Might as well just quote it wholesale: “TEMPLE, Ga. — When you walk into the Georgia Peach Oyster Bar in Paulding County, you feel like you’ve walked into a different era. Behind the pool tables stands a mannequin in a Klu Klux Klan costume, but it’s what’s outside of the Patrick Lanzo’s restaurant that has some people angry. Lanzo put up a sign that reads ‘Obama’s plan for health-care: N*&%*r rig it.'”

CBS2 ATLANTA sent a black reporter to make this super awesome awkward, too. Watch the video! She is so pissed about having to talk to this guy:

CBS Atlanta’s Michelle Marsh asked Lanzo why he put up the sign.

“I’ve been putting up signs for 22 years and I’ve put up all kinds of political signs,” said Lanzo.

“Why did you use the N word?” Marsh asked.

“Well, I’ve used it most of my life. There are different ways to put your opinion up, but that’s just the words I choose,” Lanzo answered.

He was somehow a member of the NAACP in 2005. Do people even know who they are anymore?

Restaurant Sign Attacking Obama Sparks Race Debate [CBS Atlanta]

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  1. “Despite the sign, Lanzo said he’s not a racist.”

    Um, dude, if you want anyone to buy that claim, you have to at least try to speak in code and not openly advertise your racism. The neo-confederates aren’t even trying anymore, are they?

  2. [re=431245]nycguy[/re]: My question, too. “Rig it”? Is he asking Obama to fit out the health care plan with masts and sails? Is that some kind of Georgia dialect thing that locals would find clever? Any wonketts have any idea what he was getting at?

  3. For Cthulu-Jeebus’s sake, the-racist-equivalent-of-jury-rigging not even a good metaphor. The health care system we have in place now is hastily- and shoddily-assembled and shows signs of having been put together from the cheapest components possible. The proposed plan is more comprehensive and streamlined.

  4. [re=431245]nycguy[/re]: It’s the same as to ‘Jerry-rig’ something, which isn’t an offensive term because

    1. The Jerries (Germans) as a whole are known for their high standards for manufacture. and
    2. Fuck the Germans.

  5. [re=431249]Aquannissiwamissoo[/re]: “That sign can’t be from Georgia. It’s spelled correctly.”

    But you’ve got a missing apostrophe and bizarre typography. Not to mention the entire sign looks rusty, filthy, worthless. Like there are probably a half-dozen broken down cars behind it. I can believe it’s GA.

  6. “Behind the pool tables stands a mannequin in a Klu Klux Klan costume, but it’s what’s outside of the Patrick Lanzo’s restaurant that has some people angry.”

    Well, Cletus, I was going to let the mannequin in a Ku Klux Klan costume go, but gawddammit, then you had to put up that there sign.

  7. [re=431258]Baconcat[/re]: LOL I think it is supposed to be “jury rig” but I am too lazy to look. but far be it from me to argue with a baconcat, cuz i dunno whether to pet you or eat you.

  8. Hmm, everytime I heard this phrase among rural white Northerners when I was a wee lad, they shortened it to “nig-rig.” Necks are a more sophisticated shade of red in Western NY?

  9. Did the reporter ask any of the African-American gentlemen eating oysters and enjoying a cold beer at the bar what their opinion was?

  10. “Despite the sign, Lanzo said he’s not a racist.”

    Shit, this reminds me of my redneck relatives in southern Illinois, the ones who think the high point of comedy is to tell “N!@@#r jokes” involving watermelon and fried chicken, yet who throw their arms up and go “hey, woah, woah, city boy” when anyone (me) accuses them of being racist fuckwits.

  11. Does Lanzo have meth lab in the back? It goes great with oysters.

    BTW: What do you call a teenage hooker in Paulding County, Ga.? Valedictorian.

  12. Googling this fine establishment brought up:

    “The Georgia Peach is owned by Pat Lanzo, a convicted sex offender and longtime hatemonger in the town. The restaurant has a number of racist images in his Georgia Peach Museum bar such as cartoons of Klan members lounging on lynched black men and items disparaging Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. A number of Klan rallies have been held here in the past. One such rally was the Aryan Unity Rally on May 18, 2002. Lanzo is someone who has seen a lot of attention over the summer because he put out a sign a few months back asking is Michael Jackson was innocent because he was a “n—–“ or money”–September 21 2005,

    “On the 4th of July weekend in Paulding County, Ga. We are planning on having the “Georgia White Pride Picnic/ Rally”. It will be held on the property of the Georgia Peach Oyster Bar and Museum (Pat Lanzo’s restaraunt). Pat has allowed people to have rallies and what not at his place for the past 21 years.All Klansmen are invited. Other White Nationalists are too, but we need a Klan group who would be willing to do a cross-lighting for us.”–02-03-2008,

    Remember, in the South it’s ‘Heritage’, not hate.

  13. [re=431260]Jim Newell[/re]: So he DID think he was being clever.

    I’ve never been proud for not knowing the meaning of a word or phrase until now. I’m 47, and I swear I have NEVER heard that expression before in my life. Sheltered upbringing, I guess.

  14. Jebus. This would be funny if it weren’t so freakin’ SAD.

    [re=431253]JMP[/re]: They AREN’T even trying anymore… You can almost hear the silent N-word in just about everything the rightwingnuts say…

  15. [re=431258]Baconcat[/re]: That one made me laugh out loud.

    This is meaningless news fluff. I want to know what his statement is regarding the Nobel Peace Prize.

    Oh, that’s right. Down here (the Dust Bowl is a Dixie-ish) the dickwads think noble piece prize is given for the best pecan pie.

  16. [re=431245]nycguy[/re]: in the south, to n rig something is to build it with pieces of junk found here and there. Think Steve Martin’s “family’s” house in The Jerk: a little plywood here, some tin sheets there. It also applies to the stereotype of black men’s cars back in the day, with curb feelers, fuzzy dice, rims, etc.

  17. True story:

    I’m at a friend’s party. Most people there are white. I talk about how I had to “jury rig” my AC onto my window. Someone remarks, “Jury rig. I’ve never heard that version of the term before,” and I say, “Oh what other term is there?” Mind you I’m colored and I was being honest. Everyone gets quiet. I had no idea what he was talking about. I had never heard the phrase “nigger rig” before. Anyway, fuck whitey but we’re all cool.

