I like being a RepublicanIt’s such fun to watch the wingnuts as they try to wrap their collective mind around the concept of a “moderate Republican” candidate, that endangered species of ancient lore, emerging from the Snowy North. They quickly spurned this GOP candidate, Dede Scozzafava — who from now on shall be referred to as “Scuzzlebutt,” because we’re sick of constantly having to look up the spelling of her last name — in the NY-23 special election in favor of some “neighbor” candidate for the Conservative Party, and their theses of hatred for Scuzzlebutt continue to mount.

For example: Why do you hate Scuzzlebutt, conservative dude Michael Barone?

“The Republican candidate, Dede Scozzafava, is a pretty dodgy character from a Republican point of view,” said Barone. “I mean, this is a woman who was endorsed by the Working Families Party, which is basically front for ACORN … As we’ve seen, it’s an organization whose organizations have systematically aided and abetted child prostitution, as reported in the videos that Fox News ran — that other networks were finally forced to run, that Andrew Breitbart put on the Big Government Website. There is some reason for principled Republicans not to back the Republican nominee in a situation like that.”

Why would the Republican establishment let ACORN’s official President of Child Rape, Scuzzlebutt, run on one of its tickets?

Michael Barone: Scuzzlebutt Is An ACORN Pawn [Washington Independent]

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  • teebob2000

    Stand together, people: today, we are all Scuzzlebutts.

  • ManchuCandidate

    GOPers prefer their Child molesters to remain private.

  • Jukesgrrl

    She looks like she should be selling cleaning products on afternoon TV.

  • EdFlinstone

    Are Palin loving PUMAs heads exploding knowing Sarah isnt backing the woman???

  • Rodney Badger

    This is the first mention I’ve heard of this “Acorn” thing. Why does it bother this nice Barone man so much? Should I anticipate hearing more about Acorn from Republicans in the future?

  • OReillysVibrator

    What is the Palin spin when both Republicans lose the election and Hoffman just divides the vote?

  • ChernobylSoup v2

    Aren’t they all pretty much just guaranteeing the Dem will win in a three way?

    I said three way.

  • SayItWithWookies

    “Aided and abetted child prostitution?” So doing it in a fictional context is now reality? It’s not like those two white, upper-middle-class poseurs looked like an actual pimp and an actual prostitute. But hey — if this is what it takes to get the Republicans to eat each other, why not play along.

  • EdFlinstone

    The arguement law will be the Barone Law–first wingnut to invoke ACORN into an arguement loses.

  • JMP

    They’re just going to keep repeating the ACORN/prostitute thing until everyone believes it was true, won’t they? And now adding “child” to it. ACORN whiners, try watching the video; it’s clear that the volunteers were playing along with an obvious prank, and no one in their right mind would have believed that those two morans were actually a pimp and prostitute, unless they were characters in “Dolemite” or “The Mack”.

  • Tommmcatt

    Come on, you’re not fooling me.

    That’s TOTALLY David Letterman in drag.

  • queeraselvis v 2.0
  • Baconcat

    With deference to Stevie Wonder:

    Ive got Scozzafava, shes got Scozzafava
    Weve got Scozzafava, were in love
    Shes gone black-boy crazy, Ive gone ACORN hazy
    Aint no thinking maybe, were in love
    Shes got Scozzafava, Ive got Scozzafava
    Weve got Scozzafava, were in love
    Ive gone right-girl crazy, shes gone socialist hazy
    Were each others baby, were in love…

  • norbizness

    Running as a Congresswoman is the most effective way of keeping the news of your faked death secret, John Candy.

  • hockeymom

    Her name means “bean counter” in Italian.
    In real ‘Merkin, it means “not douchey enough”.

  • Gopherit

    [re=444746]teebob2000[/re]: No, today we are all fronts for ACORN.

  • McDuff

    Hey Barone, have you stopped beating your wife?

  • Monsieur Grumpe

    I like her. She looks like she could beat up Joe Lieberman.

    Looks like that big Republican tent is now a leaky umbrella.

  • Atheist Nun

    Maybe they were just intimidated by her Patrick Duffy leg.

  • Capricatony

    Jeez the Repubs can’t even have a consistent position on child rape. All of a sudden it’s bad?

  • Potater

    Obviously the real enemies here are these “Working Families” of which Mr. Neighbor speaks. There is no room in a Republican world for work! Only FREEDOM!

  • Crank Tango

    Who is Michael “Rusty” Barone, and why does he keep shoving acorns up his ass?

  • proudgrampa

    I guess the poor lady’s confused. Sounds like she’d make a great Democrat.

  • jetjaguar

    “I hate my gender!”

  • finallyhappy

    She seems like a decent person which is why she is not GOP material. “There is some reason for principled Republicans not to back the Republican nominee in a situation like that.” Principled Republicans-not one left that will speak out.

  • pampl

    I’m not sure Barone realizes that the word “systemically” actually means something

  • eastcoastliberal

    [re=444756]ChernobylSoup v2[/re]: That’s what I keep hoping for (as a resident of said district) but it is loony toonz city up here…especially in the western part of the district. Conventional “wisdom” as I understand it is that the plan is for them to split the vote, Owens wins the seat but then goes up against Hoffman again (or some other ultra-conservative) in the regular election in 2010. It is a plan that may just succeed.

  • germansteel

    DeDe Scozzafava? There’s only room for one Republican with that many vowels in her name: Rudi Guilliani.

