Oh man, we’re sobbing. Watch all of it if you can. Most devastating critique of the Obama administration yet. [YouTube]

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  1. His keepers are taking him to county fairs around our fair Republic, passing him off as “human.” Who wouldn’t, for 50 cents a peek, take a chance at confirming that unlikely claim?

  2. “He’s taken every right we have away”
    Except the right of drunken rednecks to make apocalyptically embarrassing YouTubes.

    I particularly like the *fap* *fap* sound effects there in the early going.

  3. You know, the acting is superb, but what truly makes this video a work of art is the pacing. That minute and a half it takes him to put a pinch of dip in his gob, the repetitive forward bends to his spittoon, the Pinter-esque pauses in delivery, even the complete immobility of the camera until that last disorienting minute make this a monument of great American filmmaking.

  4. [re=419673]Downtheroadapiece[/re]: This IS his manifesto. What? Do you think this mouthbreather knows how to write?

    “If I was the fuckin’ president I’d make ever-thing legal.”

    SPCA libruls. Sayin’ it’s illegal to fuck farm animals.

  5. I have the bootleg of this and it’s even better. On the bootleg when the dirctor calls “Cut” you can hear Paul McCartney saying, “Come on, one more time, but with energy, come on, with energy!”

  6. Listlessness? Check.
    Pale skin tone? Check.
    Lethargic? Check.
    Swollen face? Check.

    THIS MAN HAS HOOKWORM. Which you can catch from human feces.
    Makes sense, as he obviously dumps behind a tree in his backyard.

  7. [re=419667]Come here a minute[/re]: you beat me to it; but it’s so true innit?

    For you non-inbred liberals, that fap fap fap you hear is the sound of him packing the can of dip. It makes it easier to pinch the perfect amount out of the can. Real kids learn to do this by the time they’re eight or nine. It takes practice.

  8. And yet, he manages to breathe, speak, and dip skoal from the same hole. Hmmm, must have taken years to master. I also enjoyed the home decorating “tips and idees.” Why throw out that broken stove when it functions perfectly well as a desk?

  9. A few observations:

    x I’ve got a delicious chaw in right now. And I promise I’m not gross.
    x Hot pocket “crispy sleeve” or whatever it’s called in the background.
    x Dude looks like he’s Chris Christie’s kid.

  10. So it’s true – the girl Glen Beck raped and murdered back in 1990 had in fact already bore him a cretinous slack-jawed tobacky chewin doughy pantload.

  11. The defibrillator on the table behind him does show some level of foresight.

    Too bad that the battery will be dead due to compulsive sack shocking when it comes time for his lard pump to need the inevitable goosing.

  12. [re=419679]problemwithcaring[/re]: True dat:

    “Yeah man, I tell ya what, man. That dang ol’ Internet, man. You just go on there and point and click. Talk about W-W-dot-W-com. An’ lotsa nekkid chicks on there, man. Click. Click. Click. Click. Click. It’s real easy, man.”

  13. – What is on his stove top?

    – Why is his computer in the kitchen?

    – When he bends over, is he spitting out chew, or sucking something?

    – How can this guy even run a computer?

    – Why is it that all these right-wing men (excepting Ann Coulter) seem to have moon-faces?

    – Why didn’t he put on a clean shirt?

  14. As a half-breed jew myself, I am glad to hear the religious-affiliation-confusion has come full swing – aparently Pres. Obama is no longer a half-breed muslin. Now he’s a N#$%*R Jew!

  15. From his youtube homepage comments. And it’s 12 hours old so I know it’s none of us:

    i don’t advocate hitting women but I if i ever saw your mother/sister(same person) I would superman punch that diabetes having cunt right in her fat fuckin jaw for not aborting your repulsive ass. Make sure you stay in the middle of that trailer fatty or you’ll tip the shit over ASAP you obese uneducated human cancer. I hope your entire racist, welfare collecting, family of fat retards dies in a minivan crash you 900 pound excuse for a human.

  16. Joe the Plumber, your 15 minutes are up. Skoalrebel is the new face of the Republican-Confederate Party. They’ll be adding a Skoal plank to their platform, because that’s what God wants.

  17. Ugh… I knew 4 seconds in that he’s from Kentucky… Classic Kentucky-Dumbfuck drawl… (I’m from Kentucky originally, you see – but I escaped!) Disgusting.

  18. [re=419726]Noonan[/re]: “Anyway, like I was sayin’, Skoal is the fruit of the South.