  18. [re=431277]proudgrampa[/re]: No doubt. I think we should start a pool on who the first House Rep or Senator will be to slip up and say the N-word during a campaign rally. You know it’s got to be tough for some of them. I’ve got $20 on Inhofe.

  19. What’s the deal with blurring out offensive words? It’s not like nobody knows what they are because you put a bar over them or replace a letter or two with asterisks. Seeing the media trot out this kind of false modesty when they’re hyping shock-value stories is just fucking lame. Show the damned words so that people get truly pissed!

  20. as opposed to “poor white trash” rigging, which is responsible for the amazing number of mobile homes that fly whenever a twister comes ’round.

  21. Lanzo? A filthy I-tie? Someone needs to show this guy the Christopher Walken scene in True Romance.

    Io non intendo offendere nessuno dei miei paesani…scherzo, scherzo!

  22. [re=431287]american mutt[/re]: I’ve rarely heard the term ‘jury rig’ but, hey, I grew up in OK. What can you expect? I suspect you have also never heard the term ‘n–r toe’–a cute Southern nickname for Brazil nuts (not the ones on Brazilian men).

  23. [re=431303]Texan Bulldoggette[/re]: Other endearing Southern phrases are “to sweat like a n-“, “to work like a n-“, or in answer to where you acquired such-and-such item, “I took it off a dead n=.”

  24. since we are on the subject, I have also heard “afro-engineering” as a faux-pc term for said rigging. As in “I had to use a little afro-engineering to construct a fire bomb that would blow that fucking place up and not me with it.”

  25. [re=431303]Texan Bulldoggette[/re]: My insane mother-in-law grew up in Antlers, OK. She said when she was a kid, they used to call Brazil nuts ‘n’ lips. How fucking lovely.

  26. In my youth we used the classier “Afro-engineering”.

    In all seriousness it is weird to find folks unfamiliar with a word I’ve heard all my life. This is the expression I have the most trouble not saying inadvertently.

  27. [re=431289]Judas Peckerwood[/re]: Actually, I agree with that. The shock value remains because we allow the press to cover it up… These freaks need EXPOSURE.

  28. Lanzo — that’s an Italian name. The KKK used to hate Italians — and Catholics generally — not too long ago. I wonder how Mr. Lanzo feels about his pet hate group getting so broad-minded as to include him.

  29. [re=431305]Smoke Filled Roommate[/re]: Jury rigged and jerry built, I believe. No less than the language column in the Christian Science Monitor dealt with this a couple of years ago.

    In a non-scientific poll, I asked the guys unloading roofing shingles from the local lumber yard (some softball sized hail fucked up the roof) what they thought of this guy’s sign. Bubba and Junior don’t have a problem with it.

  30. [re=431245]nycguy[/re]: [re=431256]bureaucrap[/re]: Srsly, y’all don’t have this phrase? It’s a more “colorful” way to say jury-rig (jerry rig is a corruption), which is a centuries-old nautical term, referring to making sail with the spars available after losing a mast or major spar. The racist version stems from the darkies not having stuff like money, or edumakashun, so’s they had to make do with the materials and knowledge at hand. The nerdspeak equivalent is kludge.

    The be-all and end-all of this sort of engineering can be found here.

    BTW, you know what you call a guy who through sheer merit graduates summa cum laude from Harvard, edits the law review, becomes a law professor, is elected to the Illinois State Senate and then the U.S. Senate, then defeats a host of nationally famous politicians to become President of the United States?

  31. My dear totally non racist mother used to use this phrase all the time. For example, “Your father is nigger rigging the fill in the blank appliance.” The implication was that he never really fixed anything and that it would never really last. You know, like those people always do. Wow, ma was a little bit racist!

  32. [re=431319]Extemporanus[/re]: No, no…it’s NIGEL Rig, as in British health care…which wouldn’t cover a filthy guinea dago named Lanzo. Oh, sorry, I mean a filthy g***ea d*go name L**zo.

  33. Temple, GA — suspiciously close to Waco, GA… where’s the ATF when one really need them?

    [re=431328]V572625694[/re]: I had to look that one up…

  34. [re=431287]american mutt[/re]: I was eight or nine when I went to the grocery store with my mother (this was in fifties) and saw a package of nuts called “Brazil Nuts.” I was so fucking relieved to learn they had another name than what I’d always heard them called.

    Not so much relief as surprise when I was a little girl and read the words “barbed wire” for the first time. Up until then, I’d always thought a guy named Bob invented that wahr with the points on it.

  35. [re=431326]hobospacejunkie[/re]: I’m guessing a 10-year-old girl is involved here. And probably took place at an ‘old camp meeting’ revival environment.

  36. [re=431289]Judas Peckerwood[/re]: During the election, the ‘nuts made a last ditch attempt to turn things around by using Rev. Wright’s famous “God Damn America” excerpt in a TV ad–except the dumb shits bleeped out the “God Damn”. I’m sure the networks appreciated their free money.[re=431330]Lazy Media[/re]: BTW, you know what you call a guy who through sheer merit graduates summa cum laude from Harvard, edits the law review, becomes a law professor, is elected to the Illinois State Senate and then the U.S. Senate, then defeats a host of nationally famous politicians to become President of the United States?

  37. [re=431287]american mutt[/re]: Yeah, I hadn’t heard the term before, either, and I come from the racist part of Washington State (ie Everywhere But Seattle). Mind you, we don’t have many black people, just lots of messicans.

  38. [re=431358]Crank Tango[/re]: Ha! No shit, I had a gym teacher with a weird leftover bouffant (this was in the mid-80’s) who always wore tight pants w/accompanying cameltoe named Mrs. Klitsch.

  39. [re=431245]nycguy[/re]: It’s an updated form of “jerry-rig,” which was itself a weird turn-of-the-century racist insult about how Germans built things in a shoddy manner. Apparently someone decided that it needed to mean something actively and palpably offensive again.

    “Afro-engineering” is the less rude but still crappy alternative.

  40. And you just know that guy has a picture of the white, blue-eyed Jesus on the wall and insists all of the Klan bakes start off with a prayer.

