This is absolutely amazing, watching Karl Rove pretend to be so upset about the Obama administration “demeaning… the White House” and “engaging in its own version of the media enemies list,” by criticizing Fox News, the network on which he’s speaking. (Why is Terry McAuliffe there? To lose another Virginia election?) We all remember how George Bush, when he would give his one interview every seven years, would always speak to PBS or The Guardian, and not just Fox News. Karl Rove is FURIOUS! [YouTube]

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  1. There’s no way to say this without sounding like a sarcastic cockhole, but was anyone expecting K. Ro to discover a secret reservoir of shame in his body since the ending of the Bush era?

  2. Is there a reason why this pig-faced war criminal isn’t in federal prison, getting sodomized by a rusty sledgehammer? Tick tock, people.

  3. I don’t think Rove can talk without lying. I think it has become so natural that he cannot even speak the truth when there is no need to lie. Every time he opens his mouth, bilious untruths flow out. Sort of like diarrhea.

  4. If you don’t like what the central intelligence agency is telling you about Iraq create your own agency in the DoD. If you don’t like your DOJ attorney’s politics fire them and hire new ones. Sod off ass clown. Go back to telemarketing or whatever it was you did you pig-eyed sleaze hound.

  5. [re=438833]queeraselvis v 2.0[/re]: Exactly. And why is Tom Delay out, about and dancing? The balloon dad is going to go to jail more quickly than these clods.

  6. What an odious, repellant, gastropodal, insidious, prevaricating, nauseating, amoral, gelatinous, whiny, bullying, two-bit reverse-peristalsis on the dignity of humanity. I wish he’d fold up his little leathery wings and ooze back under whatever rock he crawled out from.

  7. I know a guy who went to prison for two years for selling bootleg VHS tapes. Rove spent eight years taking a dump on the entire country and hasn’t spent one day in the clink yet. What a world.
    On the other hand, nobody ever even thinks to ask what Dubya thinks about a damn thing anymore. Whoopee!

  8. [re=438831]SmutBoffin[/re]: Expecting him to grow a conscience? No. Hoping he’d sort of disappear now that being a fat fuck has lost its glamour? Yeah, kinda…

  9. The fact that Turdblossom has not yet been impaled on the steering column of his SUV is among the surest arguments for the nonexistence of Divine Intervention.

  10. Yes, a new version of the enemies list, Karl; criticizing media opponents and not going on their shows is just like using the FBI, IRS and other government organizations to harass them, along with sending thugs to ransack and vandalize your opponents’ offices (and making plans to firebomb one of them).

  11. There should be a law — every time Karl is on Fox, Fox should be required to play that video of Lee Atwater begging for forgiveness, as he was dying of cancer, for what he did to American politics. Jebus is gonna get you Karl and it will likely involve pain, suffering, and chemo.

  12. Why are these two minutes distinguishable from the other approximately 28,000,000 minutes where this pile of elephant discharge has had the power of speech?

  13. It looks like somebody put 250lbs of beige play-doh in an empty suit, gave it a big squeeze, then put glasses on the part that oozed out the neck hole.

  14. “But Curious Karl forgot to tie the rope very tightly before he climbed into the little box and the balloon floated up with him inside! He floated past the trees and the clouds. He floated and floated. Then a bird hit the balloon with its pointed beak and there was a big “POP!” Down, down, down came the balloon. Then Curious Karl was impaled on a large, rusty, pointy wrought iron fence by the old graveyard and slowly bled to death while crows pecked at his wounds.

    And everyone lived happily ever after.”

  15. Listen, bitchez, Fox won in the FL court of appeals in ’03 re lying = free speech.
    And we all know Karl is a big proponent of the Constitution.
    For wiping your butt. Circle of life.

    Where are the dancing bananas with PENIS signs?

  16. C’mon people. The guy had a great run with this material, show some respect. I’m expecting a Time-Life infomercial for a “The Bush Years with Karl Rove– featuring the Golddiggers” in a month or two; once the interns locate Bin Laden for some copyright clearances. (Hint- track those packages sent from Langley , Virginia to “Mr. J” at the Bellagio)

  17. The “liberal bias” of the mainstream media has been a relentless Republican talking point for at least 50 years. One Democrat points out the obvious about Faux News, and Porky Pig Rove has a shit fit.

  18. Piece of Shit Flower is right – the President SHOULD NOT be picking out enemies in the media like that. The hardworking men and women of the CIA aren’t going to just out themselves, ferchrissakes.

  19. This is a guy that was instrumental in cutting off White House access to journalist who wrote unfavorable stories about W. He is pissed about someone calling out Fox on their lying Bullshit? Chutzpah Karl Chutzpah.

    Some should ask Karl about Jeff Gannon’s overnight stays at the White House while W was in office. I have often wondered who was getting the Hot Military Stud Service Jeff was advertising on his web site. Karl would you care to comment?

  20. The little bit of Karma I see with this turd bag is that he welded the End-Timer, Palin -lovers onto the GOP. And, of course, the result looks like El Pinche’s homage noted above.

  21. Why doesn’t KR ever mention his gay stepdad that died just before the 2004 election and then made the 2004 election about dudes kissing?

  22. Fox News lies: official.

    “Fox News was therefore in breach of Sections 2.1 (respect for truth), 2.7 (opportunity to take part), and 3.5(b) (personal view programmes – opinions expressed must not rest upon false evidence) of the Programme Code.”