    You can barbecue it, boil it, broil it, bake it, saute it. Dey’s uh, Skoal-kabobs, Skoal creole, Skoal gumbo. Pan fried, deep fried, stir-fried. There’s pineapple Skoal, lemon Skoal, coconut Skoal, pepper Skoal, Skoal soup, Skoal stew, Skoal salad, Skoal and potatoes, Skoal burger, Skoal sandwich.

    That…that’s about it. Oh yeah. Obama is gay as all fuckin’ hay-ell.”

  19. This is the face of the Republican party. Regard on its majesty. As Bill Maher says, not all Republicans are racists, but if you’re racist, you’re almost certainly a Republican.

    “Obama is a nigger-slash-Jew.” That’s a good one.

  20. [re=419731]iantenna[/re]:

    You’d think that people would have had enough
    Of silly love songs
    But I look around me and I see it isn’t so
    Some people wanna fill the world
    With silly love songs
    And what’s wrong with that?
    I’d like to know, cause here I go again

    I love you, I love you,
    I love you, I love you,

    I can’t explain the feelings plain to me
    Say can’t you see?
    Ah, she gave me more, she gave it all to me
    Now can’t you see?
    What’s wrong with that
    I need to know, cause here I go again

    I love you, I love you

    Love doesn’t come in a minute
    Sometimes it doesn’t come at all
    I only know that when I’m in it
    It isn’t silly, no, it isn’t silly
    Love isnt silly at all

    How can I tell you about my loved one?

    How can I tell you about my loved one?

  21. i pity him and appreciate his entertainment value too much to make fun of the poor man. these are tears of laughter and sadness. And then more laughter.

  22. a chaw is a terrible thing to waste. but it is not the cause of our young, punch-drunk rebel’s distemper. what we have here, my friends, is tragic evidence of the price one pays for a lifetime of corn syrup abuse.

    it could happen to someone you love!

  23. You all realize somewhere in the near future one of his buddies will stumble into all of your comments and tell him about it?

    I can’t wait for Part Deux and the wrath he unleashes on the Wonkerrs…

  24. Why yall trippin , he’s just COLD DIPPIN THE COPE STRAIGHT !!

    Click on his friends and take a journey through the Land of Retardation and Skoal. I didn’t realize that there was a whole underground subbacultcha of tobacco chewers on the youtubes.

  25. “Man, if I was president I’d make everything legal. I’d definitely make prostitution legal.”
    Is it right to infer that this beautiful Appalachian specimen might have trouble getting laid?

    It’s amazing that this moonshine fueled tirade started because Jimbo can’t get his mint Copenhagen. Imagine the uproar if Barry was to outlaw Trucknutz! He and all his cousins/brothers would be rioting in the dirt roads all across Bumblefuck, USA.

  26. Well, now we know where to find Sheer “Am I An Idiot?” InSannity’s kid brother.

    Seriously- if you’re going to crash from a week-long meth tweek, maybe filming it for YouTube isn’t the greatest idea.

    I am seriously looking forward to the video he promises next. Personally, I think he has about as much chance of completing it as he does of standing up. Not his promised “Gonna stand up for…” – just standing up.

    For the record, I think that’s a portable propane (gas) stove behind him. The thing with all the crap on it. If he ever cleans that puppy off and tries to use it to cook dinner, this situation could very well resolve itself.

    His dip can says “Cope.” He certainly can’t.

    I do understand his burning desire to legalize prostitution. Everybody deserves one try at sex with another human being. And that appears to be the only one he’ll ever have.

  27. I would guess he has a meth problem but he is way too fat for that. And I fully support socialist indoctrination in our schools if it made more children literate enough to read the surgeon general’s warning on the snuff package.

  28. A few months from now he’ll be at an AA meeting, and he’ll get up to introduce himself with the intention of explaining how he was once so drunk he posted a 7+ minute rant on YouTube that spread all over the internets, and he’ll get as far as “Hello, my name is…” and the whole room, in collective exasperation, will go, “We KNOW who you ARE.”

  29. Banning flavored tobacco? Have you ever tried those Camel flavored cigs? Mandarin Mint, Izmar Stinger, Twist, and Creamy Mellow Mint? That’s like inhaling dessert, only it’s better than dessert, ’cause it’s smoke. Fuckin’ awesome treat right there, amigo.

    I’m with Clem here. Impeach the Nazi Jew.

    Wait…Nazi Jew? How does that work?

  30. One day he actually got to sleep with one of those girls
    But it made me feel awful
    ‘Cause she charged him fifty bucks.
    And it was twenty for everybody else.

  31. I confess, I didn’t make it through the whole video… but I recommend you check out his other youtube selections. You can see the many moods of his stove top, and find out how he looks with a moustache!

