Here is a clip from today’s White House press briefing, in which the hairiest man alive grills Robert Gibbs: what do you think your perception of the perception of the political perception of current political politics will be if political things happen for Democrats or Republicans in the political governors’ races in Virginia and New Jersey? Will Obama ultimately win or lose today in the politicals of political off-year politics but then something something 2010 win lose draw? Is Obama’s a failed presidency because of stuff? [YouTube]

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  1. Hey, it’s a completely reasonable question — if politics worked like magic or witchcraft, where if you shake a voodoo doll here, some unknown force causes Silas Proctor’s cows to get colicky five miles up the road.

  2. Sure, it is Hopey’s fault that Creigh Deeds ran one of the worst campaigns ever in the whole wide world and basically handed the Gov’ship to Medieval McDonnell on a big fat platter.


  3. Let me help you out, Bob:

    “Hey, Hair Bear! Corzine’s approval ratings were through the floor before we unpacked our bags here, Deeds told us to eat dick when we tried to help him this summer, and that NY District is a sparsely populated area, where only crazed Conservatives reside. The idea that these are some sort of approval-rating test for Barack Obama is something that picked out of your massive, hirsute ass.”

  4. Yeah, everything’s funny, Wonkette, until the British and French see that Obama is a lame duck a year into his first term and get together and invade the east coast and re-take their former colonies and we former “citizens” have to sit around and watch French and British politicians debate over who gets what territory and Sarah is sitting up in the United States of Alaska as President Snow Queen just laughing and nodded and saying told you so to BBC feeds from what used to be the lower forty-eight. Ha, ha, ha.

  5. [re=449362]Doglessliberal[/re]: The way I look at it, it IS partially Hopey’s fault. As sitting president, he’s the leader of his party. His stamp is on the appointment of Tim Kaine, former DEMOCRATIC GOVERNOR OF VIRGINIA for gawd’s sake, as National Chair of the Democratic Party. If it’s not the DNC Chair’s job to step in and do something when a campaign is so obviously going into the crapper, whose job is it? It’s ridiculous that the president would not campaign for a Dem candidate within a stone’s throw of the White House, even if the candidate IS a douche. Franklin Roosevelt wouldn’t have let this happen. And he was kinda busy in his first term in office, too. Howard Dean wouldn’t have let it happen either. Even Michael Steele helps a party candidate in trouble. He’d youtube a rap with himself wearing an acorn head or something.

  6. [re=449405]Jukesgrrl[/re]: No, Deeds blew this one remarkably. Deeds has been in trouble since the primaries, when none of the Dem candidates could articulate a platform. He dithered, had no message, then harped on the thesis, then didn’t reply to McDonnell’s claims that he was going to raise taxes. He needed to say: “well, Bob, what essential services do you plan to cut to pay for the transportation fixes you say you will bring about? Because, the way I see it, you either tax something or cut something to come up with the money to do it. So, tell us, what is it going to be?” Instead, he dithered some more. It has been painful to watch. It is Warner/Gilmore all over again. Obama could have come here 100 times and it would not have worked. All the Independents and NoVa Repubs who voted for Obama never were going to vote for Deeds.

  7. [re=449396]shadowMark[/re]: Careful what you wish for. There’s still a clause in the Treaty of Ghent that ended the War of 1812 about the US promising humane treatment of Indians in exchange for keeping the new lands (Ohio, Michigan, Pacific NW). Who knows when UK or France decide to cash in that chip.

  8. This afternoon Ed Schultz asked Jeanne Cummings of Politico who she thought would win. She equivocated, then said “I don’t want to speculate. We get it wrong more often than we get it right.”

    That should be the new motto of all journalistic enterprises (or at least Politico).

  9. My answer would have been “It depends on who the unstated agent in your counterfactual conditional turns out to be. In fact you’re simply asking me what your question means”.

    Which explains why I never get spokesman jobs, I guess.

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