Well! Now you have gone and done it! Meghan McCain is so furious about the lack of positive attention she received upon posting a photo of her boobs wearing a tank top that she is THISCLOSE to committing the unthinkable: not posting photos of herself online. Ha, no no, just kidding, obviously not that. …she is THISCLOSE to committing the unthinkable: leaving Twitter.

See what we were supposed to see upon seeing this photo—that one over there by the giant breasts—was something like, “Andy Warhol? The artist? Goodness Meg! Art. We had no idea!” This is why everything about the photo is the way it is.

Maybe if you knew anything about art, like Meg McCabe or Andy Warhol, you’d know that.

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  1. Maghan McCain: “Look at me! Look at me!”

    How is this shot different from the thousands of young women who, inevitably pose in the bathroom with the crapper in the background, looking into the mirror to get that just right, come hither look?

  2. If I could get around the company firewall, I’d post a consoling message (tweet?) to poor Meg-ster, assuring her I’M not offended by her twitpic, and urge her to post more pics. Many more.

  3. melissajenna on October 15, 2009
    You’re a beautiful, talented girl, and you don’t have to pull cheap gags like this to get attention. Leave this to the Paris Hiltons of the world– you’re above this. xoxoxo
    melissajenna on October 15, 2009
    Girl, I love you, but you have got to be honest with people (and yourself). You’re too smart of a girl to not have seen this coming. You knew you were posting a nearly NSFW photo, so don’t pretend like you’re surprised at people’s reaction. You’re a beaut
    shaggieshapiro on October 15, 2009
    Sweet baby Jesus, those are some big ass titays

    Okay, which one of you is shaggy?

  4. So. Would you like to come up and see some of my etchings?

    Is it significant that the “L” on “WARHOL” is blocked off, making it WARHO? Are you a warho, Meghan McCain? Is that what you wanted me to know?

  5. When I was a little kid, there was this family of…what’s the polite way to say this…congenital idiots. Literally. Anyway, one day my cousins’ cat had a litter of kittens and one of the idiot family girls was so excited she hugged a kitten to death. Literally.

    The moral of the story: Wonkette, put Meg down.

  6. Her face is prettier, too, without the makeup, and with that sly look, she knows what she is doing, oh who the hell am kidding, face, schmace, look at those fucking bodacious tatas.

  7. Chappelle: “Girl, I am high on PCP! I was wondering how you were following me. You smoke sherm?”
    Megs McCain: “Come on, who are you really?”
    Chappelle: “Lady, I’m just a nigga that loves titties.”

  8. Who are these assholes she’s apologizing to? What is their problem, and why does Meghan feel she has to give them succor (heh heh)? Come on over to the Dark Side, young lady. We’re not like the others. We think you have rights, including the right to get an abortion if you need one, or post ill-advised pictures of yourself on the Twitter thing.

  9. I don’t see what all of you find so enchanting about this photo. This woman’s breasts are so vulgar, not at all like the taut chest of a wan, beautiful boy.

  10. This is the modern-day Republican party for you — they get all up in arms because what — Meghan’s not wearing a burqa? Torture is a frat-boy prank, whereas a little cleavage is totally obscene? More sex, less death, please.

  11. [re=435738]V572625694[/re]: HEY!!! Great idea, maybe this’ll convince her the idiots she’s allied herself with for her father’s sake are…..well……idiots.

  12. arghhhhh knees getting weak…….must stand by principles……must…..losing healthcare thought process………

    So yeah we need to vote this health care reform thing down, your friend William J. LePetomane

  13. This is what she calls, an art pic? I’m sorry, Megs, but no.

    The composition is all wrong: first off, get rid of that Warhol book or DVD of whatever it is. Very distracting. Next, lose the tank top.

  14. Earlier this evening, as most of you now know, one of our own, Meghan “TigBitty” McCain, while scrunching her tigbits into a tanktop that inspired withering fire (in my crotch), crashed and burned.