  41. [re=431328]V572625694[/re]: I think I’m coming down with pig plague and I can’t afford to go the emergency room. Could you tell me what NHIC is so I don’t have to look it up?

  42. I am hoping that maybe Lanzo has taken this down, since learning about the Nobel Prize.

    [re=431334]shadowMark[/re]: Isn’t it spelled N1993r?

  43. [re=431261]Doris Ziffel[/re]: Your description is also apt for parts of Anchorage. And a good bit of Wasilla. Today, we are all Georgians.

  44. [re=431306]chascates[/re]: In Indiana, at least circa 1988, it was “Got it off a dead nigger. Want it back?” I was also called nigger lover, to my face with the expectation that I would not be offended, for having a black girlfriend. Ain’t much progressive about small town Indiana.

    Seriously, some of you’ve never heard this before? Not only did I grow up in Houston, but my parents are from the midwest (rural area outside Chicago.) So I was privileged to hear this colorful phrase & many others without even leaving home.

    I once enjoyed a Thanksgiving with distant relatives from east Texas & Louisiana so much I left early. For no apparent reason racist talk & jokes featured prominently during dinner. These people are obsessed with race. It is odd, to say the least.

  45. [re=431358]Crank Tango[/re]: Did she have sharp points that snag the ass of your jeans when you’re trying to get under her?

    I think there must be something really dirty in the above sentence but I don’t know what it is, and I wrote it. If I didn’t feel like shit I’m sure I could figure it out.

  46. [re=431318]american mutt[/re]: Just so you don’t feel alone, I’ve never heard that before, either. “Jury-rigged,” yes.

    Cow towns in the intermountain west provided a sheltered environment for growing up? Not exactly. All those “Indians” available to be derogatory about, as I recall.

  47. [re=431347]gurukalehuru[/re]: [re=431330]Lazy Media[/re]: some of us come from places where we disguise our racism. all my relatives and neighbors growing up in marin county vote democrat, and never, ever, ever use terms like that, but the day a darkie moves in across the street will be the first day they lock their front doors at night.

    i didn’t hear that lovely term for brazil nuts until i was like 28 and my hoosier buddy told me that’s what his grandmammy calls ’em. i was so shocked i called my wife and said “you won’t believe what nat’s grandma calls brazil nuts!” she says “what? n****r toes? that’s what my whole family calls ’em.” her whole family’s mexican-american in the central valley, btw. gotta love the minority on minority racism, it’s even more fun!

  48. [re=431375]hobospacejunkie[/re]: I grew up in the Texas panhandle in a town (pop 3000) that had no black people, none in the entire county. Once I left home and went to school and worked with blacks I had an epiphany. Everything I had been taught was wrong. I grew up thinking Texas was the center of the universe, then the South was the center, then the U.S. was. Now I’m a citizen of the world only because I can’t move to another planet.

    [re=431380]iantenna[/re]: The Man’s oldest trick is to pit the minorities against one another. As long as someone else to look down on you don’t feel so oppressed.

  49. [re=431256]bureaucrap[/re]: Derisive term for slapping something together. See also: nigger-knocking, to knock on a door and run away (seriously, about 5 years ago someone called it something else, and I started to say “no that’s ni—HOLY SHIT!” As a kid, I hadn’t even connected it with the racial slur. Being an ex-southerner is like having acid flashbacks–racist acid).

  50. [re=431375]hobospacejunkie[/re]: what on earth does “Got it off a dead nigger” mean? Is that the long way of saying “I found it”? That’s insane.

  51. iantenna: The Man’s oldest trick is to pit the minorities against one another. As long as someone else to look down on you don’t feel so oppressed.

    Until you are unemployed and the Mexican kid that works as a roofer is now a foreman.

  52. [re=431394]doxastic[/re]: OMG we used to say that too! I had forgotten all about that. In later years we called it “ding dong dash” because of the alliteration, onomatopoeia, and well, nigger knocking didn’t make sense anyway.

  53. V572625694:That’s Head Nigger in Complete and Total Charge (HNICTC), to you! these rednecks are just pussyfarts to me. I live in the middle of Cobb County, Georgia. Mike Norman, the owner of Mulligans Bar & Grill here in Marietta is the king of Offensive Signage and his patrons would back me up on that if they would take a break from revving their Harley’s and getting shitfaced for a minute. I am the only “librul” I’ve known to frequent the establishment and aside from the fact that Mike is a friend of mine I’m not sure why I’m tolerated there. I enjoy stopping by once or twice a week just to rub salt in the asses of the more extreme fucktards; plus, the staff are all female, and believe it or not, they have all their teeth, and more. Mike can’t help being racist (he says he’s not racist, just don’t like niggers) any more than I can help being white. I don’t set moral requirements for friendship (although I would have a real problem with a pedophile) and fortunately for me, my friends don’t either. I guess I just feel more comfortable in a rough bar. One can count on what to expect there depending on whether or not one knows how to behave oneself; whereas in a Applebee’s or some other half-ass pussy bar you never know when some geeked-up account executive or college boy is going to go off on the whole joint. Feel better? Didn’t think so.

  54. I grew up in a small Polish neighborhood on Chicago’s near south side. It was as racist as could be. (“Mark, did you hear, someone saw a black guy by the bus stop on 39th!”) But my older brother and his friends were all semi-pro musicians and they used the phrase “black music” to mean music by people like Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Stanley Clarke. It was the ultimate compliment, the kind of music they all aspired to someday be skilled enough to play. So the racism didn’t stop them from responding respectfully to cool stuff when they heard it.

    I’m not defending racism, just adding one kinda up beat story to all the horror stories in the thread about how awful things used to be. The phrase “black music” used to mean very cool jazz.

  55. [re=431375]hobospacejunkie[/re]: ” I was also called nigger lover,”

    I was called the same thing in high school and I didn’t even know a black person. I was for civil rights and shit. And read To Kill a Mockingbird twice. Yeah, it was probably that–reading a book for class then a second time for fun. I’m sure that’s why they hated me.

  56. [re=431473]DustBowlBlues[/re]: We read that in our high school as well as “Black Like Me” which was always referred to as “Black Like YOU”, the you being pronounced as the talker pointed to someone.

