that it could take him almost 50 tries before he’s able to hit his own head?

    That says alot about you, indeed.

  14. There were so many other things Kos could have said there to rebut Tancredo’s point without the personal attack. Kind of stupid. On the other hand anything that makes Tancredo look like even more of a dick is okay by me. Dammit Wonkette, I do not need these moral dilemmas this close to Happy Hour on Friday!

  15. [re=452921]imissopus[/re]: With the fringe whackos always so eager to personally impugn the character of those commies/fascists/muslins/nazis/God’s America-haters who disagree with them, not to mention comparing a hardly radical revamp of health care to Dachau, it’s entirely appropriate for Markos M to stick the knife in & twist. Taking the high road & avoiding the personal often translates on teevee into looking like a pussy. I say go personal & go often. Then maybe these asshole whackjobs will begin to think twice about always tossing off personal attacks in lieu of policy debate.

  16. [re=452929]hobospacejunkie[/re]: Then maybe these asshole whackjobs will begin to think twice about always tossing off personal attacks in lieu of policy debate.

    Ha ha, right, dumbass. This is no place for naïveté.

  17. [re=452921]imissopus[/re]: No, no, no–the mere fact that what Markos said was the truth, given the subject at hand, made it perfectly acceptable. It ain’t like Tancredo couldn’t reasonably expect that someone, at some time, isn’t gonna actually do some research…

  18. Kos is a pussy too. Why did he scrub his blog last September about Palin faking her pregnancy?Who paid you off, bitch? Or were you just afraid of Queen QuitterShill and her minions? Either way, you are as big of a chickenshit as Tancredo.

  19. I definitely question Markos’s masculinity (I think I’m bigger than he is), but that clip was great. Tommy Boy taken down by someone who wasn’t even, gasp…white!!

  20. [re=452921]imissopus[/re]: You know what else is stupid…birth certificate, muslin, ACORN, commie, fascist, socialist, Hitler wannabe & whatever else the right wing ‘tards throw out there. The Repubs have no problem going with the stupid over the cerebral–Dems need to start doing the same! (Plus Markos was actually right!)

  21. Fairly mild for a Shuster interview. Usually it’s balls-to-the-wall when he “invites” someone on. The yelling is tiresome though, no matter what channel it’s on.

  22. [re=452914]betterDeadThanRed[/re]: I think Markos had a very good point and one that should be made more often. Like a lot of other shit, we’ve let the wingers rewrite the narrative on the war. Maybe because we lost and can’t get over it? I don’t know, but I’m an old person and I remember the war. I lost friends, including a very close friend. I had the courage, even as a freshman, to be an anti-war protestor in Oklahoma, which wasn’t easy. I remember dropping off a friend wearing a dress and high heels, long before MASH made it cute, at the draft board on our way to an SDS convention. I remember 1A, 1Y, 4F and Conscientious Objectors (enjoy changing those adult diapers on the crazy old people at the mental asylum, Quakers) . I remember how impossible it was to get into the Reserves, the National Guard or even the fucking Coast Guard. To get in the Natl Guard, you had better have a very, very powerful daddy–like George Bush.

    I remember smoking amazing hash, laced with opium, that guys brought back from Viet Nam. And Nixon winning behind his “secret” plan to get out of Viet Nam, which was bombing poor little Cambodia secretly and I remember being called really ugly shit for opposing it.

    And somehow, the cowards like Tancredo are righteously speaking about “the troops” doing what they were afraid to do. How many Republics besides McCain ever served in the war? Right? None? So why have we let them rewrite the history of Viet Nam as some kind of moral crusade? Fuck–when they dumped the last of their load of bombs in the jungle, who the fuck was hiding in those trees? The term “baby killer” didn’t come out of thin air. It was a ridiculous, pointless war fought for the ridiculous domino theory that posited if Ho Chi Minh, a legitimate national hero, was elected president then, somehow, Australia would eventually turn commie. It was ridiculous and, yes, every fucking life lost in it was a wasted life. There. I said it.

    It was insane. It was bullshit. We were right, they were wrong, and every time a chicken hawk like Tancredo is called out on it, good. They have it coming.

    Class dismissed.

  23. [re=452920]Extemporanus[/re]: No, I’m sure that Tom T. is perfectly capable of shooting himself in the foot, repeatedly, regardless of the range at which said appendage is located in relation to the former legislator’s shooting hand(s).

    Right now I’m trying to figure out the whole Jordanian-American Whacko Army Doctor Sharpshooter Thingie. According to reports, he was armed with one of the new FN 5.7 mm pistols, and a .357 Mag S&W revolver.

    You might be able to get 20 round mags for the former, but the FN usually comes 10 round civilian mags (at least in the US). And the revolver is six shots, and takes much longer to reload. (Even with a speedloader.)

    So how does The Good Doctor score 13 fatalities, and 30 wounded — on a U.S. ARMY base, no less.

    This probably is one of those 9/11 Conspiracy Theory/Fake Moon Landing situations. Tell me, were there any reports on CNN to the effect that “all the Jewz left the Processing Center 30 minutes before the atack”?

    [I hope the above gets the weekend off to a Good Start . . . .]

