GRRRRRIf you’re interested in health care reform, and only have time today to get really really pissed off at one Congressional development, check out this bit of “Joementum” sweeping through the news: “Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) told reporters today that he would in fact filibuster any health care bill he doesn’t agree with–and right now, he doesn’t agree with the public option proposal making its way through the Senate.” THINKING VERY VIOLENT THOUGHTS.

b-b-b-b-but uh uh uh uh I hab c-c-c-c-c-concewns, wah wah wah, I hab p-p-p-pwoblems:

“I told Senator Reid that I’m strongly inclined–i haven’t totally decided, but I’m strongly inclined–to vote to proceed to the health care debate, even though I don’t support the bill that he’s bringing together because it’s important that we start the debate on health care reform because I want to vote for health care reform this year. But I also told him that if the bill remains what it is now, I will not be able to support a cloture motion before final passage. Therefore I will try to stop the passage of the bill.”

In other words, he — the necessary #60 for Democrats in a cloture vote — would side with Republicans to filibuster a motion that would bring the final bill to an up-or-down, simple majority vote. Of course he would do this. Now, to piss you off further:

One of Lieberman’s main objections to the health care bill is that it includes a public option, which he describes as a burden on taxpayers.

“I think a lot of people may think that the public option is free. It’s not. It’s going to cost the taxpayers and people who have health insurance now, and if it doesn’t it’s going to add terribly to the national debt…there’s so much in this health reform legislation that is so good, that I think they’re just putting an unnecessary burden on top of it by creating another Washington-based entitlement program.”

You should be feeling a sensation right now akin to gallons of toxic synthetic petrochemicals scorching permanent holes through your duodenum and brain. Because Joe Lieberman is threatening to derail this whole thing — maybe STILL for revenge over his 2006 primary loss, but more likely just for basic corporate campaign donations — over a lie. The public option would not be a government-funded entitlement for free health care; it would a self-sufficient program financed by premiums. He knows this, what with it being super easy to understand and all.

As we wrote last year, “It’s like two quarter-pound stools of alien space shit crashed into a toxic waste dumpster in Stamford, Connecticut, fucked, and out came their mutilated, blood-soaked carcass of a baby rat-child, Senator Joseph Lieberman.”

Lieberman: Sure, I’d Filibuster A Health Care Reform Bill With A Public Option [TPM]

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  1. There aren’t that many of us Jews in the world despite our controlling media, the banks, dominating the world and have the Anti-Christ as one of us and yet, right now, if Joe wanted to be a Unitarian, we wouldn’t complain.

  2. …He then proceeded to furiously masturbate with his own feces, laughing maniacally, for several minutes, and promptly fell asleep in a huge puddle of his own bodily fluids and excrement.

  3. Remember how it was so important that the Dems keep Lieberman’s vote that they had to let him keep all his committee posts & chairmanships, despite his betrayal of the party? No one could have predicted that he’d continue to be a total dick and act like a Republican, despite his having done so constantly in the past.

  4. Let’s just GIVE him Connecticut. He can have it, votes and all. He can be the “King of Connecticut.” Then, we have the vote, change the world, invade Liebermanland, depose the king, install a new puppet regime, and stick all the royalists with the cost of the New Healthcare Plan. Forever! Ah-hahahahahaha!!

  5. It’s almost like he’s a completely upfront whore for the insurance industry.

    Did I just say “almost”? Heh, my bad! And your bad, too, CT voters. Especially your bad!

  6. In one of Woody Allen’s short stories, one character calls Herman Goering an “order of bean curd in a uniform.” Well, I don’t want to drop Godwin’s Law like Galileo dropped the orange, but suffice it to say that Joe Lieberman is an “order of baby diarrhea in a J.C. Penney clearance-priced suit.”

    Oh good Lord, we got another case of “Joementum” going over here…
    Listen, did he pull the shriveled conservadick out of his mouth before he spoke? This could be just an honest mistake, you know how hard he is to understand when he’s guzzling cock?

  8. THINKING VERY VIOLENT THOUGHTS— Oh, you. You’re always thinking of musicians wrestling. I mean, wrestling!

    MUSICIANS wrestle everywhere:
    All day, among the crowded air,
    I hear the silver strife;
    And—waking long before the dawn—
    Such transport breaks upon the town
    I think it that “new life!”