  32. He declares Obama a “fucking nigger slash Jew,” but he wants everyone to know he’s not a real racist because he ain’t got no Nazi signs on ‘im.

  33. An American flag AND a Confederate flag together? The cognitive dissonance is strong with this one.

    Seriously, he got himself all worked up and then turned off the camera so he could go kick his dog or something.

  34. Rebel flag, y’all, all tha way. I’m a ‘true fuckin’ American’, you can tell ’cause I got a flag from when we wuz all white traitors tryin’ ta destroy the Union.

  35. OK, now I’m starting to feel bad for the boy. He last logged into his YouTube account about 30 minutes ago. He likely saw that he had 19,000 views and went, “Fuckin’ A! I’m famous!”

    Then he started to read the comments. I’m sure he’s on his way to buy more ammo right now.

    And here’s where he’s from:,_Kentucky (96.7% white)

    Then again, if he plays his cards right, Hannity will have him on next week as a guest.

  36. [re=419743]RobertP[/re]: I knew this guy was from Kentucky too. I’ve never lived in the South but this is what I learned from the various anti-Obama voter clips shown during election campaign: how to recognize the accent of a Kentucky hillbilly racist fuckwit.

  37. This guy is one dip that could use a lot more flavor — and a lot less Hillybilly Heroin. (Five minutes was all I could handle, and that was four too much.)

  38. Now I cannot stop watching all of the videos and they’re just making me all headachy and dizzy.

    Hey wait addictive, headachy and dizzy those are the side effects of dip too.

    This dudes a genius.

  39. [re=419877]Glanton[/re]: Family. There’s coal mining in northern states too. You don’t know anything about me. Poverty isn’t an excuse for bigotry.

  40. [re=419861]Extemporanus[/re]: Well given the fact it’s a gas stove with obvious leaks in the line, at least give him credit for going with smokeless tobacco.

  41. Seriously, though, the majority of the comments posted here in response to this video are _at least_ as repulsive as the video itself. My fellow progressives always seem hot for social programs & helping the impoverished until they’re presented with a poor Southern person. Then it’s fair game to run wild with despicable classist ridicule. Good job, everyone. Pat yourselves on the back. You went to college, this guy most likely didn’t. Yer doin GREAT

  42. If you go to the youtube page for this video, you will discover that “Skoalrebel” has made 184 videos — One hundred, eighty-four!!!! — on this set of topics. Apparently all with the camera in basically the same place, and his body in basically the same position (from the frame accompanying each title). All of them seem to be about chewing tobacco and/or Obama, with a clear preference for the former and distaste for the latter.

  43. This is the greatest thing I have ever seen, and I could only hack about 40 seconds of it, that was enough. The lawn chair in the “kitchen,” the stove covered with crap, including, as noted above, a hot pocket browning tube thingy. You know there is a couch and a refrigerator on the porch, unless there is no porch, in which case they’re just sitting in the dirt at the bottom of the stairs. And I would pay to see what vehicle sits on blocks in the yard. This is Amurrica, ladies and gentlemen, the pigfucking fucktarded illiterate racist skinsacks full of shit. Whats amazing is that they think we look down on them, and consider ourselves superior. I mean, amazing that they have enough awareness to figure it out.

  44. [re=419852]Glanton[/re]: Poor? What with a webcam, internet access, a stove AND and a toaster oven, with flavored snuff coming’ outta his asshole?

    Please, for us unemployed canned bean-eaters ’round these part, that lonely mobile masturbatorium is the height of genteel nobility.

  45. [re=419852]Glanton[/re]: i sympathize with the poor-dom as it is a part of my roots. I scoff at the idiocy because eradicating that is the only way to become un-poor.

  46. I’m impressed that he actually phrased nigger/jew as, “nigger slash jew.” Gives me an indication that he has some grammar knowledge hiding somewhere within that Skoal-infused melon of a crackerhead of his.

    I feel better about our futures in the hands of today’s young people.

  47. [re=419901]Prommie[/re]: Lookout honey, Glanton’s going to chew you up and spit you out like a sickly brown wad of minty flavored ABCC (already been chewed chew) before she turns on her heel and stomps indignantly out of here.

  48. [re=419852]Glanton[/re]: I am having a FUCKING BLAST laughing at poor people. HA HA HA, stupid fucking poor people. Hey, Trampy McPovertyson, why you so POOR! HA HA HA!

  49. There is great fun to be had scrolling through the 184 other videos, for changes in the background mess. The stove area is much clearer in others.

