A TAWDRY WORDFIGHT erupted yesterday on the Chris Matthews program between Frank Gaffney, some shouty, mid-level hawk, and Ronald Reagan’s son, Ron Reagan. “Do you want the Taliban to be Afghanistan’s government?? Taliban, Ron,” Gaffney screams at Reagan, who’s like, “…” Then Reagan essentially tells Frank Gaffney that he and all his stupid arguments are red herrings, like red herrings in a barrel that you shoot easily. And then, THEN, Gaffney’s all, “Your father must hate you so hard from beyond the grave.” This displeases Ron Reagan so! [TPM]

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  1. Ron Jr. could have retorted in kind, but anybody within about 5 degrees of familial relationship to Frank Gaffney long ago changed their names, SSNs, and obtained fake passports out of shame.

  2. Wow, young Ron says “I’ll see you later, Frank,” like he’s going to hunt him down in the parking lot. Would have been better if Ron hadn’t been a ballerina once, but still pretty good….

  3. Yes, Reagan would have hated the Taliban; that’s why he funded the mujuhadeen guerrillas that eventually founded that government, including the young Mr. Bin Laden.

  4. Interesting how the biological son of Raygun is totally comfortable with his liberal-ish views, while the adopted one (Michael) is on a mission to be more Raygunny than the original. And yeah, I can call out the adopted asshole because I, too, am adopted. “They’ll love me more if I hate commies, too.”

  5. At least Reagan had the bright idea to send John Rambo into Afghanistan in the third movie of the now-quadrilogy in order to stop Richard Crenna or something. I’m sorry, it’s all a bit hazy.

  6. Gaffney is a bag of dicks.
    The money shot though was actually delivered by Tweeter. He said the religious right in this country were the Taliban. Also, Grayson’s segment was awesome. The shit he said about ole’ dead eye Cheeeeney was priceless and actually shut Mathews up for a minute.

  7. Reagan always had contempt, or worse, indifference to his son. The sins of the father… potent stuff. Apologists like Gaffney are ciphers in the face of Ron Jr.’s courage. “He has no argument” indeed. If anyone had reason to turn into a trouble-attracting alcoholic mess it’s Ron Jr. His sister had less success, but seems out of the woods (not the Bohemian woods like daddy). That Jr. didn’t, and turned out to be lucid needs to be recognized.

    Class, compare and contrast: Bush vs. Reagan family dysfunction and attempts to deal with it. Discuss.

  8. [re=442330]hobospacejunkie[/re]: Isn’t Michael the son Ron Sr. didn’t recognize after giving a speech at his college? I think the guy might have some unresolved daddy issues driving him to go full-on wingnut.

  9. Snark aside, you just don’t say something like what Gaffney said. In fact, the senior Ronald Reagan would compliment his son for taking up a proud political stance, and would be just proud that Ron Jr. is taking an active role in politics. Gaffney is an asshole, a moron, and he joins all of the other morons who are currently insulting and bringing the GOP day by day, and that includes fellow morons Limbaugh, Coulter, Malkin, O’Reilly, Ailes, Steele, Rove, Cheney and all of the other wayward, moronic wingnuts. Their time never really was, their time has passed anyway, and they need about 12 hours of going rogue.

  10. [re=442334]DoctorCulturae[/re]: Now, just because he had one daughter appear in Playboy during his Presidency, and his wife was busy sexing a long-past-his-prime Sinatra at the same time, is no reason to say that Reagan’s family was disfunctional.

  11. Ronald Reagan wouldn’t recognize you as his son! And I mean that both in the sense of you having political views that might cause him to disown you, and also because he probably rarely had any idea who you were, due to the brain craziness.

  12. “Your father hates you.”

    Gee, project much? That, in a nutshell, is why Republicans are the way they are. There fathers couldn’t stand the sight of them and wished they had drowned ’em in the crick in a sack.

  13. Rule # 4 in dirty fighting: When backed up against a rhetorical wall, slam your opponent with a completely off topic dig at their relationship with a dead parent.

    Rules 1-3 all involve the testicles, so I’m kind of glad Gaffney didn’t go sequentially.

  14. Met Ron Jr. years ago when his ballet company performed at the civic center I worked at. He was a funny, sharp and friendly guy.
    Saw Ron Sr. when he was campaigning for his second term and his entourage stopped at a friggin shopping mall parking lot and set up stage. He looked like a senile washed up B-movie actor pretending to be preznit, which is about right I guess.

  15. What can you expect from a douchenozzle that gives Darth Cheney & Scooter ‘lucky he’s not getting ass raped in jail’ Libby some achievement award?

