American Face of Evil, Sarah Palin, has “written her book.” It is a whole 400 pages of book! The first 399 pages are simply her smearing baby poop over blank pages. It smells to high heaven! The title is… wait a second, we’re just getting our cyanide pill ready here, for when the post is over, because that’s what we’re going to do, take a cyanide pill… Going Rogue: An American Life.

For you IDIOTS who don’t remember, the term “going rogue” is a reference some advisor used to describe Palin’s behavior during the end of the 2008 campaign, when she disregarded everything the McCain campaign told her to do and helped seal her ticket’s loss, so that she could “advance” her own career. It was her finest political achievement. Well either that, or the time she quit her one political job because it was too hard. (No, “Mayor of Wasilla” does not count. Signing off on building permits for new Taco Bell/KFC’s along the scenic mountain-backdroppde waterfront does not count.)

What else…

NEW YORK — Sarah Palin has finished her memoir just four months after the book deal was announced. Her publisher says the release date has been moved up from the spring to Nov. 17.

Harper publisher Jonathan Burnham says the former Alaska governor invested herself deeply and passionately in the project. He says the book contains fascinating detail.

Harper publisher Jonathan Burnham should eat a bag of lightly-salted poison rat dicks. That is what he should do. The book is SMEARED POOP. How can we make this any clearer? We cannot. It is poop.

Sarah Palin Memoir “Going Rogue” Due November 17 [AP]

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  1. Again with the “bag of dicks” jokes? Can we please come up with another insult beyond “That guy should eat a bag of dicks” and any variants of that?

  2. “Going Rogue,” I get. “An American Life” just doesn’t fit. Oh sure, she’s an American, and she has a life, but An American Life seems a bit too common for the likes of Sarah Palin. Book Title FAIL. (When this happens, there is really no need to bother reading the book.)

  3. [re=421288]rocktonsammy[/re]:

    Why? It’s not like she actually wrote it… Hell, I doubt she’s actually read it. After all, if it can’t be finished in one sitting at the hair salon…

  4. just four months after the book deal was announced

    Her basic outline started out as…

    Part 1: Non-Contradiction
    Part 2: Either-Or
    Part 3: A Is A

    … but she ended by just dividing up the book by chapters that have stories about moose and chapters that don’t have stories about moose.

  5. [re=421292]InsidiousTuna[/re]: Maybe “Eat a bag of dicks that stick like tuna?” These dicks were “lightly-salted poison rat dicks” so cut some slack, HENNGH?

  6. Being Mayor of Wassilla is a complicated bribe-taking occupation. There are meth-labs to be ignored, rapes to be re-classified, rivial meth-labs to be burned down, pollutants to be buried, meth money to be laundered. It’s quite an achievement that on the outside it just appears to be your average city of suspender-wearing alaskan drunkards.

    Also, she had another job, Chairman of the Alaska Oil and Gas Commission, which she resigned from in a roguish manner.

  7. I’d criticize her, but I’d hate to expose myself as an enemy of the troops and retarded kids. I just hope she resists every urge her editors make for the sentences to be grammatically readable and do that steam-of-minimal-consciousness type of talking that on paper would require several parentheses within one another.

  8. I’m telling you, Sarah Palin is not that bright: she’s claiming the autobiography is her’s, but the book is all about Bristol Palin’s life and she’s been out of school the last 5 months.

  9. Will this be better than my nudie calendar Goin’ Brogue: 400 Burly Scotsmen and Nary a Kilt in Sight? Because I swear one guy’s got plaid pubes.

  10. It’s going to be really embarrassing when they figure out Palin thought she was writing a fashion tip book called “Going with Rouge.”

  11. Harper, an imprint of HarperCollins, has commissioned a huge first printing of 1.5 million copies. Sen. Ted Kennedy’s “True Compass,” published soon after his Aug. 25 death, also had a 1.5 million first printing.

    Therefore Sarah Palin = Ted Kennedy. Q.E.D.

  12. Sarah Palin is definitely an important voice in US Merikan politics. I’m looking forward to reading this while I jack off.

    – Oh, and not just regular jack off – jack off whil jamming any number of kitchen appliances up my ass. And sticking paneling nails in the head of my penis.

  13. Libtards will posit the conspiracy that Bristol really wrote it. SP will fly back to Alaska at the last minute from somewhere down here in the lower 48 and drive all night just to be at the Wasilla Olde Booke Shoppe for the official release/signing.

    The book will be full of misprints and have crappy binding.

  14. Oh this is too awesome. I’m imagining the film version already: it is shot in the style of Ishiro Honda’s titular classic,Gojira, followed immediately by Rogue vs Maverick II: The Battle for Earth, Rogue vs. Mecha-Maverick.

  15. [re=421358]lawrenceofthedesert[/re]: Yo Larry, I’m really happy for you…I’mma let you finish.

    But I had one of the best Palin “rouge” comments of all time! One of the best comments of all time!

  16. Will the book answer the question all America wants answered, i.e., do she and Todd do it in the butt?

    Actually, I’m guessing with all those kids, not so much.

  17. [re=421367]InsidiousTuna[/re]: Not at all. We all would probably appreciate newly-coined insults daily. You among us were brave enough to ask for more gruel.

  18. [re=421383]Speed Ball[/re]: Yeah, that’s why it took so long–four whole months!–to finish. She wanted to have the screenplay ready at the same time the book’s published. Who will play Sarah in the movie? I’m thinking Angelina Jolie. Or Drew Barrymore.

  19. [re=421362]TheTownCrotch[/re]: LOL, she’s been pregnant so often, she’s only HAD 9 periods in her whole life, and is a great mother to her special needs baby, Trig, also.

  20. [re=421383]Speed Ball[/re]: I can see Palin busting out in the middle of a debate:

    Listen all! This is the truth of it. Fighting leads to killing, and killing gets to warring. And that was damn near the death of us all. Look at us now! Busted up, and everyone talking about hard rain! But we’ve learned, by the dust of them all… Bartertown learned. Now, when men get to fighting, it happens here! And it finishes here! Two men enter; one man leaves.

  21. [re=421342]OReillysVibrator[/re]: It was no doubt a Freudian typo, but “steam of consciousness” is possibly the aptest description yet of SarahP. It connotes fogginess, amorphousness, the propensity to burn on contact.

  22. [re=421376]V572625694[/re]: 1.5 million first printing

    … Another thing you can bank on is, well, the bank. Scholastic, Rowling’s American publisher, is issuing a first printing of 10.8 million copies, by far a record. By comparison, the last Harry Potter novel, 2003’s “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix,” was issued with 8.5 million copies, the average John Grisham novel earns a 2 million-book pressing, and Bill Clinton’s “My Life” — a best seller last year — received a first run of 1.5 million copies.

    This summer, we’re off to see the wizard — and “Deep Throat,” Walt Whitman, John Irving, a few vampires, some sharks and an unhappy San Francisco family, [2005]

  23. Y’know, while finally watching the first of Ken Burns’ National Parks documentaries last night, all I could hear was this dingbat and her brainless minions shouting “Drill, baby, drill!”

  24. [re=421401]Servo[/re]: Ballistic: Rogue vs Mavrikk- winner of worst campaign of the decade.

    RObert Ebert says “Ballistic: Rogue vs Mavrikk is an ungainly mess, submerged in mayhem, occasionally surfacing for cliches.”

  25. [re=421367]InsidiousTuna[/re]: I’m not sure you are in the minority, but you have to admit, in this instance, he really should eat a bag of dicks.

    [re=421376]V572625694[/re]: Actually, it should read: Therefore Sarah Palin = A DeadTed Kennedy. Q.E.D.

    Which is fair, since Ted quit on life.

  26. Well, now we know SHE didn’t write it… Wait, was that really at issue?

    Additionally this explains her lack of appearance at several “We Love You Sarah” events. also

    Palin, 45, spent weeks in San Diego shortly after leaving office and worked on the manuscript with collaborator Lynn Vincent, a person close to her said. She was joined in San Diego by her family and her top aide, Meghan Stapleton, then spent several weeks in New York working around the clock with editors at Harper, said the person, who wasn’t authorized to comment and asked not to be identified.

  27. [re=421440]skoal rebel[/re]: To capture the magic that is SkoalRebel or even skoal rebel you really need the multi-media dimensions of YouTube. I mean Palin can somehow capture the Palin madness in text-based Twitter but that’s why she’s a world-class loon. Maybe you should wait until after you’ve read her book before you try the text world.

  28. [re=421440]skoal rebel[/re]: FAKE. The real skoal rebel isn’t nearly smart or sexy enough to have composed that. Vernacular is more california kool than kentucky krazy. Bravo. You had me for a while.

  29. [re=421455]Whatever Blows Your Skirt[/re]: Well, now we know SHE didn’t write it…

    My sources got me a copy of Sarah’s first draft of the book before her ghostwriter smoothed out some rough parts, expanded on some stories and removed some possibly “borrowed” material:

    I was born in a cross-fire hurricane
    I howled at my Ma in the driving rain

    I was raised by a toothless, bearded hag
    I was schooled with a strap right across my back

    I was drowned washed up and left for dead
    I fell down off my feet and I saw they bled

    I frowned at the crumbs of a crust of bread
    I was crowned with a spike right through my head

    But it’s all right now

    In fact, it’s a gas!

  30. [re=421292]InsidiousTuna[/re]: How about we add a variant of “jackhammering the doo-doo hole” to
    “bag of dicks”? Would that make you happy?

  31. [re=421466]shadowMark[/re]: Well, ya know, that borrowed material shit will git ya every time. Gotta watch out cause somebody may have used it before you and think it’s theirs.

  32. If she writes like she speaks, this one is going to make Finnegans Wake read like The Very Busy Spider.

    I mean in terms of difficulty of understanding, of course. Though the literary parallels between Finnegan and Spider are so obvious as to hardly be worth mentioning.

  33. “Going Rogue” deserves a trip through the anagram-o-meter. Let’s see:

    Gouge Groin
    Ego Rouging
    Egg Goo Ruin
    Rouge Gig On
    Ego Rung Go I
    Gone Gig Our
    Ergo Gun Go I
    Rue Gig Go No

    I’m kinda partial to “Ergo Gun Go I: An American Life.”

  34. Fun anagrams for “An American Life”:

    Maniacal Refine
    American Finale
    A Financial Mere
    A Farce Mainline
    Faecal Iran Mine
    Arcane Fail Mine
    Financial Are Me
    Facial Ream Nine
    Cranial Enema If
    Maniac Alien Ref
    Anal Iceman Fire
    Menace Naif Liar

    Here’s one: “Ego Rouging: Maniacal Refine”

    Mix-n-match time! Hours of fun!

  35. Rejected First Lines for Sarah Palin’s memoir “Going Rogue: An American Life”.

    “Katie Couric was drunk.”

    “It’s truth – yup – universally acknowledged as such, though not so much by the media, that every single woman in Alaska must too be in search of a Life. Also.”

    “Todd- light of my life, fire of my arms.”

    “He was an old man who lived alone in a house in Arizona and he had gone eighty-four years now without being the president.”

    “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the year of stupidness, it was the season of the witch, to everything, turn, turn, turn, look around…leaves of brown …”

    “Call me Shemale.”

    “Whether I shall turn out to be the hero of my own life, or whether the terrorizers of the Lord God may strike me down for the good of the liberal voices- who are outnumbered! – and the life of my great Ronald Reagan will forever wonder if- what was it to be? – these pages must show.”