  24. [re=452945]Oldskool[/re]: I can forgive David a lot, even saying “basically” constantly because he says “You’re welcome” when someone says, “Thank you.”

  25. [re=452946]DustBowlBlues[/re]: At least the Vietnam veterans were able to count down the days until their tour was over. Fuckers like Tancredo are perfectly happy to let our modern troops get stop-lossed for 3-4 tours. And then he doesn’t want to fund the VA. Fucker.

  26. [re=452949]DustBowlBlues[/re]: Jeesus, that last one drive me batshit. Is he self-aware enough to know that is really obnoxious (because it is not talking head protocol), or is he really trying to position himself as a bastard know-it-all? WHYYYYYY?!!

  27. [re=452946]DustBowlBlues[/re]: My dear, you sure do take me back. It was all pretty horrid, except for the opium laced hash. We applauded those who somehow managed to avoid going, and wept over those who couldn’t get out. Or make it back. But those who didn’t go should not be talking with any sort of “authority” about what veterans want. Rub Tancredo’s face in any kind of excrement you can find, Markos.

  28. Just to clarify, I’m perfectly fine with us leftists getting down and dirty and rolling in the muck with some of these guys. I just thought it was a poor tactic at that moment because it cut short the debate and would have done so even if Tancredo had stuck around because he would have been busy thinking of personal attacks to hit back with. You have to know when to deploy the personal insults, and since Kos was in my mind already winning the debate, that was the wrong moment. Perhaps I should have called it a tactical dilemma, not a moral one. Anyway, SayItWithWookies said it better than I did.

  29. [re=452946]DustBowlBlues[/re]: You are so right. The most noxious Repugs, like Phil Gramm, Dubya Bush and Dick Cheney, strenuously avoided serving in the war but were very happy to sneer — and in part make their careers — at those who opposed it publicly.

  30. [re=452946]DustBowlBlues[/re]: You go girl. That made the Vietnam War more personal than any history book I’ve read. Makes me wanna kick Tancredo in the face, with a horse.

  31. [re=452946]DustBowlBlues[/re]: That’s my point exactly. Chickenhawks. The war mongers in Congress sicken me. Most of them used their connections to go into the reserves, etc to get out of serving in a real war.

    I’m from the generation that calls Vietnam “The War.” Us blue-collar kids had to sweat it out until our number came up. My high school which was in a blue collar DC suburb had a “Wall of Honor”, a plaque with the names of graduates who had been killed in WWII and Korea (yes the school was that old). By the time I graduated they were adding names from Vietnam.

  32. I do admit that was a kick in the balls from greek Jon Cryer. But Tom Tancredo deserves nothing less. Who really gives a shit what Tancredo thinks?

    EXCEPT, there is only ONE thing that Tom Tancredo and I see eye to eye on, and that is that he’s always supported the legalization of marijuana. He just needs to smoke it to squeegee off that third eye.

  33. [re=452948]Neilist[/re]: Do you really need to question reload speed when apparently all weapons on base are locked up unless signed out for practice?

  34. If Tom loves the Veterens’ opinions and blah blah all that, why did he walk out when one stated a FAKT.


  35. I feel really appreciated but admit it, what really impressed all of you–and took the oldtimers back– was the Thai stick hash laced with opium.

  36. [re=452946]DustBowlBlues[/re]: Don’t worry so much. One thing about Right Wingers is their inability to admit failure. One RWer I know at work said the reason we lost in Nam was because of the hippies. WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot? The difference here is that hippies did have a minor influence in the outcome. But the reasons why Ho Chi Minh kicked our ass are as complex, and historically instructive, as just about anything. The Bright Shining Lie or The Best and the Brightest are required reading. Is it unpatriotic to state the fact that the whole 30+ years of our excursion into Southeast Asia was wrong?

    The worst thing about these people, though, is their predictable Goebbels/Rovian propaganda technique. Repeat something that is 180 degrees from the truth, mix in a little fear, and repeat. As Darwin said, “great is the power of steady misrepresention”. The examples are too numerous to mention: The health care bill is about freedom, Obama’s radical Marxist agenda, the failed healthcare systems of France, Canada, England, the Founding Fathers were Xians, John Kerry was a coward, Saddam had WMD’s. Really, the list is interminable.

    The best part, though, is they are rather humorless. The class is dismissed, but we will laugh away. Bring on the dancing dogs!

  37. [re=452961]rabblerouser42[/re]: *sniff sniff* You guys smell that? Sort of smells like a…gasp…blog whore! No, I’m sure I’m not mistaken. Alive! was on the case long before me.

  38. Vidal didn’t call anyone a “crypto-Nazi” (I saw the exchange; it was unforgettable) and wouldn’t have done. The term he used was CRYPTO-FASCIST, which was accurate and thoughtfully chosen. Americans can never seem to understand fascism (cue irony), and Vidal, though more American than pissant Buckley, is also by adoption Italian, and knows the one from the other.

    The distinction is lost on idiots like Buckley, who also lost his cookies when Vanessa Redgrave described the heroic participants in the Sabra/Chatila massacre as “fascists” which was, considering they were the members of the Lebanese Falange, quite accurate.