    It is not bird, it has no nest;
    Nor band, in brass and scarlet dressed,
    Nor tambourine, nor man;
    It is not hymn from pulpit read,—
    The morning stars the treble led
    On time’s first afternoon!

    Some say it is the spheres at play!
    Some say that bright majority
    Of vanished dames and men!
    Some think it service in the place
    Where we, with late, celestial face,
    Please God, shall ascertain!

  9. Lieberman is getting his talking points from Mary Landrieu? Who else thinks the public option is free fer godsakes? So, Joe, are we just supposed to tell the insurance companies that it would be really nice of them if they could just go ahead and start lowering their prices, and while they’re at it, could they please just go ahead and green light more customers? Because that would be really swell if it’d work.

  10. I want the corpse of Ted Kennedy to come up out the grave and slap the shit out of Joe Lieberman. It could play out as a new age A Christmas Carol of sorts: the ghosts of health care past and present teach Joe valuable lessons about compassion, understanding, and not being a giant pile of shit. Then, if that fails, the ghost of healthcare future show Joe the hemorrhoidal ass cancer that will befall him should he not change his wicked ways.

  11. In some ways, maybe we’re lucky he was never VP. While Cheney was mega-evil, at least he was predictable. UCONN Joe just seems to hate a different thing every week. Do Connecticutians really enjoy this guy?

  12. Rahm Emanuel, paging Rahm Emanuel, we have a horse’s head delivery we need you to undertake.

    [re=444639]finallyhappy[/re]: The Unitarians might, though….

  13. Do I blame Kos for Lamonting him, thereby making him even more of a douche than he was born to be?

    Do I blame Lamont for not winning?

    Do I blame Connecticut as a whole (no, can’t do that because I’m from Arkansas – see Lincoln, Pryor, and Ross)?

    Or do I blame those two quarter pounds of alien space shit that just had to get all horny and fuck, which resulted in this horror of a human?

  14. That miserable old prune just won’t be happy till he supplants Graham as McCain’s butt boy. Even then he probably wouldn’t be happy, but he might be satisfied.

  15. It’s okay, you guys. Except for the war, he is basically with us on everything else. Except the other war, too. And now this. And investigations into abuse of power. And, well, pretty much anything else we’ll ever want in the future.

  16. That “blood-soaked carcass of a baby rat-child, Senator Joseph Lieberman” gad better be giving up HIS nice publicly funded health care in light of this. Y’know a burden on taxpayers and all.

  17. GODDAMMIT CONNECTICUT, you put this motherfucking putz into office. Now, would some intrepid investigative reported at the Courant pleasepleaseprettypleasewithsugaranddriedjizzontop set about digging up some really skanknasty scandalous shit on this loathesome worm turd? Naked dead boys, sodomized albino squirrels, that sort of stuff. GIT TO GITTIN, PEOPLE.

  18. Somebody get a sex scandal on this, AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE. As thinking about Joe have sex with ANYTHING is indeed, scandalous, we have just found said scandal.

  19. He hasn’t learned how to use the Twitter machine yet, so he has to get attention by having his stenographers send out ever more ridiculous statements. He’ll continue to do this until he can figure out how to make Megan McCain’s tits work for his attention-getting needs.

  20. I wonder how Barack and Rahm are feeling about their “be nice to Joe” advice to the Senate Democrats back when they were handing out committee chairmanships, etc?

    This was entirely predictable.

    How any self respecting Senate Democrat refrains from punching that douchebag in the nose every day of his life is beyond me.

  21. [re=444672]P Drizzle[/re]: You mean Lieberman MARRIED the lobbyist? Wow, he really doesn’t get how DC works, does he? Doesn’t he know you’re supposed to fuck all the lobbyists (or get fucked by them, as the dollars dictate), not pick one and marry it.

  22. Kos call campaign to Lieberman’s office in 3…2…1

    and, speaking as a state resident: HELL NO I did not vote for this douche. At least we have Dodd.

  23. Joe – Zolst farlirn ale tseyner akhuts eynem, un der zol dir vey ton

    You should lose all your teeth except one, and that one should ache! (And you should be denied medical/dental treatment for your one aching tooth).

  24. MEMO to Joe:
    Private health insurance system = profit driven.
    Public option = not looking to make a profit off your dyin’, dyin’, dead carcass.

    You want me to come over and put this on a flip chart?