  57. Clearly David Gregory was right, it isnt about racism, its about government getting too big that motivates these people and WTF was Jimmy Carter talking about, he was sooooooooo off base. JHC this guys signs are like going back in time.

  58. [re=431273]Dave J.[/re]: Southern Illinois–anything on the other side of Alton as far as I am concerned–is like Mississippi. 50 years ago. They had still White Citizen’s Councils down there not that long ago.

  59. I was raised in a dirt poor SC mill town, and I heard all the above and can add nigger ham (watermelon), nigger it up (gaudy), nigger nugget (watch cap), and nigger rich (cashing and spending your paycheck in one night. I could keep going, but I am to busy sending “President Obama just won the Nobel Peace Prize” emails to my relatives who (1) have electricity and (2) can read. I am 48, yet I remember the doctor in town having separate waiting rooms (and water fountains) marked “coloreds” and whites. I also remember “memberships,” crappy ass restaurants would post hand-lettered cardboard signs reading “members only,” on their locked screen door. Good times.

  60. Remember, some stars shine more brightly than others – those stars located in and south of the Bible Crotch, where Reel Murrika and overt racism begins!

  61. My grandparents said AWFUL things. Yes, they used the OTHER name for Brazil nuts, had a black spaniel named N—y (rhymes with “piggy”), and could never keep up with the lingo.
    “What do people say now? Colored, Darkie?” (Negro was as far as they could go.)
    They also had this thing about Catholics(!?).
    My own mother had a lot of trouble saying “Jew” because when she was growing up, it was a dirty swear-word. *sigh*
    Why the confessional?
    Because the backlash to these heinous attitudes is responsible for creating major bleeding-heart, lib-tard, latte-sippers.
    Maybe there’s hope.

    OK, back to being a cynic.

  62. [re=431276]bureaucrap[/re]: It all depends on where you’re from.
    Out in Phx, where we have all of a 2% African American population, we call it “ghetto rigging”.
    But since most of the “ghettoes” are populated by whites there’s not as much of a racial undertone.

  63. [re=431315]LittlePig[/re]: I learned this in Sociology. America is not one nation with many states.
    It’s one State with many Nations. I get more of a culture shock going to different states than to different countries.
    Anything east of the Rockies is a foreign country as far as I’m concerned.

  64. [re=431273]Dave J.[/re]: I didn’t know we had the same relatives! Though I more often get called an “upity city girl.”

    But yes, silly reporter, where on earth would she get the idea that this was racist? I just can’t imagine. I mean it’s not like he was marching in front of his restaurant with white crosses and a sign comparing Obama to a lion, with watermelons in the White House yard, preaching about white culture and how Obama is destroying it. How dare you bring race into this, you buncha racists!

  65. I’ll bet 80% of the non-veteran, non-over-65, non-government-worker patrons (and employees) of this joint have no health-care.

    Ha ha! Sucks to be stupid.

  66. My dad’s side of the family is Italian, and a great-uncle who married into the family was a landlord who had only the vilest description of every minority — never used the n-word, though, but his stereotypes of blacks and Puerto Ricans especially used to be just over the top. The blood relatives in my family used to look down at him as they were more patrician — they just hated the Jews and ignored everyone else.

  67. [re=431375]hobospacejunkie[/re]: I was many times called a “ni**er-lover” by college students (albeit in the south) for dating a black guy – in 2004.

  68. [re=431573]SayItWithWookies[/re]: If any prejudice I was raised with, it was against ignorance. I still see myself as better than people who hold those kinds of beliefs. In my family, ignorance and racism were considered to be the crutches of poor, white trash with no class rather than face reality.

  69. Sign hanging in the garage of an employer during my youth: “I have just donated $1.00 to the NAACP in your name. You are now an honorary nigger.” We should buy Pat a lifetime membership.

  70. First of all, what the hell is a peach oyster?

    Still, it is nice to see a picture of what the State Headquarters for the Georgia Republican Party look like.

    And, if anything, I think Rush Limbaugh has found his GM for the Rams.

  71. Out at burning man it’s called “Expedient Engineering”. If you know how to fix generators out there you get all of the sex, drugs, boys and girls you want if you can fix those things.

    Just Sayin.

  72. [re=431369]superconducting supercollider[/re]: My dictionary votes for the French:
    adjective (of a ship) having temporary makeshift rigging. DERIVATIVES jury-rig |ˈdʒʊri ˈrɪg| |ˈdʒuri ˈrɪg| verb

    ORIGIN late 18th cent.: jury perhaps based on Old French ajurie ‘aid.’

  73. [re=431582]GreatOldOnesParty[/re]: In my family, you had to respect your elders above all else. I wasn’t old enough to just get up and leave — all the kids had to greet every family member and politely socialize before we were released to play hide-and-seek in the backyard. So we pretty much had to sit through whatever anyone wanted to say. Most of them were born around 1920 and just accepted as fact a lot of the prejudices they grew up with. Sometimes it seems like we’ve made a lot of progress since their generation grew up, but sometimes it seems like that progress is a mile wide and an inch deep.

  74. [re=431598]SayItWithWookies[/re]: In my family it was the kids who moved to a big city or went to college that were able to change. The cousins that stayed in the same old small towns or on the farm became their parents pretty much.

  75. [re=431287]american mutt[/re]: True story this: I was teaching government to a bright bunch of highschool kids, in Texas no less, about ten years ago. I gave them something to read about the height of assholery that went for politickin’ in a book called “Gothic Politics in the Deep South” by Robert Sherrill, who knew his Gothic southern politics and politicians, believe me. The kids were reading a piece I’d selected for them, and one raised her hand–a black girl–and asked me what a “pickaninny” was. I looked around. None of the kids knew that word, not one. I was pretty stunned.

    But later I decided that was a *good* thing.

  76. [re=431590]Lionel Hutz Esq.[/re]: First of all, what the hell is a peach oyster?

    I thought it was that part what was blacked out on the picture of Palin.