    And that was then. Now, your average teabagger calls Obama a Nazi and nobody gets even a bit upset. Gosh, how we’ve matured.

  39. [re=452942]Texan Bulldoggette[/re]: Isn’t he Greek, what with all the unnecessary s’s in his name and all that? Are Greeks not white people anymore? I can’t keep track of who is or is not a white person anymore because at some point skin color stopped being relevant (see: Steele, Michael).

  40. [re=452975]DustBowlBlues[/re]: Ummm, well, yaa. That was the best part. I mean, that, and sex and rock-n-roll. At least what I can remember with my Halfzheimers.

  41. I love it when a TV guest walks off the set in anger.

    For one thing, the guest has to take off his microphone, which is hooked to his lapel, as well as the ear-piece where the guy in the booth talks to him. These devices are connected to clips and wires, which are always difficult and confusing to remove.

    It absolutely ruins a walk-off if you have to stop and fiddle with a bunch of stuff that is attached to you by wires. There is usually tremendous entertainment value in this.

    The only person I ever saw do a TV walkoff right was Scientology czar David Miscavige. He managed to get everything off in one smooth motion. Then he turned and walked off camera.

    I’ll bet he was drilled to prepare for this a gazillion times.

  42. [re=452959]Zorg[/re]: One of the things about Kerry that drove me insane was that he didn’t call out the Republics when they labeled him a coward. He should have announced that no chickenshit who hid behind Daddy’s coattails was going to get away with letting some rich pussies fuck with him. He served, he didn’t have to, and he came back and gave a speech that closed with the most poignant question anyone every made about a bad war–be it the Crimean, WWI or Viet Nam. And he let them crucify him for the bravest act in his public career.

    Kerry was no coward or liar–he was a hero, and not just for what he did in the war, but what he did after. When the vets threw their medals over the WH fence, it galvanized the anti-war movement.

    Ever notice how bad wars produce more violence? Like WWI’s links to WWII. Or Viet Nam and Pol Pot’s Killing Fields. (Pol Pot, by the way, hated intellectuals as much as the teabaggers do–but the wonkeratti knew that).

    Nothing good will come out of our involvement in these two wars. What is it now? 9 years in Afghanistan? 8 in Iraq? Or am I losing count? And what’s different? Nuclear-armed Pakistan is more unstable than ever and still hates India more than they ever will Al Queda, Iran is now a powerhouse in the region, Muslims are as reviled in this country as they were after Sept 11 and the Islamic Fundies hate us more than ever. Oh, and a lot of people who joined the g**dam national guard because a recruiter promised them the college education their parents couldn’t afford are like hamsters running on a wheel-of-death that never, ever stops. And unless the news coming back is being totally hushed up, it doesn’t sound like these poor bastards and bastardettes are even enjoying the fruits of those poppy fields.

    This whole thing is fucked up. If we had left last year, carnage would have ensued. If we leave today, carnage wild ensue. If we leave a year from now . . .or two years or . . .

    What drives me nuts is hearing everyone start every conversation with a vet with the words, “First, we thank you for your service.” It’s such trite bullshit. The guy who put in our satellite for the broadband connection was really nice, and the two of us got to talking and he said he’d gotten out of the army a couple of years before. When I asked if he’d gone to Iraq, he said yes, in the invasion and then on another deployment. I asked him, “Was it terrible?” and he answered yes and that he was still being treated for PTSD.

    It’s time to talk in real world language about these wars and quit using meaningless platitudes, because there is nothing meaningless about the death, the destruction and, oh yeah, the trillion that’s rapidly turning into trillions in debt. This war is destroying this country in far more ways than the crazy guy at Ft. Hood.

    Never get an arthritic old Viet Nam war protestor going when she’s had her (prescription) narcotics for the night. I’ll tell you kids one thing: If I had some of that hashish right now, I’d damn sure smoke it.

  43. Markos is so lucky, because when Tancredo goes off and kills a bunch of people, FOX News will blame his Islamic heritage.

    [re=452957]imissopus[/re]: Its a hard dilemma, but the problem is that with an ass like Tancredo, he will just keep talking over you so you will not be able to get a fact in, and even if you do, he will just say you are wrong.

    Plus it is nice to see someone call out a chicken hawk when they claim to know exactly what the military thinks or needs.

    [re=452948]Neilist[/re]: Lots of PlayStation time?

  44. Best all-time walkoff was Lily Tomlin’s walkoff of the old Dick Cavett show. Some genius had bookended her with Chad Everett and W. H. Auden. You can see how well this should have worked, categorically: genius plus beefcake plus funny = great tee vee. Auden was camera-shy and torpid, Tomlin was tired of hearing how much everyone wanted her to stick to the old laff-in routines, and Everett was an immortal asshole. He decided the best use of his appearance was to read his poetry (not as good a reader, OR poet, as Joey Heatherton) to the great man, who clearly thought he was cute as puppies in the snow. Cavett should have surrendered to the surreal at that point, but tried to rescue the script by changing the topic to Everett’s exotic pets. Everett went with the change and listed his pets (I think one of them was a llama), including his wife among them (boffo masculinist humor) and Tomlin said “excuse me,” quietly, and left so fast it was like she’d been beamed up.

