What you are seeing here is Arianna Huffington, Stephen Baldwin, Jim Norton and—as required by law—Meghan McCain talk about crucial politics things with Jay Leno, who is apparently living out some nascent Bill Maher fantasy, what with the newsy roundtable. It is a disaster, especially the zeitgesity David Letterman part. Arianna talks about having affairs with married people, and then our Meg says something about how her dad is John McCain, and how awkward this makes sex!!, or something. There are about 90 elephants in the room… which reminds your Wonkette Editor: NEW ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for comments of a certain strain about young Meg’s physical appearance. She is an impressionable young brilliant Republican strategist!

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  1. “comments of a certain strain”? I’m not sure what to make of that. Are we not supposed to compliment Meghan McCain for being a buxom blonde conservative goddess anymore?

  2. It takes a lot of effort to be known as the dumb, untalented Baldwin, but Stephen’s really managed to do so.

    [re=426539]Potater[/re]: Hey now, that title card “joke” is a reference to a movie that came out 17 years ago – so perfectly typical for Jay Leno’s style of humor.

  3. Is it still OK to say that Meg McCabe dresses like a tarted-up 19-year old college freshman headed to her first post-high school kegger? I think my little sister used to wear her hair like that 10 years ago…

  4. Mt take on this video:

    Arianna: pumpkinesque pirate shirt.

    Meighan McCain: “I like Vodka!”

    Some Baldwin: “I’m a douche!”

    Jim Norton: “Insert misanthropic comment here”

  5. [re=426543]the problem child[/re]: Not to imply that the elephants are in any way overweight, or even zaftig. They are simply marching in a zeitgesty manner.

  6. Megs in summary: “Gawd yah! oh my gawd! sexxxxx. yay! gay! oh my gaawwd. uhhhh yeah! ew!”

    And Stephen Baldin…I thought the he moved to a different country because Barry won? What’s the last thing he’s ever done? Biodome?

  7. Brilliant Republican strategist? And here I thought Meg was a pro-choice, pro-fornication, pro-gay fake-haired liberal who was a Republican by inheritance and by being too stupid to realize she’s in the wrong party.

    Inasmuch as it’s possible to use the words “brilliant” and “Republican” in the same sentence, about the closest you’re going to get to such a strategist is Joe the Asshat.

  8. Arianna appeared on the “Jay Leno Show” Friday night alongside Stephen Baldwin, Meghan McCain and Jim Norton for a segment called “Who Cares What They Think?”
    Yes. That. Could have left it at that.

  9. [re=426553]JMP[/re]: I still thought girls were icky 17 years ago. Actually based on my recent track record of partners, I apparently still do, but the fact remains that Jay Leno’s jokes are too old to be allowed on the teevee! Now maybe if it had been a “Dude, Where’s My Olympics?” joke it would have been more “relevant” to whippersnappers like myself. Jay should work on that. Relevance.

  10. As long as Leno seems to be on a derivative jag, maybe he should whack his head on something heavy (like you know who) or sharp (unlike you know who).

  11. [re=426573]AnnieGetYourFun[/re]: I definitely think Alec should contract with Daniel to kill Stephen, then replace him with non-relative Adam Baldwin (Animal Mother in Full Metal Jacket and the bodyguard from My Bodyguard) as an honorary Baldwin, just as soon as he completes the extensive body hair-graft procedures.

  12. P.S. When the video board is recycling a Wayne’s World joke, and it’s not a pun or anything else, you know you’ve struck topical comedy gold.

  13. Stephen Baldwin is so fucking annoying that if Megan McCain were sitting there naked I wouldn’t notice… the urge to punch him is that intense.

  14. [re=426562]El Pinche[/re]: You mean you missed Stephen Baldwin baptising Spencer Pratt in “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here?” Their minds are like two peas in a pod — cramped, wrinkled and rotting.

  15. Jay Leno will literally do anything for money, including stabbing Conan O’Brien & anyone associated with the production of teevee drama, in the back. He probably ran his granny over with a motorcycle to get this latest abortion of a teevee show on the air. Soulless, bloodsucking corporate whores with syphilis are more likable than Jay Leno, the human sleeping pill.

  16. [re=426603]Prommie[/re]: Perhaps this is the line we are not allowed to cross.

    But so much awful in one studio, how did the “live” audience survive?

  17. If it is no longer tolerated for me to say I would gleefully invite Meghan McCain to attend the caucus in my pants, then I guess this is my farewell.

  18. [re=426613]Godless Liberal[/re]: Oh, I think you can say that pretty much all day. It’s the truth-telling that’s verboten, not the lying.

  19. These panels will get really good once Sarah Palin gets done spell checking her book, and start selling it on every teevee show under the sun.