  77. Wow, some twisted stuff out there that I am not glad to learn about. Living in the almost (most?) whitest state (VT) I had only heard the first term cited on the sign, and then only once or twice. Come visit here. It is so cold that people don’t have time to care what color you are. Even the rednecks are pretty mellow. They’ll make fun of their gay brother or cousin, but they won’t beat them up, ostracize them or really care. Generally, but there are exceptions. No snark, just sadness at the hate still out there.

  78. Can I just say that where I live it is called “haywire rigging” and refers to the baling twine (used to hold hay bales together) and it is a reference to white trash?

    [re=431447]shadowMark[/re]: did members of your family by any chance build potentiometers?

    My pa is from Indiana/ Chicago and his language could stand a good n!gger rinse, but I have never for a moment thought that he was racist. So carry on with the n!gger references.

  79. [re=431602]octupletsmom[/re]: That is a very good thing. If we can work toward a world where the n!gger, fag, spic, kike, raghead, and others are just historical oddities we’ve manage to evolve into something.

  80. [re=431287]american mutt[/re]: Let’s hope they were just thinking of the more traditional variant, ‘jerry rig’ (although the silence you describe argues against this).

    FWIW, that’s the only version I’d ever heard until maybe two years ago. As a sociological footnote, I’m curious as to when this new saying for the chronically inadequate caught on. Did the redneck WWII vets think they were being mega-clever or something?

  81. My wife and I were just talking about this. As kids, in the 1950’s, if we had ever said “nigger” in our Mississippi households, we would have literally gotten our mouths washed out with soap, and we were not that exceptional. My mom tells the story about my crying when I was three because some older white kids called my black playmates “little colored boys.”

    It is easy to be liberal and not racist if everyone around you is liberal and claims color blindness.

  82. [re=431624]A Better American Than You![/re]: My mother swears like a sailor, even when I was growing up, but the n-word would get the teefs knocked outta your head no matter what. She actually did raise me color blind. I had to learn race from other people.
    “What do you mean that kids ‘black’? His skins just a little darker than mine.”

  83. [re=431550]DemmeFatale[/re]: My father used the term “porch monkey” which bothered my sensitive twelve-year-old ears once I understood what it meant. He also used to refer to us as the “Hector Gonzalez Family” when we used to pack our gay station wagon to the gills on family vacations..
    My Italian grandfather also loved the joke, “I like Black people–I think everyone should own one”. It’s amazing that as a kid, I knew that was just fucking wrong and evil.

  84. It’s nice to see that the elected officials of Paultard County don’t even care to denounce this CONVICTED SEX OFFENDER and HOST OF ARYAN PARTY RALLIES.

    They say he has the right to free speech. Well, DUH. But that doesn’t mean they can’t denounce him.

  85. So the slur is that Obama is going to fix health care by using existing materials rather than bringing in something new, and is going to do it inexpensively? Uh. Er.

    …Isn’t that what Republicans are supposed to *want*? This racism business is confusing!

  86. [re=431609]the problem child[/re]: Funny! These must be very old expressions since they were imported here in Igloustan where we speak Freedomtalk and translated quite a long time ago. My grand-father, who was born in the 1880’s, used both expressions “plan de broche à foin” – literally haywire plan in French or “plan de nègre” – n@@r plan – to describe an unrealistic plan. He also used to term “une emmanchure de broche à foin” – literally a “haywire armhole” to describe a haywire rig. Why armhole? Who knows? On the other hand, I never heard the expression “une emmanchure de nègre”. Guess that Blacks did a first rough stupid plan and changed to better ones after! Must be why people continue to use “travailler comme un nègre” – work like a n@@r – which is complimentary since it means to work really hard (physically most of the time).
    Last year one of our MP was called a racist because he described the “Green Shift Plan” of S. Caligula Harper’s government “un plan de nègre”, which is obviously true (not that he’s racist, but that the plan is certainly “un plan de …”

  87. [re=431547]IgnatiusReilly[/re]: I was going to add “nigger rich” as my contribution to this trip down cracker lane. That, “nigger rig” and “nigger toes” for Brazil nuts were all completely normal and unexceptional terms in my 1970s Central Texas childhood. Confusingly, some people also used “nigger toes” to refer to the wildflower most people called “Mexican hats.”

    You know those peanut-butter cookies with a Hershey’s Kiss mashed down into each one right as they come out of the oven? My uncle loved loved loved them and when he wanted my aunt to make a batch, he’d say, “Irene, I want some nigger tits!” Which probably says more about my family than anything else.

  88. That there sign is ni&&er rigged if you was still a wonderin’ what it means.

    I reckon that “G” in RIG was jiggered from a “C” with a markin’ pen.

  89. Do people even know who they are anymore?

    Yes, I believe Mr. Lanzo knows an attention-whore when he sees one (in this case, every morning in the mirror when he’s trying to figure out why his mother carried him to term if she didn’t want him).

  90. [re=431303]Texan Bulldoggette[/re]: Thanks – that brings back an image of my dear mother passing around the Brazil nuts – probably at Christmas – in 1950s Milwaukee, WI.

  91. [re=431662]oldguy[/re]: My late grandmother, also of Milwaukee, referred to Brazil nuts as such right up until her death a few years ago, though in her later years I think she felt bad when she caught herself doing it. So much for these charming colloquialisms being confined to Dixie, I suppose.

  92. [re=431303]Texan Bulldoggette[/re]: Thanks – that brings back an image of my dear mother passing around the Brazil nuts – probably at Christmas – in 1950s Milwaukee, WI.[re=431608]Vermonster[/re]: And now I live in Vermont, and you’re pretty much right. Things get a little heated once in a great while, but generally, this is about the sanest place I can imagine in the US.

  93. [re=431602]octupletsmom[/re]: That could’ve been my Texas classroom. I was ass-confused ten years ago in high school reading the word “pickaninny.” Of course, I was a furr’ner more or less fresh off the boat, but I’d never heard it before or since.

  94. [re=431656]FreedomPoodle[/re]: I’ll buy “plan de nègre” as an import, but “travailler comme un negre” strikes me as good old fashioned domestic francophone stereotyping, though I am but an immigrant here in French Igloustan. The Côté bit reminds me of the hullabaloo last year when Dick Pound called Canada a former “pays du sauvages” (country of savages)… one of the peculiarities of a bilingual province is that once in a while people will actually translate you, and then you look bad. Oops!

