The anonymous Internet users of Twitter all responded with a rare “sexual” tone, in their anonymous comments, to the art photo Meghan McCain posted last night of two monstrous boobs reading an Andy Warhol biography together. Meghan was terrified! Had these folks already forgotten the tenets of the Lanny Davis Civility Pledge they were required to take a few weeks ago? At least the ABC News White House correspondent hadn’t.

Joe Wilson, Serena Williams, Kanye West, and now Internet users responding Meghan McCain’s boobs: This sierra has gone mike-foxtrot warp speed, and ABC News correspondent Jake Tapper is determined to stop it. Now show him your foxtrot hall pass or he’s telling teacher.

[Colleagues — pls bookmark Jake Tapper’s super gay Twitter message here; remember to use code gimmick in future posts about JT]


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  1. First Miley Cyrus was “forced” by the “lame gossip sites” to close down her Twitter account. Now Meghan?

    Oh! The humanity!

    O tempora o mores!

    Oh, to hell with it.

  2. Yeah, grow up people! Just because some pundit/columnist/person-who-is-sometimes-on-TV takes a picture of her boobs and posts it on the Internet, that doesn’t mean you should look at the picture or talk about the person! Show some class, and leave this poor shy recluse alone!

    Oh, and, ha ha, his last name is “tapper.”

  3. Jake’s having a military fantasy, sounds like. Or a White Knight coming to the rescue of the Fair Damsel in distress fantasy. Hey, Jake, grow up.

  4. she is our cup of tea, served steaming hot, served icy cold, with sugar, with honey (see the tree how big it grows), with delightful sprigs of mint, she is most certainly our cup of tea and we will lace her with whiskey, we will tango, we will foxtrot, WE WILL HAVE OUR CUP OF TEA.

  5. Jake Tapper sounds like a real Bravo Foxtrot. Also pretending to be military is Papa Foxtrot Golf, as is the name Jake (Lima Bravo’s Alphas) Tapper.

  6. For fuck’s SAKE! It’s not like we need fucking HUBBLE to see the planet-sized mamms she’s shovin’ out there! Don’t get all mock-outraged when people want to mock-grope you.

  7. She’s less a cup of tea and more of an XL vanilla milkshake, so thick you can barely suck it through a straw without collapsing your cheeks like 80’s Bowie.

  8. Hey remember that time Jackie walked into the Oval Office just as a guy was walking out and Jackie heard JFK say to Pierre Salinger, “That guy is a real Charlie Uniform November Tango” and Jackie looked at JFK and said, “What is a Charlie Uniform November Tango?” JFK said that about some reporter, someone like, say, Jake Tapper.

  9. sorry…
    Official U.S. Military Alphabet

    A: Alpha
    B: Bravo
    C: Charlie
    D: Delta
    E: Echo
    F: Foxtrot
    G: Golf
    H: Hotel
    I: India
    J: Juliet
    K: Kilo
    L: Lima
    M: Mike
    N: November
    O: Oscar
    P: Papa
    Q: Quebec
    R: Romeo
    S: Sierra
    T: Tango
    U: Uniform
    V: Victor
    W: Whiskey
    X: X-Ray
    Y: Yankee
    Z: Zulu
    Military Police Radio Codes

    10-2: Ambulance urgently needed
    10-3: Motor vehicle accident
    10-4: Wrecker requested
    10-5: Ambulance requested
    10-6: Send civilian police
    10-7: Pick up prisoner
    10-8: Subject in custody
    10-9: Send police van
    10-10: Escort/transport
    10-11: In service
    10-12: Out of service
    10-13: Repeat last message
    10-14: Your location?
    10-15: Go to…
    10-16: Report by landline
    10-17: Return to headquarters
    10-18: Assignment completed
    10-19: Contact/call…
    10-20: Relay to…
    10-21: Time check
    10-22: Fire
    10-23: Disturbance
    10-24: Suspicious person
    10-25: Stolen/abandoned vehicle
    10-26: Serious accident
    10-27: Radio check
    10-28: Loud and clear
    10-29: Signal weak
    10-30: Request assistance (non-emergency)
    10-31: Request investigator
    10-32: Request MP duty officer
    10-33: Stand by
    10-34: Cancel last message
    10-35: Meal
    10-36: Any messages?
    10-38: Relief/change
    10-39: Check vehicle/building
    10-40: Acknowledge
    10-50: Change frequency…

  10. Jake, this is just the way the busybodies in the Golf Oscar Papa have of policing their own. They can’t help it if they’re being Alpha Sierra Sierras about it.