    “It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.”

  36. This book is thoroughly modern– a kind of literary mash-up. The grammar of Ulysses, the linearity of Gravity’s Rainbow, infused with the patriotism of Birth of a Nation. Let’s hope the audio book is read by Spencer Pratt.

  37. I wish someone would start a conspiracy theory on how the books RFID tags will be able to track buyers (for re-education), but I’m afrais it would lead to more book sales.

    I was seriously worried when I saw Adults first reading Harry Potter on the train. I am worried about my reaction if I see someone “readin'” this book

  38. [re=421497]MzNicky[/re]: Isn’t it amazing how many there are? Try using the entire title. I got a lot of ‘Maniacal’ entries: “Maniacal Free Ego–Gun Origin” was one. ‘Calamari’ figured in heavily as well.

    I think both are a wonderfully fitting description of SP: “Maniacal Calamari”.

  39. [re=421443]Blue Gal[/re]: So, your sources are… yourself? You’re allowed to do that these days?

    Ooh, are you allowed to treat yourself as an anonymous source? Are surveys of “me, myself and I” considered “scientific?” Can you achieve true self-referential nirvana by having an article cite itself as its own source?

    That last one would be one step away from blog-whoring on your own damned blog.

  40. [re=421367]InsidiousTuna[/re]: Look, I doubt you’re in the minority, but you can’t just bitch about it like a little umm dick.
    Show some damn initiative and coin a new insult & fer fucks sake, bring teh funny.

  41. [re=421430]shadowMark[/re]: Book publishing statistics are the most bullshit-infested human activity outside of The idea that the books that sell the most are the best books is so disgusting that….arrrghh. I can’t go on.

  42. I still think Palin should be hosting a daytime TV talk show with DC’s Marion Barry. I’m convinced there’s an overdue, lifelong-friendship waiting to get started there. Ted Baxter & Sue Ann Nivens for a new millennium.

  43. It hurts to get that permanent rouge tattooed on, ya know.

    Also, Wonkett, please post something about Oily Taintz’ recent batch of filings so we have something else to mock. Also.

  44. [re=421288]rocktonsammy[/re]: Don’t envy the ghostwriter, either. Imagine trying to stay faithful to the Palin style. I may actually read this just to track the ghoster’s pain.

  45. ZOMG Moammar Qadaffy is on Larry King. I think he’s having an hour-long stroke. Or he’s not really human. SkyNet has sent him from the future to destroy us all!

  46. [re=421565]Blue Gal[/re]: I think if lots of people here already read your site, you probably get a pass. Which is elitist, of course — or at least that’s what all the little people are saying.

  47. [re=421567]BeWoot[/re]: the ghoster’s pain — Do ghostwriters feel pain? When Renfield was in the asylum being the eyes & ears of Dracula did Renfield really feel conscious stricken so long as he had flies and spiders and birds to eat? Do ghostwriters feel pain, or is it just a kind of nervous pseudo-foreshadowing that comes from knowing Dracula ends up breaking Renfield’s neck?

  48. Look out – Regnery will be buying Sarah’s pretend book by the skid to move it up the NYT’s chart. You gotta love wingnut welfare! At 400 pages, it could be the “Harry Potter” of the barely-literate mouth-breather set. Big type – simple words – no thought.

    Except, instead of reading a big huge book, they’ll look at the pictures, read the first three chapters and then put it on a shelf – until the meth lab blows up and the trailer burns down.

  49. rogue (rōg)

    n. An unprincipled, deceitful, and unreliable person; a scoundrel or rascal.
    One who is playfully mischievous; a scamp.
    A wandering beggar; a vagrant.
    A vicious and solitary animal, especially an elephant that has separated itself from its herd.
    An organism, especially a plant, that shows an undesirable variation from a standard.

    adj. Vicious and solitary. Used of an animal, especially an elephant.
    Large, destructive, and anomalous or unpredictable: a rogue wave; a rogue tornado.
    Operating outside normal or desirable controls: “How could a single rogue trader bring down an otherwise profitable and well-regarded institution?” (Saul Hansell). To defraud.
    To remove (diseased or abnormal specimens) from a group of plants of the same variety.

  50. “says the former Alaska governor invested herself deeply and passionately in the project. He says the book contains fascinating detail.”

    I believe the last actual public figure to write their own book was U.S. Grant who wrote his own memoirs, finishing just before his death from throat cancer. Palin couldn’t read400 pages in less than three months and therefore most of the book surely is private counsel from God Herself. I’m sure it’s as interesting a read as Mein Kampf but without all the funny parts.

  51. I prefer “Going Rogue: I Can See Russia from My House”. Or “Going Rogue: Maxing Out the RNC’s Credit Card”.

    Does this mean she gets to go on another paid Saks and Neiman Marcus shopping spree when she goes on her book tour?

  52. [re=421614]Robert Zimmerframe[/re]: You forgot one:
    “an individual exhibiting a chance and usually inferior biological variation”
    Thank you Merriam Webster for stating the obvious.

  53. Think about this: The Palin book tour over the holiday season. Ho-ho-fucking-ho.

    And since we’re on a literary bender, Hunter S Thompson was right:
    “It is unsettling to know that one out of every twenty people you meet on Christmas will be dead this time next year… Some people can accept this, and some can’t. That is why God made whiskey, and also why Wild Turkey comes in $300 shaped canisters…”

  54. Going Rogue: Confessions of The Most Unfit, Undereducated, Narcissistic, Nonsense-Spouting, Lying Twattard Ever Elected to Public Office With the Glaring Exception of Michele Bachmann, And Whose Fame is Due Solely to The Zealous Support of Right-Wing Corporatists United to Fuck the Average American Who Reads This Indefensible Waste of Actual Living Trees Up the Poop Chute With a Cactus Limb Until They Lose Their Grip on What Little Sense They May Have Once Had Before Their Moron Parents Inculcated Them In The Ways and Means of The Soul- and Logic-Robbing Tenets of What They Colloquially Now Label ‘Conservatism’ in Utter Ignorance of the Concept’s History and Meaning.

  55. Millions sold, dozens read. The formula for conservative authors to get on the NYT best seller list.
    Since Newell is now twitching his last (cyanide is a rather gruesome choice so while he was clever, he wasn’t clever enough not to eat the rat poison) is Riley now in charge or is Sara coming back from maternity leave (and if so who will care for lil’ Trucknutz?).

  56. [re=421693]shadowMark[/re]: No.WAY.Is.That.Sarah.Palin.
    Sorry, but there’s not a rack in Sarah’s entire log cabin that comes close to the one pictured there.

  57. [re=421306]zhubajie[/re]: OK, me be late to this party, but of course naderpaulkucinichgravel is the ghostwriter. Not finished slogging thru comments yet, so maybe someone else has revealed this info. Already. No!!! NOT SAY “also”!!! [Banging head on wall]

  58. this website is hilarious!!!whenever I wonder where all the idiots in the country are hiding, I will return to this site….the reason you can afford to have a compiter and comment on a site like this, is the welfare check you receive every month….we have elected a completely unqualified idiod to run this country and he is proving every day that he is incompetant. Sarah Palin was a mayor (ran a city), a governor (ran a state)….Obama never led anything, he wouldn’t even make a good Cub Scout leader….Biden was a senator fron the smallest state in the union, and by the way, senators run NOTHING….wake up and smell the coffee….the cumulative I.Q. of everyone on this blog (not counting me) is about room temperature…..what a bunch of morons!!!!pathetic

  59. this website is hilarious!!!whenever I wonder where all the idiots in the country are hiding, I will return to this site….the reason you can afford to have a computer and comment on a site like this, is the welfare check you receive every month….we have elected a completely unqualified idiot to run this country and he is proving every day that he is incompetant. Sarah Palin was a mayor (ran a city), a governor (ran a state)….Obama never led anything, he wouldn’t even make a good Cub Scout leader….Biden was a senator from the smallest state in the union, and by the way, senators run NOTHING….wake up and smell the coffee….the cumulative I.Q. of everyone on this blog (not counting me) is about room temperature…..what a bunch of morons!!!!pathetic

  60. Just how many drugs is Col. Qadaffy on? They could give him Michael Jackson’s last dosage & he’d still just sit there mumbling nonsense through squinted eyes, wondering what planet he’s on. This dope fiend is ripe for a coup. He couldn’t find his own ass to wipe if his anus was on his face.

  61. [re=421703]terycarl[/re]: Hi Sarah! Thanks for stopping by. I’m going to sleep now so I can’t hang around and play with you, but I suspect you’re in for a fun night.

  62. [re=421703]terycarl[/re]: nom nom nom iz a sineater nom nom nom troll, eat a bag o’ leprotic sore puss rags you open sewer living santorium gunk

  63. [re=421705]terycarl[/re]: One, tiny, teensy weensy bit of advice: here at Wonkette, it’s not necessary to define words, such as “mayor” and “governor.” Even if we are having trouble understanding you, the dictionary is our friend. Also the Google machine. You ain’t on Redstate honey!

  64. Hey – look! You actually reposted [re=421705]your comment[/re]at EXACTLY the same time that I was replying to the original. Looking back at both of your posts I’m wondering if this is one of those puzzles you see in Highlights magazine where you have to find the differences between the two pictures. I didn’t come up with anything though. You suck at that game.

  65. [re=421705]terycarl[/re]: I have to admit, at first, around 12:52 am, I thought perhaps you had some kind of brain damage, but your 12:55 post completely changed my mind. Well played.

    Palin/terycarl 2012 — Not The Least Bit Incompetant!

  66. [re=421283]CapnFatback[/re]: You know, in the end, after all is said and done, which it more or less has been, or will be soon, at the very least, I’d have to say that this comment, which was the very first one left, is, notwithstanding my own efforts, the most germane to Jim’s post, and ultimately, the most trenchant.

    CapnFatback, please take a bowel.

  67. “the cumulative I.Q. of everyone on this blog (not counting me) is about room temperature”

    yeah, because when you’re here it’s positively balmy, right?

  68. [re=421703]terycarl[/re]: Although I do have to say, I’m impressed that you could fuck up a relatively simple word like incompetent twice, yet somehow pulled off spelling cumulative correctly twice. That takes some fucking skill. Bravo.

  69. [re=421705]terycarl[/re]:

    You had me at “incompetant”.

    The quote “Palin was a mayor (ran a city), a governor (ran a state)” gave me wood.

    Harkens back to a kinder gentler white America where young GWB was running the Texas Rangers into the ground for practice.

    We are truly all dumb and not worthy …

    please, … go home, to your people, for our people, for the REPUBLIX; WOLVEREENS!!! ;

  70. Chapter Two: The Grade School Years.

    I still recall that second grade recess in January when one of my little gal-pals dared me to press my bare moist vagina against the metal volleyball pole, and the general hilarity and discomfort that ensured when our teacher had to bring out the boiling water . . .