  • Nappied Hypotenuse

    As if Acorn could systematically do anything.

  • chascates

    And I am sick and tired of reading that Michael Barone is ‘the editor of the Almanac of American Politics’ as though he’s David Broder or something.


    Hey if all it takes is an endorsement to fall from the wingnuts’ good graces then let’s endorse us some Republicans! Wonkette for Michele Bachmann!

  • randomsausage

    looks like she’s got a pretty, pretty big butt to scuttle

  • GayInMaine

    Now the Republicans aren’t even republican enough for them. The crazier they get, the more I expect someone to come out and tell us we’re all on Candid Camera or something. They can’t be real, can they?

  • Mr Blifil

    Wait until they all go Galt and child prostitution becomes the substitute for public schooling. They’ll feel pretty silly at that point.

  • Come here a minute

    Can I get a ticket for the big government child prostitution movie?

  • BeWoot

    Always wondered what Republican communist kiddie-pimps look like. Kinda stocky. Cool.

  • Lazy Media

    Are we SURE she doesn’t have a critically injured novelist tied to a bed in her house?

  • Smoke Filled Roommate

    So that’s what happened to Janet Reno..

  • Spike

    I love that ACORN is so corrupt that apparently it needs “fronts”. I heard they even put up front offices inside of cities, where they offer “help” to “poor people.”

  • lawrenceofthedesert

    I enjoyed Dede’s performance as Luca Brasi in “The Godfather,” but I am not saddened to see her candidacy in deep doo-doo. As long as the Bachmann-Malkin-Coulter lunatics skew the GOP primaries, it’s home free for Democrats. It’s the Gerald Ford “I’m okay over here, just don’t look over there” Republicans that do a lot of the damage in the long run; Reagan was an anomaly, even if he couldn’t spell it.

  • clydedog

    Since they like the word Acorn so much, their new party should be called the Nutter Party. By the way Acorns make you sick if you don’t deal with the toxins. Kind of like Republicans.

  • shadowMark

    [re=444831]GayInMaine[/re]: At some point the Right will realize it’s so fucked up Lyndon LaRouche will step forward as the “voice of reason” and get elected president on the platform of building a Disneyland on Mars and dropping neutron bombs on Britain. And he’ll divorce his wife and marry Willow to solidify the Christian Right.

  • Buzz Feedback

    If Ana Marie Cox put on a load of weight she’d look something like that picture.

  • Balls!

    [re=444784]Capricatony[/re]: Child rape = good, child prostitution = bad. Repubs don’t like to pay for it.

  • S.Luggo

    [re=444787]Crank Tango[/re]: Michael Barone, author of “Hard America, Soft America”, but I’m sure that he didn’t mean that in a saucy way.

  • Naked Bunny with a Whip

    systematically aided and abetted child prostitution, as reported in the videos that Fox News ran

    Is Barone admitting that Fox News systematically aids and abets child prostitution, as also reported in those videos? That’s what I saw.

  • wilbro

    Is it OK to rape children for the troops? If the child laborers signed a Halliburton contract, of course.

  • PoignancySelz

    “The ex-VP Cheney is a pretty dodgy character from a any point of view,” said Barone. “I mean, this is a man who sanctioned Xe, nee Blackwater which is basically front for Haliburton… As we’ve seen, it’s an organization whose organizations have systematically aided and abetted mercenary terrorism in the name of Christianity, as reported in the videos that MSM ran — that Fox News was finally forced to run, that essentially sanctioned wanton murder. There is some reason for principled Republicans not to back the Republican frontman in a situation like that.”

  • Servo

    Small towns = small brains. The evidence is everywhere in Upstate New York. Go back to milking cows and head-butting bulls, ScuzzyFlava!

  • Tommmcatt


    Wonkette has endorsed Bachmann for years now.

  • Marlowe

    Michael Barone reminds me of Steely Dan.

  • Darkness

    [re=444758]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Exactly. Where can I send money to help them with running candidates in more districts?

  • AddHomonym

    [re=444795]pampl[/re]: Yes but he forgot to say it is part of their “agenda” so minus points for that.

  • Atheist Nun

    [re=444889]Buzz Feedback[/re]: You are high on the drugs. Wonkette’s Emerita is a delicate, gin-guzzling hothouse flower who just happens to love anal sex. Scuzzlebutt up there looks like an 400-lb potato monster dressed in a cheap St. John Knits knockoff.

  • Buzz Feedback

    [re=445054]Atheist Nun[/re]: Err. Thanks for the update. That’s why I said, “If Ana Marie Cox put on a load of weight …”

  • cashaholic

    Is NAMBLA basically a front for ACORN, or vice-versa? WHY WON’T THE MSM COVER THIS STORY??

  • LowerdPeninsula

    “As we’ve seen, it’s an organization whose organizations have systematically aided and abetted child prostitution, as reported in the videos that Fox News ran…”

    Seriously? Are they that fuck-in-the-head that they actually believe this tripe? It’s as if they believe that if they say it enough times, it’ll become an actual fact.

  • Phoenix

    Geeze – I thought Janet Reno retired?

  • loquaciousmusic

    [re=444841]Lazy Media[/re]: I’m giving sixth graders a vocabulary quiz, and I laughed so hard when I read that that they all turned around. “It’s nothing,” I said. “DO YOUR WORK.”

  • Atheist Nun

    [re=445055]Buzz Feedback[/re]: Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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