  23. [re=438885]IonaTrailer[/re]: Dude, we’ve been throwing ten extra in the box for Teddy since 1963.

    [re=438899]katrina[/re]: [re=438913]Min[/re]: Thet thar is wut we likes ta call surndipady.

    [re=438921]Georgia Burning[/re]: Nah, man. Those were totally birefings for a high-value consultant. Ja Rule is a fucking genius.

  24. Is it wrong of me to wish this fat fuck would be chained up and dragged behind the Family Truckster Chevy-Chase style?

    “Here’s the leash, sir. I’m going back to get the rest of the carcass off the road.”

  25. [re=439103]Reefpilot[/re]: did you ever notice that on this inane website, you characters reply to a posting by doing nothing to refute what Rove said, but to personaly attack the subject of the article.. Never mind that Rove is usually (notice I didn’t say always) right. Obama, on the other hand is always (notice I didn’t say usually)wrong….but you idiots can’t see the forest for the trees…you have your minds (a term loosely used here) made up that the obamidiot has the solution for all problems. First of all he is experienced at nothing. I doubt that he is a college graduate because he has never provided proof of such. Would you hire a person who said, but did not show proof, that he had a certain level of education?…..wait a second, you already did, sorry. Carl Rove is one of the most gifted minds in politics today..You people who post here are absolute incompetents compared to Rove and you call him inadequate…….let’s see, that makes you?????…..pathetic

  26. [re=439266]El Pinche[/re]: sentence fragments are very effective sometimes. I am not writing a novel, I am trying to awaken a sleeping group of malcontents before it is too late for this country……Also notice that in the comments following my statement, all attacked me, none refuted what I had to say. Great discussion group (Not)

  27. [re=439254]terycarl[/re]: Why the fuck are you still here? Rove is a hack who should be in fucking jail.
    Just because he’s an astute social observer doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be giving interviews from behind safety glass.
    And your “sense of humor” is totally up-to-date, bodacious and happenin! (PSYCH!)

  28. [re=439323]El Pinche[/re]: And I lurv how you wingtardz seem to think we are all teh gh3y for the Obama.
    If our Glorious Muslin Saviour, Haruhi bless Him and keep Him, was caught (in Black-Face) diddling a five-year-old Mongoloid on top of a mountain of crystal meth… would IMPLODE from the sheer avalanche of snark that would come pouring into it.

    No one gets a free pass here.
    This is Wonkette: the /b/ of the Blogosphere.

  29. [re=439283]terycarl[/re]: Refuting is down the hall, this is the mockery zone. And by the way intimating that Obama doesn’t have a college degree (in addition to a law degree) because he hasn’t proved it to your satisfaction makes you ridiculously unsuitable for refuting and just another birther to be mocked.

  30. [re=439402]Traveler[/re]: Obama hasn’y proven to anyone that he has either a college degree or a law degree,no transcripts, no writings, no articles from the law review, nothing. The next question is ;how does a poor little kid, raised by mama and grandma , afford either of those two things. If he were to apply for a job in a major corporation and expected them to accept his word concerning his background, he’d be immediately escorted to the door. Something we should have done in the first place. No experience, no leadership history, no explainable educational background, surrounded by persons of questionable character… kind of Democrat…pathetic

  31. [re=440166]terycarl[/re]: I checked on a few other things we don’t know anout his highness:
    Certified copy of birth certificate, Culumbia U. transcripts, Columbia thesis paper, campaign donor list (this has been requested by 7 major watchdog groups), Harvard U. rranscripts, Ill. stste senate records, Ill state senate schedule, law practice client list and billing records, (sound familiar?), locations and names of half siblings and step mother, medical records, (sound familiar again), Occidental College transcripts, parents marriage certificate, record of baptism, selective service registration record (did he?), schedule of trips outside the US before 2007, passport records for all passports, scholarilt articles, SAT and LSAT scores, access to grandmoyher in Kenya, list of all campaign workers who are lobbyists, Punahou grade school records, Noelani kindergarten records (oddly missing from Hawaii dept of education, page 11 of Ann Dunhams divorce decree.
    here’s an anology for you to mull over:
    Hitler…national socialist
    Marx..Marxist socialist
    Obama…Democrat socialist

    Other than international conquest, their domestic goals were exactly the same

  32. [re=440188]terycarl[/re]: I do not think “socialist” means what you think it means in various historical contexts.

    And you must be posting here by accident. You realize that this IS Wonkette and not, right?

  33. [re=440203]GreatOldOnesParty[/re]: yes, I realize that this is wonkette and I stumbled on it by accident. I read a couple of threads (Palin’s book) and decided that there could not be so many morons in one place at the same time. If berating conservatives and extolling the virtues of liberals is not the purpose of this inane site, then what is???
    I have seldom seen such foul and gross language, asinine comments, disrespect for women, disrespect for superiors, misinterpretation of current events, racism, lack of intelligence, and blind acceptance of Obama despite his obvious “shortcomings”….that’s what convinced to write a few comments just to see the reaction……it was bizarre

  34. [re=440225]terycarl[/re]: one more thing…check the East African Sunday Standard (on line if necessary) for their headline dated 6-27-2004 where they extol the virtues of one of their own…headline states:KENYAN-BORN OBAMA ALL SET FOR U.S. SENATE….Jack Ryan had just become involved in a scandal concerning his divorce and an East African newspaper, proudly touting
    “one of their own” verified what we all know…Obama was born in Kenya…..doesn’t make him a bad guy, just ineligible to be president (of this country at least)

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