  71. Chapter 69
    the forward by bjork co sarah palin

    B�rinn minn
    B�rinn minn og �inn
    Sefur s�ll � kyrr�
    Fellur mj�ll
    Hlj�tt � h�mi � j�r�
    Grasi� mitt
    Grasi� mitt og �itt
    Geymir mold til vors

    Hj�frar lind
    Leynt vi� brekkur�t
    Vakir eins og vi�
    L�fi tr�tt
    Kyrrl�tt kalda vermsl
    Augum dj�ps
    Ut� himinfyrr�
    Starir stillt um n�tt

    Langt � burt
    Vakir ver�ld st�r
    Grimmum t�frum tryllt
    Ottast n�tt og dag
    Augu ��n
    Ottalaus og hrein
    Brosa vi� m�r bj�rt

    Vonin m�n
    Blessa� brosi� �itt
    Vekur lj�� �r v�r�
    Hv�list j�r�
    Hlj�� � �rmum sn�s
    Lokar augum bl�m
    Litla st�lkan m�n
    you love it!
    And I know its about a “farm”

  72. If “going rogue” is anything like going commando, I’m buying that book.

    and I’m with insidious tuna. That bag of dicks joke is so old it’s starting to smell like an old bag of dicks.

  73. I bet it was written by the same person that wrote her Facebook notes. That means it is actually only going to be 10-15 pages long with 385-390 pages of footnotes.

    Spoiler ALERT….

    ….the skoalrebel is her long lost illegitimate child.

  74. [re=421703]terycarl[/re]:

    “Sarah Palin was a mayor (ran a city)”
    “…what a bunch of morons!!!!pathetic”

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    Wait, come back!! You’re killin us here!!!!1

    BTW – I know you’re new — around here, it’s “morans” or nothing.

  75. Is that what the Real America is doing these days? Going rogue? Because that’s what this idiot’s title is insinuating. A better title would have been “Going Rogue Is The New Maverick” because it, at least, is somewhat humorous.

  76. So, what would be a worse fate? Being slowly lowered into a pool of concentrated sulfuric acid? Or being the ghost writer who had to combine 200 hours of Sarah’s oblique, defensive, nondisclosive ramblin’s with five years worth of Weekly Standards to create something resembling a narrative/political treatise? Me, I’d go acid.

  77. [re=421703]terycarl[/re]: Delaware is the smallest state in the union? Brandish your pistols, for Rhode Island will not be so slandered, sir-or-madame!

  78. Wow! Four hundred pages?

    I had no idea they were publishing books in 24 point font.

    Seriously, though, I can’t wait for this!

    It’ll make a great gag gift next Christmas when millions of copies wind up in the discount bin at my local Big Lots or Dollar General for a buck!

  79. [re=421588]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Thanks Wookies! I don’t know if people here read my blog or the other blog I write for, or not. I do know Jim Newell is a much more talented blogger than I, and let’s face it, if the long-running blog of the amazingly prolific and rule-setting Guppy06 sends more traffic here than I do, I can only bow my head in shame for what, for mere blog traffic, I let Ken Layne do to me after that Georgetown meetup. Sob!

  80. [re=421807]doxastic[/re]: Apparently, our young friend with the 2 first names belives that a governor is responsible for the geographical area of their state, not for the actual residents. Delaware’s 2008 pop est was about 844,000, while Alaska’s was about 680,000.

  81. Dear Wonkians, it is your duty to familiarize yourself with “The Cremation of Sam McGee” and get busy with a Palin version.
    Only by mocking these retrograde populist neocons, Palin, Bachmann, Schafly et al, do we have a chance of keeping them on the fringes.

  82. I am surprised that no one here noted that the phrase “Goin’ Rouge” was used by Tina Fey doing a Sarah Palin impression on Sat. Night Live with the Real John “Walnuts” McCain. THe skit was the 2008 repub ticket on QVC selling campaign merchandise. Fey as Palin goes up to the camera and says “excuse me, I’m going Rogue here now.” she then holds up a Palin 2012 T-shirt.

    Will Palin’s 2nd book also derive from a Fey Palinism, “I Can See Russia from my House” she can get John LeCarre to help write it.

  83. [re=421934]Pithaughn[/re]:
    There are strange things done in the midnight sun
    By the women who whore for politics;
    The Arctic trails have their secret tales
    That would make you eat salted dicks;
    The Northern Lights have seen queer sights,
    But the queerest they ever did see
    Was that night in Anchorage, when they all were wailin’
    “He picked Sarah Palin”???

    Ok, this sucks, but Robert Service was no Shakespeare, either.

  84. Ha ha ha. terycarl sounds like s/he is about twelve. His/her parents should ask for a refund on whatever homeskool curriculum they’re paying for because it’s, well, lying and not supportin’ the troops.

  85. How abt:

    There was a vile maid from Wasilla
    With a brain made of fake sarsaperilla
    She profited much
    From hate speech and such
    Cause she wanted a coat of chinchilla.

  86. [re=422049]BerkeleyFarm[/re]: Yeah, that was my first impression, too – ‘nuther teeny twat parroting mommy’s and daddy’s warmed over spew of assorted Fox rants.

    But then, all palinbots sound pretty much like that to me.

  87. At the risk of sounding half-way serious, here is the most over-exposed ex-politician in America (second only to Ole Newt).

    Despite our best efforts, the only thing we don’t know about her is…well, nothing. We already know all about her. Period.

    There isn’t enough unknowns about Sarah Palin to make a decent magazine article. Now this publisher thinks there’s enough for a 400 page book?

    I predict copies for sale on Amazon for $0.01 by 01/01/2011.

  88. [re=422016]DangerousLiberal[/re]: win! Now can you do something with this excerpt from “The Woman and the Angel”

    Till at last there came One Woman, a marvel of loveliness,
    And she whispered to him: “Do you love me?” And he answered that woman, “Yes.”
    And she said: “Put your arms around me, and kiss me, and hold me — so –”
    But fiercely he drew back, saying: “This thing is wrong, and I know.”

    Then sweetly she mocked his scruples, and softly she him beguiled:
    “You, who are verily man among men, speak with the tongue of a child.
    We have outlived the old standards; we have burst, like an over-tight thong,
    The ancient, outworn, Puritanic traditions of Right and Wrong.”

    (Note the inspiring image “burst, like an over-tight thong”!)

  89. From the Urban Dictionary:

    Going Rogue

    A male that allows a transexual man to fuck him hard in the ass, yet still claims to be straight.

    Chris: dude, why is Hobbes walking funny?
    Ted: I think he got too drunk last night and ended up going rogue.
    Chris: oh no, not with that tranny!!!

  90. [re=421515]Bruno[/re]: I genuinely worry about RFID chips on passports. Not about being tracked, but with unstated message like “this guy studied Arabic for a semester. Must be a terrorist!” Happily, last time I renewed, I did not get the Mark of the Beast.

  91. I am as serious as a case of h1n1….you liberals are on the verge of doing serious harm to this country with a slip toward socialism where we seek equality of results rather than equality of opportunity….My doctor probably makes 10 times tie money that I do. Do I have a claim to his excess income…absolutely not….I did not go through 10 or 12 years of advanced schooling, work an internship, invest in a medical practice.. .. so he is entitled to the fruits of his labor. The problem with you takers is that you expect someone to make a lot of money and through the tax system, give you some of it……Turn off your T.V., put your marijuana cigarette out, use some of you latest welfare check to enroll in a junior college (if you finished high school which half of you did not) educate yourself, get a job, and leave everyone elses income alone…….see how it works(sorry I mentioned the word “works”) my bad………pathetic

  92. by the way, I am 70, very well educated, (sorry for the spelling errors in my previous note)I have owned and operated several successful businesses…Import auto with locations in Wisconsin and Indiana, just brakes Inc a manufacturing company that made brakes for the after market semi truck industry, Automotive information service which was a consulting firm giving information and advice to the automotive repair industry…….I’ve been there, done that, and NEVER coveted the fruits of anyone elses labor…..If I didn’t earn it myself I didn’t have it. I am now comfortably retired, drive a Cadillac CTS and a Miata convertible, enjoy volunteer work with delinquent teenage boys (most of whom are from disfunctional families of social liberals who think it’s O.K. to crank out kids without the benefit of marriage and dump them on society when they realize that they themselves are too poor, uneducated and ill prepared to handle their own responsibilities)…….pathetic

  93. [re=422692]terycarl[/re]: My money is not your money, my doctor makes more money than me, blah blah blah

    [re=422720]terycarl[/re]: Successful businessperson, other people’s money is not my money, I work with poor unwanted bastards and that is very big of me so pat me on the back.

    Hey– did you ever stop and think that there’s more to life than amassing wealth? Money money fucking money. Mine Mine Mine!! like a selfish child. I’m an atheist, but for your sake, WWJD? Jesus would want you to share, fool. But I guess you’re not concerned about that because you already rack up Heaven Points by working with ‘the needy. How many Heaven Points do you have? You might want to start sharing because you never really know..

  94. [re=422692]terycarl[/re]: Ooo, a palinbot paradigm, channeling Don Quixote, riding to the rescue of his Dulcinea.

    Admit it, geezer. You think she’s pretty. And that’s enough for you.

  95. smoke filled roommate: of course Jesus would wand us to share our wealth……through volunteer GIVING to those who are in need…..not through coercion by being fowced to give through the tax system to those too damned lazy to do it for themselves. Of course there is more to life than amassing wealth, but retaining the fruits of your own labor is not wrone. I’ve given well over my fair share through various charities and have no qualms about doing so, but when a segment of society decides through their votes that I have to take from my family and give to theirs…..I have a problem with that…..If you are truely in need, ask me and I will help, if through your own fault you find it difficulot to make it in society…..oh well. By the wat I also understant reefer and joint and mary jane, and weed I simply wanted to use a phrase that covers them all…..I’m not a lowlife and don’t keep up with the current jargon….and as for the atheist statement…..if you can possibly look at everything around you, look into the sky at night, see the face of a baby you haven’t aborted, see all the wonders of nature and say it all just “happened”… have far more faith than I do….I believe someone somewhere had a helping hand in creation…..just saying

  96. [re=422789]terycarl[/re]: “if you can possibly…see the face of a baby you haven’t aborted, you have far more faith than I do….
    The face of the baby I aborted had God written all over it – in Sharpie, so it’s eternal, I have that much faith.

    “Someone somewhere had a helping hand in creation.”
    I’m guessing god used illegals in order to get it done cheaply and quickly.

  97. Click….try real hard….no,no…try even harder to come up with an original thought that makes sense… it by someone you might know who has an I.Q. higher than room temperature…..check it out with your gang leader for his approval, ask your demo. rep or even your senator for approval (wouldn’t want to upset that applecart) when you have everyones approval ( even mommy) then please proceed to publish it here on this site for the approval of your cohorts (Libs) and for the rest of us who know what’s going on, understand socialism, communism, fashism.democrats (I repeat myself).maybe then and only then will you make any sense at all.

  98. [re=422825]terycarl[/re]: I’m sorry, but your post is far too convoluted for me to make a lick of sense out of. Let me run it through my gibberish-to-English translater and see if I have any luck with that. Don’t go away!

  99. [re=422825]terycarl[/re]: I had to enter the word “fashism” into my translation program but it wouldn’t accept it, so I’ll assume you actually meant “fashionism” (guilty as charged). Interesting note: in my program it also noted that this form of gibberish is rarely used these days and is an almost forgotten right-winged poison rat-dick-eating dialect. Wow. Who knew.

  100. [re=422789]terycarl[/re]: will you please stop using the phrase fruits of one’s labor…. Also you can click “Reply” to reply to a post….. and it was someone else that mentioned your use of the hilarious term marijuana cigarette…..The last thing I would see when I look at the night sky is an aborted baby with permanent marker all over its uh, ‘face’ (thanks, [re=422807]Click[/re])….why are you so obsessed with other people’s education level…..nobody will ever be fowced to give through the tax system to those too damned lazy to do it for themselves…..have you ever seen Reefer Madness…’s funny…..I’m going to go get a drink of water…..