  45. [re=452948]Neilist[/re]: I’ve been wondering about this too. How did he kill a dozen people and wound 31 others with a couple of handguns? At first, there were reports of other shooters who had been arrested. But now almost nothing is being said about them.

  46. [re=452976]PoignancySelz[/re]: “he best part, though, is they are rather humorless.”

    Only rather? Wouldn’t it be more honest to take out the modifier on this one? FoxHole News (I will make that term commonplace, I swear) trotted out a Daily Show type show a few years ago. I meant to watch it, just to see what conservatives would consider humor, but didn’t get to it in time. It was canceled almost before it began. They have no humor and they are relentless. Like termites.

  47. [re=452948]Neilist[/re]: Well, I’m hoping that the number of rounds and such is not correct. What I believe we’re going to find out is that some of the dead were killed by the first responder(s). Which is going to be very sad.

  48. In the meantime, Megs McCain is emoting via Twitter about how gut-wrenchingly difficult it is to write her book:

    “working so hard on my book, I worry my writing is too filled with passion and angst – doesn’t always fit with politics and women…”

    “I feel like I am going to be opening up my diary to people, thats how intimate these stories are. Its very scary but cathartic as well!”


  49. [re=452991]DustBowlBlues[/re]: Again, resonance here. I always said, the very fact that Kerry went, and Coke and Jet boy didn’t, wasn’t that enough? But like saying that the Republican Party was the “moral” Party, Rove, Cheney, were the ultimate used car salesmen.

  50. [re=452994]Aurelio[/re]: Probably friendly fire. I’m guessing there was a lot of panic and confusion and that everyone trying to stop the shooter was acting in the most responsible way they could manage under the circumstances.

    And Neilist’s knowledge of weapons sounds like what a pimply faced kid sitting in his parents basement, playing video kill games and on his computer would know. It’s very bush league. Or Bush league, which is worse. Why is he on wonkette, anyway? I hear you guys making fun of some guy with the screen name Neilist, and now I get it.

  51. [re=452975]DustBowlBlues[/re]: Oh, shit. I had one of those at a party with some guys in my band, then on the way home had a Dunkin’ cravin’. Found myself across the diner from a couple of cops and sweating bullets. Yes indeedy.

  52. [re=453001]gjdodger[/re]: When are we going to legalize drugs? When I didn’t have arthritis, I smoked pot. I hear that it’s great for arthritis pain, but now I don’t have any and in OK even a nice old United Methodist lady wouldn’t dare. Granted, I just joined pre-paid legal, but that wasn’t the point.

    Yeah, I’m sure approval of medical marijuana is next up on the agenda for the OK Republic legislature, after they pass a bill requiring any woman who’s had an abortion to wear a big red A on her lapel, force all homosexuals into re-education camps and abolish all taxes. Imagine their surprise when they discover they actually work for the hated guvment and they have no electricity in the capital and don’t get paid.

  53. [re=453008]bago[/re]: Absolutely.

    Well, having educated the youngsters (I hope Jim and Young Riley were reading this) and brought a tear drop of nostalgia to rheumy old baby boomer eyes, I will bid the few wonkeratti who are still on “our” wonkette good night.

    Here’s a thought: If we ever have a wonkette convention, can we do it in a state that has medical marijuana? I’ll make a doctor’s appt ahead of time. One look at me, and no physician could deny I need the stuff.

    Later, losers.

  54. [re=452975]DustBowlBlues[/re]: Thanks for the memories. Such righteous weed, that was.

    War-fan Cheney was a draft dodger, too, recall. 5 deferments while rabidly pro-war. What a miserable shit, and Tancredo’s ugly sister.

  55. For that matter, it would appear that all these (R)-based congressional douches are all going to the same… *ahem* TANNING SALON together… one can only assume that their leathery skin is some kind of cover-up for their ‘happy ending’ excursions to Madame Lee’s House of Massage and Lovely Nails Parlor….

  56. [re=452884]Brendan M.[/re]: I think Rep. Grayson was precisely correct when he publicly labelled certain GOPig politicians as whores… but what do I know? – I’m just some drunken dirty foreigner who one bumps into on this fine springtime Saturday…

  57. [re=452921]imissopus[/re]: I completely disagree – when these GOPig draft-dodgers prattle on about how they know what “the troops” know/think/feel/what, it is entirely appropriate to immediately point out what hypocritical cowardly charlatans they are, before they can belch forth yet another Super-Patriotic lie…

  58. This is why MSNBC’s ratings suck. The draft dodger takes off his mic and earpiece and storms off the set – that’s great TV. And what does the director do? Quickly cuts away from that shot, and then Shuster gives a mealy-mouthed explanation of what happened. The guy who directs Robin Byrd on public access channel 35 would have known how to handle that better.

  59. [re=452984]ithasatilde[/re]: Markos Moulitsas Zúñiga has a Salvadorian mother and a Greek father, which in America would translate to him being a common Messican.

  60. [re=452946]DustBowlBlues[/re]: First let me say, thank YOU for your service. Seriously. For protesting the war, especially when and where it wasn’t fashionable.