  95. [re=431656]FreedomPoodle[/re]: In Russia, there’s a black guy who wants to be on local council in some bum-fuck province. He’s an immigrant from Guinea-Bissau. Been in Russia twenty years, changed his name to a Russian name, married an Armenian woman, and grows watermelons. (Which means absolutely nothing racist to Russians, who associate watermelons with the southern regions and possibly with Middle Asia and not black people.)

    Anyway, his campaign slogan was “I will work like a Negro.” Basically the same “travailler comme un nègre” deal. And that’s a positive thing, at least for the electorate (not for him though, because it would imply hard work for little money).

  96. That attractive reporter poses a quandary for this guy. He’s thinking, “Man I’d like to fuck her, but sister would get jealous.”

  97. [re=431659]sowbelly[/re]: Yep indeedy. Almost looks like an arrow. From an ink pen, no, no a Markin’ Pen ! (Sharpie– the first Merkin Pen? Everybody fucking uses those.)

  98. [re=431458]chascates[/re]: [re=431670]AxmxZ[/re]: Well, I was thinking of my Congressman in SW Ohio, late ’80s, convicted of statutory rape with a 13 year old black girl. He had her recruiting her classmates, too, for a statutory rape (black girl) double-header. He was a Rep(tilian) (of course, in SW Ohio), and flew bandaids to the Contras in Honduras on weekends. Eventually, the US Chamber of Commerce gave him an award for being the most conservative single man in the US House of Reps!

    Of course, once caught with old-fashioned vices, he was convicted, sentenced to a big 90 days in jail (out after 30), and strenuously forgotten by the Rep(tilians) of Middletown, Ohio.

    Last I knew, he’d retired to Texas. Probably spends his pension $$$ on young girls in Mexico.

    Zhu Bajie

  99. [re=431666]Mad Brahms[/re]: On the far east side of Cleveland, my mother told me Brazil nuts (which we only had at Xmas) were called this, but she told me I was never to say it. Why not, I asked? The explanation had something to do with Africa, so I associated this with the “pagan babies” donation box at school. That’s why I voted for Obama out of librul guilt.

  100. I grew up in NC hearing most of those terms and also about the mythical Northerner Agitators who came to the South and told the blacks (the stately term black being reserved for this story) that they were being treated unfairly when clearly they were not. Why doctors took black patients instead of letting them bleed to death! Sometimes white women gave their black housekeepers cast-off clothes!!

    Around this time I figured out that if “I’m not a racist/sexist/whatever” is followed by a “but”, you are a racist/sexist/whatever.

  101. I’m so happy when I run into young people who have moved from rural Georgia to the relatively enlightened cities of North Carolina. They’re worried about Obama’s socialist health care in rural Georgia because they think that everyone in America is an old racist pedophile fart on Medicare, primed for rounding up into concentration camps by those uppity Negroes. Their kids though, just laugh and laugh, because they moved away a long time ago and have a job where they can pay for their own health care and that of their Lesbian bondage master.

  102. [re=431728]MrsNateSilver[/re]: Yeah it does! I worked with a black dude who had an, er, impromptu solution for everything. He fixed a flat tire one day with some caulking and a drywall screw. I dubbed him “black mcgyver.” I think it really is a testament to what people can do when they are forced to get by with very little. Yankee ingenuity, my ass!

  103. [re=431347]gurukalehuru[/re]: This wonderful mason/dixon regional Engerlish term was previously discussed on Wonkette here. Prior to that, I had never heard the term, but apart from one weekend in Florida with the grandparents, I’ve never set foot in the South.

  104. [re=431313]Smoke Filled Roommate[/re]: My father was raised in rural Indiana, and he called them “n- toes”. In his defense, if we ever uttered the “n” word, he would slap us across the room. (It was the 1950s, that was normal behavior.) Whenever I hear someone complaining about political correctness being awful, I ask them if they know what Brazil nuts used to be called. That shuts them up fairly quickly.

  105. zhubajie: I used to work in Middletown, OH whilst living in Yellow Springs, OH. Your basic yin and yang. Nothing you say about Middletown would surprise me.

  106. Lanzo mentioned he was president of the NAACP from 1999-2005 and donated $200,000 to Howard University last year. “None Niggahs don’t bodder me none, jess dat ol coon Rak Obama,” he added.

  107. [re=431733]OhTheHorror[/re]: even though the girl in the “Welcomes the church” picture is totally hittable, in 20+ years not so much.
    Whiskey Tango may be hot in their teens and 20s but their “sell by date” comes up pretty fast afterwards.

  108. The only way I could defend this tard cart is that he’s probably too fucking ignorant to realize there are other ways of saying what he said without using the perjorative form of “Negroid”.

  109. [re=431656]FreedomPoodle[/re]: I am in Igloustan. I can vouch for the Acadianness of the expression “travailler comme un negre”, which is still used here by some but the haywire ones were only anglo to my knowledge.

  110. It’s times like these I’d like to whip back to the very early nineties and grab Steven Seagal at the height of his career and make a new movie about him single-handedly exterminating all the shit in the American south. The scene: black chick reporter and moccasin-wearing Seagal roll up to this imbred’s clam dive for the interview. Imbred comes out all cocky, talking shit. Seagal, in signature format, is perfectly calm as he tells him to “remove the sign now and apologize to the lady.” Then he begins to bitch slap him, open handed… which sends the imbred reeling with every turn. White trash asshole pulls a concealed piece, Seagal grabs it, drops the mag and pulls off the barrel in one slick motion, then cracks the fucker with the disarmed gun, knocking out 3/4s of the 12 teeth of the mouth breather. Then he snaps the arm in three places, makes the dude apologize and yank off the sign, then throws him into his clam bake cooker which is just a rusty barrel filled with boiling chum. Final words: “Next time you put up a sign, I’ll come back, and you’ll be eating clams out of your asshole.”

  111. [re=431741]sezme[/re]: That’s the first place I ever heard the “Ni@@er-rig” term, too, here on good ol’ Wonkette.

    Also delightfully added to my (personal) lexicon here on the pages of Wonkette:

    Cleveland steamer
    Dirty Sanchez
    2 girls 1 cup

    none of which I necessarily recommend google-imaging, BTW. I’m sure there’s a bunch more, but those are the ones that come to mind.