  101. Athar and Click…Wow you two idiots are amazing….the vocabulary of a retarded moron and ideas to match….read what you have printed…..are you both really that stupid or you practicing to become Democrat leaders???? it is amazing how the lowest level of society, when challenged, show why they are the lowest level of society… every time…..Athar, please try to improve your vocabulary to more than two words….it is necessary particularly if you have children…..bad choice of words when they want an ice cream cone!!!Fascism is, of course, what I meant to type, and you will notice that you attack my spelling error, not the content of my statement….Turn off ding dong school on your t.v., turn on Rush or Glen Beck….pay real close attention to what they say. You don’t have to agree with it but listen to it and try your best to refute their opinions and ideas… will never in a million years be able to do it because they are right. You dolts think that twinks like Chuckie Schumer, Chris Dodd, Teddy Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, Reid, Obama, etc are good for this country….WRONG…they are, no doubt, the worst group of people ever to have come to power in this country…..just barely ahead of F.D.R., Carter and Clinton…..what a group…..Pathetic

  102. [re=422720]terycarl[/re]: Holy Fuck. How did I miss this?:
    “I drive a Cadillac CTS and a Miata convertible, enjoy volunteer work with delinquent teenage boys (most of whom are from disfunctional families of social liberals who think it’s O.K. to crank out kids without the benefit of marriage….)”

    Jesus fuck, man. It sounds like you’re auditioning for the next “To Catch A Predator.”

  103. [re=422856]Smoke Filled Roommate[/re]: I like to cover a lot of ground in a single posting…no harm meant… The fruit of ones labor is what one receives for what he does. It covers pay, awards, bonuses, adulation, medals, etc etc… and the recipient is entitled to every bit of it, the rest of us are entitled to none of it. If he wants to share….more power to him. The Bill and Melinda Gates charitible foundation shares BILLIONS of dollars with those who are less fortunate…….great thanks to them and God bless them……but never try to convince me that they owe any one of us anything….they don’t……their billions belong to them and they are free to do with it as they please……I don’t need Obama and the other Democrats making rules as to what people have to do with their own money……by the way, if you don’t want to buy a health insurance policy under their administration, you will be heavily fined…..I love freedom

  104. [re=422866]terycarl[/re]: “read what you have printed”?…….turn off “ding dong school” [wtf?!!]…….thank you, terycarl…….for making an otherwise relatively dull evening pretty funny……even though you are…….Pathetic

  105. [re=422871]Click[/re]: you’re at it again….many words, no meaning….you are amazing….mama must be so proud of you . really…I can’t imagine for a moment what your life must be like…..violence and hatred seem to be deep within you…..filthy language, no religious values, inane ideas and the inability to express them…..must be very lonely ….but do not despair….if you return to grammar school and pick up where you left off, finish high school and get into a vocational program of some kind (notice I didn’t, in this case, mention college) maybe, just maybe you can become a contributing member of society….give it a try….nothing to lose…….notice also that YOU not me mentioned nigger…..I work with blacks all the time, and while they use the term regularly, I only use it to chastise them for its use… must lead a sad life……pathetic

  106. [re=422872]terycarl[/re]: Can you explain the fruits of one’s labor again……I must have missed Ding Dong School that day……also can you tell me about the rabbits George

  107. [re=422876]Smoke Filled Roommate[/re]: thanks, I really enjoyed it too…I usually get on free but there I am actually challenged with intelligent response….Here I am free to print damn near anything and receive token response with little or no challenge…..kind of like coasting downhill. …this site started out condemning Sarah Palin for writing a book that someone didn’t like….let’s see now…..she writes a book, makes a pile of money and some lowlife decides that he or she is qualified to comment on the book…..I don’t think so…if you don’t like the book, don’t buy it (even though you’d probably benefit from it). but for a loser in life to berate a person for making money by writing a book…..I guess I’ll never understand that mindset…..I even congratulate Al Gore for making a bunch of money with his inane book on global warming…….It’s colder than a well drillers butt here right now and it’s September in Indiana….should be HOT…….pathetic

  108. [re=422887]Click[/re]: why would I have wanted to mention the “N” word??????I have no idea of where you are coming from….are you so insecure in your own thoughts and ideas that you have to resort to name calling????? pretty childish…’re fat, your mom wears combat boots, you’re ugly…I mean, really this is an adult conversation????? as I said, this is like coasting downhill…no challenge at all…..if you decide to get into a battle of wits with me, you are totally unarmed……pathetic

  109. [re=422889]terycarl[/re]: If it’s true a rich man leads a sad life……that’s what they say……from day to day……Then what do the poor do with their lives??????? on judgment day, with nothin’ to say???????I’ve been beat up…….I’ve been thrown Out……but I’m not down, Oh I’m not down…….I’ve been shown up……..but I’ve grown up……..And I’m not down, no I’m not down

  110. I have to go night night Golf time comes early in the a.m. Ellipses and question marks are used to get your attention….apparently they did!!!!!!!!…like those???

  111. [re=422914]terycarl[/re]: And to think that only yesterday you had no idea what those series of dots were called. Well, I know you’ll be talking about us all throughout your golf game – I just hope it’s not when you’re holding too tightly to your putter. That would be sick.

  112. [re=422692]terycarl[/re]: “…a slip toward socialism where we seek equality of results rather than equality of opportunity.” Geez – I see your point. Why should be concerned about how things actually turn out? What the hell difference does that make? Huh?

    I mean, we passed that Constitution a couple of hundred years ago. Wasn’t that ENOUGH? What more must we do? Actually make sure that it works every day? That’s too much to ask.

    Let’s just continue the conservative program of corporate welfare, a tax code written for the rich, accept the fact that half the corporations in the United States pay no income taxes of any kind, fully accept that we’re personally taxed at an historically low rate, yet the portion of government income from corporations continue to decline, continue with pointless wars that we have no means or intention to pay for so we’ll just lie about basic economics and cut taxes more, and just generally let the poor muddle through. They will always be with us, so what’s to worry about?

    As Groucho Marx said, “Posterity? What has posterity ever done for us?”

  113. [re=421631]chascates[/re]: From time to time reviewers comment on Gen. Grant’s great sense of humor. While he did have one, most of those reviewers don’t know that the Memoirs were edited by Mark Twain.

  114. [re=423163]Tundra Grifter[/re]: tundra grifter, you are a gift from above….virtually everything that you mentioned in your inane diatribe is the liberal nonsense that has done more damage to this country than anything I can imagine….let’s start with corporate welfare….did you ever get a job from a poor person, do government tax abatements sometimes allow corporations to start a business is a not so great an area??? and corporate income taxes……be real careful now to pay attention….CORPORATIONS DO NOT PAY INCOME TAXES, NEVER HAVE, NEVER WILL….get this picture, corporation “A” makes 10,000,000 widgets a year and sells them for $1.00 each…total sales $10,000,000.00 ….neat. Now the government says your taxes are going up $5,000,000.00. Guess what, the price if widgets goes up by $.50 each and lo and behold, the company takes in $15,000,000.00 per year. Now just who paid those taxes, could it have been you when you bought 20 widgets for $30.00 instead of $20.00. See how easy this economics course is when you’re awake!! You stated that we are taxed at historically low rates (ever hear of Ronald reagan?)..stick around, under the abortionist in chief, we will see tax rates that will blow your mind. Besides, unless you are in the top 5 or 6 percent of the wage earners in this country, you do not pay your share….we have come to depend on those people for the vast majority of our tax income. The lower 50% or so pay virtually nothing in tax but TAKE the majority from tax revenue… need to read more and talk less.pointless wars….well let’s see about those. Iraq…every leader in the world, including ALL of our current Democrat leaders thought that Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, in fact we KNOW that he did….he used them on the Kurdish people in his own country….nuclear ambitions…we all know that he had those. Now what would have happened if Bush had done nothing and indeed saddam had used a mass weapon….would you have then mentioned the fact that Bush knew of the threat and did nothing….of course you would have because that’s what libs do….blame the other side no matter what they do… mentioned cutting taxes while the poor muddle through…..let’s think about that…..why are you poor? Did you drop out of school (education is not cool, hanging out on a street corner is cool) did you become pregnant or cause someone to become pregnant before you were a responsible adult? (my guess is yes)did you have a negative encounter with the law at an early age? did you abuse credit at an early age? are you one of the street thugs in Chicago who killed that honor student? were momma, grandma, auntie, and generations beyond them on welfare, do nothings, takers rather than givers, (I’d bet they were)….In the last many years, whenever taxes were cut by the federal government, the amount of revenue coming in to the treasury increased by a large amount. John Kennedy did it, Reagan did it, GW Bush did it, GHW bush did it, and in EVERY instance, the amount of money coming in rose significantly….check it out all this information is available if you’d only think rather than spout off about things that you do not understand.

  115. [re=424223]terycarl[/re]: Ah, the “Enron Defense.” Spread huge amounts of misinformation, lies, etc. and then say “Well, gee, everybody believed it! It’s not our fault it wasn’t true!” What a fool you are…Cook the books…twist the “intelligence”…and then say “Well, everybody believed it.”…why is that?…Because President Bush was not a person interested in anyone else’s opinion…among his many, many other problems…

    Two decades old poison gas is not WMD. And it was not worth the life of one American soldier, or Iraqui civilian for that matter, to remove it from Iraq…The Bush Administration spread the fear of real WMD to start an illegal preemptive war (banned by civil society in…when was it…the 1600’s?…let’s bring that back…along with the Black Death?)…

    Your rare ability to see a person’s entire life from a few posts on the Internets is quite amazing…completely wrong, of course…yet astonishing none-the-less…I had my first child at 43…Three of my four grandparents were medical doctors (including one of the first females to be licensed in Cook County) – every member of my family for the past two generations graduated from college…my dad’s mother was not permitted by her parents to attend college – otherwise she would have, as well…

    You are a racist…but refuse to admit it…You claim to be a self-made success in the automobile parts business…thanks to the Oil Depletion Allowence and the Federally-funded Interstate Highway Program there was a demand for your products…

    As for increasing Federal government revenues by decreasing taxes?…Do you think you can lose weight by eating more? Draw a direct line between any one of President George H.W. Bush’s tax cuts and increased revenues…you can’t do it, because it did not happen…It’s mathmatically impossible…You can’t tell the difference between causation and coincidence…

    You spout the right wing nutz’ talking points…as if they were original thoughts…and you consider yourself a independent thinker? “Corporations don’t pay taxes”…must you parade in public how stupid you are?…Have you never heard of profits or retained earnings or … any economic or financial principle other than “taxes bad; government bad; corporations good?”

  116. [re=424223]terycarl[/re]: Today’s lecture will cover the economic theory of “The Infinitely Elastic Price.” This theory holds that the price of widgets (how quaint! Are you sure you didn’t manufacture buggy whips and candle snuffers?) can be infinitely expanded to cover any increases in raw materials, production and labor, taxes, and profit.

    Under this theory, producers have no expenses – fixed or variable – of any kind. Only the ultimate consumer pays costs. Producer profits, on the other hand, are under this theory static and unaffected by external (market) forces of any kind.

    We don’t consider this theory to be discredited, because that would mistakenly suggest it had, at one time, any credibility whatsoever.