    Perhaps I’m misreading your tone but (RE: “Conscientious Objectors (enjoy changing those adult diapers on the crazy old people at the mental asylum, Quakers)”) I’m not sure why Quakers are the target of derision. Quakers are not equivalent to the Tancredos and the Limbaughs and Bushes and Cheneys. They are not fakers dressing up in women’s clothing to be considered crazy — or gay (same dif for the armed forces) — in order to avoid service. They — and other members of the Historic Peace Churches — suffered for their commitment to their beliefs. Quakers were instrumental in creating not just the category of conscientious objector, and in decriminalizing it — but in working to ensure that their contributions during wartime were not just “make work”. Their commitment to the cause of human dignity and the relief of human suffering meant that they played a major role in transforming the way that the mentally ill in public institutions. And yeah, that included changing diapers. And I it takes an incredible amount of fortitude in order to do that kind of service. (And don’t get me started on why people who do this work are some of the lowest paid people in the country!) Quakers are known for being some of the first people to go into places immediately following a war and playing active roles in rebuilding following the devastation. But maybe I misread your point and so I’m just preaching to the choir.

  61. [re=453028]J[/re]: He should have had the camera man stalk him down the hallway asking him where he was going and why.
    [re=452915]hobospacejunkie[/re]: Sadly (cause I think he’s hot), Kos is a heterosexual he just has the fagcent through no fault of his own.

  62. Nice to see someone make an ass of Tancredo, but while KOS may have served, he’s not exactly the vet he claims to be. He didn’t actually see combat in any war. Not to denigrate his military service – I could certainly never do it – but his moral ground on that point doesn’t exactly tower over Tacredo’s as much as he thinks it does. It just makes the personal attack that much douchier and similar to Republican tactics.

    And also learned on Wikipedia, he has a wide and a brood of kids. Right. The guy screams gay! He looks like a fun power bottom too!

  63. DustBowlBlues: Thanks not only for your service and the memories, but for having a memory in the first place. You sir, are credible, gutsy, and honorable.

    The point about Tancredo’s tantrum is not Markos personal attack, it’s that he and too many others like him are not credible to talk about issues where they clearly have acted contradictorily in the past. Period. As I remind my fellow libtard friends often “It’s their credibility, stupid.”

    My beef is with cable & the MSM who continue to pursue the same tactics as squawk radio, namely “feistiness.” Increasingly there doesn’t seem to be any difference between what they do and what boxing promoters like Don King do. It’s all about the payday and the set up for the next pseudo fight. I’d rather have a V-8.

  64. I’m all for what Markos did and what Grayson is doing. Jesus does anyone in their right mind think your going to win a rational arguement with your run of the mill wingnut? Ask Kerry how not responding worked out. Dont hold your breath waiting for a “well thats a good point, I never thought of it that way”, from these nutballs. So you might as well give it back as good as they can dish it out. The people who listen to Beck and admire people such as Bachman or Virginia Foxx arent the William Buckley types. Buckley is truly dead in modern neo-conservatism, replaced by the likes of Rush and Hannity.

    Your hardcore wingtard still believes somewhere there were WMD’s, cant wrap their head around that most of this huge national debt was rung up by St. Ronnie, HW and W as well as republican policies in general. Cant see that free trade isnt such a great thing, because no I cant compete with some guy in a foreign country making 50 cents an hour. But please Mr politician, blow smoke up my ass and tell me the American worker can compete with anyone. The last of rationality in the healthcare debate went out the window with death panels and analogies to Hitler.

    There are diaries at Daily Kos actually attacking Markos saying he insulted people with depression. Its the reason I rarely go there anymore, is a humorless site for the most part, where people are real quick on the faux indignation trigger. Its the reason I love Wonkette, because its brutally honest and funny.

    User-of-Owls—your an honest person. I would of tried to claim “penus” was a new term I was coining referring to Tancredo’s taint.

  65. [re=452946]DustBowlBlues[/re]: Those were the days, eh, in a memories-always-have-a-glow kind of way. I knew guys who would drink beer and eat salt for three days so their blood pressure was sky high at their physical. When my card came I was #7 which meant if the war had lasted another year I was jungle bound. Your point about being right is spot on and it wasn’t just Vietnam. Kids back then were right about the environment, civil rights, Nixon, womens rights, etc. And I like to remind right-wingers that the term “baby killers” came about after several hundred unarmed men, women and children were lined up and shot at My Lai and other places.

  66. So how does The Good Doctor score 13 fatalities, and 30 wounded — on a U.S. ARMY base, no less.

    [re=452948]Neilist[/re]: Perhaps Maj. Hasan, M.D., obtained his Army Marksmanship Badge (Expert) w/ Pistol & Small Bore Pistol component bars proficiency plus is a President’s Hundred Tab winner?


  67. [re=453058]Oldskool[/re]: “Kids back then were right about”

    About growing up to vote for Reagan, Bush, and be a Medicare-collecting Teabagging Birther? Spare us young’uns the rosy nostalgia, please.

  68. If it had been Newell, I guess he’d have been all “suck it Tancredo” while standing on his chair, ripping off his shirt and swinging it about over his head. Maybe a gratuitous “bee-yotch” thrown in for good measure. Kos was way too polite, by half.