    Today, Meg is no longer just a former legacy student with tigbits.

    Today, Meg is no longer just an accessory to my big blue balls.

    Today, Meg is us. And we are the tank top that cruelly hides her big, large, my god they’re huge tits.

  15. Meg my baby, you the most a baby would want,plese me pepe your baby,I promise to be nice to them tits in the future. you are hottest than cleopatra and my life depends on you,baby!!

  16. [re=435760]binarian[/re]: [re=435778]GreatOldOnesParty[/re]: Honestly. She’s like those hillbilly republans working for minimum wage and fake health insurance at Wal*Mart: “I aint joinin no fuckin union!”

  17. The Republic Party should follow Meghan Mcain and Her Hair’s example:
    That’s right, I’m looking at you Sarah Palin.
    No, Rush, keep it on. KEEP IT ON! PULL YOUR SHIRT DOWN! ARRRRGGHHHH! (goes blind)

  18. [re=435786]V572625694[/re]: She’s holding out for what she thinks will be her big triumph: when Lindsey Graham comes out of the closet. Thing is, she thinks Republicans really like him other than the fact that he isn’t any of the werebeasts who run against him in SC.

  19. [re=435721]el donaldo[/re]: And because it is backwards, she is actually saying, “Oh raw.” I am now trying to block out certain mental images. Blech.

  20. Meghan McCain is such the modern intellectual, reading little booklets about edgy artists, wearing sweatpants and tank tops, broadcasting revealing pictures of herself, using creative swear words, and talking about such deeply intelligent and intellectual topics such as insanely juvenile and childish so-called social media claptrap. What a modern intellectural she is! So smart, so deep, so politically analytical! She should run for office–maybe Vice President or even President of the United States of America!

  21. [re=435762]teebob2000[/re]: It had to be done! Nice.

    But God this shit pisses me off. How old is she? The whole passive-aggressive “sexy look at me” followed by “Omg I can’t believe you all reacted that way! WAAAA”.

    Sorry. I have titty envy.

  22. Huh. I would have to assume I’ve never really looked at any pics of her. I googled pics of her after seeing that and her general look pretty much was in line with my first thought on seeing this twitpic: She seems to have adopted a porn star aesthetic, at least from the neck up. Her hair and makeup in pretty much any public appearance look straight off a Vivid DVD cover. Which she normally counter balances by dressing fairly conservatively.

  23. How long before Meg “Tits McGee” McCabe goes full-on Paultard libertarian? After dealing with the Bible-stani wing of the GOP, it may seem a reasonable out

  24. I hope all the near-destitute Chrysler bondholders, GM dealers, bankers and stockbrokers contemplating selling matches in the winter are paying attention. These are the matches they’ll have to compete with.

  25. I just get this weird feeling Meg is just some random young girl with a cellphone who pretends she’s republican because everyone else around her is.

  26. I’m getting crazy excited for my halloween costume, although my dorothy outfit is a tad more revealing than the one from the movie ;-)
    10:11 PM Oct 12th from web

    oh meggy, don’t make us wait ’til halloween ! PLEEEEEZZZZ !!! TRICK-OR-TREAT !!!!!

    Why is guy chopping wood in a man tanktop so hot?
    4:01 PM Oct 12th from txt

    you should see me in the chaps i wear when i run the chainsaw.

  27. # when I am alone in my apartment, I wear tank tops and sweat pants, and post pictures of my boobs on the web, I had no idea this makes me a “slut”, I can’t even tell you how hurt I am
    about 15 hours ago from web

    # I am going to take some more time to think about it but seriously I was just trying to be funny with the boobs and that I’m a dork staying partially in my tank top
    about 16 hours ago from web

  28. Miley Cyrus just quit Twitter and that caused a big fuss. Now Meghan is threatening to quit. This must be one of those viral ad campaigns to make people afraid–ha ha ha–Twitter is going away. I don’t think it will work because I bet Jim would post pics of Meghan’s boobs anytime she wanted to put them up.

