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Newsmax Changed Its Mind About The Need To ‘Exterminate’ Obama’s ‘Pesty’ Socialist Pals

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#1 maximum news place, Newsmax, thought twice—or, you know, once—about its new article today that suggested Obama’s socialist and leftist advisers, or “pests,” should be somehow “exterminated.” The piece has since been removed from the Internet and sent to a camp in Poland. Newsmax has won the morning!

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  • norbizness

    At least we know whose articles that Hoffman nutball from NY will be reading in their entirety during comedy-filled floor speeches.

  • ManchuCandidate

    Newsmax seems to be getting their editorial leanings from either Tom “Human Cockroach” Delay or they’ve gone all Dr Who and hired a Dalek as their new editor.

  • AggieDemocrat

    Is Newsmax a thing? It sounds more like what you’d call a newspaper one uses when one runs out of lady napkins.

  • proudgrampa

    And the level of political discourse just gets worser and worser…

  • bynrdskynrd

    I know this batshit insanity is from the wingnuts, but here in the Grand Canyon–its views and splendor–has a lot of people (read “economically displaced” Literal Mouthbreathers who could hardly get a job mopping a peepshow)I work with here who are from the “Me” Generation and are redstaters who still think that this country will ‘cleanse’ itself in a race war.

    What better way to start this war than kill a black President who isn’t really all Black?

  • Cape Clod

    [re=448948]ManchuCandidate[/re]: I bet that if Henry Allen and a Dalek got into a fight, old Henry would kick Dalek’s robotic ass.

  • FlownOver

    [re=448956]bynrdskynrd[/re]: Manson Republicans, eh?

  • Aflac Shrugged

    …By contributing editor, Travis Bickle.

  • freakishlystrong

    [re=448950]AggieDemocrat[/re]: Precisely; it IS what one calls a “newspaper” to be used as lady napkins.

  • Larry McAwful

    “Newsmax” has the same feel as names like “Sav-Mor” or “Valu-King.” I get the feeling that if I looked up “news” in the Yellow Pages, I’d find it way down the list after “A+ News” and “AA News” and “A&A News” and the like, a snappy name that’s suffering because it didn’t put a bunch of As at the beginning of it, to ensure a top spot in the phone book listings.

  • FlownOver

    [re=448965]freakishlystrong[/re]: Hereafter, “StayFree MaxiNews.”

  • gurukalehuru

    I was just walking down the street this morning, thinking for no particular reason about American history the way we learned it in elementary school, how Abraham Lincoln was such a great and noble and decent and generous person when he said “with malice to none, with charity to all” and it suddenly struck me: Old Abe fucked up, big time.
    If he’d have showed those fuckers a bit more malice, in the form of a couple of hundred hangings for treason and 10 or 20 million more carpetbaggers, because hey, there was no shortage of Irish landing like half drowned cats in New York harbor on a very regular basis, we might not have to be putting up with all this shit today.

  • Holybalheadedchrist

    Cue ferocious tweet war.

  • petehammer

    Ha! Exterminate has two meanings! 1) To kill and 2) to kill! Way to work the language, Newsmax!

    I want to “diarrhea” on your “face.” Get the double entendre?

  • Mr Blifil

    At long last will someone step forward and propose some sort of solution that has some finality to it?

  • couchbound

    [re=448981]gurukalehuru[/re]: Treason-hangings? Absolutely. More Irish carpetbaggers? not necessarily.

    There are/were apparently plenty of Protestant “Scots-Irish” immigrants in the South already, though they may not acknowledge that fact. From the wiki-waka:

    “Interestingly, the areas where the most Americans reported themselves in the 2000 Census only as “American” with no further qualification (e.g. Kentucky, north-central Texas, and many other areas in the Southern US; overall 7% of Americans reported “American”) are largely the areas where many Scotch-Irish settled, and are in complementary distribution with the areas which most heavily report Scotch-Irish ancestry…”

    So, I’m not sure that would have helped.

  • CapnFatback

    President Obama’s White House is infested with all manners of pests, in the guise of leftists and socialists

    I, for one, am impressed that Emanuel fitted tiny Birkenstocks for all those mice and ants.

  • couchbound

    Where do bad Newsmax posts go when they die?

  • Jim89048

    Thank the gods, Pat Boone has finally found his voice.

  • SayItWithWookies

    Actually the White House has plenty of exterminators — they’re just busy right now working on the healthcare bill. Oh, maybe I shouldn’t have said that.

  • Pithaughn

    Paging, Mr. Shackleford,
    Mr. Shackleford, please pick up the white paging phone.

  • proudgrampa

    [re=448981]gurukalehuru[/re]: I do wish Obama would just KICK SOME ASS. He’s trying too hard to work with people who have no intention of working with him.

  • Mad Brahms

    What’s amazing is that New Smax has lasted so long. Of all the conservative “news” websites, it’s the most hideously designed and ungainly and the least “journalistically” sound.

    Actually, that probably explains a lot.

  • El Pinche

    In the last few months, I’ve noticed that Newsmax’s journalistic quality is going down hill.

    Try saying that with a straight face.

  • the problem child

    It was a fun piece while it lasted. And I’m sure it it is still driving up their hits, which is really all they cared about in the first place.

  • WarAndG

    Conservative socialism is patriotic, yah know, military service and corporate welfare. Liberal socialism is “pesty,” yah know medicare and public schools, the things that the olds and white suburbanites hate and never use.

  • hobospacejunkie

    [re=449046]WarAndG[/re]: Yeah, those fucking olds & white suburbanites. Well, at least one part of that equation is headed for minority status. I just hope I live long enough to enjoy their howls when govt starts ignoring their needs, because, you know, they’ll just be lazy, no good, insignificant minorities.

  • vladster

    Is that the crazy thing Pat Boone wrote that Uberman was going off about last night? Can someone get me a glass of milk?

  • One Yield Regular

    [re=448978]FlownOver[/re]: I’m adding “Manson Republicans” AND “StayFree Maxinews” to my daily lexicon. Many thanks.

  • LowerdPeninsula

    [re=448961]FlownOver[/re]: “Manson Republican” is just fucking brilliant.

  • Sabre_Justice

    This is not politics, this is pest control!