• MARY LANDRIEU! OH COME ON MARY: “Opining on the polls showing support for public option, she said it was all about the phrasing of the question. ‘I think if you asked, “Do you want a public option but it would force the government to go bankrupt,” people would say “No,”‘ she said.” ITTTT SAVVVVVVES MUNNNNNIIIIIEEEEEEE. IIIIINNNN THHHHHEEEE CCCCBBBOOOO REEEEPPPOOORRRTTTT. Anyway, it looks like they’re throwing in an opt-out public option, which her dumb state can reject eventually if the local “Real Americans” (racists) deem it so. [TPM, TPM]
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  1. If you had the choice to vote against DINO asshat Senators are nothing more than errand-girls for Big Oil, Big Gas, and The Man, would you?

    Shit, she’s right–it really does matter how you word the question. If you replace “asshat” with “dumbfuck” it sort of shifts the tone, slightly.

  2. The CBO report, which pretends that Congress won’t continue to “temporarily” delay the 21% medicare cut as it has for the past 5 years? The CBO report, which evaluates the cost over 10 years for a plan where spending doesn’t start until 4 years in?

    The CBO report which basically says, ok, fine, if the sun rises in the west every day for the next ten years, this plan won’t increase costs?

  3. I love the opt-out provision. All those red-states can opt out. And reject cigarette taxes. And laugh at soda taxes. And be fat and sick and dead at an early age. Just like our Founding Fathers wanted it – the short road to Jesus.

  4. Cheer up, Jim. We all love you.

    I asked no other thing,
    No other was denied.
    I offered Being for it;
    The mighty merchant smiled.

    Brazil? He twirled a button,
    Without a glance my way:
    “But, madam, is there nothing else
    That we can show to-day?”

  5. so there’s a problem with the government going bankrupt? she means fiscally, right? ’cause the moral bankruptcy was already filed by the bush league.

    still, no problem. bankruptcy will wipe out all the government’s debts, and they might be more careful with their credit cards if they can ever get new ones. which i’m sure will also be no problem, ’cause after all, they’ve got some mighty fine guns and ever’thing.

  6. Well unless I was hallucinating the other day, I saw a dude on C-SPAN who WORKS AT the CBO! AND he says all their projections are…drum roll please…Projections! There is no way to tell what will REALLY happen so it’s all a crap-shoot anyway. I say pick something and be deciders and decide which package to go with or decide to include everything including the kitchen sink and be done with it…The End

  7. According to Mary, she wants everyone to have the same type of health insurance plan that she and other Federal workers have, only not government-run because that would be bad and fiscally irresponsible. Wait, what?

  8. If you were to ask the residents of 49 states, excluding LA, “Do you want the federal government to spend 100s of billions of dollars rebuilding a city that is under sea level when we know damn well it will flood again?” 99.999 % of those surveyed would say “FUCK NO!”

  9. [re=441954]DangerousLiberal[/re]: Nice

    [re=441963]ph7[/re]: Word, let the “tard” states be against it until they are eventually for it – like stimulus monies, homes with foundations, and Jeff Gordon.

  10. If it helps, over the history of its existence CBO’s projections were usually the most accurate–they usually nailed the numbers on economic growth, the deficit, etc. The other, “better” private sector forecasters might as well have sacrificed a goat, for all the good their guesses did.

    When multiple philanderer Newt G. and his group of exterminators, plumbers and former ice-wagon drivers took over, they fixed CBOs wagon and completely fucked it up. Adults now run it again, at least until the birthers get their hands on it again.

  11. Excuse me, bus driver Obama, can we stop the bus? There are a few people that need to get off: Sens. Landrieu, Lincoln, Baucus, Reid, Conrad to name a few. I think they got on the wrong bus.


  12. I would wager that if you phrased any question like that – you know, ask people if they want a hangnail removed, knowing that the operation will kill them – they would all say, “NO!!”

    Does this dumbcunt even understand how stupid that is?

  13. [re=442056]automaton[/re]:

    Are we providing footnotes now*? Because I didn’t see any** to your previous comment***.

    *I did not know that!

    **And I went back and looked!

    ***I have a feeling you’re just another boring troll!

  14. [re=441962]automaton[/re]: The CBT says your balls are due for a trip to the vise. Upon further inspection, you have no balls, so we’ll spare you out of pity.