    A rational entity in a free market, by definition, will charge the maximum unit price demand permits. Therefore, to suggest that future price increases instituted at the whim of the producer can be sustained simply does not make sense.

    Finally, since under the Theory of the Infinitely Elastic Price the producer is immune from these market forces, there is no incentive for improved production processes, or other obvious efficiencies (including, of course, competition).

  117. Then there’ll be Levi Johnston’s, “Scoring Crack from duh ‘Crosseyed Gubbner” -.“Ghostwritten by Joe the Toilet Plunger.” hahahaha………..

  118. [re=424346]Tundra Grifter[/re]: lets see now, Bush controlled British intelligence, French intelligence, briefings to the congress by the CIA,virtually every major leader in the world assumed that saddam either had, or was very close to having, WMD…..Yep, 2 decades old technology having to do with poison gas (which he used) is indeed considered a WMD. Next we should carefully check out Syria, which many believe, his weapons were sent to. (I just ended a sentence with a preposition…sorry) By the way, you describe a fine, well educated family, but need I remind you that education is not hereditary. You can have a magnificent education and still be a dolt ie; Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama… education does not give you common sense, only book learnin’. Now the term “Widget” is very commonly used to describe any numbeer of consumer products most of which are subject to the exact same manufacturing and marketing principles as the others. For one of your points..yes, the end consumer pays for virtually all of the costs of the product, raw materials, shipping, processing, heat for the factory (overhead) and any and all taxes imposed on the corporation by state, local, and federal government…Again, corporations do not pay taxes, they merely collect them and pass your money along to the proper treasury…..Now, on the other hand, taxes, labor costs (unions) and other costs(environmental whacko restrictions) etc. can certainly reach a point that they become unbearable. If a corporation sees that their prices are becoming uncompetative and their profits (return on investment to shareholders) are being threatened, they will do what corporations have been doing for some time now, moving out of the U.S…Remember the widget dillema, having to price widgets at $1.50 each because of government taxes which had to be passed on to the customer? Well their competitor’s widgets are still for sale at $1.00 because they are made in China…in fact, their competitor just raised his price to $1.40 because,even though he had no increase in overhead as you did, he can make an additional profit of $.40 because tha market will bear it. It is difficult to operate in a world economy, but it’s where we are.

  119. [re=422692]terycarl[/re]: You lost most of us at “slip toward socialism.” We have a remarkably pragmatic President who is slightly to the left of center. A moderate in any reasonable view.

    He appears extreme to you because you’re standing on the outer fringe of American political thought (not to mention rationality).

    Wild, hare-brained posting about “socialism” only convinces us you don’t have two brain cells between which a synapse can be fired.

  120. by the way, this started with a condemnation of Sarah Palin and derogatory comments on her forthcoming book. It has risen to number one on the NYTimes best seller list and it hasn’t been released yet…..not bad

  121. [re=425078]terycarl[/re]: Typically for a right wing nut, you confuse popularity with quality. In your previous post you back pedal so fast you risk falling on your dumbass, but you lack the grace to admit you were dead wrong. See – you cast about with slurs and assumptions, are proven to be wrong, and then lack the decency to admit your error.

    Yes, “world” intelligence came from the US. We refused to listen to those intelligence services around the world who questioned the lies we were being told (“Curveball” anyone?). We then turned around and said “Yep, everyone agreed!” Again – “The Enron Defense.”

    Poison gas doesn’t count for WMD. Show me one speech prior to the invasion where that was mentioned. NO – it was all about “we don’t want the smoking gun to be mushroom-shaped cloud,” etc., etc. We were wrong – plain and simple. We’ve ruined a nation, slaughtered tens of thousands of people and left millions homeless, killed thousands of Americans and wounded thousands more – to no good purpose.

    Now, had the Bush Administration gone into Afghanistan with enough troops and the full international support we were offered, we could have actually finished the job there. And finished off Sadam Insane in the process.

    But we took our eye off the ball, did a half-baked job and then decided to cut and run for the second time – and now our new President has a huge mess to deal with.

    This may come as a shock to you, but I actually have heard the term “widget” before. Along with “swell,” “flapper,” and “fliver.”

    You think George Bush is smart and President Obama a “dolt?” You sir, are a fool. And you persist in proving it in public.

  122. Obama apparently attended two very prestigious universities..I say apparently because noone seems to have seen the transcripts from either of them, no written papers, no explanation of how he could afford them when he was raised by momma and grandma. He came up through the Chicago political machine and went to the Illinois congress where he basicalloy voted present except when it came to abortion and the taking the lives of children who had survived abortion attempts….He was a U.S senator for about five minutes when the liberals decided to elect him to the most powerful office in the history of the world.brilliant…he has never experienced a leadership role anywhere, not a cub scout leader, not a sandlot baseball coach, and certainly never in his political career….That’s the kind or moron I’d elect to lead my country (NOT).By the way, I never back off a position when discussing things with liberals because, almost without exception, they are wrong and I am right. I truely feel that Bush was a man for the time, he handled the attack on our country exactly as it should have been handled. Bill Clinton freed more terrorists than he ever put in prison, remember FALN . Obama may be the smartest person to have ever held the presidency, but who would ever know it. Try to get a high level position with a major company by telling them you have a MBA…..perhaps they would like some evidence of that. Perhaps he should reveal to the country that he indeed qualifies, under the Constitution, to be our president by showing, with a certified Hawaiian birth certificate, that he was indeed born there…but he won’t, in fact he has spent a huge amount of money to try to make his secrecy go away….very interesting. Remember his advising us that his administration would be “transparent”? well I don’t think that stonewalls are all that easy to see through.. Now, lets look at the people he has surrounded himself with. You mentioned that he was a moderate…..he is extraordinarily far left and socialism might not be a “left” enough description. Mr Alinski was a communist, radical, nut case and Obama is following his instructions to the letter….very frightening indeed. We’ll see how this comes out (we always do) but I have very little confidence in his ability to do much of anything. If he would ever stop apologizing for the “evil” U.S., maybe other world leaders would respect him….they think he’s a joke…very sad.

  123. [re=425225]terycarl[/re]: You dodge…you duck…you avoid defending a position taken just a few moments ago…quelle surprise…And now you prove to be a card-carrying member of the John Birthier Society – that’s quite a shock, isn’t it? Bet you wish you’d invented Mr. Obama’s time machine – the one he used to go back to Hawaii and get the State Health Department Bureau of Statistics to register his Hawaiian hospital birth…If you defend Mr. Bush because “…he handled the attack on our country exactly as it should have been handled…” that’s up to you…Personally, I’d prefer a President capable of preventing it in the first place…but that would require someone who actually manages to listen to his advisors and plan for the future…Overthrow the government of Iraq? No problem…plan a security strategy once that’s been accomplished?…why bother?…Defend a known terrorist who masterminded blowing up an airplane in mid-air? The Bush Admnistration was all for that…

    Mr. Obama, by the way, built a national campaign organization from the ground up…with thousands of employees and tens of thousands of volunteers (far more difficult to manage effectively, by the way)…raised hundreds of millions of dollars…beat the entrenched Democratic power base…introduced new technology to the entire process…and, oh by the way, won the election…Yet you say he’s never lead anything? If you understood his biography you’d know he was not part of the traditional Chicago political machine…but you’re obviously far more comfortable parroting right wing talking points (such as that abortion lie) than actually forming an intelligent opinion on your own…

    Additionally, you are not capable of sustaining a conversation, let alone a discussion with someone who has the facts and therefore the good sense to not agree with you…And what Cabinet position does Mr. Alinsky hold again?

  124. [re=425242]Tundra Grifter[/re]: wrong again kemosabe, the stste of Hawaii issues two completely different documents, one a certified (with the state stamp and all)birth certificate. I needed mine recently and for $16.00 the state of Wisconsin send it to me, stamp and all. The other certificate issued by Hawaii is, I believe, is mostly for poor immigrants who have obviously been born, but have no way to show when or where. I think that this is called a certificate of live birth and is issued so the person can get a job, credit, a drivers license, etc. It in no way indicates that the person was born in Hawaii as does the original birth certificate. I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a birther, but I can see no logical reason that he won’t allow this information to be released. In fact he has spent a huge amount of money to prevent his birth, school, college etc records from being released.Why??. Can you imaging applying for an executive position with a corporation and asking them to just assume that you had the MBA which was required for the job….don’t check on it boss, I promise that I really have the degree…..and I got real good grades too….honest. I didn’t think so. By the way, I’m still trying to figure out the position I took that I’m trying to avoid…please explain and I’ll be happy to defend it. I agree that Obama had a large grass roots establishment behind him. In fact I think that Acorn registered 43,000 voters for Obama and Al Franken (who won by about 300 votes)in Minnesota. Wow that is some machine. If Democrats can be proud of it O.K. I guess, I find it disgusting.
    Professor Joseph Olson of Hemline University school of law in St. Paul, Minnesota pointed out some inteeresting facts about the election. No. of states won, D.19 R.31, sq miles won D.580,000 R.2,427,000, population of counties D. 127million, R. 143million, murder rate per 100,000 in counties won by Demo. 13.2, by Republicans 2.1….He goes on to point out that that Repubs won mostly land owned by taxpaying citizens and Demo territory mostly encompassed those citizens living in government owned tenaments living off various forms of government welfare. Notice that he is from Minnesota, the only state which did not vote for Reagan, hardly a bastion of conservative thought

    now lets touch on the subject of abortion…one of the first things Obama did after the election was to either sign or at least press for passage of the infamouf FOCA. The freedom of choice act virtually nullifies all state laws restricting or prohibiting abortion. He was also very active in the Illinois legislature in seeking to prevent passage of a law which would have required medical personnel to attempt to save the life of a child who survived a botched abortion….great man I’d say. Remember when he said that if one of his daughters got pregnant, he wouldn’t want her “punished” with a baby for her indiscretion….my kind of daddy.

  125. Two Front Names: You are a fool. Read the newspapers: They included the State Bureau’s report of Mr. Obama’s birth. Or read the documents – if you can’t understand that, you are a birthier…Go back and read my posts – and defend your position if you have one…should I retype something you can’t read?…The lie about the Illinois law has been exposed…at least to those willing to read English and understand it…

    I’d hoped you were mindly intelligent and able to engage in a conversation…I find your single ability is to parrot garbage fed to you…disappointing, of course, but not in the least surprising…Mr. Franken won the election, fair and square…and he doesn’t have an establishing history of taking political opponents to court…Talk about sore losers and cry babies!

    You write about “various forms of government welfare.” I trust you include the many types of corporate welfare in that, as well.