  29. Her background on her twitter page is just too much for me.
    Duct Tape!
    and then this:
    “pretty much my image of @allahpundit is I am the chick from silence of the lambs and he is screaming at me in a hole 2 put lotion on my skin”

    Megs/Her Hair 2016!

  30. Meghan McCain can’t leave Titter, her teets make my day! She’s the only mammary of the Renublican party I can listen to…two cans…without knockering my head against a wall. And also, boob.

  31. [re=435679]Click[/re]: no kidding! does this mean i owe here a dickpic?

    also, does this pic release us from the prohibition of comments of megs’ certainly strained physical nature? cuz i mean holy crap her tits are all over the place and she looks like she must have them crammed into one of rush’s 11 year old ladyboy’s tank tops.

  32. Meg is now officially blacklisted by that North Carolina church that’s planning to do the book burning. Andy Warhol indeed! If only she had a copy of the King James Bible between her boobs, that would be different!

  33. Also, I hope our Wonket sends her an “iphone” to convince her not to quit.

    Megs darling, just switch parties and you can have all the gays AND rave reviews of those funbags. We forgive you, for whatever.

  34. [re=435786]V572625694[/re]: …and hasn’t realized they’re political cannon fodder. Time to wake the fuck up, people, those people don’t care if you live or die.

  35. HOLY SHIT! From

    “After my recent appearance on Jay Leno, one Web site posted a comment from the editor saying, mockingly, they have a “NEW ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for comments of a certain strain about young Meg’s physical appearance. She is an impressionable young brilliant Republican strategist!” You can imagine the kind of charming comments that followed.”



  36. [re=435833]Crank Tango[/re]: Honestly, I think Megs understands that she would never stand out this much (a-hem) if she were to switch parties. Her whole schtick (aside from being a randy Republican) is that she’s a supposed anomaly within her party.
    Admittedly, to her credit Megs has brought attention to the great cleavage that exists within the GOP.

  37. Meg promised “not to delete my account until I sleep on it.”
    How does one sleep on a Twitter account?
    And would the account survive a nocturnal encounter with teh Megz boobz?

  38. BWAP BWAP BWAP BWAP. This is an alert going out to all United States counties. A major Streisand Effect has been detected within our borders. Secure your children and belongings in the basement and seek shelter in a warm, safe place. Like ‘tween them there tigobitties. This is not a drill.

  39. Her face looks great in that photo! No makeup!

    This looks like a “slut” maneuver to me though, based on the fact that she is actively pushing her tits up and out of her shirt. That is not a natural boob position- she is looking for LOVE.

  40. She’s right about society’s fixation on looks. After her dad was released from Vietnam he saw his wife who’d had a car accident and wasn’t as pretty as he remembered. So he committed adultery with Cindy. Fortunately Meghan has as much money as her mother did so she probably won’t live a solitary life. Not that she should become a mistress to a married man like her mother did.

  41. [re=435753]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Oh, I’m sure there’s no shortage of sex in the Republican Party. It’s just that it’s mostly with underage boys, underage girls, and Argentinian bombshells.

  42. This will certainly silence the critics from the White House who are so quick to dismiss bloggers for doing their work in their pajamas. And by “pajamas”, I mean, “giant fucking massive titties good lord, girl, how DO you walk upright?”.

  43. I mean when I’m straight chilling in my apartment, by myself, I often wear tank tops and sweat pants too. I save the Xtreme super pushup bra for nights out, though.

  44. [re=435780]WadISay[/re]: what once was fun now just seems like a vessel for harassment

    Is Meghan here really saying she is done with men?

  45. Despite all the jokes, Megan is really cute. *ducks*

    And I don’t normally dig white chicks like that, sO maybe the stereotypes are just true.

    *insert big tent joke here*

  46. [re=435806]tootsieroll[/re]: I agree. Megs is in obvious need of attention. Perhaps she should try her hand (or tits) at fatty porn.