  69. [re=453062]Guppy06[/re]: The kids who were right about those things didn’t turn into Bush voters or teabggers. They probably werne’t even in the majority which makes what they did more courageous. No one is asking you to like it.

  70. [re=452993]artbot2000[/re]: Spot on. Tomlin’s simple exit said all that needed saying about Everett. Second-best Cavett moment was Jefferson Airplane, the day after Woodstock, roaring out an unedited “Up against the wall, motherfuckers.”

  71. [re=452991]DustBowlBlues[/re]:
    What drives me nuts is hearing everyone start every conversation with a vet with the words, “First, we thank you for your service.” It’s such trite bullshit.
    Veteran’s Day is next week. Oh, how I loathe that day. The parade of cowards and retards thanking me for my service and the shallow displays of troop support.
    My responses:
    You can thank me by refusing to send your beloved troops in harm’s way for any cause outside of defense. It’s called the Department of Defense for a reason.
    You can thank me by questioning your leaders.
    You can thank me by questioning your religion.
    You can thank me by not being selfish and greedy.
    You can thank me by accepting America’s fallibility.
    And most importantly, you can thank me by listening to common sense.

  72. [re=453055]EdFlinstone[/re]: Yep.

    Base personnel have accounted for more suicides than any other Army post since the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003, with 75 tallied through this July.

    Three of the four brigades of the 1st Calvary Division are in Iraq. The three brigades — the first, second and third — are on their third tour. The division’s newest brigade, the fourth, has done two tours in Iraq, returning most recently in June.

    Ft. Hood also is home to three of the brigades of the 4th Infantry Division. The fourth brigade is now in Afghanistan. The first brigade has done three tours in Iraq, returning most recently in March. The second brigade has also done three tours, returning most recently in September.

    Tancredo and the rest of the chickenhawks can go to hell.

  73. [re=453052]Nigerian Business Executive[/re]: He served, and could have just as easily been sent into combat as anyone else in uniform. That deserves respect – at least more than is due Ex-congressweasel Tank.

  74. [re=453062]Guppy06[/re]: Listen hear, young’un…those protestors grew up to become wonketters, possibly also Code Pinkers, and maybe some ended up as teabaggers, but you’re just not making a logical point. Now go fetch us a hot water bottle and a Manhattan straight up before you run along to your drug-taking, crime-spreeing, group-sex-having evening on the town.

  75. [re=453072]Servo[/re]: You can thank me by refusing to send your beloved troops in harm’s way for any cause outside of defense. It’s called the Department of Defense for a reason.

    Very well said.

  76. [re=452994]Aurelio[/re]: Well, in the interests of accuracy (Lo, what a novel thought in here!): The Good Doctor could have had more mags for the FN. And the 5.7 mm round is specifically designed to penetrate body armor, so it may have more of a “through and through” wounding capability than a 9 mm round (or even the S&W .40 that I usually use).

    But the more likely scenario is that one or more of the First Responders, e.g., civilian cops or M.P.s contributed to the fatalities/injuries by blasting away at everything that moved.

    You know, sort of the way that U.S. Troops and “civilian” military contractors do in Iraq and Afghanistan every day?

    Which, ironically, may have been further “proof” of whatever “statement” the Doctor thought he was making.

    But I’m sure that no one in here would DREAM that the U.S. Army would pull another “heroic Jessica Lynch” propaganda stunt/coverup in regards to “heroic Sgt. Kim Munley” or whatever her name is . . . .

    [Wonketteers: There’s One Born Ever Minute!]

    [re=453026]gurukalehuru[/re]: You Humble Servant, Sir.

  77. [re=452997]hockeymom[/re]: Nonsense, Megs. Passion and angst go perfectly with politics and women. You could start off with “It was a dark and stormy night” and throw in a few “wildly beating heart”s, some “suddenly caught my breath”‘s and a couple of “throbbing penises” Those are the things that’ll sell your book, you betcha.

  78. [re=453080]Neilist[/re]: This might be helpful, or maybe not — an eyewitness wrote in to Mother Jones. He doesn’t say anything about a revolver (which I agree would be ridiculous to bring to a shooting spree) and says Hasan had three magazines around him when he was finally brought down. I saw an account on CNN yesterday that said he reloaded six times, for whatever that’s worth.

  79. [re=453040]notwavingbutdrowning[/re]: My comment on Quakers was meant to make a point, which I didn’t do, that the CO were assigned to some pretty miserable shit in exchange for not going to the war. It’s not like those were the best two years of their lives.

  80. [re=453040]notwavingbutdrowning[/re]: “But maybe I misread your point and so I’m just preaching to the choir.”

    Yep, but I appreciate your passion in defending the peace churches.

  81. [re=453080]Neilist[/re]: I’ve been wondering why you’re despised here. Now I know. Life-threatening smug. Maybe you should move to Colorado?

  82. I think Megan McCain needs to heal this wounded weekend nation with just one more Twit\Tit Pic.

    [re=453089]GeneralLerong[/re]: ummm, he has a great and very valid point about the rules of engagement in Iraq, especially during the beginning – shoot anything that moves, figure it out later; and it would be bitterly ironic.