  112. As a kid I remember an uncle who nearly lost his mind when some local college kids decided they wanted to eat lunch at the downtown Woolworths. Today, it’s being turned into a museum to honor what those kids started.

  113. [re=431766]the problem child[/re]: Hello! [re=431672]AxmxZ[/re]:
    Poor Igloustany dweller — Winter is coming. I just lacked time to build a green house around my igloo and I hate myself now!
    I lived in the Accadianese country long ago, where I was seen just like the “maudits français” in Igloustan are seen. (Lived in Shediac, in the old house just facing the bakery and in Moncton, close to the University, by the 1970’s). Haywires jobs (trucs de broche à foin) – rigs – or whatever are really common expressions in our Freedomtalk country. And I’m sure that Acadianneses use it altogether at least in the Northern part of Acadianna country. Sure, these expressions become less common as people are getting more educated but I for one did (and still do) a lot of haywire rigs when I bought a shack and turned it in a modern home. Not bad actually, the house, even if I had no previous knowledge of house building. I’m wondering if the expression “travailler comme un nègre” doesn’t relate to the work of one of the definition of “nègre” in freedomtalk – a ghost writer — Imagine the work that Sarah Paulin’s “nègre” had to do to translate her gibberish into articulated language. Ouch!
    My grand-father used to call our Indians “les Sauvages” but he was not prejudiced. He liked and understood them and their way of life. He just lacked vocabulary. Used to hire them to do I don’t know what and pay them every night the normal fee because they used to leave in the night for other errants. Most other foremen knew the trick and abused them by withholding the pay till the end of the week — when they have left. They called him “Monsieur P…”. Really weird man for the time. Sorry I didn’t know him better. He also went down to Shediac prospecting forest for Consolidated Bathurst. Told them not to buy Anticosti Island! But he was just an alphabetic Québécois !

  114. What’s up with the censuring of the word by Wonkette? The word “nigger” it’s not even real swearing. And blurring it down in this site that swears in every other headline is kinda dumb…swear to god.

  115. [re=431671]Mad Brahms[/re]: This cannot be a stereotype — My grandfather never saw a real Black before he was 80 years old. Where did the prejudice could come from? And “travailler comme un nègre” is complimentary to hard work!
    I met a real Black for the first time in the 1970’s, and a was living in a 70 000 inhabitants city (town?) Poor guy he came from Haiti in August and was rushed to Chibougamau as a religion teacher in September! He did not like it! Wonder why! Came to south Igloustan a year later. We really had great times together. Blacks from USA used to go to Halifax or Montreal in the 1800’s and after, not in the backwards towns of Igloustan.
    My opinion is that Freedomtalk people in North America were cut off their mother country in 1769 and developed their own language for 200 years until they could reach again France, which was somewhat deceiving.

  116. [re=431258]Baconcat[/re]: Actually, the term ‘jerry rig’ has been around since the 18th century. And unrelated but kind of related, ‘jerry’ is used for ‘n*****’ from time to time in the south when trashy trail-of-slime leaving trash redneck white-trash trash are unable to use ‘n*****’, such as when actual black folks are present, because trash really doesn’t have a whole ton of structural integrity, and so trash avoids getting hit at, because then trash just falls all to pieces, i mean it isn’t even worth hitting, trash.

  117. [re=431618]bored Socialist/Communist[/re]: I’m curious as to when this new saying for the chronically inadequate caught on.

    I expect as you say – late 40’s, early 50’s. I know in my small Arkansas home town, blacks were only allowed to live in a small part of town (which, yes, everyone called ‘niggertown’ without a second thought), had lousy jobs and limited access to merchants. They had to make do with what building and repair they had (identical to ‘Yankee ingenuity’). I never thought about the WWII connection but I expect you are exactly right.

    I don’t know that Southerners are more racist per se, they are just more open about it. My wife is from South Chicago and my in-laws are viciously racist (way meaner than all but the most rabid Southerners I’ve met). Busing in Boston in the early 70’s was every bit as nasty as Central High in ’57. And like religion and politics used to be before the Christofascist takeover, race is a taboo subject.

    Fortunately Barack “the Islamic Shock” Hussein Superallah Obama is driving it out into the open. I’m sure it’s unbelievable for you younger folks (or folks from the few civilized parts of the Yew Ess Ayy), but I think it’s pretty good progress for people as cussedly ignorant as Americans. As someone who got spanked as a kid for sitting in the “Colored Balcony” at the local theater, it just tickles the shit out of me.

  118. A student of my father found Emmett Till’s body. I was in Neshoba County the summer the three civil rights workers were killed. I remember the Baptist church meetings about what to do if “Negroes” tried to attend our church. I remember when the song “Jesus Loves the Little Children” (“…all the children of the world. Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in his sight) quietly disappeared from my Sunday school class.

    It always struck me as odd that people in Boston, of all places, had all the answers and were always coming down to Mississippi to tell us how to live our lives. Surely, there is open racism in the South, but where isn’t there racism? A homogeneous place like Japan even finds castes to despise — and don’t get them started on how sub-human the Chinese are.

    My ancestors came over as indentured servants (indentured servant women were often bred with African slaves) and my Choctaw and Chickasaw ancestors were mightily abused by the Great White Chiefs. Today, absentee landlords (big timber companies owned by John Hancock and Yankee investors — including lots of people’s mutual funds) are the biggest environmental criminals and tax criminals in my state, Alabama.

    Oh, and there were far more Obama for President posters on my white (but integrated) street than McCain posters. We may not be as enlightened as Bachmann country or those watermelon-patch California Republicans, but we are doing as well as any other part of this bigoted, racist world in which we live.

  119. [re=431795]FreedomPoodle[/re]: Huh! You know, in Russian the word “negr” has also come to mean “ghostwriter.” Shows how much Russians borrowed from the French.

  120. [re=431840]A Better American Than You![/re]: “We may not be as enlightened as Bachmann country”
    ‘Enlightened’ and ‘Bachmann’ don’t belong in the same sentence.

