We’ve decided to post Harry Reid’s very lively health care announcement for perfunctory “news update” purposes only. But but but! If the Google Ad cycle is feeling generous, there’s a good chance you’ll be forced to watch an amazing ad from “1-800-FIREMAN,” at the beginning. No promises. [YouTube, Washington Monthly]

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  1. Sweet Zombie Jeebus.

    If this passes then what do we Canada City Dwellers get to lord over you US Americuns? Ice Hockey? Like you guys give a shit. All we got left is beer and financial stability and THAT’s NOT ENOUGH!!! Damn you, US Amerikuh and your soon to be perhaps public health care system.

  2. [re=443851]ManchuCandidate[/re]: Doesn’t British Columbia have government run no-fault auto insurance? As well as the mythic BC Bud? We’ve still got a ways to go before we catch up.

  3. Oh please oh please OH PLEASE LET SOUTH CAROLINA OPT OUT. Or better yet, all Congresspersons who represents states that do opt out automatically get their government health insurance revoked. Either way, SUCK IT JOE WILSON.

  4. [re=443851]ManchuCandidate[/re]: You’ll always have curling and Tim Horton.

    What’s the deal with curling, anyway — saw it in the Olympics and it looked like a sweeping competition. At least the “athletes” dressed appropriately: like janitors.

  5. [re=443870]queeraselvis v 2.0[/re]: Oh know my state of SC is going to opt out. For a Christian state we have no soul. Also we just like to pretend we got no poors.

  6. [re=443851]ManchuCandidate[/re]: We, the Common Peasantry of the Holy British Empire, still have the Loving, Disdainful Grace of Our Distant Senile Utterly-Irrelevant Sovereign, ‘Ol Liz the Deuce, to make our pathetic colonial lives almost worthwhile… So take THAT!, Yanks

  7. [re=443880]V572625694[/re]:
    Hey! I have to admit that Curling has seeped into the blood. My Korean born non-Curling playing parents watch it regularly and I’ve played the game from time to time.

    Hey, it sometimes gets really boring in Canada City. Nothing bad ever came of some polished rocks, brooms, slippery shoes and lots of beer (except the odd fight and pregnancy.)

  8. [re=443882]Fox News Light[/re]: We talk tough on hating the poors and being a horrible backward racist state, but Mississippi would totally win in a fight. They’d use their fat diabetic asses to crush us, of course.

  9. Okay, I know I’m not the only one amongst us juveniles that noticed that Harry Reid said he liked working with the White Whore. Even he noticed it, which is the only time he’s ever smiled in public ever.

    New campaign slogan:

  10. I’m trying to figure out what it means that he’s not having the trigger proposal CBO scored. Does that mean the CBO won’t score it at all even if another Senator writes a letter or something? Does it mean he’s going to be blocking a trigger amendment from coming to the floor? I don’t even know! THIS IS A NEW EXPERIENCE FOR ME, I HAVE NO EXPERIENCE WITH EVALUATING SCENARIOS IN WHICH HARRY REID ACTUALLY DOES HIS JOB

  11. [re=443911]The Unfairman[/re]: I’m pretty sure he was going to say white horse. The Emperor Caligula appointed his horse to the Senate. Harry Reid is in the Senate. You can see Whitehorse from Alaska. I am baked. It’s all beginning to add up.

  12. [re=443851]ManchuCandidate[/re]: I’ve become really accustomed to double-doubles! Also, much lower crime rates, especially violent crime and gun crime. Those are worth lording. And besides, we all know that even if this does pass it will get completely mangled anyway due to partisan bickering, and the healthcare system will end up looking more like Haiti than Canada.

  13. [re=443911]The Unfairman[/re]: Yes, he most definitely said he has been working with a WHITE WHORE the last couple of weeks.

    This obviously means that normally he likes darker ones.

  14. The Public Option Opt-Out?
    Remember when the states had the “option” to not “Opt In” to the rollback of the 70 MPH speed limit to 55MPH?
    The states had to accept “opting out” of hundreds of billions in Federal Highway Funds in order to maintain the 70 MPH speed limit on their interstates.
    What do you think will happen with the opt-in/opt-out public option in the health care bill??? Duh!!!

  15. this guy could make free whiskey and pussy, across the street, sound like a boring idea.

    Oh yeah? Maybe later, soon as I finish season 1 of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, for the third time…

  16. You can’t just expect me to take it at face value when Harry Reid does something that appears to be for the public good. There has got to be some catch here. Surely he has his fingers crossed behind his back?

  17. [re=443884]chascates[/re]: Jeebus, that’s a depressing map. Only Florida and Arkansas have higher uninsured rates than here in Nevaduh. Sure I make fun of the joint, but–really?

  18. Red state hasn’t commented yet since I last checked. They must be out of wacky ideas of what to send Reid.

    PROTIP: Send merkins, because it’s moar like the pubic option amirite? ALSO, HIS NAME IS HAIRY! LOLZ

  19. [re=443971]hobospacejunkie[/re]: it is a miracle from the Angel Moroni. ?

    that is the only way to explain this. thank you invisible uninsured lefty sick shouty people

  20. Listening to Harry Reid is like smothering under a wet wool blanket. The Dems should just hire James Cromwell to appear “as Harry Reid.” He’s really got that menacing but jovial ‘Irish Gangster Clan Patriarch’ thing going on; Cromwell could just act like a milquetoast, hen-pecked husband cartoon character for a few days, then slowly start to politely scare the shit out of people and everyone would think Reid had finally grown a pair.

  21. [re=443880]V572625694[/re]: Tim Horton is here in the US- I saw a Tim Horton in Manhattan and also maybe at some airport(Milwaukee? Atlanta? Detroit?)

