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Holy baloney it’s 10:00 a.m.! The Senate Finance Committee will now meet for perhaps (hopefully!) the last time, ever. First, a lil’ testimony, a lil’ CBO Director Doug Elmendorf action. Fap? He could say anything! Then: Chuck Grassley fires a rocket out of his ass. Oh boy. Then some other shit. THEN: the big vote, to finally get this bill out of committee, where it has been since the Fillmore administration. WHAT WILL OLYMPIA SNOWE DO? Oh my god. Oh my god. Here’s the live feed, for nerds. No liveblogging just now, but maybe later? (Don’t hold your breath.) [MSNBC]

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  1. Oh man, oh man; we are so close to ineffective and ultimately useless health insurance “reform” I can already feel the sense of letdown and despair.

  2. T’would be a tragedy o’ the commons if Chugsey fired a rocket out his ass & it rounded back on him and blew Chuck Grassley bacon all over his fellow senators.

  3. Hmm, I heard a few of Mr. Rockefeller’s words, then became preoccupied with the Lady over his right shoulder. Very nice. I’ll vote aye for that!

  4. Someone remind Orrin Hatch that debating bills for hundreds of hours is his fucking job, and if there are any regrets to be had it is for the rest of us to regret that pharma’s #1 suckjob hasn’t stroked out and been shuffled away on a gurney.

  5. Hatch sees a conspiracy. The “real bill” is being written in “dark corners (racist, much?) of the White House”. Also, the poor Sentator had to “endure” 100s of hours of debate on the topic.
    Isn’t that your job, asshat?

  6. Stop sucking up to Baucus, Conrad.

    Oh, Kent is saying “we can’t afford to do nothing” on health care. And that it’s bad that 46-million people are uninsured.

    So I guess that means you’re voting for it? Right?

  7. So basically, the insurance wingnuts have said “meh…we don’t like this business of being wrist-slapped for denying healthcare for those pre-existing conditions types, so we will make it costlier for all of you.” And Olympia Snowe says “oh no, this bill will make things really expensive for all of you, so I will now vote against it, and I will also vote against a public option, and also against anyone who thinks I am Olympia Dukakis.”

    And Charles Grassley will do a Rumpelstiltskin dance, after which (hopefully) the earth will open and he will be sucked into the deepest, darkest depths of Hades.

  8. Senate Finance Committee meetings make Jay Rockefeller horny. Or maybe it’s just his assisstant. His wife can’t feel comfortable watching this. Then again, sticking needles in one’s eyes is more comfortable than watching these whores decide who lives & who dies, as if they were picking a nerf football team.

  9. Oh look, it’s John Ensign bloviating on health care reform. So concerned about costs!

    Yeah, this is like listening to Boss Tweed talking about electoral reform.

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