Histrionic criminal Tom DeLay is not quite ready to leave you and your television alone already! Since the FCC criminalized his hip gyrations on Dance, Star, Dance, he will now join Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. He will play an “Expert”—for serious—to whom contestants will get to pose questions during their “lifelines.” At least it sounds like there will be fewer sequins involved this time around, so there’s that… [TV Newser]

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  1. I thought old Tom would take a cushy job as a lobbyist for pharmaceutical companies, make a fortune, and generally stay out of the news. What went wrong?

  2. “OK, Mr. Delay, for $500 the question is, in the event that a woman suffers from a serious heart attack, leaving them brain-dead, kept alive only by a machine for years, who should be allowed to determine her fate? A) A Republican house majority leader B) Obama’s death panels C) Her spouse D) A medium channeling the spirit of Ronald Reagan.”

  3. The Mariana Islands are

    A) A swank business resort

    B) A racy playpen for evangelical conservatives and Republicans to get they freak on with underage hotties

    C) A Child Labor cesspool

    D) Phone Jack Abramoff

  4. [re=444158]zhubajie[/re]: The Bugman would be an excellent addition to that all-star line-up of republican flunkies currently doing the motivational speaking rounds. Add Bernie Kerik, and whatever you can dream, you can do.

  5. When no one asks him a question, because they’re trying to win money, what will he do?
    I’d like to see him prance around in a tutu before and after commercials. You know he’d be up for it.

  6. The only thing I would rather see than Tom Delay pointing in my direction and mouthing “Wild Thang” is Caribou Barbie competing for the love and affection de jour of one Bret Michaels

  7. … pretty sure you have to have taken a queer cinema class in college to get the “Dance, Girl, Dance” reference. And, since 98.5% of Wonkette readers have, well played!

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