  47. [re=435856]Click[/re]: Does this mean that Megs McCabe is the metaphorical cake that someone left out in the rain? Because really, I’d still hit that.

  48. [re=435884]Tommmcatt[/re]: [re=435894]teebob2000[/re]: See, this just underscores the difference between hets and mos. Het men will ogle boobies and fantasize having their face in them/rubbing their dick on them, while gay men will think up ways of accessorizing them (sequin pasties! A fancy lace bra) whilst critizing the accompanying hair/makeup/toenail-fingernail polish.

  49. [re=435931]Jim89048[/re]: An ode to Megs McCabe:
    “Spring was never waiting for us, girl
    It ran one step ahead
    As we followed in the dance
    Between the parted pages and were pressed,
    In love’s hot, fevered iron
    Like a striped pair of pants.
    MacArthur’s Park is melting in the dark
    All the sweet, green icing flowing down…
    Someone left the cake out in the rain
    I don’t think that I can take it
    ‘Cause it took so long to bake it
    And I’ll never have that recipe again
    Oh, no!
    I recall the yellow cotton dress
    Foaming like a wave
    On the ground around your knees
    The birds, like tender babies in your hands
    And the old men playing checkers by the trees.
    There will be another song for me
    For I will sing it
    There will be another dream for me
    Someone will bring it
    I will drink the wine while it is warm
    And never let you catch me looking at the sun
    And after all the loves of my life
    After all the loves of my life
    You’ll still be the one.
    I will take my life into my hands and I will use it
    I will win the worship in their eyes and I will lose it
    I will have the things that I desire
    And my passion flow like rivers through the sky.
    And after all the loves of my life
    After all the loves of my life
    I’ll be thinking of you
    And wondering why.”

    (Jimmy Webb)

  50. Serious columnist Meghan writes this powerful statement: “I refuse to be bullied, and I refuse to let Jessica Simpson be bullied. ”

    Five minutes after it’s posted, spoiled dateless bratty Meghan sends out an unsolicited titpic to the entire world, gets called a slut by trolls and then threatens to quit the entire internet.

    Megan, don’t take your toys and go home just yet. From the looks of this thread, your breast have already won the morning and afternoon.

  51. It’s kind of fucked up that people are saying it’s offensive. She’s not nude, she’s not really DOING anything, and she posted it herself so it’s not even exploitative. People are just saying that she herself, just the SIGHT of her, is offensive.

  52. OK, they’re flaming her because she LET them see her tits?

    Apparently Twitter isn’t just stupid and racist. Its stupid, racist AND ironic.

  53. Where is this girl’s mother? Did no one ever tell her that if you don’t want people pawing the merchandise, you shouldn’t put it on display? Sheesh.

  54. [re=435870]MarSF[/re]: Oh, she’s wearing a lot of eye makeup, but I agree, she’s got a really pretty face.

    I don’t think her tits needed the help she’s trying to give them, though. She looks to be about a centimeter away from a major wardrobe malfunction.

  55. [re=435997]Godot[/re]: You misundersatnd, friend. What’s offensive is the sight of someone behaving like a stripper for all the world to see, then expecting people to treat her like a stateswoman. Not that there’s anything wrong with strippers. I’d be just as offended if, say, the Secretary of State twitted a photo of herself pole dancing and expected us to stick virtual twenties in her garter as encouragement.

  56. Honestly, I’m going to have to lodge my displeasure at the entire Twitter community over this. Come on now; this is the sort of thing that we’re supposed to be *encouraging*. Seriously, people.

  57. [re=436028]JooJoo Bee[/re]: Tsk tsk. One only has to turn to La Cicciolina to recognize that being a stripper and being a stateswoman are not mutually exclusive categories. There’s nothing offensive about Meghan McCain other than her privileged insularity, self-absorption, and willingness to serve as poster child for the cynical Republican effort to pretend to care a fig about young people.

  58. [re=435884]Tommmcatt[/re]: It’s not that we haven’t seen them. It’s that we haven’t seen all of them. And those are some fine specimens.

