A second-degree operative sends this photo and writes, “My cousin is a congressional staffer, I got sent this picture outside the capitol building today…” So we know that THE TRUTH TRUCK is in town for the Super Bowl of Retardation, and now it is barreling down the halls of Rayburn, crushin’ skulls.

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  1. “Hey Nancy Pelosi, This Truck Has Something To Tell You”

    And what, exactly, is that?

    Stupid religious fundamentalists – I just wish they would eat shit and die.

  2. Is that an aborted fetus smeared on the doors of the Truth Bus? Mammon, the Golden Calf of Pelosi, does not approve of your decorative aborted fetuses.

  3. I thought the one recapped whitewall on the back was a nice touch.

    Shows some class, and is a haunting echo of when Detroit made decent cars.

    Well, any cars, actually.


    (Truck could have used a gun rack behind the cab, though. Just saying.)

  4. Pretty sure this guy already lived in the area, I feel like I’ve seen him before. Come to think of it… it might have been during the equality march, so maybe he just enjoys the drive.

  5. I took some pictures of the Randall Terry “Truth Trucks” barreling up an Ohio freeway last summer, shortly before the murder of Dr. Tiller. Hope there isn’t another atrocity ahead.

  6. Yea, for verily there is no person more dangerous to God’s America than a person trying to get health care for as many financially-unable people as possible. Truly, for Jeezus would surely support a bus with an aborted fetus smeared on it. The Hate Bus is nothing but a giant target for a molotov cocktail.

  7. See, but I don’t think many Christians prostrate themselves before the I-beam crucifix, like in the picture there. That looks like the pose many muslins strike, when they pray at Mecca.

  8. And if you click on the “Does God Love You?” button on, you go to a page that says “Content Coming Soon…” There you have it, the answer to the biggest question in your life.

  9. That fucking thing almost hit me while I was riding my bike back in September. It made a left turn right in front of me. How ironic it would have been to be splattered all over a giant dead fetus picture.

  10. [re=451119]predilectrix[/re]: The cross as depicted looks like it doubles as a DVD storage tower, which I would totally keep stocked with secular porn and dead fetuses if it was mine.

    [re=451113]mollymcguire[/re]: Those are gays and that’s how buttsecs happens.

  11. [re=451113]mollymcguire[/re]: Ass to ass – it’s how they have sex so they don’t have to see the shame in each other’s faces because of how gay and evil they are.

  12. [re=451118]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Well, it’s a Guy Fawkes-inspired gathering, so he must be saying that Obama betrayed Jesus by joining a heretical Protestant church.

    Pelosi is a member of the One True Catholic Church, though, so I’m not sure why the truck’s attacking her.

  13. The Real Murricans tried to hire “The Bus” when he retired from the Steelers, but it turns out Jerome Bettis is one of them-there ACORNS. So they had to invent “The Truck.” Somehow it’s not the same.

  14. [re=451221]magic titty[/re]: There was a similar (but much wordier) one parked near the IRS building in South Austin. Something about the 16th Amendment being passed by cloaked lizardoid Congressmen in the dead of night while they sacrificed Alice Roosevelt to their goat-god. My memory is failing.

  15. [re=451113]mollymcguire[/re]: I believe that’s what they refer to as “going rogue”.

    I wasn’t aware that Christians prayed just like Muslims. Huh.

  16. [re=451118]SayItWithWookies[/re]: I think those “OBAMA” letters peel off, so they can add whatever name has aggrieved them recently. Maybe one day WONKETTE will be up there.

  17. When the “Truth Trucks” roll, watch out! My partner and I were heading north on I-71 in Ohio last spring and saw a caravan of them heading for a rally in Cleveland. The next day, Sunday, May 31st, Dr George Tiller was murdered by an extremist with ties to the Truth Truck organization.

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