See what’s going on above? That would be Bob McDonnell crushing the dickens out of Creigh Deeds, in Virginia. Fine, go ahead, win tomorrow, anything to get these dreadful four-per-commercial-break ads (“I will fix the roads” “No I will fix the roads” “You hate women” “I will fix the women and roads,” etc. ) off the air. And how has McDonnell built up such a lead? By not accepting any of Sarah Palin’s offers to campaign with him, for one! This will not stop egomaniacal Sarah Palin from secretly campaigning for McDonnell through a third party, however. Just Sarah bein’ Sarah!

PALIN: McDonnell says what? WHAT? In that case, you, Ralph Reed, put me on the robot telephone to Virginia, post-haste!

Republican Bob McDonnell kept his distance from Sarah Palin on Monday even as the former Alaska governor had begun making automated phone calls to more than 300,000 Virginia households on behalf of a conservative group, urging them to vote their values in Tuesday’s election.

“I don’t know anything about them,” McDonnell told ABC News on Monday when asked about the Palin robocalls which are paid for by the Virginia chapter of the Faith and Freedom Coalition, a socially conservative group headed at the national level by Ralph Reed, the former head of the Christian Coalition.

Then again, it’s not clear that Palin’s robocall supports anyone, what with the lack of naming any names in her endorsement of, uhh… the Sarah Palin for Virginia campaign?

Virginia, hello, this is Sarah Palin calling to urge you to go to the polls Tuesday and vote to share our principles. The eyes of America will be on Virginia and make no mistake about it, every vote counts. So don’t take anything for granted, vote your values on Tuesday, and urge your friends and family to vote, too.

The audio is super awesomer — just a cacophony of fuzz and hiss and screeching and terror:

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As Palin Robocalls in Virginia, McDonnell Keeps His Distance [ABC News]
AUDIO: Palin Robocall Urges Virginians To Vote For “Our Principles” [The Plum Line]

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  1. 22030 here (not a great place to live, btw, unless you like getting hit by cars driven by tiny elderly Republican women). Let it be known: Creigh Deeds is an incompetent halfwit. He has blundered and stumbled through this campaign, successfully pulling defeat from the jaws of victory. Fuck you, Creigh Deeds, for not capitalizing on the successes Kaine and Warner had; for trying to convince one or two Nascar guys in coal country to vote your way, at the expense of the Tidewater, Richmond, and NoVA; for not having a message except Hey McDonnell Sexist; for saying you’ll “opt out” of normal-people health care if you’re elected. Fuck you twice for that one.

    I’m still voting for the guy because I fucking hate Republicans and McDonnell is an even worse alternative.

  2. Maybe this can just be her new job, recording messages for robocalls! When the election season dries up, her charming voice can do all kinds of telemarketing-based voicework.
    “Hi, this is Sarah Palin, and goshdarnit, looks like you’ve got a library book overdo!”
    “Hey there, Sarah here, just wanted to letcha know that yer bank sure wants ya to buy some overdraft protection!”
    “How’s it goin’, I’m Sarah Palin with the clinic, and wouldn’tcha know – you got the clap!”

  3. It bears repeating: Deeds was and remains, even now, a better alternative than Terry McAuliffe. Would Brian Moran have lost his ass like this?

    Oh, and fuck you again, Deeds, and whomever is running your campaign. (is that you Donna Brazile?)

  4. Of course he’s terrified of Sarah Palin. She’s gone so rogue that she’s a woman who has dared to work outside the home! Why, she’s even made more money than some men! Not only that, Palin’s teen daughter had a child out of wedlock – without even a covenant marriage to try to make a right out of that wretched, godless wrong! So as Bob McDonnell’s supporters know, Sarah Palin is almost a muslin socialist communist.

  5. By the way, has anyone else looked at Doug Hoffman’s web site? I can safely say it’s the first candidate web site I’ve ever seen that fails to include information on the candidate’s platform or positions. Do his supporters even know what they’re voting for?

  6. If the Deeds campaign mechanism wasn’t such a broke-ass, held together with old twine and spitwads piece of monkey shit, this might bring some hope.

  7. I am long past the point of not giving a good goddamn who wins, just make those ads stop. I live in the District. I don’t give a rat’s ass because I can’t vote in your stupid election anyway.

  8. [re=448442]ForTheTurnstiles[/re]: A friend of mine said that Deeds showed up at the VCU campus (in the middle of Richmond) Friday completely unannounced, with no advance crew, no press, and no place to speak, and just shook hands with students. Which is sorta the way he’s been running his whole campaign — as though he expected the press coverage to pretty much do it for him.
    A good media whore like McAuliffe would’ve gotten better numbers, just because people know who he his and what he stands for.

  9. [re=448467]One Yield Regular[/re]: The voters don’t need no stinkin’ platform. They’re just saying NO. No to socialism, no to muslins, no to logic, no to science, no to common sense, no to taking responsibility for your community. Get with it, Moran! USA is #1!!1!!!1!!

  10. Virginians just SO deserve Bob McDonnell. This is penance for nearly electing George “Helmet Head Troglodyte” Allen. Had Allen used the “N” word, he probably would have won. “Macaca” was too hip for the room apparently.

    Governor Bob McDonnell will have no compunction about invoking the “N” word, because his first act as Governor will be to have all black teens seeking abortions rounded up and assigned to work on road crews in the early morning hours, all to benefit the infrastructure. HE’S A VERY NICE MAN.