  11. He does realize in the military “Whiskey Tango” means “White Trash” right? and as for “Foxtrot” .. well, use your imagination.

  12. So now, what, I’m supposed to foxtrot or I’m supposed to tango after drinking whiskey from betw Meg’s boobs? This guy needs to make up his mind.

  13. Jake can Bravo Lima Oscar Whiskey me,
    He was on Scarborough’s radio show yesterday. His new baby has a Twitter account and he tweets about crapping his diapers.

  14. How did “Jake” “Tapper” go so quickly from being a moderately interesting writer in Salon to being an unbearably self-important gasbag on the teevee?

    Same way Cokie Roberts did. There’s something evil in those rays, you can just feel it. “Love me! Love me! I’m on teevee!”

  15. Is “whiskey tango foxtrot” some sort of Tom “Tiny Dancer” DeLay reference? I mean, beyond getting totally busted, what does he have in common with Megs?

    Also, why is Jake “I’d” Tapper teaching a teacup human how to breastfeed a doll in his twatpic?

    Dogette whistle, perhaps?

  16. For their extraordinary efforts to encourage mutual respect and understanding, the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize is jointly awarded to Megan McCain’s…

  17. [re=435965]Country Club Jihadi[/re]: So Jake, is what I heard on the radio true – that Megs went jogging without a support bra and came home with two black guys?

  18. Yes, defending partisan attention whores is precisely what we need more of from our journalists.

    Blow me Jake, I mean, bravo mike, you foxtrotting delta bravo.

  19. Whiskeyhotelindiasierrakiloyankee Tangoalphnovembergolf Foxtrotoscarxraytangoromeooscartango papaechooscarpapalimaecho? Limaechoalphavictorecho @MikecharlieCharliealphaindianovemberBravolimaoscargolfechotangotangoecho alphalimaoscarnovemberecho. indiafoxtrot sierrahotelecho’sierra novemberoscartango yankeeoscaruniform charlieuniformpapa oscarfoxtrot tangoechoalpha, mikeoscarvictorecho oscarnovember. Yankeeechoechosierrahotel. sierraoscar foxtrotoscarxraytangoromeooscartango limaalphamikeecho.


  20. this is the stupidest news cycle since the letterman – palin feud. can’t we go back to burning books or joe the plumber or cankles or something?


  21. **raises hand**

    Um, I thought the main point of twitter was to shorten stuff. Tiny url’s and whatnot. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot seems to be an elongation of some sort of something. Perhaps abbreviating “what the fuck” is still somehow offensive to some? I dunno. **scratches head**

  22. This has to be the most ineffectual defense of someone’s appearance.

    “HEY, doods! If rotting elephant seals blubber isn’t your cup of tea, then do not look upon the horrid countenance of this fearsome monster. Yeesh!”

  23. So I think we have official confirmation that Jake Tapper is a boob man.

    Also, STFU Jake Tapper, you insufferable douchebag. You’re supposed to be a neutral observer. Remember that? Objectivity? I know it’s been awhile, fuckface, but give it a try once in awhile.

  24. jake “i blog about the first daughters’ expensive taste in clothing” tapper has decided it’s time for the internets to leave the adult children of politicians alone? how sweet.
    if only those obama kids had whipped him up some of their special barbecue sauce, either that or if they had enormous boobs.

  25. Official Meg McCabe Alphabet

    A: Assets
    B: Boobs
    C: Coconuts
    D: Dugs
    E: Eisenhowers
    F: Funbags
    G: Gazongas
    H: Hooters
    I: ICBMs
    J: Jugs
    K: Knockers
    L: Luggage
    M: Mammaries
    N: Nipple-caddies
    O: Oblations
    P: Puppies
    Q: Quonset-huts
    R: Rack
    S: Sweatermeat
    T: Ta-tas
    U: Udders
    V: Vavavoomers
    W: Watermelons
    X: Xenoliths
    Y: Yolandas
    Z: Ziggurats

  26. [re=435998]Extemporanus[/re]: May the fastest typist win.
    Fuck, this is getting to be like playing 3-level chess while trying to get rid of my Redskin season tickets.

  27. [re=435989]teebob2000[/re]: “You people”? You must be racist against the race of people that read a thing and then a few minutes later think that thing was their own original idea. RACIST!

  28. [re=435906]teebob2000[/re]: Brevity is the soul of wit. Bravo. (That’s an actual ‘bravo’, not that Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Bravo Sierra).

  29. As someone who has used “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot” in the past, I’m totally dischuffed at having to remove it from my vocabulatory repertoire. Motherfuckers!

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