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Michael Steele Is Confused Again; Says ‘Poop’ In Unrelated Incident

Wacky RNC chairman Michael Steele, who is in very deep shit right now with the orange boner in charge of House Republicans, heard about all of those white coats from the American Medical Association — historically Republican allies against health care reform movements, until now, because things are just so terrible — showing up on Obama’s front lawn today, and proceeded to make his devastating move: “The AMA is–does not have the credibility on this health care issue, as they would like to project.” He will now write an op-ed for the Washington Post to introduce his latest alternative, which would order a government bureaucrat get between you and your lying so-called “doctor.” Michael Steele also said “poop” today, which was pretty cool. [The Hill]

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  1. bitchincamaro

    What happened to the hip-hop? Since when is “street-cred” called “credibility”? Can I get a witness?

  2. GayInMaine

    Doctors don’t know nothin bout no healthcare, cause they ain’t from the streets. Yo. Also.

  3. AbstinenceOnly Ed

    Michael Steele is… Triumph, the Insult Comic Chairman! I knew it all along. Smigel, you genius!

  4. magic titty

    ‘Doctors don’t know anything about health care.’
    ‘Albert Pujols don’t know shit about baseball.’
    ‘Sully doesn’t know dick about mantric buttsex.’

    Michael Steele will say all of these things, at least twice this week.

  5. sezme

    The man is hilariously unsure how to pronounce ‘Copenhagen’. Pick one, you damn fool. Poop indeed!

  6. sezme

    [re=427141]vladster[/re]: John McCain was fucked in the ass by Andrew Sullivan for TWELVE AND A HALF HOURS, Alan.

  7. Texan Bulldoggette

    Looks like Boehner is going to send someone to bed without dinner again…. Hey, give Mikey a break; it’s not like he can tell when Boehner is mad since he’s red or Tang-colored year around.

  8. SayItWithWookies

    Michael Steele has no credibility on the issue of who has credibility. And that’s the poop.

  9. Crank Tango

    “Inside Washington poop”? Well I for one am deeply disturbed about what “hip hop” “culture” and “street credibility” have done to the level of discourse in this country. I give Mr. Steele “properties” for trying to reach out to the youths, but this is a disgrace up with which I shall not put.

    I mean, shit.

  10. americanscandoanything

    Is Boner undergoing some sort of reverse Micheal Jackson transformation in order to prove that the GOP doesn’t need to recruit any minorities, they can just grow their own?

  11. Naked Bunny with a Whip

    The Republicans always neglect to mention that, when they talk about government bureaucrats interfering with Americans’ healthcare decisions, they’re talking about themselves.

  12. lochnessmonster

    Wow…the giant Oompah-Loompa is going to have sexy-time with this Dr Blingee Dude? I had no idea Steele was a doctor too.

  13. V572625694

    Danger! You should have warned us we’d have to suffer through the dull-wood-planer voice of Laura Ingraham in order to hear Mikey.

  14. AbstinenceOnly Ed

    [re=427159]americanscandoanything[/re]: The GOP: Grow your own darkies! I like it. If the tanning beds prove too carcinogenic, they can just revert to minstrelry. O WAIT THEY ALREADY HAVE

  15. Way Cool Larry

    [re=427176]AbstinenceOnly Ed[/re]: maybe that explains Boehner’s orangeness—- one of the experiments gone horribly wrong

  16. PrairiePossum

    Mikey wants to give you a colon exam because your doctor doesn’t know assholes the way Mikey knows assholes.

  17. ttommyunger

    Michael Steele and his little Boner Buddy; two WILD AND CRAZY guys! The Gold Dust Twins of the Grand Orange Party.

  18. Mike Steele

    As you can see, I am Michael Steele. I didn’t exactly mean what I said today. I was taken out of context by the white man. I will explain this tomorrow, at my chicken and potatoe salad lunch, with another misunderstood leader, Kanye West. And I ain’t escared of that electric dreamsicle lookin’ motherfucker, Boner.

  19. PoignancySelz

    “William Ayers don’t know shit (or poop) about terrorism”
    More troops,
    Cut the taxes on the rich, bitch…

  20. PoignancySelz

    I can’t believe noone connected the dots.
    Doctors don’t know poop about healthcare because….. they are too busy being racists.
    Wait, whitey doc don’t roll with the Steel Mike,
    Fix this cap in your white ass,
    Oh, and cut taxes on the rich
    and more troops, also

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