  22. Reid invariably evokes a kind of tourettes reaction from me. I just start ejaculating insults, frequently of the politically incorrect variety. Can’t imagine why.

  23. [re=444001]BeWoot[/re]: Anything that makes you ejaculate can’t be all bad. Although I heard on a teevee show once that sometimes totally not-gay men can ejaculate when being butt-raped in prison (or elsewhere,) leading to feelings of shame. So I could be wrong.

  24. So far, no definition of how a state might “Opt-out” of the Public Option.

    A majority vote in each chamber of the state’s in legislature, plus signature by the governor?

    Accepted. Done and done. So screw the Opt-out state as the rest of the country passes it by. Opt-out will be the death of that state’s Republican party when it dawns on it’s residents that they have less (or no) access to inexpensive healthcare than the rest of the US.

    Ta-ta, Thugplicans, stupid fuckers.

  25. [re=444011]S.Luggo[/re]: Let them, please, fix this bill to open the public option to everyone, even if they are insured.
    But keep the state opt-out, that could be comedy gold!

  26. I sure hope Harry understands that liberals, like Steelers fans, will cheer the hell out of him when he does something bold but will also shower him with boos if he then fucks it up. I mean, at this point we’re closer to having universal healthcare than Clinton ever was — so if he gets wobbly and compromises and takes the heart out of the bill, all he’ll have to do for the resentment to go away would be the equivalent of — oh — bringing peace to Northern Ireland, turning a deficit into a surplus, putting 100,000 more cops on the streets, strengthening gun control, reining in the world’s nuclear arsenals and shrinking unemployment while getting blowjobs from random interns.
    So good going, Harry — this is your chance to be remembered for something really good. Do it right.

  27. On Shouty Keith’s show I just saw/heard Chuck Schumer define capitalism as “maximizing profit for shareholders.” With this operating definition of capitalism it’s little wonder most Dems have no appetite for taking on Wall St.

  28. Still no mention of Big Insurance’s anti-trust exemption. Eliminate this & much of the “reform” they’ve wasted so much time over would be unnecessary. Kind of like how allowing foreign airlines into the domestic market would probably make ‘merican airlines occasionally take the customer into account.

    And what about not allowing refusal of coverage for people w/”pre-existing conditions?” What about rescission? I fear all the slobbering over the public option may allow Spineless Harry to quietly elide all the important details that would actually help people.

  29. [re=444013]sati demise[/re]:
    The Rethugplicans might be simple, coarse tools of the health insurer industry, but not entirely uncreative.

    For example, Senator Miss McConnell wants the Opt-out criteria to be:

    A Fox News survey of a state’s illegal immigrants which shows that at least 5% of can say, “por dios mio y Santa Maria, no me tayze, el señor.”

  30. [re=443985]finallyhappy[/re]: We have Tim Horton’s all over the place in Buffalo. It has some weird cachet in the workplace as the status coffee. People get addicted to it and have to hit the drive-thru to get their fix. There are rumors they upped the caffeine level to make this happen, but tests have shown there’s less than some other brands. I dunno, the stuff makes me queasy. The Timbits though, that’s a different story…

  31. [re=444025]hobospacejunkie[/re]:
    Repeal the health insurance industry’s exemption from the federal Anti-Trust laws that forbid price fixing among competitors and collusive market division by same?

    Indeed. As the patriot Republicans opposing this repeal say, “Why do you hate industry and our American freedoms?” Clubby non-competition is essence of big business. Consumers feel secure when, wherever they turn, they can face the same steep price for a similar service. All else is Marxism.
    — The US Chamber of Commerce
    — Glennda of Beck

  32. [re=444045]boy_howdy[/re]: I’m pretty sure Tim Horton is the one true God, or something.

    [re=443851]ManchuCandidate[/re]: And curling is his covenant.

  33. [re=444078]Lascauxcaveman[/re]: Heh, and watching the Canada City News right now, the silly global warming protesters are making the judges in some black robed Canadian costume drama very uncomfortable by protesting, or chanting or somesuch. (They are speaking Canadian, so I’m not sure. My high-school Canadian is a bit rusty.)

    Now they are being fined CDN $60. Which would buy lunch for two in some of Canada City’s finer Tim Horton’s.

    You silly wankers, you have socialized medicine. You should be at home smoking medicinal BC bud. And saving your CDN $60 ready cash for Timbits. Canada city is well over 40 metres above sea level.

  34. Several Republican governors said they would refuse stimulus funds, but how many actually did? In the end, most took the money and just rewrote big checks with their own signatures at the bottom. [re=443965]Daveandemmy[/re]: Montana opted out of those Federal highway funds to keep their precious Autobahn speed limits. Don’t know if that’s still true, though.

    [re=444014]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Speaking as a Steeler fan, my assessment of Harry today was, “You still suck, Harry, just not as much as last week.”

    [re=444072]CaiteeCruelle[/re]: DaVinci’s Inquest … best TV show EVER, eh.

  35. [re=444014]SayItWithWookies[/re]: A few more of Bubba’s hurdles Reid has to overcome: Stabilization in the Balkans (a totally ignored accomplishment), streamlining welfare, an incremental tax on the capital gains.

    Reid is a poser (a Senator from Neveda who said that indicted Senetor Stevens from Alaska mentored him thru everything he knows about being a Senator); this was our once in a decade chance to do the reasonable, compassionate, and economical revision of our health care system. Instead, the Republikans win-win. It’s a sham; PubOptOut or not.
    We’re gettin bamboozled again!

  36. 1-800-FIREMAN features a secret coded emblem indicating that they are followers of an ancient resurrection cult. that’s a relief, I certainly wouldn’t want my chimney cleaned (is that a euphemism?) by a bunch of PAGANS!!

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