  83. [re=453067]Oldskool[/re]: I have to agree that I’ve been awfully disappointed about the failure of the Age of Aquarius to accomplish much. We started out so idealistically. Unlike many of my peers, however, I have faith that the Millenials are going to be the generation that makes a difference for the better. I just hope there’s something left for them to save.

  84. [re=453090]Suds McKenzie[/re]: It’s not a great point, Suds, merely an obvious one. Didn’t the military birth the concept of CYA? Friendly fire? Collateral damage? And of course the deathless classics: FUBAR, SNAFU…

  85. [re=453082]PoignancySelz[/re]: These days what is a “hoax?” I think Palin is a person whose Q-scores allow her to get money from and influence the behavior of large numbers of people. She’s the political equivalent of Miley Cyrus. Is “hoax” the right word to describe the establishment culture machines doing what they’ve done for generations?

  86. Sure, it was as obvious a point as you being baited by Neilist. (are you new?)

    We need him\it for his expert firearm commentary since there seems to be a mass shooting 3 to 4 days a week now.

  87. [re=453090]Suds McKenzie[/re]: Meghan went directly from twittering about the horrors of Fort Hood …

    RT @BreakingNews: A Fort Hood Family Hotline has been activated: 254-288-7570 or 1-866-836 2751.

    as the president said “a horrific outburst of violence” – so senseless and tragic. thoughts and prayers 2 the victims and families.

    … to twittering about guys asking her out and where she likes to eat …

    I love it when a guy asks me out and wants to take me to some fancy/foodie place. umm, I like hot dogs, BBQ and chain restaurants…

    … Yeah, great breasts and all, lots of energy, youth is cool and sexy, but is she SANE? Can a rational human brain jump from one context to another like that?

  88. [re=453091]DustBowlBlues[/re]: Maybe we were too idealistic. And I think too many of the Millenials believe in Ayn Rand’s philosophy to make a difference at this point, whether there’s anything/body left to save or not.

  89. Just for the record the FN 5.7mm pistol costs around $1,000 and comes standard with three 20 round magazines an optional 30 round mag is available. The standard civilian round travels at over 1700 feet per sec. which is very fast for a pistol round.

  90. [re=453096]Words[/re]: There is a small but solid percentage of DFH boomers who truly believed in just causes, stuck out necks out and protested, etc, back in the day. Most of us continue to push the same boulders up the same hill today. The rest of the boomer protestors were mainly doing so to avoid going to war, much like Tancredo, W, Cheney, Joe Wilson, et al. I don’t blame them one whit, but it is just the pits that these self-same protestors NOW stand up on their hind legs and vote to take away VA benefits and vote for wars based on nothing more than them making money from it.

    I hear you younguns complaining about us olds, and I don’t blame you at all. Sadly, though, I’ve been thru enough to find it hard to believe that millenials will turn out any differently from how boomers have. I hope I’m wrong and good luck to us all.

  91. [re=453090]Suds McKenzie[/re]: Gesh, Suds, don’t defend me. I will lose all faith. And as to your comment — “there seems to be a mass shooting 3 to 4 days a week now” — I hate being part of a trend. I suggest the Body Politic revert to more traditional forms of social unrest, e.g., hanging them up from lampposts.

    It would be much less expensive, given the recent (ridiculous) rises in small arms ammunition prices. And the Hemp Lobby would have one more outlet for its products.

    [re=453097]samsuncle[/re]: The civilian issue, which is all you can get in most jurisdictions, has only the 10 round mags included. But I don’t know about Texas, and Special Ops could get the 20 or 30 round mags pretty easily. And you’re right about the velocity — and it’s a spitzer type bullet, so a through-and-through definitely is a possibility.

    Gee, these days Wonkette is sooooooo much more interesting. Now, if we only could find a way to combine “Guns ‘N Butt[er]Sex” . . . .

  92. [re=453093]shadowMark[/re]: I agree, she’s not the first phony we’ve come across. She is a hoax in the sense that she is not what her supporters claim her to be. She’s got more skeletons than the Khmer Rouge, yet they claim she is honest, diligent, folksy, maverick, hockeymom. She’ll put on any skin and molt it off just as quickly. Trig was a prop.
    I actually like to compare her to Anna Nicole Smith. There is in the 23%, some kind of psychopathic celebrity/royalty worship, and isn’t it our endeavour to counter this tomfoolery?

  93. [re=452929]hobospacejunkie[/re]: Agreed.

    And if you watch it on mute, it really looks like Markos is saying “go fuck yourself” right before retardytardling guy gets all huffy and stomps off.

  94. [re=453097]samsuncle[/re]: which would account for Dr. Crazy surviving. High muzzle velocity, close proximity, no time to tumble, through and through missle wounds.

  95. [re=453028]J[/re]: Robyn has just the orange-leathery complexion it takes to be a male GOP politician. She’s also depraved enough. She’s a quicky sex change away from being the new senator from/governor of Alabama.

  96. [re=452919]magic titty[/re]: They pussed out on Vietnam and then make endless nasty remarks about Al Gore for having a “cushy” assignment there and John Kerry for getting “bandaid” wounds when HE WAS SHOT.