  16. Zombie movie, Ronald Reagan can still do Zombie movies. Secret bio-nuclear experiments under Arlington National cemetery leads to …

    As far as the Taliban goes, they already live in Brooklyn so it’s too late.

  17. [re=442332]freakishlystrong[/re]: He was this close (.) to calling them “talibangelicals”. Apparently Mrs Tweety found his nutsack! Let’s hope he uses it again.

    [re=442335]WadISay[/re]: But in the larger sense, what debate involving Frank Gafney doesn’t cry out for the input of a large and merciless carnivore (I’m not referring to Michelle Malkin either, she doesn’t qualify as large).

  18. Sometimes conservatives say things so dumb, I suspect they are plants designed to help the Democrats look better by comparison. This is one of those times.

  19. Why can’t republicans quit dry humping Ronny’s corpse?!
    And why is the media giving the neo-cons a platform? They’re all failures and they have the history to prove it.

  20. Yeah, sure. Fight between pinko and hawk, blah blah blah… but fuck, seriously: Why do I hate Chris Matthews so much? Is it because he lost half his face to Gretchen van Susterainability, and received a Darth Cheney transplant to cover the gap?

  21. Ron is totally justified to beat that guy’s head in with a tire arn after a comment like that. Having a parent who’s passed on myself, I totally sympathize with him. It’s a sensitive thing. People come around and tell me “happy mother’s day!” or whatever, I just punch’em in the mouth.

  22. [re=442358]prizepig[/re]: Why does the town of Gaffney, Ga. (I’m just guessing Georgia, home state of Neal Horsley) have a statue of a giant orange asshole?

  23. [re=442339]thefrontpage[/re]: Well said. If Gaffney had said that to me I’d have gone after him, and I haven’t been in a fight since the fifth grade.

  24. Well, unless Frank Gaffney was fucking Ron Sr., I highly doubt he has any idea whatsoever how the man felt about his son. Congratulations, asshole. With that remark, you automatically lose this and all future debates by default.

  25. [re=442388]El Pinche[/re]: Seriously. I would have responded “Mr. Gaffney, with all DUE respect, and rest assured that you are due NONE, my father does not love you more than me just because you masturbate on his grave every Saturday. You HONESTLY believe that Ronald Reagan is more ashamed of his own son than the cynical hacks who parade his casket in front of the nation every election cycle?”

    Of course, I can definitely understand not wanting to dwell on the subject of your deceased father.

  26. Well, the wackopublicans (as opposed to fiscal conservative Republicans, who I am beginning to feel sorry for at his point) have gotten so used to misrepresenting Christian Jesus, that they’re getting confused and accidently put words in Republican Jesus’ mouth, also. Gaffney must now say 50 Hail Reagans for this unseemly insult of His imperfect scion, and present an offering of holy jelly beans at the sacred Simi Valley Temple of Trickle-Down Economics, or be forever damned to Democrat Hell, surrounded by 70 Hillary Clintons with public options.

  27. History shows us that for the last few hundred years, being President/King/Grand Viazeer of Afghanistan is like being an umpire at a little league game; admittedly with better clothes, a household staff and diplomatic privileges at airports. At least half the crowd is violently angry whatever you do and your power and personal safety vanish outside of a small confined area. Letting the Taliban be in charge basically means we don’t need to apologize as much when we bomb the wrong house or teach girls how to read. And it’s somebody new for parents to teach their ten-year-olds to hate.

  28. Gaffney has taken evangelical speeching to another level. Instead of spouting pig latin in reverse, and having someone else tell him, and those listening, the common english version of the sounds, he simply spouts shit. But I would like to know, if Gaffyboy has the time, what Ronald Reagan thinks of George W. Bush. I mean there are some real similarities, Ronald Reagan play soldiers and such in the MooVees, and George W. had his oitcher taken in a USAF uniform, AND he had a flyin suit. That’s the same, right??

  29. I think Ron Jr. is going to get medieval on Gaffaney’s ass Marcellus Wallace style.

    My understanding would be that even an old Frank Sinatra would like to have a hookup with Nancy as rumor has she gave the best head in Hollywood. (Although, I have never had bad head).

    Methinks some of these tools forget that the Income Tax Reform Act of 1986 was the largest tax increase in American History. Signed by Saint Ronny. And it was cleverly designed to have most of the increase come in the term of the next President George H.W. Bush. Which when coupled with the savings and loan collapse led to a recession that led to Bush 41 losing the election. Nice set up there Ron. I want to thank him to this day for getting Bill Clinton elected. (With an honorable mention to Ross Perot).

  30. [re=442339]thefrontpage[/re]: “Snark aside?!?!?!?” Where the effin’ eff do you think you are?

