Someone has just informed your Wonkette of the latest terrible web site, “SEND CONGRESS A PINK SLIP.” You can get the organization behind this effort to send a piece of paper to members of Congress threatening to vote against them in 2010 if they vote for “Government Health Care,” “Cap & Trade,” “‘Hate Crimes'” or, the best of all, “Any More Spending.” The prototypical pink slip threatens, “If you vote for ANY of these, your REAL PINK SLIP WILL BE ISSUED IN THE NEXT ELECTION.” WE WILL KILL YOU WITH GUNS. But who is behind this effort — certainly there’s too much graphic design here for Red State to handle, yes? — and what could they want?

Oh look, the link takes us to the World Net Daily Superstore!

What a great way to spend thirty dollars. I’MA FAHR U.

[Send Congress A Pink Slip]

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  1. A pink slip would look fetching on some members of Congress *coughLindseyGrahamcough*, but only if it comes with a matching robe and fuzzy slippers.

  2. pink slip, huh? any danger this project might touch a homophobic third rail? any danger the pink slippers have heard about elections and voting and that kind of stuff?

    we are surrounded by danger. time for a drink!

  3. “Discount?” What, they already have too many in stock? I think I’ll wait until they bring back the full price. That’s more patriotic.

  4. Fuck me.
    Tea bags, rock salt, used condoms.
    What’s next from the damned bitters?
    Why don’t we ENCOURAGE Texas and Arklohoma to secede, and they can all move to Redneckistan and leave decent people alone?

  5. from the link:

    NOTE: Purchasing “SEND CONGRESS A PINK SLIP” from WND’s online store also qualifies you to receive a FREE 3-month trial subscription to our immensely popular monthly print magazine, Whistleblower. Watch for the FREE offer during checkout

    THREE MONTHS? What a savings. That’s like ten bucks a fuckin’ issue!

  6. Everyone is soo jealous of those who know how to take money away from the wingnuts.

    “Special discount to $29.95?!? Sign me up now!”

    It pure capitalistic genius.

  7. They do these all the time. And the kicker is they then bulk ship them (they charge so much because it is “overnight” delivery. But when you send a few thousand in one fedex box, that counts as overnight, but it certainly don’t cost that much. They make a ton of money off of these things. That’s why they do them all the time. And there are always a few thuosand idiots to take them up on their “special” offer. This really should be illegal – it is deceptive and meant as a profit source for WND. It would be cheaper to FedEx your own letter.

  8. [re=441981]Fox n Fiends[/re]: Thus confirming the historical inevitability of the converging trajectories of Code Pink and Red State.

  9. Another example of how hip the Republican party is. Who uses the term ‘pink slip’ anymore? Most people just say ‘I got shitcanned’.

  10. [re=442024]Texan Bulldoggette[/re]: Exactly. I was about to say… I got laid off a few months ago, and I didn’t get any fancy pink slip. I got called in to the boss’s office and told I was being laid off, but hey, here’s a letter of recommendation for all those applications you’re going to be sending out.

  11. Man, I’d like a pink slip because then that would mean I HAD A JOB. And if I had a job it would mean BUSH WASN’T DIDDLING AWAY FOR 8 YEARS LETTING WALL STREET POOP ALL OVER THE GLOBE.

  12. [re=442010]drewonline[/re]: “It would be cheaper to FedEx your own letter.”
    But I’d have to look up the address, and figure out how to use the copier, and …

    What were we talking about again?

  13. Such a sad pervert am I. My very first thought was, you know who’d look good in a pink slip? Sarah Palin! Then I thought about Michele Bachman wearing hers. Then I thought about both of them, pink-slipping together. Nah, much too much. I really need to get some help.

    Fuck politics.

  14. I sent that foxy Rep Stephanie Herseth (D, SD) a pink slip, matching panties and a dozen red roses, and a cleverly-worded invitation to come stroke my blue dog and she answered back with a restraining order.

    So, that went well.