  25. YA KNOW…right towards the end of that senate election, some questions popped up about Lieberman’s campaign funding and what looked like a pretty blatant violation of finance law, and then…nothing. The investigation never got any further.
    How do we get this out in the air again? Petition? Flash performance art protest thing? TV Musical Variety Show?

  26. [re=444696]PickneyPinchback[/re]: The upside is that money constituting a bribe when given to you is just household income when given to your wife. See also Bayh, Evan.

  27. Get ready to punch your monitors, and anyone you see that resembles Vinegar Joe. From Michael Goldfarb at the Weakkneed Slander:

    Is he the greatest senator ever? He fought for victory in Iraq, he’s fighting for victory in Afghanistan, and he’s fighting to save us all from Obamacare. Who needs Olympia Snowe when you’ve got Joementum?

  28. [re=444649]Lascauxcaveman[/re]: To be fair, you can’t get elected in Connecticut without having some insurance company’s dick in your mouth. Dodd sucks off AIG; holy Joe blows the health insurers.

  29. [re=444715]Advn2rgirl[/re]: yea, I sent an email. The only facebook pages for him are entitled “I hate Joe Lieberman” “Fuck Joe Lieberman” &c. He is gonna be sorry, that fucker.

  30. [re=444710]OReillysVibrator[/re]: Oh God, don’t say ‘flip’ any where near the context of Joe Lieberman. Amirite, Elvis? Tommcat?

  31. I get the feeling Lieberman is like McCain in that they both crave being called “moderates” and “bipartisan” and “maverick” for their own egos and often watch TV clips of them being called as such while furiously masturbating in a mirror. They both also probably like to have their wives/call girls/health insurance lobbyist/Sunday talk show booker say to them things like “oh, John/Joe, you are such an independent Maverick” or “I love the way you forcefully call for war” while doing things to them of which I won’t mention as the image is probably too disgusting to think about.

  32. [re=444639]finallyhappy[/re]: [re=444668]assistant/atlas[/re]: We Unitarians DEFINITELY don’t want him. People already have enough trouble figuring out what we’re all about. We don’t need to throw Lieberdick into the mix…

  33. [re=444724]RoscoePColtraine[/re]: Not unless it involves a rabid gerbil, a short length of PVC pipe, and a squirt gun (to help motivate the gerbil). Also, NO LUBE.

  34. “It’s like two quarter-pound stools of alien space shit crashed into a toxic waste dumpster in Stamford, Connecticut, fucked, and out came their mutilated, blood-soaked carcass of a baby rat-child, Senator Joseph Lieberman.”

    Can we have that carved Burris-style on his obelisk?

  35. Maybe we can let Joe ride around in a hot air balloon for a few hours so he can get the attention he so desperately wants.

    I’m sorry, are b-boy jokes too passe?

  36. Whenever I hear about this noxious shitbag I’m reminded of this anecdote (from the New Yorker):

    Lieberman likes expressions of American power. A few years ago, I was in a movie theatre in Washington when I noticed Lieberman and his wife, Hadassah, a few seats down. The film was “Behind Enemy Lines,” in which Owen Wilson plays a U.S. pilot shot down in Bosnia. Whenever the American military scored an onscreen hit, Lieberman pumped his fist and said, “Yeah!” and “All right!”

    There’s no actual mystery to his motivations, he’s just a complete fucking asshole.

  37. Shouldn’t Joe have been appointed Ambassador to Israel like 9 months ago? Don’t Hopey and Rahm know how to play the “get rid of a problem guy by kicking’em upstairs” game? Inquiring minds want to know!

  38. Lady MacLieberman strikes again. Does she drug Joe before he reads the speeches she writes for him, or is that his normal pussy-whipped voice?

  39. Did you know that Lieberman’s middle name is “Isadore”…seriously. Time for the White House to send him a scarf and some tap shoes with the directive to DANCE LITTLE MONKEY…DANCE for your committee chairs, DANCE for our continued efforts to NOT SCREW YOU OVER, which are really getting harder by the day.

  40. I honestly don’t understand how anyone would expect anything different from a motherfucker that cold campaigned for the other side. Fuck this Joe. In the neck.

  41. i don’t understand lieberman’s opposition. i mean there’s nothing about israel in any of the health bills and that’s the only thing he cares about or has allegience to…

  42. When is he due to run again? Is there an opponent set up yet I can send money to?

    Sorry no funny. I hate him, is all. Anyone who would block this is just pure evil.