  15. [re=441963]ph7[/re]: But then all wingtards with diabetic kidney failure will roll their fat asses over to the next closest non-opt-out States, rights? God help Colorado.

  16. [re=441963]ph7[/re]: I think you’ve mapped out the perfect plan to turn the south blue.

    Since only liberals worry about fat, exercise a little (very little), wear seat belts (Bubba’ third cousin knew a guy whose brother would have died if his sister had been wearing a seat belt–it’s his right as an American to say no to seat belt liberal fascism) and don’t have guns to shoot their children accidentally, the Darwinian principle, whether Bubba, Junior and Leroy believe in it or not, dictates that in a decade or two these dumb shits will have killed each other or themselves and liberals will be the last people standing.

    Wanda: Make your lovin’ man, Bubba, more chicken fried steaks. And eat a couple yourself. Oh, and don’t forget the grease gravy.

  17. [re=441973]PrairiePossum[/re]: It’s ironic, isn’t it, that Piyush and Mary claim they don’t want to add to the federal debt.

    The bottom line is that the national debt is the complete fault of Republicans. They’ve been winning elections for decades by promising that the government is one big free lunch, that they will cut your taxes and not cut services because it’s all just fat. Except when you need the government. That’s why God made the People’s Bank of China–so these dickwads can keep winning elections promising the same thing and make it impossible for any Democrat who is honest and says yeah, we should pay taxes and rich people should pay more taxes, can’t get elected.

    Republics: The source of all that is evil.

  18. [re=442117]DustBowlBlues[/re]: Did you know Rush Limbaugh has been busy promoting the concept that swine flu vaccines are a ploy to boost health care reform?

    El Fathead ain’t taking no swine flu vaccine.

    The self correcting earth, in action.

  19. The following is a “virtual vote” posted at my congress critters (Culberson (R) TX 7th Dist) website. By posting at progressive websites, I have reversed the numbers in this poll. Please keep up the pressure
    by voting at:

    Health Care Legislation H.R. 3200

    After passing cap and trade legislation, which is likely to be the largest tax increase in American history, President Obama and the liberals in Congress are now pushing a $1.5 trillion health care plan that will raise taxes, ration care, and let government bureaucrats make decisions that should be made by you and your doctors. The White House has said this health care reform is “key to our fiscal future.” I think every American would agree that more taxes, more spending, and more government intervention is not the answer.

    View the health care legislation proposed by House Democrats, then vote on H.R. 3200.

    Would you vote for or against the proposed health care legislation?
    For 71% (375 votes)
    Against 28% (151 votes)
    Indifferent 1% (5 votes)
    Total Votes: 531

    Read more at:

  20. [re=442056]automaton[/re]: Here ya go, trollmeister


    2. “Short-termfo recasts of nominal GNP/GDPgr owth, inflation, and unemployment
    by the administration, the Congressional Budget Office, and the Federal
    Reserve Board are compared for accuracy and for political bias. The most accurate
    forecastingi s done by the CBO, with the Feda close second.” Source: Accuracy and Bias in Macroeconomic Forecasting by the Administration, the CBO, and the Federal Reserve, John Frendreis and Raymond Tatalovich Polity, Vol. 32, No. 4 (Summer, 2000), pp. 623-632.

    3. I’m a professional. Don’t try this at home.

  21. [re=441962]automaton[/re]:

    The CBO (re)[love]port, which pretends* that CONgress won’t continue to not un“temporarily” delay and/or not call to quorum the 21.00% medicare cut as it “has” for the past 5 years?**

    *Pretending to who? To us? We know the truth. It’s in the numbers. Numbers don’t lie. People lie WITH numbers.


  22. [re=441963]ph7[/re]: the short road to Jesus — Imma have to remember that. To get the rednecks to understand it better, though, you should probably use “the fastlane to Jesus”, you know, with their devotion to NASCAR and such.

  23. I love how this country goes ga-ga for spending itself into 14-figure debt when it involves killing people (theirs and ours) halfway across the world on a series of lies, but making sure children can be treated for a cold by a doctor rather than for pneumonia by an emergency room is FUCKED UP.

  24. This is from that crap state where politicians are afraid of criticizing a judge who won’t allow blacks and white to marry in order not to piss of the large cross burning segment of the population. And they’re fucking up health care for all of us. Fuck LA.

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