    ‘Scuse me now… I have to get back to today’s edition of The Three People Shouting Hour.

  31. [re=442531]JoeMac[/re]: Gaffprone and friends also seem to forget that Ronnie was ready to sign away the U.S. nuclear arsenal and got out of Lebanon so fast after the barracks bombing that some Marines heads are still spinning.

  32. I vote for Ron beating him sensless, while Ron Reagan doppleganger, Dan Savage makes Gafney squeel like a pig.

    Are we voting? Is that on the ballot?

  33. The rumor about Nancy Reagan giving the best head in Hollywood is just that, a rumor. It’s a misdirection — the real blowjob queen of Hollywood was the Gipper himself.

  34. [re=442323]Doris Ziffel[/re],[re=442339]thefrontpage[/re],[re=442409]snideinplainsight[/re],[re=442461]Oldskool[/re],[re=442462]imissopus[/re],[re=442499]Mr Blifil[/re],[re=442591]digibal235[/re]:

    I concur almost 100% – however, I think Mr. Reagan should go all Marquess of Queensberry on Gaffney’s arse, after publicly proclaiming Gaff to be nothing more than a piss-ant biatch who deserves a public beat-down for this “shame” comment. I imagine that Reagan is probably in much better shape than this prat Gaffney ever was, and as long as the fight is kept strictly focused on the sort of blood-feud family issues you Yanks venerate on the telly, the whole affair could be a positive experience for Ron, and those who are disgusted by the ReThuglican shamelessly hypocritical prostitution of President Reagan’s memory and legacy, especially if Gaff wimps out…

  35. I just don’t get how repub dickheads like Gaffney always cream their panties at the mention of dear old Ronny. Hopefully Ron Jr. pulled out some brass knucks and gave him an ass kicking in the parking garage. Which as we know would give Matthews a tingle up his leg.

  36. [re=442351]AnnieGetYourFun[/re]: apropos of nothing, I just wanted to say that your mcdonald’s ice tea story from the other day was one of bestest things I have read in a while. I think I now have a crush on you in a creepy-married-guy-with-kids sort of way.

  37. He’s a poser. Stole that line from O’Reilly…he should have instead quoted Limeballs and told young Ron to sit on a fire hydrant. See? Now we’re all happy.

  38. Fuck MSNBC. They are totally confusing me. This has ruined my perfect record of having watched all the craziest highlights on Hardball in real time: Chrissy’s MSM banhammering of Michelle M, the first crazy brilliance from the other winger queen Michelle and that Georgia dickwad’s duel challenge. Yesterday I missed the Gaffney/Reagon death-match challenge AND just saw a guy in a bowtie who wasn’t an elitist Republican dick.

    I’m not sure, but I think the Repubs spiral into deep, deep crazy probably means they aren’t doing well.

    Oh, BTW–Fuck Olympia Snowe.

  39. [re=442330]hobospacejunkie[/re]: Wasn’t Michael the one who gave a magazine interview and photo spread complaining about the fact he and his family were never invited to the WH?

    Overcompensate much?

  40. [re=442388]El Pinche[/re]: Why can’t republicans quit dry humping Ronny’s corpse?!

    Since 8th. Grade, Wuthering Heights has been my favorite book, and now I have to live with the face of Gaffney as Heathcliff.

    Thanks a lot.

  41. saw it, loved it….when arch-criminals like the neo-cons reward one another, dripping with the blood and horror of millions of victims, then engage in necrophilia in front of the living family, they deserve the intelligent, deftly-executed right cross, left hook smashmouth combo delivered by
    the better Ronald Reagan.

    Gaffney and the neo-cons are false power exposed in the face of truth and reality.

    knockout, RR. superbly delivered. let karma handle the rest…’s a joy to watch these tawdry mass murderers go down, impaled on their own swords, not in heroic honor, but in full self-deception: they think they thereby won!


    Steve Pipkin-Savage
    Clearwater, FL

  42. saw it, loved it….when arch-criminals like the neo-cons reward one another, dripping with the blood and horror of millions of victims, then engage in necrophilia in front of the living family, they deserve the intelligent, deftly-executed right cross, left hook smashmouth combo delivered by
    the better Ronald Reagan.

    Gaffney and the neo-cons are false power exposed in the face of truth and reality.

    knockout, RR. superbly delivered. let karma handle the rest…’s a joy to watch these tawdry mass murderers go down, impaled on their own swords, not in heroic honor, but in full self-deception: they think they thereby won!

  43. However, true story, [re=442599]Monsieur Grumpe[/re], I have an acquaintance with a relative of Frank Gaffney’s. Let’s just say that the two of them make a strong case for pouring a little extra chlorine in the gene pool.

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