    Sadly, you’ve proven to be a waste of time…you can not conduct a conversation, stay on topic, or defend the silly things you write…

  126. [re=425303]Tundra Grifter[/re]: how come when a republican wins an election by a thousand or so votes, and the Democrat asks for a recount (in liberal states) the Democrat always wins…that comment was made on t.v. tonight and BOTH sides agreed with the conclusion…interesting. There waqs no “lie” about the Illinois was pointed out early in the campaign and never refuted.. There is no such thing as corporate welfare, a misnomer for programs to assist corporations to locate in your area Tax abatement for example which brings employment to an area willing to grant the abatement. No, No, No, I’m not a sore loser nor a crybaby, I raelize that the election has been certified….I’m just pointing out some of the unusual things that happened to assure the outcome.. I can defend anything I write but when adequately defended, some people will not accept reality and return to their obsession that they nare right regardless of evidence to the contrary. By the way, I certainly hope that the sacrifice (their words) made by the Obamas in going to Denmark isn’t too hard on them. Because is is probably the highest priority situation facing the country…it is great that we send the most powerful man in the world to work on the Olympic project….great leadership……pathetic

  127. [re=422872]terycarl[/re]: Very interesting that your example is Bill Gates…one of the most predatory, monopolist business people of the late 20th century…Just how much has Microsoft been fined for illegal business practices?…a fraction of what could and should have been levied…but you probably don’t believe in regulating businesses, do you? No FDA, no OSHA…bring back the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  128. [re=425313]terycarl[/re]: Clueless in Illinois: Mr. Franken did not “ask” for a recount…see, in states such as Minnesota they already have a mechanism in place to make sure close elections are fair…did you read the local newspaper articles that displayed the ballots his opponent contested?…what a joke!…And, BTW, you did not address the several other cases where that gentleman attempted to resolve an election with a lawsuit…Why are the Republicans going around taking elections to court?…Who sued whom in Florida?…Remember…it was Bush vs. Gore…And, yes, it is a lie about Mr. Obama and the law in Illinois…he did not vote for a law that might have restricted legal abortions when regulations were already in place to protect the life of a newborn baby…and the nurse who first brought this lie up on her website suggested folks read a fascinating article about how people in China eat babies…You do have wonderful sources, don’t you?…Of course there is corporate welfare…if the various tax incentives are not equaled by the local economic growth it’s a poor idea…Perhaps you think it was great when the Texas Rangers under George Bush got public money for a private facility…and then used eminent domain (Kelo anyone?) to secure part of the required land…Apparently it’s difficult for right wing nutz such as yourself to understand a President can handle more than one issue at a time…and taht Airforce One is well equipped for him to continue to work on a variety of matters while in the air…of course, if he was flying to Crawford, Texas to “clear brush” you’d have to problem with it, would you?…Or if he was flying to California to the ranch he was given by wealthy patrons?

  129. Regarding your lies about the President of the United States and his votes on anti-abortion legislation, here are the facts:

    On crazy ex-nurse and proven liar Jill Stanek:

    More facts:

    You repeat lies, you don’t have facts, you can’t think, and you are a bigot, a racist and a fool…but I repeat myself…

  130. [re=425420]Tundra Grifter[/re]: now, now, you are beginning to panic as i suspected you would. The suit filed in Florida was to either conduct a full recount or none at all, let’s not just recount the Democrat districts but all districts. By the way this inane arguement has largely been put aside because liberal group after liberal group, including the New York Times have conducted their own recounts and in every case, Bush won….by the way, you accused me of being a poor loser and a crybaby when I pointed out that acorn had registered 43,000 questionable voters in Minnesota where Franken won (on a recount after having lost by a substantial margin). I did not cry about that, but Democrats will cry forever over an incidious plot to steal an election which a Republican clearly won…..thank God for a liberal dominated Supreme court………..wait a second, if there are more liberals on the court then why did they favor the Republican…..oh well, sometimes honesty prevails. Now I agree that a competant president can handle more than one issue at a time. Note that I said competant. Health care reform, Irag, Afghanistan, crime wave in Chicago, the economy, 9.9% unemployment, preventing Union members from casting a secret ballot, removing restrictions on abortion laws, removing Christian symbols from the background where he is speaking, (georgetown University),covering up his entire background from grade school through university, rescinding the evil Bush tax cuts, cutting medicare benefits to the elderly(medicare advantage will be eliminated)Nationalizing a portion of the auto industry, seeking to eliminate private insurance companies with a government “option” plan, preventing a military “flyover” of a patriotic/religious memorial event (first time in about 50 years), Sacrificing (their words, not mine) time to fly to Copenhagen,….yep, that definitely puts begging for the Olympics on the front burner…..nothing else going on here and with all my spare time, might as well take in the atmosphere in Denmark…….talk about leadership, this really has to be it……see all the things he can do at the same time? (at Huge expense to the American taxpayer….oh well, who cares about them?)

  131. [re=425420]Tundra Grifter[/re]: a question from me…the deal concerning the TExas rangers and Bush..public money for a private facility… a major stadium in a city is a private facility?????the Rangers can take it with them when and if they leave???? The new stadium in Indianapolis was largely paid for by taxpayers, the fieldhouse there is largely a taxpayer supported facility, I really am not aware of a major sports facility owned by the team so explain to us how building a sports facility, which will bring potentially billions of dollars into the community over the years, is corporate welfare….as for presidential trips on air force one….no problem whatsoever with his authority to do so….a vacation at Camp David…..a vacation at home in Texas, a return trip to Chicago to visit Daley and the rest of the democrat crooks… problem at all…..a trip to Copenhagen Denmark to pitch a bid for the Olympic Games…..major problem Pathetic

  132. [re=425412]Tundra Grifter[/re]: I love your “logic” one of the most successful business men in the history of the world, Bill Gates, is to you a symbol of evil….great analogy!!! Let’s see, I couldn’t do it, none of my relatives or friends could do it, no body I know could do it, therefore it must be a conservative conspirancy which robs the poor of their assets. Do I believe in regulating business….hell no, if the business fails to fulfill the needs of the buying public, it will fail as many businesses do. who should regulate business…the government which controls the post office ( broke), social security? (ponzi scheme and broke)National budget….trillions of dollars in arrears, Health care( please let us not go there….too frightening even for me) Bill Gates hit on a method of making money (wish it were me) which was legal, ethical, moral, and beneficial to his customers. (…I’ll give great odds that you too are using windows……amazing, isn’t it????I hate windows but all my computers have it…and I have not had the guts to change to Mac. But whatever may be, Bill Gates is the richest person in the country if not the world…..who cares, he hit the lottery and I didn’t…he owes me nothing, and as far as I’m concerned, he should pay taxes at the exact level that I do. Why he should owe a larger portion of his intake than I do is beyond my abilityto understand…..must be a liberal mindset… nothing, produce nothing, contribute nothing to society….and Bill Gates will pay an excessive tax rate to take care of you……..that’s equality all right…..pathetic

  133. [re=426273]bored Socialist/Communist[/re]: it’s not even possible for her to be both that smart and that beautiful….God made her beautiful, she and her inate ability, combined with her fantastic conservative viewpoints make her BRILLIANT. Do not ever put down a person who is far your superior in any aspect. If you think you sing as well as Sinatra, if you think that you are as wise as

  134. I was in the middle of a brilliant opinion and somehow my computer could only handle a limited amount of brilliance thus it printed, before I was ready, sorry….I could have added a bunch of examples as to why Sarah was far above normal in looks, intelligence, experience, sex appeal (whoops)….whatever

  135. silence is your best defence…good night and for Gods sake, at least look at the conservative candidate the next time you vote (if you do). Liberalism is costing this country its identity…very very sad and very frightening….pathetic

  136. Sarah palin’s book is still number one on Barnes and Noble and Amazon list and unemployment is at a 26 year level……Barack my kind of leader (not) liberals are not only wrong, but blind They cannot see the damage that they are doing to this country…..socialism nor communism are the answers but that’s what the left is striving for….very sad

  137. [re=426370]terycarl[/re]: You sound so lonely terycarl. Sorry about that, I’m home now- and super early too, aren’t you the lucky one? (You think I’m being sarcastic but I’m not; you really are fortunate.)

    I believe you left off insulting me by comparing me to Sarah Palin. Not that I didn’t get way more than enough of that before the election, from ignorant but well-intentioned people. They seemed to think it would please me somehow. (Hey, what’re ya gonna do? You can’t get irritated with them- it’d be unjust.)

    Oh yes, here we go: ‘…God made her beautiful, she and her ‘inate’ ability, combined with her fantastic conservative viewpoints make her BRILLIANT. Do not ever put down a person who is far your superior in any aspect. If you think you sing as well as Sinatra, if you think that you are as wise as…’

    Hey, I wish I could sing, period. Think I’m probably slightly wiser than you, as I am not quite so openly arrogant (but I can be pretty bad on occasion, I’ll admit it). You claim to be seventy, but most of your posts read like an early twenty-something’s, or even a bright teen’s. If you could back it up, that’d be one thing, but I’ve yet to see any evidence of that. And just so you don’t accuse me of arrogance, I’m more than happy to throw down with you and/or any number of your friends- well, as far as intelligence can be statistically measured, at any rate.*

    As for the rest of your comments, I cut and pasted them to my friends for comedic value. Out of curiosity, in what way would Palin be my superior? In notoriety? The rest of your suppositions are just, well, so very, very droll. You really don’t have the slightest idea who you’re engaging on this website, do you? Ah, the mark of wisdom indeed…

    *This disclaimer only because you seem to have a unique and difficult to quantify definition of intelligence. According to you, Palin’s endorsement of the conservative platform is what makes her intelligent- well, that and her ‘inate’ ability. With such a subjective yardstick, you could hardly blame someone for desiring more objective standards. Well, maybe you could. A reasonable person could not.

    PS- Impossible to resist the lure of all caps, isn’t it?

  138. [re=426392]bored Socialist/Communist[/re]:’ I believe you left off insulting me by comparing me to Sarah Palin. Not that I didn’t get way more than enough of that before the election…’

    In appearance only! I’d hope to God, never in intellect or behavior. Appearance was bad enough.

  139. [re=426403]bored Socialist/Communist[/re]: You should enjoy being compared to any conservative, it is a true honor that you should not take lightly. Voicing ones conservative views is one way of displaying your intelligence. For example Newt Gingrice vs Nance Pelosi or william F buckley vs James Carville….see how easy it is to tell the difference. If you look anything at all like Palin you are most fortunate, unfortunately just a cute package does not determine what’s inside. Sorry but I am still of the opinion that Sarah Palin was more qualified to be president than either Obama or Biden. She had been CEO of a small city, CEO of the largest, though not the most populous, state in the union. Obama was a neighborhood czar of some kind with no responsibility for anything. Biden and Obama were senators whose sole responsibility is to cast a vote on various bills which represent their constituants views. I din’t think Obama ever proposed a bill and I do know that he voted present many times in the Illinois legislature… that’s really taking a stand!! A mayor and a Governor actually have responsibility to get things done, to face the day to day problems which face their city or state and are accountable for their decisions. We have a great governor in Indiana who has been mentioned, by some,as a presidential candidate 2012 because of his very strong conservative views.
    Liberals in this country are a strange breed indeed…take for example the Hollywood croud coming to the defense of child rapist Polanski….now one has to wonder where they come up with their strange beliefs???Minimum wage, another strange result of liberal thinking. Never mind allowing a person to enter into a contract of his choosing but we will determine just what an employer should have to pay based on????? oh well, labor should pay the same in New York City or Walton Indiana, never mind the opinion of either the employee or employer.Brilliant thinking.
    the Colts are on T.V. so I must rush off for a while Bye-Bye

  140. [re=426224]terycarl[/re]: Once again…you fail…you can’t respond to proof your previous posts were crap…so you simply present more right wing nutz’ talking points you’ve cleverly managed to cut and paste from dubious sources…You claim:

    “[…]by the way, you accused me of being a poor loser and a crybaby when I pointed out that acorn had registered 43,000 questionable voters in Minnesota where Franken won (on a recount after having lost by a substantial margin).” You claimed Mr. Franken “asked” for a recount. I pointed out the recount was required by Minnesota law. Your response? “ACORN!” – like a true believer…You claim Mr. Franken “lost by a substantial margin.” Meaningless drivel. Know the facts before you post.

