• Your 2009 World Series will feature the New York Yankees and the Philadelphia Phillies, two popular Northeast athletics organizations. USA! [New York Times]
  • Baghdad had another suicide bombing: 132 people died, which is the most all at once since 2007. [Washington Post]
  • The new new new health care bill will be submitted to the CBO as early as right now, or possibly even earlier this morning! [WSJ]
  • “Tony Blair” is a name that’s being thrown about to be the new president of the EU. Michael Sheen is already prepared for this. [Times Online]
  • College’s favorite singer, Morrissey, is A-OK after his collapse on a stage in London sometime a couple days ago. [CNN]
  • Wall Street money financial fatcats would like to maintain their huge bonus system, duh and thank you. [Reuters]
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  1. I somehow doubt that Directors would stand up and say no. From what I’ve seen and read, the Board of Directors is a mutual masturbation society where CEO gets a lavish bonus HJ in return for the directors (mostly other CEOs and the CEO’s buddies) getting $100K a year ($25K per meeting) in pin money.

    Only way it will work is if the BoD was independent of the CEO…

    Yeah, like is ever going to happen.

  2. Kids, if life is so bad that blowing people and yourself up is the looking like the best way to spend your time, you ain’t doing it right. Keep in mind that virgins are generally a lousing lay. Practice is the way to good loving and as for as I know, you need to be alive to participate.

  3. [re=443162]rocktonsammy[/re]: Yeah boy howdy, baseball’s boring. Not like “soccer,” with its hundreds of airballs, and running up the field and down, up the field and down, and the whole thing decided by free kicks at the end. Even without commercials interrupting the action and Bob Trumpy talking about something he calls “double-rotation zones,” that’s BORING.

  4. Wall Street money financial fatcats would like to maintain their huge bonus system, duh and thank you.

    Fucking Wall Street bail outs. These fuckers should be living in tent camps on Roosevelt Island.

  5. Emilio Estevez will play Tony Blair. I’d like to see him saying something in an English accent… like, maybe, “Fuck the Yankees”.

  6. Tony Blair as president of Europe, hmmm. Went against European consensus so to be American lap dog in Iraq. Was PM of a country that refuses to join the Euro or the Schengen border thingie. How this qualifies him for the job is a mystery.

  7. Go Phils! I just hope that the near-constant rain we’ve had the last few months lifts, since otherwise there could be multiple postponements in what will already be a very late series.

  8. Is Obama this stupid, or does he think we are? The executive pay issue is all a distraction. If Congress isn’t going to strictly regulate the derivative markets, and they’re not, then we’re all fucked. Pay the fuckwad CEOs $100 million; it’s chump change. Executive pay didn’t blow up the markets and the world. And there’s no way to control them. You have to regulate the markets. But they won’t.
    Watch Frontline’s “The Warning” on the PBS Web site, but take a lot of drugs first. Fucking Greenspan, Summers, Geithner, Clinton and Rubin shut down the one woman who tried to stop the derivative party back in 1993. Aided by Phil “Americans are a bunch of whiners” Gramm.
    I’m sorry this isn’t funny. There’s nothing funny about Obama’s failed Clinton economic team. And, worse, we’re going to have to vote for him again, and he fucking knows it, because the alternative will just be worse. I’ll stop now.

  9. [re=443176]Katydid[/re]: Wut? Your Summation of the Obvious had no jokes. It had no twinkle. And calling Barry stupid for playing Politics with Wall St. seems a bit heavy-handed. I mean, where was this rant two weeks ago … when it was slightly more relevant?

    What I’m saying is, please add jokes. Or head over to Kos.

  10. [re=443176]Katydid[/re]: No argument here. However, IF new laws about pay upset the old risk everything, lose everything & still take home hundreds of millions in salary, that will be a form of progress, however slight.

  11. A British newspaper is the last place I’d look in for a reliable steer on EU matters. The post is the President of the European Council, btw, not the EU per se.

    Anyway, I’m backing former Bulgarian Prime Minister Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha for the job, on the grounds that his name rocks. Also, he was the Tsar of Bulgaria when he was nine years of age, which is cute and a nice ice-breaking story he can tell to visiting dignitaries.

  12. [re=443176]Katydid[/re]: The way I understood it, actually, the whole “no making lots of money while you have OUR money” thing was intended to make the CEOs say “Hey, maybe we should get back to paying the Government that several hojillion dollars we owe them.”

    Maybe I’m missing something? The way government interference in the market works, is to set up some onerous burden on companies that they will take steps to AVOID, steps that they probably wouldn’t take otherwise.

  13. [re=443197]wheelie[/re]: Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha? Must be kissing cousins with QE2. Hell, make her Prez o’ Europe. Can’t be worse than Tony “hey, fuck you Europe” Blair.

  14. [re=443172]hobospacejunkie[/re]: heads on spikes is all well and good, but making them live in their own filth where they are still conscious of us pointing and mocking. Much better.

    They have their heads so far up their capitalist asses that they don’t even realize the bailouts are the only reason they still have these-fuck-the-world-over jobs. That pisses me off the most about it.

  15. Back to the baseball: Imma eat a Philly cheesesteak every game day in support of the team-who-is-not-the-Yankees. Although in retrospect, the daily slice of Angel food cake didn’t help much in the ALCS.

    The baseball playoffs are always a yummy time of the year for me, regardless.

  16. [re=443176]Katydid[/re]: There’s a really great synopsis of Frontline’s “Warning” over at FiredogLake.
    No more deserving recipients of the dancing-bananas-with-PENIS-signs exist than Larry (Summers), Mo (Greenspan) and Curly (Rubin).

  17. Am I the only one who wanted to see both Los Angeles teams make it to the World Series? I tend to think of Los Angeles — and most sports franchizes and cities east the Mississippi — as terrible sports towns filled with fairweather fans, but a Yankee – Phillies showdown is so…yawn.

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