  20. I didn’t watch the video because I’m guessing there was no chewing tobacco and no spitting. Does Jay really think anyone can take seriously political debate without dipping and spitting? I couldn’t watch the video because unless Meghan is dipping and spitting it’s all just too unreal.

  21. [re=426633]shadowMark[/re]: If you don’t watch the video, how do you expect to find out Stephen Baldwin’s position on the taxation of flavored dip? (Spoiler alert — he thinks it’s gay as hell.)

  22. It’s time for all of these people–except for Jay Leno, who’s consistenly intelligent except when he’s dealing with these morons–to just plain shut up and go away. Megan McClain is literally worthless–she offers no insight, no analysis, no depth, no experience, no intelligence, no eloquence, no intellectual thought processes, and she’s literally out-of-it—literally, as in not knowing the facts and not being experienced on any level—and she’s a horrible presence on radio, television and in print. She’s just sub-par. I’ve seen and heard more intelligent academic and political discusssions with some informed high school students–and that is the truth. And, truth be told, Ms. Huffington, Norton, Baldwin and Maher aren’t much better. They all generally fail–literally–on government and politics, journlism, education and broadcasting. The only one who actually succeeds in all of these areas in this bunch is Jay Leno. The others are generally just morons.

  23. I didn’t see and hear enough of Meghan. I fantasize about leaving my wife and going off with Meghan and comapigning for Olympia Snowe’s 2012 Republican Presidential Nomination. In that clip she seemed a little too tipsy. Did Steve Baldwin slip some ludes into her vodka? Speaking of Steve Baldwin – what a douchebag! Jay kept going to him. He got the best line but he just got it from his mom.

    BTW it figures that this was on Hufpo.

  24. [re=426639]thefrontpage[/re]: wait a minute, wait a minute, back up did you say Jay Leno is intelligent, wait, “consistently” intelligent?

    Wait, satire, right? This is satire, isn’t it? Sarcasm? Irony or something? Something like that?

  25. Yes, actually, on Leno, and, no, no satire. And I’m certainly not the only person to like his monologues. In fact, they’ve been praised consistently by scores of people for the last 17 years–that is the accurate zeitgeist. In fact, many politicians have staffers monitor his monologues for zeitgeist references and to see what he’s saying. That’s a fact. So if you have widespread, constant praise, from entertainers, politicians, businessmen, journalists, citizens, audiences, other stand-ups, writers, directors, lawyers and other competing hosts, and you have people constantly monitoring his monologues, and consistent positive reviews, well, yes, there is widespread praise for Jay Leno’s monologues.

  26. By ‘physical appearance’ are talking about her Sir Mix-a-Lot or the the frontal lobe thing?

    Man, the Lesser Baldwins are an unwatchable train wreck…

  27. Since 98% of the late night talk show hosts owe their career to David Letterman, Jay Leno would be the only one able to make any kind of joke about it without fear of instant reprisal. Too bad he’s Jay Leno, who couldn’t find comedy with a GPS and a trained search dog.

    Also, frankly, it’s hard to find too many jokes in the story “Single consenting adults have sex for fun and prizes”.

  28. [re=426673]populucious[/re]: Agree re: fear of instant reprisal, but Leno owes a lot of his career to Dave too, as Dave put Leno on Late Night long before Leno was Carson’s guest host. At the same time, Jay’s been Dave’s punchline for years, so Dave kind of had it coming.

  29. [re=426544]jagorev[/re]: I was going to make a certain strain of comment about Megs too, but I got distracted by how HAWT that young Juli looks, strutting around with that banhammer casually slung over her shoulder.

  30. [re=426655]thefrontpage[/re]: Mebe. Depends.

    Wikipedia: “From 1993-2009 Letterman ranked higher than Leno in the annual Harris Poll of Nation’s Favorite TV Personality twelve times.”

    The actual numbers swung up and down, with Leno leading for a couple of years (up 5.1 against 3.9 mil), etc. Wehn he left the Tonight Show back in January, I personally thin k everybody just forgot about him.

    The point is that a lot of people thought Letterman was ‘funnier,’ which as we all, know means more to the point, among other things, so he big time reps the zeigeist also. But Leno was never “funny” never ever never. ZZooze.

    Just sayin’.

  31. [re=426719]Beanball[/re]: ah but Leno is funny looking. so that should count for something.

    We can talk about his certain strained physical appearance, right? Just not Megs, cuz we have to keep the discussion limited to her accomplishments or whatever?

  32. [re=426574]norbizness[/re]: I hear his show is moving the 11pm slot on the Weather Channel and is being renamed “Fall Asleep with Jay”

  33. [re=426719]Beanball[/re]: Leno not only unfunny, Leno un-smart. Leno Stoooooopid.