    My father was a pilot in the AF and he was in Vietnam when I was nine. I don’t remember the particulars but I remember being miserable. He died recently and I got some memoirs that he wrote. He said his job wasn’t very dangerous–I always thought that they lied when they told us that–but that my sister and I had a lot of upset-stomach problems when he was gone that year and that I would often watch the evening news (I was NINE) and then go to my room and cry. Meanwhile, THIS guy was “depressed”. WHAT A RETARDED FUCKING FUCKER OF AN ASSHOLE. I wish I’d been there to greet him just off the set when he stomped off.

  97. [re=453040]notwavingbutdrowning[/re]: Shit, the Quakers are IT. It’s awesome that Obama’s kids are going to a Friend’s school. In the 1660s they were wandering around telling Puritan’s that their religious laws were bullshit (which we understand today) and telling everyone that slavery was shit (ditto) and violence is wrong (ehh) and getting stockaded, whipped, tarred and sometimes hung for it. Back when this was Saudi Arabia minus the sand.

  98. [re=452946]DustBowlBlues[/re]: [re=452929]hobospacejunkie[/re]: [re=452896]SayItWithWookies[/re]: [re=453072]Servo[/re]: [re=453055]EdFlinstone[/re]: Thank you all for making my weekend. Intelligence, insight, and passion. Who would imagine I could get that here?

    Special mention to [re=452993]artbot2000[/re]: for reminding me of something I had completely forgotten. According to IMDB, Everett’s in AA now, so maybe that explains the Cavett thing. And to this day, he’s STILL married to that same “pet.” Hollyweird.

  99. [re=453080]Neilist[/re]: Yes, for sure there had to be other shooters. My reason is not the quantity of firing but the accuracy. How does a major in the medical corps learn to shoot like that? How does he learn to shoot well enough to kill 12 people and wound 31 others with two handguns?

  100. Notice how The Ed Show does his graphics in communist DailyKos orange. Freedom never had a chance against Ed’s socialized fascism there.

  101. Tancredo did serve, he taught history at something called Drake Junior High School in Denver according to Wikipedia. Teaching is as good as policing, fire fighting, aerial bombing, you know government stuff that leads to a pension.

  102. [re=453097]samsuncle[/re]: He did pick up the gun at a gun shop off base back in August. I can’t imagine that Texas would have a lot of restrictions on purchasing gun stuff. After all you have the war of secession coming.

  103. So, is Tancredo a chickenhawk? Did he genuinely avoid Viet Nam service by claiming to be depressed? If not, I presume he’d’ve said so, but I don’t know.

  104. [re=453240]zhubajie[/re]: As a Republican student activist Tancredo spoke in support of the Vietnam War. After graduating from the University of Northern Colorado he became eligible to serve in Vietnam in June 1969. Tancredo has said he went for his physical, telling doctors he had been treated for depression, and eventually got a “1-Y” deferment. “

  105. [re=452991]DustBowlBlues[/re]: Well, probably torture is going to come home to the local cop shop. Not that it’s been gone everywhere, but it’s going to become a lot more common for those of us who aren’t rich or well-connected.

  106. Paul Tardy[/re]: Served lunch at the chow hall, maybe?

    I joined the US Navy, 1971, partly to get the GI Bill, and helped bomb North Vietnam in 1972. I think I was there when GWB was a drunken deserter in Alabam. I witnessed the Marcos Coup in the Philippines, too, for which Nixon had granted permission. Martial law and everything. We even had a mutiny on my ship, after our tour of duty was extended for the third time.

    Tancredo should sign on with KBR now and serve army chow in Iraq or Afpak. Show us how patriotic he is.

  107. I’m trying to think up of any more Republican hypocracries that are even possible at this point

    anti-gay = loves hot gay sexxx
    family values = loves prostitution
    pro-military = chicken shit draft dodger
    pro-business = handouts to failing banks

    Since Reagan was president in 1984 and the GOP demigod, I should not be surprised by the doublespeak

  108. I heard that all the Army slots were taken by minorities so there was no slots for patriotic Americans like Tancredo, or some such thing.

  109. If Tancredo is really so insulted, why doesn’t he challenge Moulitsas to a duel? I’d love to see crooked pols blowing each others brains out.

  110. [re=453329]Bruno[/re]:
    I think
    Pro Bidniz = Socialism for Big Bidniz (handouts including tax breaks, grants and subsidies.)

    Otherwise your list is pretty much the truth

  111. [re=453062]Guppy06[/re]: The ones that voted for Reagan were congenital douchebags such as Karl Rove, so we who were there will stick with the rosy nostalgia and, iff’n we ever get a-holt of your skinny young frame, we’ll get a stick and rosy up your ass, but good. Yessirree Bob!

  112. This weekend we also had that thrice married, twice divorced, ethics violating, adulterous, conservative Catholic, Newton Gingrich, tell us that we need to put god back in the public sphere. I think Newtie just wants to get god out of his own private sphere so he can go back to banging his assistants. Just take the opposite of anything any of these douche-bags say and you’ve got a clear understanding of their personal lives.

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