    The killer, the detail that just makes this completely perfect, is that he has a portable butane hotplate sitting on top of his stove. Everyone has heard Jeff Foxworthy say “you might be a redneck if, your working TV is sitting on top of your non-working TV.” Well, this gentleman takes it a a new level, his working stove is sitting there on top of his non-working stove, and that is beuatiful.

  50. [re=419890]Glanton[/re]: Your opinion means the world to me. I can’t believe we’ve failed you, the arbiter of how your “fellow progressives” should act. I will make sure to conform to all of your stereotypes in the future.

  51. The joke, I’m afraid, is on the Wonkette community. The guy is pretty obviously a left-leaning MFA candidate — I’m guessing Tisch, maybe Yale — whose thesis project is some sort of an Anna Deavere Smith-style one-man show exploring white, male, southern stereotypes and how the election of Obama has stirred up atavistic racial and tribal tensions. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to learn that he’d been Semiotics at Brown for undergrad. This, ladies and gentlemen, is what good performance art looks like. Watch this guy. He’s gonna be big. Like: two-week string of sold-out shows at La MaMa big.

  52. [re=419890]Glanton[/re]: “…the majority of the comments posted here in response to this video are _at least_ as repulsive as the video itself.”

    This here is what we college-educated types call moral relativism. We also call it bullshit.

  53. [re=419890]Glanton[/re]: This is a humor site, and if you are offended or have no sense of humor, don’t come here. Poverty is no excuse for ignorance and racism. I think Mel Brooks does it best — don’t just disavow Hitler and his followers, make them objects of laughter and ridicule.

  54. [re=419890]Glanton[/re]: What you are seeing is the facade of nervous laughter hiding the deep down hope that this is really a parody but knowing that even if it is, the material to make it exists in the north, south, east and west of every corner of this good earth. No place has cornered the market on ignorance.

  55. I kept expecting to hear him either art or retch when he leaned over. In his drunken/ stoned/ coped-up state, I don’t think I could have held off for 7+ minutes. See, he is good at something!

  56. [re=419890]Glanton[/re]: Classist! Oooooohhh, the libtard sin. Great thing ’bout murrica is that to a great extent, class is not strictly a matter of birth. With the same amount of money, one can buy a bunch of guns and ATVs, strew the yard with cast off furniture and childrens toys and examples of one’s amatuer taxidermy, and live in a grimy cave littered with fast-food wrappers and spit-cups, drunk and stoned on Busch Light and meth, or one can, well, pick up the yard, plant a little perennial garden, tastefully decorate even the most humble home and, oh my god, keep it clean, put together a cool little wine cellar composed of great but little-known $10 and under wines from Argentina, Spain, and Bulgaria. Oh, and read books and shit, too, and speak with proper grammar and pronunciation.

    Oh, fuck, well, I guess the point is, if not having any shit on me means I am a royalist, then so I am. If the wonderful culture of the heartland values dirty houses, dirty yards, greasy crap food and obesity, and if looking down at these things makes me an EEE-leetist, well, yup.

  57. I kept expecting to hear him either fart or retch when he leaned over. In his drunken/ stoned/ coped-up state, I don’t think I could have held off for 7+ minutes. See, he is good at something!

  58. Almost 200 comments and no one has refuted the Skoalrebel’s claim that banning flavor dips is fuckin’ gay. See? There is a common ground between red states and blue states. Hope lives!

  59. [re=419890]Glanton[/re]: Your trolling concern is duly noted, Concerny McTrollypants. Note for the future: It’s stuff like “my fellow progressives” that always gives you guys away.

  60. This creature is really an accurate representation of what Trig Palin will be like in 18 years… It’s uncanny.

    And really, he’s not signing off because he’s “too pissed” to go on. I do believe he’s about to go fuck a chicken.

  61. [re=419929]Glanton[/re]: as an old wonkettie who misses more often than he hits, i can tell you you’re missing. try again, but with a lighter twist. you must have some wit hidden in you somewhere. think of it as your secret butterfly treasure, yearning to be free, and let it go as though you were doing drag for the very first time.

  62. [re=419936]Prommie[/re]:

    Oh, it singes my libtard heart, the burning knowledge therein that I am better than fat tub of shit in exhibit “A”. I know, I know, all humans are equal and deserve an equal, fair shot but…I am TOTALLY more equal than that dude, and 1000 times more deserving of the lifestyle the advantages of my birth entitled me to.

    I am ashamed to feel like that, but I do. I look at turdboy there, and I do.