  43. So, on its face, since the CBO has already pointed out that the plans with public options SAVE taxpayer money, it looks like Lieberman’s thing about the public option being too expensive is a blatant fucking lie. But, I’m sure there’s some way we could justify it as not:

    Let’s see: if the Democrats’ healtchare agenda goes forward, then they might be emboldened move forward on the rest of their agenda. They might even manage to close the ever-widening rich/poor gap a fair bit, or increase the prosperity of average americans by just a bit. And, goodnes, if that happens, then those americans will move into higher tax brackets! And then, they’ll have to pay more taxes. QED.

    See? Lieberman isn’t insane or lying or evil or anything like that! He Very Seriously wants to keep Americans from paying more taxes by ensuring that as many as possible stay as downtrodden as possible forever.

  44. [re=444639]finallyhappy[/re]: Oy! Piss off, we don’t want him. I know, I know, Unitarians are supposed to be all accepting and forgiving and shit, but even we have standards.

  45. How unfortunate that ‘Lieberman’ is yiddish slang for the freakishly mutated aborted fetus resulting from the union of a human and a goat.

  46. [re=444639]finallyhappy[/re]:
    Us Unitarians are a pretty open minded (to a fault) bunch and welcome just about anybody. Joe wouldn’t fit in. Not because he’s Jewish, because “the shit he believes has got his mind all shut.”


  47. [re=444736]thebeatgoeson[/re]: .[re=444785]EggplantParm[/re]: okay, how about Methodist or Lutheran? I just know Jews sometimes like to become Unitarians if they are going to become Christian as you guys seem so much less dogmatic than the other choices. Jews have enough problems – we don’t need joe.

  48. via Washington Monthly:
    In June, Lieberman said, “I don’t favor a public option because I think there’s plenty of competition in the private insurance market.” That didn’t make sense, and it was quickly dropped from his talking points.
    In July, Lieberman said he opposes a public option because “the public is going to end up paying for it.” No one knew what that meant.
    In August, he said we’d have to wait “until the economy’s out of recession,” which is incoherent, since a public option, even if passed this year, still wouldn’t kick in for quite a while.
    In September, Lieberman said he opposes a public option because “the public doesn’t support it.” A wide variety of credible polling proved otherwise.
    Which brings us to October, and the latest in a series of weak explanations: “We’re trying to do too much at once,” Lieberman said. “To put this government-created insurance company on top of everything else is just asking for trouble for the taxpayers, for the premium payers and for the national debt. I don’t think we need it now.” […]

  49. Joe is just standing there with his hand out and will not shut up until greased. He’s not fussy about by whom. Joe thought “independent” meant “getting greased by both sides.” Put a dictionary in that hand.

  50. [re=444802]finallyhappy[/re]: Alright, I forgive you. But I doubt the Methodists or Lutherans would want him either. In fact I don’t think any religious group will step up to the plate. I think the only solution is for Jackass to start his own religion, how about the Lieberman for Lieberman religion.

  51. I don’t really believe cosmic bullshit but maybe if we all think real hard with our eyes closed tight we can give him a big festering boil on his neck.

    Ready, GO!

  52. [re=444792]Gun-toting Progressive[/re]: Where does one purchase an actual douche bag these days? I am totally on board for a “Send The Douche a Bag” campaign.

  53. So it seems that Reid’s entire agenda around announcing the public option was to force Lieberman (& other blue bitches, perhaps?) out into the sunlight. Looks like the public option is dead, and Joe can be blamed for it. Nice bit of poker from Reid, but kinda sucks to be an American.

  54. Joe you whore, does this have anything to do with the all of the insurance companies that are conveniently located in the worst-state-in-the-country, Connecticut? How many times a day do you bend over for them? Ten, twenty?

  55. I’ve said it a couple dozen times before and I’ll say it again: What the fuck is Conn’s excuse? Oklahoma is full of fucktards with the IQ of a horned toad and too many preachers, so we can’t help electing scumbutt fucktards. But those hoity-toity people can do better than this dick.

    Back to cole slaw–making 4 giant heads of cabbage into slaw for the church fundraising dinner on election day (and we need it, being the only liberal church in this little town) because I love Jeebus and that douche Tom Coburn doesn’t have a goddam clue.

  56. This is not a specific slam on Israel. But, until we can get health coverage figured out, how bout we not send any direct aid payments to any country who can afford a world-class, ranked-better-than-the-US, universal health care system?