    You cry that the President of the United States is supposed to be working on a “[…]crime wave in Chicago…” You see a video on The Sludge Retort and it’s a national issue? Not only is your claim a lie, but what in the hell is the President going to do about it? As a True Believer…a Birthier, for God’s sake…you must know the city of Chicago has a government, as does the state of Illinois…

    You make the stupid claim Mr. Obama was responsible for “…removing Christian symbols from the background where he is speaking, (georgetown University)…” Another disproven claim, of course…but you’ve proven you never let facts get in the way of one of your reckless lies…

    Finally, you make the remarkably stupid claim that President Obama somehow is (was?) responsible for “…preventing a military ‘flyover’ of a patriotic/religious memorial event (first time in about 50 years)…” Another lie. Apparently you fall for anything you read on the Internets, as long as it is anti-Mr. Obmama.

    Why do you hate America so much?

  141. [re=426470]Tundra Grifter[/re]: You’ve proven you are financially ignorant. You wrote ” I really am not aware of a major sports facility owned by the team so explain to us how building a sports facility, which will bring potentially billions of dollars into the community over the years, is corporate welfare…” Sports teams do not bring jobs or dollars to a community. The money would have been spent on other forms of entertainment. You are guilty of political economics, not financial economics. As a matter of fact, San Francisco has a private baseball stadium. It’s only been up for six or seven years, so it’s no surprise you are not aware of it.

    Private sports facilities are classic examples of corporate welfare – and if you understood the concept you would know why.

  142. [re=426411]terycarl[/re]: You honestly think Newt is a great thinker? Not to mention his wonderful morals – divorcing his sick wife while she’s in a hospital bed…what a guy!

    You wrote ” I din’t think Obama ever proposed a bill…” Mr. Obama’s legislative record is a matter of fact – not belief…I certainly believe you when you say “I didn’t think…”…like so many right wing nutz…you don’t understand the wonderful phrase “The more people believe, the less they know.”

    And, yes, Mr. Obama has a strong legislative record…very interesting what a person can accomplish when credit is not the first priority…

  143. [re=426277]terycarl[/re]: “There is also an ethical issue. At the moment [1999], Microsoft’s leadership really seems to think that anything is permissible. It’s not. The industry is rough, and it will stay that way. But cominant firms should not use one monopoly to creat others, their CEOs should not make blatantly absurd statements in antitrust depositions, their executives should not show fake software demonstrations in court, and they should not coolly debate the insertion of false error messages in their software to destroy rival firms.” – High St@akes, No Prisoners by Charels H. Ferguson.

    You can, of course, ignore the court decisions in several countries regarding Microsoft’s business practices. For you, obviously, sucess is everything – at whatever cost. If it works, go for it! And damn the laws that might stand in the way.

    “Greed is good” – eh, TerryCarl?

  144. [re=422789]terycarl[/re]: It is simply not possible to exhaust your posts at one or two readings…much too deep! “Mary janes?” Who cares what shoes I wear? And who is this Ms. Holly Wood who supports Mr. Polanski, and why should I care what she thinks?

    How do you know her? Does your poor wife know?

  145. [re=427701]Tundra Grifter[/re]: your replies are more inane as they go on…as to Polanski, I was, of coure, referring to the idiot liberals who support him. I would estimate (pure guesswork) that microsoft employs 200,000 people at a generous wage level, not exactly a major burden on the welfare system..I have no idea what you are talking about with their legal problems, but apparently they are doing O.K…..must have been overly friendly judges. Does my wife know about miss holly wood….yup and she is almost as obnoxious about my political opinions as you are…..some people never learn. Mr Obama does not have a strong legislative record….he is a follower not a leader and it is becoming more evident as time goes by. San Francisco has a private stadium….my point exactle, if the team leaves San Francisco, they cannot take the stadium with them… is a public asset which will generate millions of dollars for that community over the years. Newt Gingrich is a masterful thinker and while I do not condone some of his behavior, we were discussing intelligence levels…..and please do not propose that Pelosi is anywhere near the intellectual level of Gingrich. By the way, Obama is at it again….he has some of the most brilliant military minds at his disposal and he is going to take their advise and mull it over, toss it around, whatever…..he is as dumb as a box of rocks on military matters but will wait weeks or months to take the advise of his advisors……my kind of leader (Not)

  146. [re=428379]terycarl[/re]: You have no facts…so you share with us your borrowed opinions…You said “Hollywood supports” Mr. Polanski…obviously, there is no entity “Hollywood.” But’s it’s useful shorthand for folks with no mind of their own…You blame Microsoft’s “legal problems” on friendly judges? Is that really the best you can do in the face of obvious evidence? But you just don’t care, because it appears to you to be a successful corporation…if children want to work 12-hour days in coal mines, that would probably be great as far as you are concerned…Now you’re an expert on Mr. Obama’s legislative record…except you get it wrong, as usual…because you don’t know the facts…where’s your proof of your wild, reckless, and crazed claims about Mr. Obama personally stopping military flyovers and the rest? You have no facts…particularly if you find Newt a “masterful thinker.” And who cares about his personal behavior – character doesn’t matter in leaders to you, does it? Rudy, John McCain, countless Republican “conservative” family-values sex fiends – no problem! You are a bigot, a fool, and a waste of earth’s carbon resources…your poor wife does have my sympathy, however. She obviously needs it.

  147. [re=426411]terycarl[/re]: ‘Voicing ones conservative views is one way of displaying your intelligence.’

    Once again, you’ve proven my point. You are incapable of thinking, much less debating, objectively.

    To Mrs. terycarl- Stay strong!

  148. [re=430231]bored Socialist/Communist[/re]: mrs terry is doing fine as has been doing so since 1961. My three sons, graduates of three different MAJOR universities, 2 public 1 private are also bastions of conservative thought…..they listened to dad and not their asinine liberal “professors”. When I mentioned Gingrich, I also mentioned the fact that I did not agree with all of his personal behavior….that hardly changes the fact that he is a brilliant thinker that puts Pelosi to shame. I am not a bigot I do not forgive abhorrent behavior, but I do look past a stupid error in judgement and take the person, whoever it may be, for their full value to humanity rather than an unfortunate indiscretion…..Ghandi, for example, was accused of mistreating his wife….master of peace…probably not. I don’t think I said Hollywood backed Polanski, I said many personalities did so….and I am right….and that included Woody Allen who had sex with his stepdaughter…my kind of character witness!!! If you can’t tell the difference between liberals and conservatives, I’m very sorry for you. You are witnessing an attempt to take over this country and turn it into a Cuba, Venezuela, soviet Union….whatever. If you will check out their success rate in forming a society in which people determine their own destiny… will find that all of them, except the United States fail miserably. It is sad to converse with a person of your apparent intelligence level who cannot see what is happening around them……you are one of the people who thought that the Emperor of Japan was a God until the bombs hit Hiroshima and Nagasaki….then you realized he might have been wrong… Obama…….look out for the bombs…..he is wrong and it won’t be long before even you will figure it out……..Pathetic

  149. [re=430335]terycarl[/re]: Are you capable of defending your wild and reckless claims with facts? I specifically asked you for the details of Mr. Obama personally preventing the military flyover, etc., etc. To date, no facts from you. Can’t you post the chain email you received proving this to be true? After all, it was on the Internets and anti-Barack Obama so of course you believe it.

    You think we should just tear up the US Constitution and provide any support our military requests. The list of generals throughout history who have not requested more troops is just as long as the roster of Republican senators and congresspeople who oppose Federally-funded health care for US citizens so they’ve turned it down themselves.

    Before President Obama sends more troops to Afghanistan, he needs to know why they would be there. What is our goal, and that includes an exit strategy more comprehensive than Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld were able to craft. Sending our military personnel home in a box with a flag on top doesn’t constitute a reasonable way out.

    Simply sending more military to Afghanistan may well push the Taliban into nuclear-armed Pakistan, and further de-stabilize the region. There is no military solution to Afghanistan – just as there wasn’t to Viet Nam or Iraq.

    There may be a diplomatic-economic-military-political solution (with an information/psych war overlay). That remains to be seen. Given the unstable environment, who can conduct “non-kenetic” (MOOTWA) operations there?

    Clearly Mr. Obama couldn’t just pull the previous administration’s plan off the shelf, because they didn’t bother to come up with one.

    Finally, your stupid posts make it clear you are not only a bigot but a racist as well.

    And what in the hell does the Emperor of Japan have to do with anything? However, since you bring up the bombing at the end of WW II, have you read the US government’s reports on the benefits of bombing both Japan and Germany? Most interesting, indeed…but you wouldn’t like the conclusions.

  150. [re=430487]Tundra Grifter[/re]:As fer as ther japanese emperor is concerned, I only mentioned him as a person who was, by many declared a “god” until they got their asses blown off. I couldn’t care less what revisionists report about the end of the war….it ended with us on the winning side…..that’s all that counts. The village idiot who is now our president (yes I said our) is now in favor of aligning himself with the Taliban ( the ones who refused female education and blew up the elements of ancient societies in Afghanistan)….this baloon head (winner of the peace prize )(we now know the value of that fiasco) thinks that we can actually negotiate with these seventh century idiots. It isd amazing what liberals will tolerate. Was the Bush administration without error…probably not, but the present administration has made more disastrous decisions that both Bush admins. made….nationalize the auto industry, turn Chrysler over to the U.A.W., seek to nationalize a seventh of the national economy by taking over health care….pathetic……The list of congresspeople who oppose federal funding of healeth care is very much bi-partisan….which is why it does not exist. I do not want the federal government to force me to pay for your health care….thank you very much. I don’t want to buy your food, I don’t want to pay your rent, I don’t want to pay your light bill, telephone bill, insurance bill, heat bill, nothing …..If, however you are UNABLE, not unwilling to pay your way, I will,voluntarily , help you with your problems……not my problems, yours. I am neither bigoted nor racist, you seem to be both. you feel that the government is perfectly justified in taking 1/3 or 1/2 of the fruits of my labor to hand out to those who are too damned lazy to get an education and support themselves…..even those who are not even in this country on a legal basis……sorry, my money is mine and the illegals or the inept can survive or not survive on their own. I would never tear up the Constitution as you would seem to do so. I would never suggest that military generals have a superior decision making policy than the president, however I have enough common sense to realize that a general, with 25 or 30 years of military experience is probably better able to make a military decision than a Chicago neighborhood coordinator….just saying.the authority….no….the ability definitly….that’s why Obama should never have been elected…..he is unqualified to do anything. He has never led anything, he has never made a major decision, he has never voted correctly on a major piece of legislation (present doesn’t count). We have elected a college student, whose source of income and tuition is in doubt, to be the most powerful person in the history of the world,,,,,,,,not good. Liberals will say….give him a chance…..well O.K. but that shouldn’t be the way we choose our leaders. How about picking a person with experience, ability, judgement, maturity, ethics, (no Chicago terrorist or mafia connection). Nope, we will pick a maybe college graduate with a questionable background and make him leader of the free world……brilliant (NOT)

  151. [re=431623]terycarl[/re]: You can not sustain an intelligent conversation….you revert to your right wing nutz’ talking points as if they had merit or a factual base…Yes, you are obviously a bigot and racist and your posts are the proof…Speaking of proof: Where is your evidence that President Obama personally ordered the US military to not flyover a celebration of 50 years’ standing?

