Speaking of Nancy Pelosi and Afghanistan and sexism, here’s a completely brilliant clip of cool-as-ice Harry Reid, the “Late-Middle-Aged Arthur Fonzarelli of Reno,” executing the latest attempt in his decades-long quest to “break the touch barrier” with Nancy Pelosi, finally. (And after all these years!)

Man, look at her trying to escape this disgusting fish carcass’ sad clutch, his Midas touch of failure. Some people might view this as her simply moving away from the microphone. The problem with this interpretation is that it is wrong.

On another note — and one that actually attempts to be a political point (BOOOO) — can you believe that Harry Reid just said, in public, without any shame or whatever, that the Congressional leaders of both parties agreed to fully support whatever decision Obama makes about Afghanistan, whenever he makes it? Why do we even use taxpayer funds to support a legislative branch of the federal government, especially with foreign/military policy? Eh, doubling troops numbers and committing to a 30-year fully-resourced nation-building strategy vs. withdrawing most ground troops but retaining for a small force to kill Al Qaeda people when they find them — six in one, half a dozen in the other. We’ll just go with whatever the president gins up in the next few days.


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  1. Um, you need to get someone to make an animated GIF of this. Maybe loop it with the look of doom at whatshisface, uh, Joe YOU LIE Wilson. Or something.

  2. If Nancy Pelosi’s failed economic policies are any indicator of the effect she may have on Afghanistan, taxpayers can only hope Harry Reid makes her take two steps to the left.

  3. [re=428102]Extemporanus[/re]: Depends. Are you talking about fisting, Bill Frist or trying to say you were first? Being that this is Wonkette i’m going with the first option and in that case: No it’s never too soon for fisting.

  4. Harry Reid has attempted this before— many, many times. Hopefully he will learn about sexual harassment in the work place at the upcoming seminar.


    What’s this about a war in Afghanistan?

  5. To answer Mr. Newell’s question: because war profiteering is something every state can profit from (like fighter plane parts being made in 47 states or something) and bribery by war profiteers is something all elected officials can profit from.

  6. [re=428118]StripesAndPlaids[/re]: That’s a phenomenal – PHENOMENAL – amount of dynamic facial expression for her. Almost as accomplished as her “YOU LIE” gasp.

  7. [re=428142]hobospacejunkie[/re]: Well YEAH, that and keeping the very necessary and loyal “Blue Dog” faction of the party in their seats… it is just funny how Harry Reid says these terrible things.

  8. [re=428110]CrunchyKnee[/re]: Probably this explains why she didn’t turn and knee him in the nuts. If these two got it on, their offspring could be the world’s largest invertibrate.

  9. Good for her. Though I would have preferred to see her grab Reid’s arm, hoist it up in the air, and loudly demand: “Anybody lose a hand? I just found one creeping up my backside!”

    Or, as my wife once said to a police officer who got too physical: “You either take that arm off of MY body, or I’m going to take that arm off of YOUR body.”

  10. “…the Congressional leaders of both parties agreed to fully support whatever decision [the President] makes about Afghanistan, whenever he makes it?”

    Why not? It worked out so great for the last eight years. Ditto Iraq.

    Obviously, I am being sarcastic. I can never close my disgust with Reid tag. Schmuck.

  11. “Why do we even use taxpayer funds to support a legislative branch of the federal government, especially with foreign/military policy?”

    For decoration and to make unimportant decisions the president doesn’t want to spend time on. Lots of authoritarian regimes have these decorative legislatures. Think of North Korea!

    Zhu Bajie

  12. Ok, I’m too lazy to read comments right now, but I MUST know the answer to this, so just beam it to me telepathically or something – did Pelosi get another nose job, like recently? Because her nose looks even scarier, and like super skinny down the middle, like our dearly departed Whacko Jacko’s. Or is she just doing Tyra makeup down the nose, or both? She needs to stop fucking with her face, and also get out of my Congress because she is ineffectual and embarrassing. Congratulations Nancy, you are human #5,625 to emasculate Harry Reid……………today.

  13. So he puts his arm around her and simultaneously moves her away from the microphone and starts talking?

    Wow. I’d have done a bit more than clenching and making an ookey face. I wouldn’t have karate chopped his neck on camera or anything, but something in between those two options.

    I like the Merkel option mentioned above. Shoulder block!

  14. I seem to remember a similar press conference in 2006 or early ’07 when Pelosi had just begun her reign as Speaker, when Reid had his arm around her shoulders for a lot longer than he did in that clip, and she looked nonplussed but didn’t move. I thought at the time it was a little condescending, like he was feeling like the macho dude protecting the lil’ lady from the big bad press corps. Maybe Reid’s just one of those horny old guys who finds excuses to touch any female no matter what. Like Letterman without the spine or the personality or…well, I’m sure Reid and Letterman have something in common. Both are carbon-based life forms, so there’s that.

  15. [re=428350]Aurelio[/re]: You sir, like shadowMark for his 12-hour sex marathon w/Michele Bachmann comment, are one sick fuck. Which is a compliment.

  16. Nancy Pelosi is HOT. I’d do her. She’s not as hot as Kirsten Gillibrand, who is the person in Congress I most want to do (with the possible exception of Amy Klobuchar, whom I’m hotter for some days,) but she’s hot.

    If you treat C-SPAN like a porn channel, it’s like getting porn for free, 24 hours a day. But you can’t be too particular. Greta Brawner was on Washington Week this morning, which is a major score ANY day.

  17. I say she knows about his problem… You know, the one where he lacks those testosterone-producing glands… Known As BALLS! And she wants none of it.

    Aren’t we glad our congressional leaders are so well-read in that Constitutional provision which says that only CONGRESS can declare war? For a second there, I was worried they would just let Fearless Leader do anything he wanted, war-wise…

  18. That is so avoiding his grasp. Look at the smile that crosses her face as she begins to move further and further away. I’d love to see her grab his arm in front of all of them and yell “don’t touch me, bitch!”

  19. This makes Sibel Edmonds’ deposition testimony that a California Democratic Congresswoman is being blackmailed with a lesbian sex video a little more interesting.

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