  15. [re=442052]BeWoot[/re]: Sarah Palin? Oh jeez, are you yet another geezer infatuated by this slutty flight attendant? WEAK! Yer right, get some help. Fer gawd’s sake, man, even Rupert Murdoch has better taste.

    Oh wait. He’s been paying Wendi and Sarah to play together? When his yacht was moored in Juneau? They licked salmon milt off his dick?

    Well, hey, yer in bad company. Good going.

  16. Teabags? Pink slippers? So the head wingnut strategist is some crazy old cat lady? What’s next, send ur congresscritter a box of kitty litter with a note saying “DOANT’ U DAER P** ON ME!!!!”?

  17. Thusly, the thoroughly ahistorical wingnuts donned the mantle “Pinkos,” a slur they had used against their liberal opponents up until that very moment, and thus, irony exploded and self-awareness was destroyed for everyone ever and all Americans went about bawling like Glenn Beck & Tammy Faye, and the Apocalypse was more embarrassing than anything else, at least until the incest-cannibalism part, then it got a little weird.

  18. fReichtards in pink slips teabagging and blowing each others whistles?


    Although I had no ideas Hate Crimes protected pedophiles and sent priests to prisons.

  19. Don’t they have this wrong? After Mark Foley, Larry Craig, John Ensign etc I keep thinking they’re trying to slip something Pink to me and the rest of the country.

  20. [re=442110]Hunger Tallest Palin[/re]: They’re not really children, I suspect. There’s got to be an age requirement for Congressional Pages…

  21. World Net Daily- just the communist-ass post office, but better. Except, 100 times more expensive and useless. And then they have your name on their sucker list and are emailing all day.

  22. Those Susan G. Komen people will do cross-promotion with just anyone, won’t they? Oh well, as long as it funds breast cancer research I guess it’s okay.

  23. “What’s in the box?”
    “Uh, just some Susan G. Komen shit that FedEx brought yesterday. If nobody claims it by Friday, it’s going in the fuckin’ dumpster.”

  24. Is corporate PR that slick that wingnuts actually think Cap & Trade taxes them for heating their homes and driving to work?

    1) What work? Wingnuts sit on their butts soaking up Medicaid and disability.
    2) When Colbert ran as the Doritos candidate, I laughed, thinking (in my folly) “Oh how ribald! A political movement with a corporate sponsor, how deliciously absurd!” What fool this mortal be.

  25. Or if you’re not that lazy, you could get a piece of pink paper from the Dollar Store, a 44 cent stamp, type and mail it yourself. More personal that way.

  26. [re=442058]Scarab[/re]: WIN! The new name will be registered (in book form) in the US Copyright Office. Everyone knows the US Copyright Office regulates the universe.

  27. [re=442062]One Yield Regular[/re]: Actually, its when you try to log on in the morning at work and the screen informs you your access has been denied. Never a good way to start your day!

  28. [re=442208]disgustedcitizen[/re]: And if Wing Nut Daily was interested in getting the message to Congress – rather than making fiftenn bucks a sucker – the “pink slip” would be a doc you could download, add your name and address, and print on your own pink paper.

    Everyone has their own pink paper?


  29. Actually, I think the best part is that it says “Pink Slip” right there on it!

    In case the reader couldn’t figure out that it’s pink. And a slip of paper. Also.

    Those right wing nutz don’t exactly deal in subtle.

  30. [re=442052]BeWoot[/re]: Jeebus help me. I thought of Kitty Harris. You know, the picture of her cowgirl style on that big, sweaty horse?

  31. [re=441995]Chickensmack[/re]: I bought an autographed copy of Chuck Norris’s political masterwork, “Black Belt Patriotism” from WND and was glad to have watched for small print about the “free” magazines: it’s totally one of those scams where, after you get your 3 issues, you have like 5 days to call and cancel your subscription before your credit card is automatically charged 120 bucks. Fuck the Whistleblower. If I want 3 free issues of a crappy religious tract, I’ll just mug a couple of J-Wits for some Watchtowers instead.

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