    You suggest “How about picking a person with experience, ability, judgement, maturity, ethics…” And the GOP (Gang-rape: Our Platform) nominated Gov. Palin?

    Again – the issue in Afghanistan is not the military alone…that is an essential point you obviously can not understand…You wrote about Cuba before…That would be the Cuba the US took as plunder in one of the dumbest wars we ever fought, then refused to govern…turned the country over to sugar and rum families and finally stateside mobsters who ran it as their playground until the people had enough and there was another revolution…at which point we made Mr. Castro a hero to the goodly portion of the world that didn’t like us very much, and made sure he would stay in power no matter what he did…He was our creation, start of finish, and we did a very poor job of it…

    You are a fool, sir…I wouldn’t hire you to be a towel boy in a New Orleans cathouse…

  152. [re=431943]Tundra Grifter[/re]: I’ve never been to a New Orleans Cat house….but I’ll take your word for it. Cuba…you have to be kidding to refer to something that happened years before you were even born…..and plunder????the cuban villiage idiot took it over and I must admit, ruled it for many years (successfully??????I doubt it) they are still driving 54 Chevies there and their contributiions to the world have been ZERO since Castro took over…..if you are satisfied with living in the 18 th century…..O.K. but I am more interested in freedom and living in the present. Other than Che and Castro…..who considered them as heros???no one…they are no different than Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao, etc who slaughtered people for their own evil goals. Sorry but garbage is garbage, no matter what you call it. When we first started this communication, I felt that you had a modicum of common sense, but your latest postings have proven again what I have said for years…..give a liberal a chance and he/she will prove that they are totally incompetant to do much of anything. Take for example, the latest Nobel Peace Prize winner……shall we all just laugh or puke???? could it have been politically motivated????could Al Gore recieving that phony award for his “environmental” efforts (it’s in the low 40’s here tonight)…..Seriously, if you liberals would wake up and recognize what you are doing to this country, you would frighten even yourselves. I have been around for longer than I would like to admit and I have NEVER seen a liberal program, policy or what ever that worked, most in fact have turned into national disasters………that is, of course, if you are not one of those who sucks off the national teat……pathetic.

  153. [re=432848]terycarl[/re]: Fool. I can’t understand the Spanish-American War because I wasn’t around to fight it? Do you honestly think that statement makes sense? Yes, we took Cuba and several other islands as plunder from that stupid war. That’s called a “fact.”

    You are a self-confessed conservative, so we know you’re not interested in facts. After all, “The less you know, the more you believe.”

    I am not a supporter of Mr. Castro. I never said he was my hero. This is just another of your right wing nutz’ talking points.

    My point – since you are too slow to understand it – he was the creation of the United States of America, start to finish. If we planned to mismanage our policy towards Cuba we could not have done a worse job of it, other than starting WW III by mistake. Which would have happened had our President listened to his experienced military advisors. The folks you think so highly of. Happily, the brothers Kennedy understood war is too important to be left to the generals.

    I’m still awaiting your proof that Mr. Obama personally ordered the US military to stop a flyover. At this point, I must conclude you do not have it. In other words, it was a lie and you know it.

    So you’re not only a bigot and a racist but a liar as well. Your family must be very proud of you, indeed.

  154. [re=432848]terycarl[/re]: Legend-in-Your-Own-Mind: Do try to learn the difference between weather and climate. It isn’t that hard, even at your advanced age. Your liquid memory is obviously shot, but I think if you really, really apply yourself you could probably manage it.

    Get a kid to help you, if you must. Most twelve-year-olds I know can explain it quite easily.

  155. [re=433048]Tundra Grifter[/re]: I don’t understand this, I wrote a brilliant response to your inane posting and it didn’t seem to appear…….oh well I will try to duplicate it but my mind can only stand so many moments of brilliance….besides it’s midnight…see ya

  156. have all the kids gone to bed for a day or two???? the fly over I referred to was a God and Nation day….I will find out where it was and revive your memory. Now, I understand, Obamania is seeking to pair up with segments of the taliban…..kind of like picking a few of the good nazis or perhaps deciding that Mao Tse Tung had some qualities that we should appreciate. Can liberals get even more stupid??? I really try to understand them and when they call themselves progressive…..I have to wonder if they’ve lost it altogether. Idiot man is in New Orleans tonight speaking to the whining crowds who were too stupid to get the hell out of a city where, for a week, a Hurricane had been predicted. Meanwhile, there are thousands of California farmers, growing our food, who have been put out of business because the feds are protecting a minnow and not allowing farmers to irrigate their fields. Flu vaccine is not available under his watch and bunches of people will either suffer from or die of the flu…..where is FEMA under these circumstances?? There will be no cost of living increase for Social Security recipients in probably 40 years…..but our savior is proposing giving them $250.00 each…..probably about a third of what their energy bills will go up under “cap and trade”…..pathetic

  157. just one more time….Dumb Sarah Palin’s fake book…..I’d be willing to bet that it will outsell Al Gore’s attempt at intelligence by quite a bit.Global warming???????and yes I understand the difference between weather and climate………weather, sooner or later, determines climate………if the weather is constantly hot and humid here, chances we are in a tropical or sub-tropical climate……and if the global CLIMATE is cooling, chances are that we need not fear global warming (and it is cooling)…..thanks Gore, the temperature in Indiana has been in the 30’s and 40’s for weeks…..should be in the high 60’s.

  158. [re=436764]terycarl[/re]: What a nin-cow-poop. Here’s your flyover crap:

    Can you make that work, Gramps? President Obama personally prevented this flyover? Right. You are a gull-a-bull.

    And that took about 30 seconds to find. Try Google some time – it works!

    You know nothing about Afghanistan. You know nothing about the Taliban and who is currently fighting for it. Actually, based on your numerous posts, you don’t know anything about anything.

    I was glad to hear your grandson wasn’t in the balloon after all.

  159. [re=436764]terycarl[/re]: When it comes to military affairs in Afghanistan, you are as ignorant as you are on every other topic you’ve attempted to discuss.

    It makes excellent sense to negotiate with members of the Taliban. It’s an ancient military principle to divide an enemy, not to unite one. When Gen. Crook chased down Cochise, and Gen. Miles went into the mountain fastnesses of Mexico after Geronimo, both soldiers used Apache scouts.

    They didn’t ask the padre of the parish church to recommend choir boys for that job.

    The average Afghan fighter has loyalty to his tribe and his leader. It is common to change sides just as soon as the outcome of the battle is clear. Many times, fighters will switch sides in the middle of a fight.

    We call it treachery. The Afghans prefer to view it as being practical. Their word is worthless – and therefore it can be very easy to get fighters to change sides. Much easier than killing them.

    The 44th had to make their Last Stand at Gandamark on The Retreat from Kabul because the Afghan leaders lied to poor old Gen. Elphinstone. That’s life in Afghanistan. Make use of this fact – don’t deny it.

    Some warriors fight for the Taliban for religious reasons. Also for money, because they have been pressed into service, and because the central government has been a dismal failure – another wonderful legacy from the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld administration.

    The Taliban is not Al Qadea. I know that’s a difficult concept for a right wing nut to grasp, but do try to understand the huge difference.

    President Obama would be wise to be practical, to fully understand the situation in Afghanistan, and then make the best of a very bad situation.

    Your braindead GOP talking points aren’t going to help anyone accomplish anything.

  160. [re=437171]Tundra Grifter[/re]: Cochise…Gandamark….Gen. Elphisone….give me a break!!I realize that the Taliban are not Al Qadea but, on a local level in Afghanistan, they’re probably worse. Bush’s only error there is that he did not use big enough bombs and too few of the ones he did use. These ignoramuses do not understand negotiation, they understand power and they display that fact daily. We did not seek to negotiate with Hitler, England did and look what it got them!!Chamberlain’s efforts to appease the nazis was disastrous and our efforts to do the same with any faction of the Muslim world would be as bad or worse.. You mentioned Obama and wise in the same sentence….oxymoron. Obama has no experience doing anything and he has surrounded himself with ultra-liberal advisors who seem to hate the principles upon which this nation was founded. We need to get much stronger in our dealings with Pakistan….they must control, within their borders, Al-Qadea and the Taliban. There has never been a central government there and our attempts to create one will take a little doing..Unfortunately Obama is the president, but he had better listen to his military advisors and heed their requests. You cannot deal with 7th century minds with 21st century logic….ever hear of a suicide bomber? Those people will blow up a store, neighborhood, rail station and kill their own people just to get attention. We are barely dealing with human beings here are Obama wants to negotiate with them…….when two parties negotiate, there has to be give and take….what do you want to give them??if negotiations were fruitful, do you suppose for one second that they would uphold their end of the bargain??????if they didn’t, what would you propose to do about it… You don’t negotiate with a pit bull, you either control it or kill it….

  161. [re=436950]Tundra Grifter[/re]: the military flyovr ban was ordered under the Obama administration….remember “the buck stops here” another Democrat said that (one of the only intelligent things a Democrat has ever said). I like the quality of the person who refuted the accusation….kind of an anti religious whacko, wouldn’t you say. Anyway, the end result was that for the first time in many years, the flyover did not occur and it was under the big “O”‘s admintration…how proud everyone must be……pathetic

  162. [re=437894]terycarl[/re]: Legend In Your Spare Time: I realize as a right wing nut you are not interested in facts. You cling to beliefs as if they will pull you from the wreckage of your political opinions. Who needs facts? Why learn from history – from the successes and failures of others? That was a long time ago – right? “The Art of War” is a few thousand years old. No reason to read one of the best books on military conduct ever written.

    Try reading “In the Graveyard of Empires” by Jones if you want to understand the Taliban. The prose is somewhat turged – a tough slog, as its written like a RAND report. A great deal of good information, however.

    There is no military solution to Afghanistan. You want to bomb mud hovels stuffed with women and children? There’s a brilliant tactic! How long did it take you to dream that one up? “My feeling,” said Wallace Greene, “is that we could kill every Viet Cong and North Vietnamese in South Vietnam and still lose the war. Unless we can make a success of the civic-action program, we are not going to obtain the objectives set.” Sound familiar?

    Oh – right – you’re the guy who isn’t interested in learning from history.

    Appeasement? Another favorite right wing nut talking point. Professor Schlesinger in his excellent “Bitter Heritage” wrote “In the years since [World War II], the consciousness of policy-makers has been haunted by the Munich and Yalta analogies – the generalization …that appeasement always assures new aggression…The multitude of errors committed in the name of ‘Munich’ may exceed the original error of 1938.” “There is more respect to be won in the opinion of this world by a resolute and courageous liquidation of unsound positions than by the most stubborn pursuit of extravagant or unpromising objectives.” – George Kennan. You’ve probably heard of him. Dimly.

    Your lie about the military flyover has been exposed. You wrote about President Obama “… preventing a military “flyover” of a patriotic/religious memorial event (first time in about 50 years)..” and you now admit he personally had nothing to do with it.

    The gentlemen who posed the YouTube video is not an anti-religious whacko. He’s smart enough to understand the separation between church and state in this nation is not to prevent contamination of the government – we’ve withstood far worse in our history – it is to preserve true religious freedom. Not that you could grasp such a concept.

    You remain a bigot, a racist, and the biggest fool to ever post a comment on Wonkette. And that is saying something, indeed. You betcha!

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