  59. [re=435855]Carson[/re]: EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!

    Ann’s gettin’ mighty ropy-looking these days. Her tits will never be hanging around her knees, but her neck is on its way there, as we speak.

  60. Look at that expression on Meg’s face. She is so high…she took a big drag off a smokin’ fatty and now she’s ready to get freaky.

    If the Republicans could get Michael Steele into a cow costume and lock him in a room with Meg and some *Pansy*, and film it….that might be a successful start to a fundraising website.

  61. [re=435881]Diana Davies[/re]: Oh, eat shit and die, Ironing Board! ;->

    A girl can’t help sprouting a set of double-Ds.

    Still … Megan can’t have been surprised at the reaction. I’m not buying that those tits somehow ended up in that picture, at that angle (where the neck skin folding shows they’ve been deliberately pushed up), by accident.

    As a woman with a body type exactly like Meghan’s, I learned early not to thrust my boobs up under my chin, and to avoid tight sweaters, unless I really *wanted* to hear nonstop vulgar remarks from male strangers, and nasty bitchy “udder-y” vulgar remarks from other girls.

    In fact, by the time I was 15, I had mastered the necessary arts of crappy slope-shouldered caved-in terrible posture and the wearing of giant baggy dark sweaters, just so I wouldn’t have to hear remarks about my shape wherever I went.

    Guys, you’d all probably see a lot more tit, everywhere, if you could manage to be even a little more respectful about the big tits you *do* see:

    Right: “That sweater looks *great* on you! Very cute. Wanna go grab some coffee?”
    Wrong: [silent miming of the Windshield Wiper, especially with tongue hanging out]

    And when you stare, which apparently some of you just *have* to do, try to let your gaze be like a seabird skimming the surface of the ocean, not like a limpet attaching to a rock. It’s creepy to be stared at for a long time. Really.

  62. [re=435977]hagajim[/re]: I’m an expert. Those are 36 or 38 DDs, at least. Apparently natural, say I, and I got 19 out of 20 on Playboy’s “Real or Fake?” quiz. None of the men I know got better than 15; but all the large-breasted women I know got at least 18.

  63. [re=436230]iolanthe[/re]: Oh wow, can we see ’em? I promise I won’t stare. I’ll just take quick little glances like minnows striking bait. Uh-oh…

    Er…oops, sorry. Hey by the way that sweater looks great on you! Very cute! Wanna go grab some coffee? Okay……

  64. [re=436260]kewlguy42069[/re]: Nope. Not Meg. Just a defender of the world’s poor misunderstood and abused short mesomorphic heavy-breasted women, the ones who’ve heard “anything more than a mouthful is just a *waste*!” or “the French say anything bigger than a champagne glass is *too big*!” a few thousand too many goddamned times … often from men who are actually trying to get in our pants, and incorrectly assume that we think being insulted is really really erotic.

  65. can she tie ’em in a knot?
    can she tie ’em in a bow?
    can she sling ’em over her shoulder
    like a continental soldier?

    our meg’s a true patriot!

  66. Go easy on her. Consider that she grew up without parents and has to make her way through life on her own. Hers is a mistake any other 15-year-old could make.

  67. I think Meggs… I mean, Me(o) (o)s McCain is just trying to make a very saline salient point, here:

    Sarah Palin is not really fuckable, fellas.

  68. [re=436305]iolanthe[/re]: “anything more than a mouthful is just a *waste*!” is what guys say around flat-chested women when they want to score with them.
    Find them a girl they like with tig-ol-bitties and see if they say the same thing.

  69. I’ll bet those tits set her back at LEAST one whole week’s allowance. She probably bought the “Dolly Parton” model in order to make them proportional to her ginormous ass.

  70. [re=435884]Tommmcatt[/re]: Fuckin’ A!!!