  11. People are mishearing this. What she says is very clearly, “Virginia, hello, this is Sarah Palin calling to urge you to go to the polls Tuesday and vote for Sherriff Percival.” Sarah is righteously weighing in on the contest for head lawkeeper in the fanciful forest village of Virginia, and you people are scum for trying to spit on her dreams.

  12. I did not see anything WRONG with this message to voters. Any citizen has the freedom to support their values – you can draw your own conclusions who that person is that Sarah asks your vote……..JEEZ! people are sooooo squeemish these days. One might think the fear of losing is sporting the fear factor. Concservative values is a worth while thing to support – albeit – not very popular anymore – it seems.

  13. [re=448602]pco[/re]: The fear factor is conservative values. Fear teh gays, the messicans, the terrorists, the gov’t, any non-christian religion, takin your guns away, etc. Somehow conservatives like to come across as the tough guys, but really that whole bullshit platform is to scare paranoid people who go weak in the knees when Beck or Limbaugh says booo!!

  14. Hey Ed Flinstone – BOO!!!!! If Conservatism is YOUR fear just imagine what the conservatives fears are like – are you actually just anti-american ???? – you probably think the legalization of illegals is a good thing too! The DEMS sure think so – since they would all vote for the DEMS without knowing any better. This country is so apathetic it is hopeless – everyone believes that they should just get handouts – money for non-productivity – money for baby machines – money for doing just nothing except hangin. This has become the WELFARE country and the whole world knows it – but this country is in denial. Free rides – higher taxes – how many times can they tax each dollar that you work hard for. Taxing the rich will NOT solve your woes – they will just leave this country and do business on more friendly soil. The wealthy create jobs and keep the economy going. Higher taxes on them is just WRONG! and also limiting how much anybody can make is WRONG – And we ain’t seen nothin’ yet – when Peloosi is finished with her Health Care debacle – we idiots won’t have a pot to piss in and the apathetic morons will think that is just great! Only in America could you arrive without anything to speak of and manage to create a fortune with ingenuity and hard work. All those incentives will be gone, gone – gone! What a sad state of affairs.

  15. [re=448448]chascates[/re]: Re conservative “values,” here’s my short list:
    Smug self-regard

    pco’s a good example.

  16. Speaking as a native Virginian with many friends and family still living in that fine state, I say fuck off, Sarah Palin. We already have Pat Robertson and Ralph Reed and plenty of their followers, we don’t need you adding your nuttiness to the mix. Just fuck off and die.

    That goes for you too, pco, ya damn troll.

  17. General – Boo hooooooo ! Your FEAR of your GREED will serve your SPITE of what you call SMUG SELF-REGARD.
    Wha – Wha – Wha! Makes you wonder what YOUR values are EXACTLY.

    Values – Def. – The relative worth, importance, or unsefulness of a person or thing.

  18. We have just seen the VALUES of imissopus. Why can’t liberals ever keep the foul language at bay? Name calling only makes one appear unable to write something coherent, hence, falling back on ones more familiar slang articulation. Ah! The fresh air in this room has just been sucked out and only the stinch from crudeness remains. Have at it ladies and some gentlemen.
    Go Conservatives!

  19. [re=448726]pco[/re]: You know, for as much as the wingnuts complain about “handouts,” isn’t a tax cut/rebate a literal handout?

    [re=448785]pco[/re]: I think that in the grand scheme of things, using a few naughty words now and then trumps bombing the crap out of poor brown people on the morality scale.

  20. Potater – being the said “wingnut” I suppose – I would much prefer teaching the people “in need” to fish rather than giving them the fish. To be self-sufficient is very satisfying if we could only become familiar with that concept…..A literal handout would be….literally money handed out for services not received. A tax rebate/cut is far better than the so-called STIMULUS Package that had promises attached to it and only about 20% has been spent. and NO JOB CREATION has occurred either. What a JOKE!!! More cons, More campaign promises broken, MORE calling it one thing and really it being something totally not what it said it was.

    Do you ever wake up in the morning and say “I am not the person who you think you are?”

    The poor brown people? Morality???? You are NOT making this a racial issue, are you? Come on! Reparations are on the way – haven’t you heard? Da man is in da’ house!

  21. [re=448833]pco[/re]: Try to defend this you diseased troll:

    Or this:

    Or the fact that Spalin is a simpleton and a fraud. Because that is just the surface of what your conservative doggy-poo bag is all about.
    You see, there is a screw loose in our DNA, and 23% or so of the population is infected with the defect, that allows fools like you to be able to read and write, or even be the CEO of a corporation, yet unable to process information reasonably. You and Fox and Friends live in a rather humorless shell of fear and concrete thinking. And your worst fault is you are completely unable to admit you are wrong.

  22. [re=448448]chascates[/re]: “Vote our values!”

    Greed, suspicion, bigotry, religious extremism, and fear.

    That’s exactly what went through my mind. This ratfuckers still don’t get how toxic “out values” are. You don’t need to be religious to know that the GOP has become morally and utterly debauched. They are still running on codewords and phrases. They have no hope outside the South, anymore, and they are even losing support, there, now. It’s like watching a zombie that just won’t go away, totally rotted from the inside out, but is somehow still moving.

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