    [re=426655]thefrontpage[/re]: At the end of the day, the takeaway is, that if you misuse the word “zeitgeist” twice in one day, let alone one paragraph, you are a tool, but this is the season.

    Leno’s monologues have been praised consistently, “that is the accurate zeitgeist.” Umm, no, its not a zeitgeist at all, and by the way, the zeitgeist is what it is, it makes no sense to speak of an accurate zeitgeist, though it would make sense to say that someone’s assessment of or description of the zeitgeist is accurate, but thats a different thing.

    Now, to say that many people praise Leno’s monologues, “that is an accurate zeitgeist” is so awkward and meaningless a statement that it suggests you don’t know the meaning of the word.

    Now had you said that Leno’s monologues serve as a useful gauge of the zeitgeist, that would make sense, but even then you would have to say this understanding that the zetigeist lately reflects an amazing plunge in public taste and startling increase in the public’s toleration for shit and idiocy, see for example Britney Spears, Kate and 8, and the Snowbilly Grifter. In fact, ironically, while Leno’s popularity is an example of the public’s veneration of iredeeemable trash and nonsense, on a macro level, Leno does in fact share the shit tastes of the public, and therefore does serve as a good gauge of the public’s overall mood and angle ibn things, simply because, like the majority of the public, Leno is a moron.

    I think that one who wants to know what take the majority of the booboisie will put on a subject, how the majority of the public will react to something, what their prevailing moods and sensitivies and trends are, if one wanted to know where the average bozo’s head is at, one could also just observe you.

  34. [re=426581]norbizness[/re]: Adam Baldwin is the best Baldwin there is. (Yes, I am a Serenity fan. “Don’t hurt them, just scare them.” “PAIN is scary…”) Maybe instead of swapping him out for Stephen Baldwin, we just expire all of the Baldwin brothers and make him THE Baldwin.

  35. [re=426788]CaiteeCruelle[/re]: I don’t remember any of that in the Serenity Prayer, but at any rate, what Jack Donaghey has done for society dwarfs whatever his retard brother has done to it, by a factor of eleventy. He brought us the trivection oven for chrissakes! THREE KINDS OF HEAT!!!1!!

  36. [re=426801]Crank Tango[/re]: Apologies for my Philistinism and lack of appreciation for the trivection oven. See, I don’t cook much.

    Also, I enjoyed the TV show Firefly. I don’t recall much prayer in it though, just a spaceship that kept breaking down.

    And oh, Megs, I was young, dumb and blonde once. But thank god I was not on TV. When you hit 35 and look back and cringe, go ahead and call me.

  37. [re=426757]Prommie[/re]: No need for personal attacks. Was simply saying: Many folks like Jay Leno’s monologues–not just morons or idiots–and, again, that’s a fact. And if you want to site ratings, Leno was No. 1 for most of his 17 years on the air, and he left the show at No. 1. As for whether you like or don’t like his monologues or personality, that’s fine–there’s no right or wrong–but there’s no need for personal attacks. As for the use of the word “zeitgeist,” it’s nitpicking and semantics–but you know the point that I was making: Jay Leno is popular and well-liked, and his monologues are also popular and well-liked. Those are facts.

  38. [re=426943]thefrontpage[/re]: As long as you don’t contend they are good, sure. Him represent average murrican real good.

    One thing about zeitgeist, to the extent trying to gauge it is useful in politics, its useless if your not absolutely on top, ahead of the curve; Leno is really better as a historical indicator, a lagging indicator, he ain’t gonna give ya know insights into hats coming up, he latches onto things 2 months after the public, and holds onto them for, apparently, decades after the public has forgotten.

  39. …NEW ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for comments of a certain strain about young Meg’s physical appearance….

    Just so we’re clear, that’s no fat jokes, right? But can still, like, make fun of her hair and the way she talks and the way she never really says anything when she does talk and the mortification her parents must feel about her entire existence? That’s still fair game, yes?

  40. Ok, and then I got to the end where Leno pointed out that not only old saggy breasts get cancer but also young sexy ones, thus men should care about breast cancer. So anyway, Jay Leno is also one creepy mo-fo.

    And the studio audience is painfully retarded.

  41. “NEW ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for comments of a certain strain about young Meg’s physical appearance. ”

    What’s with the unamerican censorship!

    Oh well, as long was we are allowed to say she’s politically incompetent.

  42. First they came for the fatty jokesters, and I was silent. Then they came for the Trig photoshoppers, and still I said nothing. When they came for me, for my frequent and unfunny references to Republican pedophiles, there was no one left to speak out for me.

    This is a holocaust of censorship! Won’t anybody think of the (non-pudgy) children?

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