    On a serious note that is not a natural position for said funbags see: [re=435870]MarSF[/re]:

    This gets a weird dichotomy going, she has 60,000 followers (see here )and actively courts wingers yet gets upset when they act and say things wingers say. Huh? its fine to be a “lady” its also fine to get a little “randy” but your people are just not that flexible Meg so pick one, course my vote is for…

    *We interrupt this boring comment with this important announcement:*

    “What a set of Knockers!!!!”

    *We now return you to…*

  71. [re=436478]GreatOldOnesParty[/re]: I *am* that girl with the tig-ol-bitties (cool your jets, Tit Fans; I’m now probably the same age as your Gran) and I’ve heard the > mouthful = waste thing many many times, usually from very young dudes who are trying to appear “confident”, and have confused “confidence” with “mean douchebaggery.”

    They generally deliver this dismissive little remark while staring fixedly at the offending, horrifying, vulgar, ill-behaved & wasteful big boobs, mind you.

    There really does seem to be a subset of loser guys who’ve read some book or something that tells them to insult women they’ve just met, to knock the women off center and put them at an emotional disadvantage, and make the guy seem less desperate. Less desperate, but more douchey.

  72. Oh my, now I see what Laura Ingraham was so upset about. Nobody, but Nobody, is allowed in the Republican Hooker’s Union without a boney ass and a visible sternum (and maybe Adam’s apple — if you got it, flaunt it!). Their loss is our gain. Young Meghan’s biological clock is ticking. Any day now, she will be tearing off her top and begging breathlessly to be Socialized.

  73. Yeah, I’d motorboat that; I’d motorboat the hell outta that. Tig-ole-bitties, indeed.

    Seriously, though, Meg; just brush your shoulders off.

  74. SDI is clearly an Epic Fail. The Megster’s “Go Away a Little Closer” Field, on the other hand, would stop MIRVs, depleted uranium slugs, armor-piercing bullets, and Florida mosquitos if DARPA would just throw a few hundred grand at it. Meg could wear a her usual loose sweatshirt, drawstring sweat pants, peep-toe spike heels and a AAA-battery-powered, Zippo-sized McCain Shield Generator and fucking POLLEN would evaporate when it came within five meters of her. Think about the possibilities!

    As for Bbbrritsky!-mania: guys, once you’re on solid food, it’s time to move on to legs. Apart from everything else, women never bitch about how much they hate having killer legs and the constant ACL ache they have to put up with… AND you don’t have to wonder, “Are those implants? Come on. We’re talking nip and tuck city, AS IF.”

  75. [re=436852]MonaLisa65[/re]: Oh god!! Neg hits?? So this thing I thought was some lame strategy they’d all decided upon, is *real*?! Crap!

    I guess I should draw comfort from the fact that they supposedly do it to bring some over-confident attractive girl down a few pegs, to make themselves stand out from the usual crowd of adorers, maybe make themselves seem deep, different, like they’re not under the cute girl’s spell.

    But I never reacted like, “Oh wow. He’s not that impressed by me. He’s not like all the others!” Nawp. Just thought to myself, “What a rude cad. To hell with him. I’ll go talk to someone interesting.”

  76. Again, just for the record: A few here have intimated that Meg bought and paid for those boobies. Nope. If they were “boughten boobies”, she wouldn’t have to scrunch them up like that, and she wouldn’t be *able* to scrunch them up like that. Boughten Boobies just jut out there (they don’t really hang) like perfect hemispherical toilet plunger bells. You can’t reposition them.

    Meghan’s boobies are Big Naturals. More power to her. They’re very pretty, but she overscrunched a bit in that pic so it *does* look a little Ren Faire. But overall, very sassy in a slightly overbearing clueless yet charming way, much like the young lady herself.

    You’re right. She’d be happier on *our* side. Surely we have some champion, some knight, here on the Left who’d be happy to take her under his wing? We know she likes bad boys with tats, and except for Ted Nugent, there just aren’t that many guys like that on the Right. Don’t we have a few bright troubled tattooed titfreak breaks DJs or enviroanarchists or something?

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