  57. I love it when Jim quotes himself. It’s so masterful and hot. Seriously–best description of Lieberwhine in history. I spent some time reading smart books about the Iraq war and shit a couple of years ago (before I began reading up on the Founders and Framers and became expert in yet another area) and the annoying thing about dicks like Lieberwhine and Wolfoshitz is that they both somehow think the war that’s eating the federal budget whole and shitting it out as checks made out to the People’s Bank of China is somehow revenging the fucking Holocaust.

    How did the people of Connecticut elect this dickwad? Aren’t you ashamed of yourselves?

  58. [re=444639]finallyhappy[/re]: “if Joe wanted to be a Unitarian, we wouldn’t complain.”

    Just so long as he doesn’t become a United Methodist. Lieberman would find a nice, cozy home with the Southern Baptists. And one of their official goals is to convert Jews.

  59. [re=444986]lawnchair[/re]: I’m up for that.

    Actually, I think Reid should call Joe’s bluff and have him filibuster. He wants the attention, he can get it. But he has to do the round-the-clock thing.

    Is Hadassah actually an insurance lobbyist, or just making bank with a firm that does that?

  60. What Connecticut needs is falafels. So I would like to invite the angry muslim community of America to visit Connecticut. I think you’ll enjoy the scenery. Everyone owns a yacht and is secretly gay.

  61. I am so sick of this blowhard styling himself as another phony maverick. Even the idiots at CNN implied he’s up to his ass in insurance-company whore money, hopefully he’ll be completely exposed for what he is.

  62. [re=444687]Spike[/re]: DING!

    All you so called democratic connecticuttians who voted for this loser, I hope you’re fucking happy.

    And to Harry Reid, you know, if my “friend” was fucking over 45 million americans, I’d like to think they wouldn’t be my friend anymore. Jesus Christ, it was clear as day to the rest of us that this lobbiest in senator’s clothing droopy-goon was going to behave exactly like this. GAH! FUCKITY FUCK FUCK.


  63. [re=444696]PickneyPinchback[/re]: But they’re not whores. They fuck everything in site, but they’re not whores. Just so that’s clear.[re=444704]

    Gorillionaire[/re]: Mis-used slush fund sort of thing. Yeah, I remember. But the NYT has his dick in their mouth, so they couldn’t exactly be expected to speak up.

  64. [re=444639]finallyhappy[/re]: “…..if Joe wanted to be a Unitarian, we wouldn’t complain.”
    And Unitarians arise with as if with one voice to say, “Oh, no ya don’t!”

  65. [re=444645]greatgooglymoogly[/re]:

    Dateline: Pentagon, US of America:
    “Our satellites have revealed the Liebermanland has Weapons of Mass Destruction… troops are being mobilised now…”

  66. Watching these politicians is like watching a bunch of elementary kids on a playground. I have to talk up the website The site totally rocks! You want to write your politicians without the hassle of looking for all their addresses, printing them off, buying paper, envelopes and stamps, then you need to check Not only are they FREE and non-partisan, they will even deliver your letters to all the politicians you choose the same day. You can even send your letter to complete Senate and Congressional committees. Check these guys out!

  67. GOD, I fucking hate Joe Lieberman! When he was voted in last time, I couldn’t even vote (because I was an alien), but this time I am going to vote SO hard. And then some!! On behalf of the state of CT (including most of CT, which is not moneyed like Fairfield County) I sincerely apologize to the planet and sentient lifeforms for this epic pile of fuckery.

  68. As Jew I am ashamed to say Leiberman is one of our tribe. As an Orthodox Jewish man Leiberman should know better that his threatened actions defy the mitzvot of Refua Shalema (Healing the Sick), G’milut Chassidim (Acts of Loving Kindness), Tikun Olam (Repairing the World), and Tzedek Tzedek Tirdof, (Pursuing Justice). The Torah teaches: (Leviticus 19:14): “You shall not curse the deaf nor place a stumbling block before the blind; …..” In Hebrew, the sin of placing a stumbling block before a blind person is referred to as lifnei iver lo sitten michshol (before the blind do not place a stumbling block), or succinctly as lifnei iver. It can be inferred that Lieberman is placing the stumbling block (filibuster), but in truth he is the blind one placing it before himself, tripping up anyone else he can along the way…caring only for the major industries in his state…the Insurance Industry. They don’t

    I would say the majority of Jewish Americans disagree with Lieberman. He is a Schanda!

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