Bill Clinton and George W. Bush will simultaneously perform impressions of relevance at Radio City Music Hall, where in February they will “debate topics ranging from the economy, to foreign policy, to the current administration.” Details are still fuzzy re: why anyone suggested this in the first place, what anyone believes the stakes to be or hopes to gain from this, or what’s in it for absolutely anyone—Clinton, Bush, the audience, Radio City Music Hall, or you, simply hearing in passing that this thing even exists.

Allegedly, it’s all a part of something called the “Minds That Move The World” series, some sort of large-scale nihilistic scheme to literally bore everyone to death. “Prices start at $60 for the cheap seats and rise to $1,250 for high rollers who want to join both presidents at a pre-debate reception for cocktails and picture-taking.” Bit more for a private room with either man, although he will not touch you and there will be no kissing on the mouth. [NY Daily News]

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  1. Will have to miss Bill Clinton’s and George W. Bush’s civil, no-stakes stadium debate. If there were stakes or even steaks, I might show up. But if I can’t pound something through Dubya’s heart, or clog my own, I’m not interested.

  2. “Minds That Move The World” series Bush’s mind moved the world alright, like I moved my bowels this AM and produced a big turd…

  3. if me and bill arent going to the titty bar afterwards and me sitting on his lap at the same time then i dont want it. my 1,250 is going elsewhere.

  4. Sweet, they can both talk about how they ruined the American economy with NAFTA and CAFTA and I can spend the last of my home Dumpster move in and spruce up monies to see them do it. USA USA USA.

  5. They’ve been too chummy since Day One so I don’t expect any fireworks. Be nice though. I’d even send Bubba a hooker if W leaves there with a shiner.

  6. George Bush has a “mind that moves the world”? Wow.

    This will be compelling television and/or radio. I can’t wait to see the Big Dog wipe the floor with that smarmy asshole.

  7. Poppy must have something on Bill, something bigger than just getting a few blow jobs I mean, because otherwise, there is really no reason to humor his retarded son.
    Maybe they were right about the whole Vince Foster thing after all?

  8. If I wouldn’t pay $300 to see Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman in A Steady Rain- why would I pay anything to see Bush? You can pretty much see Clinton for free campaigning for other Dems.

  9. I’d go see it if Clinton was going to mop the floor with Dubya, but he’ll probably be nice to him instead. I’ll think of Dubya’s administration as a distant abstraction to be debated civilly when he can debate via satellite feed from a filthy rat-infested pit in the Hague.

  10. [re=450011]gurukalehuru[/re]: [re=450012]Terry[/re]: With those ticket prices? These guys are going to haul in $60-80-100 grand for one night’s work, with more than plenty left over for the promoter. It’s like putting on a rock concert without the expense.

  11. [re=450006]AggieDemocrat[/re]: Bush may or may not have a “mind that moves the world” but he did move a quarter of Iraq’s population the fuck outta Dodge.

  12. I’ll bet anyone a bag of super charged upper-echelon touched-by-Jesus rock star quality weed that Dubya hasn’t spent more than ten minutes even thinking about the news or world events since about two months prior to election day Nov. 2008.

  13. Perhaps if Bush’s mind hadn’t moved the economy into the toilet, I would still have a job. However, that not being the case, I regret to inform Messrs. Bush and Clinton that I will be unable to attend.

  14. Totally happy for Bill. This is great news coming off the awesome news that Bill got his very own larger than life bronze statue. A bit of a let down that it was in erected by Kosovo(a) Albanians in Kosovo(a) and not real Americans or even Albanians living in America, or Americans whose parents were Albanians. Where’s Dubyas larger than life genuine bronze statue, huh?

  15. You know, it’s not like we can’t foresee the outcome. I got better things to do…

    This is part of that money-grubbing that makes ex-presidents look shallow. Why don’t they get off their asses and build houses, like Carter?

  16. [re=449987]Aflac Shrugged[/re]: Umm, I’m not sure I’d want to share a cigar with Bill — only Ken Starr knows where that cigar has been.

  17. Is this for the benefit of Mr. Kite? Will there be trampolines? Horses? Hoops and garters?
    A hog’s head of real fire?

    It could challenge the world.

  18. The debate between Bill Clinton and George W. Bush has been canceled “because the promoter overhyped it as a death-match faceoff between the men,” according to the New York Post.

  19. Who the hell did they think was going to fill Radio City Music Hall to hear Clinton and Bush make separate SPEECHES? Apparently it’s not only Maine that’s lost its damn mind.

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