  121. [re=431313]Smoke Filled Roommate[/re]: Well, my neighbors from Texas when I was growing up in San Francisco used to call Brazil nuts “nigger toes.” They had an actual retarded daughter a la Ellie May in “Tobacco Road” and the dad was the first man I had ever seen wear a white t-shirt out in public, a la Lee Harvey Oswald in his famous photo. It does seem that General Sherman left a certain amount of unfinished work when he went through Georgia in 1864. Also.

  122. [re=431840]A Better American Than You![/re] and [re=431834]LittlePig[/re]: A-fucking-men, the idea that racism is exclusively a Southern white against black thang is so tired and out of date… After all, we’ve taken it to a whole new level! I know a mostly black Katrina-evacuee-never-gone-home who hates Vietnamese folk with a forceful passion that would make the worst incarnation of our own George Wallace include him in his prayers. Then there is the Cuban-American who thinks Mexicans should be rendered into soap but only after they get the rest of the shingles on the roof. Most real Southerners will admit to knowing similar people, along with the garden variety bigots of varying degrees of stupidity, it’s all just the dark side of human nature, we’re all just bones, meat and mean-spirited grey-matter inside. The difference is we, Southerners, aren’t always afraid to let our freak-flags fly, unlike you chicken-shit Yankees who only use the offensive term or tell the racist joke in cloistered environs where your similarly minded but also closeted buddies won’t be offended…

  123. I grew up in Long Island and a high school classmate once responded to my query as to whether he liked Earth, Wind and Fire by saying “I don’t listen to nigger music.” This was proffered without the least hint of introspection or irony.

    That said: The South is the home of some of the most stone cold racists in the history man’s rise from the slime. And people who come here to whine about how unfairly maligned the “more open about it” racists are should be fucking banhammered with a plunger to the anus, Giuliani-style.

  124. [re=431905]Mr Blifil[/re]: responded to my query as to whether he liked Earth, Wind and Fire by saying “I don’t listen to nigger music.” This was proffered without the least hint of introspection or irony.

    If I had a dollar for every time an Indiana native said something racist like this (w/o introspection nor irony) I would’ve retired sooner than 10 years ago. That’s the most jaw-dropping part of racism in the midwest; when you’re with whites only, the racists just assume everyone thinks the same way as them. And if you’re white, try enjoying a dinner out with a black partner. The looks you’ll get will bore holes in you if you aren’t wearing a lead blanket.

    That said, I much prefer living in a college town in Indiana over the college town in Texas I currently reside in. The innate superiority most Texans assume of themselves is rather infuriating once you shed that habit. It probably took me a year in Indiana before I grew up & stopped thinking I was special just because I’m from Texas. It’s no little wonder non-Texans don’t like us much, at least in the abstract. The fact that Texas was for a short while an independent nation was the worst thing to ever happen to this state.

  125. [re=431913]hobospacejunkie[/re]: “That said, I much prefer living in a college town in Indiana over the college town in Texas I currently reside in.”

    I think you mean, “That said, I much prefer living in a college town in Indiana over the Texas college town in which I currently reside.”

    But you’re wrong about that too.

    Remember to keep the Alamo weird!

    Sincerely (not really) yours (not that either),

    Tranch Coat
    5th Generation Texan, Escaped

  126. [re=431396]american mutt[/re]: “Want it back?” was was the essential follow-on to the got-it-offa statement. And by the way, Hobospacejunkie, it’s East Texas (big E). If you hadn’t grown up down there in the big city you’d know that. West Texas demands the same vanity.

  127. O. M. F. G.
    I’ve been in London for two weeks working and getting very tired of listening to all my mates (I’m half-a-Brit) telling me that “Hopey-or-no-Hopey, there will never be a ‘post-racial’ America because most of you bloody c**ts just haven’t got it in you.”

    “No,” I tell them,”like Winston (half-a-Yank) so famously said, ‘you can always count on the Americans to do the Right Thing – after they’ve tried everything else.'”

    Now I log on this morning to catch up with teh coolest bunch of snarksters I know and I am confronted with this latest example of vile, putrescent, unapologetically racist, sore-loser, Bitterz poison and it just takes my fucking breath away.

    I have this fantasy: instead of changing planes for Austin tomorrow in Newark, I just head on down to Atlanta, check into teh Super-8 across from teh Waffle House, go over to Wal-Mart and buy a nice, shiny 12-gauge Mossberg over-and-under and four boxes of deer slugs. Then cab it over to Paulding County for some high-volume cracker “scatterin’, smotherin’ an’ coverin'”…

    The Constitution headline the next day: “Former Austin Liberal and Gun-Control Advocate Loses The Plot; Sets Things To Rights At The Georgia Peach.”

    Call it “doing the Right Thing – after trying everything else.”

    Peace out from a (lovely) Socialist State,


  128. [re=431905]Mr Blifil[/re]: “The South is the home of some of the most stone cold racists in the history man’s rise from the slime.” Maybe but at least you can sort ’em out by their signage!

    [re=431932]agitpropster[/re]: Um, four boxes of deer slugs is only twenty rounds and an over & under will be pretty slow compared to the usual Georgia AK-47 hanging in the pickup truck back window…

  129. Lanzo musta thought it’s The Nobel Peach Prize.

    And Jimmy Carter was wrong how again?

    Finally – this idiot can’t even center letters on a sign? What is it right-justified? Or is that a methaphor for the whole concept?

  130. I believe I win. I called this one almost exactly six weeks ago when I said the over/under for the “n” word’s appearance would be six weeks.

    Crap, I should be using this talent to handicap NFL games. As a first try, I’ll take the Redskins over the Chiefs next week.

  131. What the hell is wrong with people in the South? I get the ignorant racism, but I’m pretty sure anywhere in the North, this red-necked restaurant owner would have come to his restaurant on day 2 after the sign, to smoldering ash.

  132. [re=431431]DoktorZoom[/re]: To give your front lawn that finished look, it’s tough to beat scattered railroad ties. Apparently stolen, based on the fact they appear to have never been used.

  133. We saw a business in Quitman GA (WAAAY down south) that displayed a similar marquee sign that read:
    God is good.
    Obama isn’t.
    Just two more business in Georgia who won’t get to spend any of my money.

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