  63. [re=419944]Zashikibuta[/re]: Not true. A person with Down’s Syndrome would never be this hateful. It’s a lack of genetic diversity, not extra chromosomes that’s to blame.

  64. Can Wonkett at least try to be more spiritually nourishing? Must we always traffic in cruelty and fun at retards’ expense. Glanton sees much room for improvement on our progressive beacon of tolerance internet site.

  65. [re=419890]Glanton[/re]: What on earth makes you think this turd didn’t go to college. I had the pleasure of going to the University of Georgia and this gentleman certainly would not have been out of place there.

    Also, is he saying that Obama banned “whisky dip” or “whisky dick”? If its the latter I would think he would be happy about it.

  66. [re=419952]Click[/re]: I stand abashed and suitably chastened.

    …but imagine if Corky from Life Goes On were raised by Sarah and Snowtrooper Palin.

  67. [re=419969]Zashikibuta[/re]: I have been in Corky’s presence…he is an asshole, even without being raised by the snowbilly…I really never thought I would ever have the balls to say something bad about a person with a disability like that, but his assholeitude, at least when I met him, really was beyond belief…

  68. [re=419890]Glanton[/re]: Glanton, get-the-fuck-outta-here. You’re not a progressive. Progressives have a sense of humor. And a functioning brain stem.

  69. [re=419982]biznesskommunity[/re]: Are you kidding? Every minute this guy is inside sitting in front of his webcam is a minute where he is not outside lynching somebody.

  70. [re=419979]mookworthjwilson[/re]: My fellow progressives always seem hot for social programs & helping the impoverished until they’re presented with a retarded celebrity asshole. Then it’s fair game to run wild with despicable non-retarded, non-asshole ridicule. Good job, everyone. Pat yourselves on the back. You went to college, this guy most likely didn’t. Yer doin GREAT

    Thanks to [re=419890]Glanton[/re] for introducing a fun new kind of post. These just write themselves.

  71. He has been neutured, right? I mean, on the off chance that some one-toothed balding scraggly-assed meth addict actually gets wasted enough to have sex with him, he ain’t gonna reproduce, right? Poor fucker is so inbred already, I’d hate to see what would pop out.

  72. Greatest Channel Comment EVAR:
    i don’t advocate hitting women but I if i ever saw your mother/sister(same person) I would superman punch that diabetes having cunt right in her fat fuckin jaw for not aborting your repulsive ass. Make sure you stay in the middle of that trailer fatty or you’ll tip the shit over ASAP you obese uneducated human cancer. I hope your entire racist, welfare collecting, family of fat retards dies in a minivan crash you 900 pound excuse for a human.

  73. [re=419998]Voyou Charmant[/re]: wow. i went there and watched about 27 seconds of that. you and glanton and the king of the dipshits have taken me right around the corner of myself. suddenly i’m seeing on my youtube a very limited and lonely young man and maybe i’m not seeing straight, but it hurts my heart.

  74. [re=419850]WheresMyJetpack?[/re]: 10 females to every 7 males, and he’s probably not the worst looking either. So maybe he does have a chance! (or maybe he’s gay since he like flavored snuff)

  75. [re=419877]Glanton[/re]: registered poor here, and I’m offended that you must think all poor people are stupid. Nobody said anything about his income til you showed up, they were all mocking his ignorance.

    Fun fact: most poor people vote Democratic! (oh, but maybe blacks don’t count as poor to you, because they’re lazy, unlike this hardworking white American?)

  76. And to think that if this jackass could get his bleary ass off the couch and to the polls he’d cancel out my vote.

    Bring me another bottle…or better, bring me some whiskey flavored dip…

  77. How many fucking videos can he fucking make where all he does is say fuck and shit and fucking dips some flavored shit?! Apparently way too fucking many. And his guitar “playing” sucks. And under-educated people don’t have to be racist and poor people don’t have to be ignorant. The use of the n word and the confederate flag were the frosting on the shit sandwich for me.

  78. Now who can argue with that? I think we’re all in debt to ‘Skoalrebel’ for stating what needed to be said . . .Not only was it authentic frontier gibberish, it expressed a courage little seen in this day and age. (Thanks Mel).

  79. How can Obama survive that devastating critique?

    By any chance is this the kid that crazy lady from the primary who was yelling about “inadequate black man” gave for adoption?

  80. Skoalrebel from Edmonton Kentucky, which according to the 2000 census, the median household income was just over 18,000 and over 31% live below the poverty line. So hopey(or n****r/jew) gives this dude a 800.00 tax cut and wants more people to have healthcare, signs a bill allowing guns in national parks and hes the worst president ever?? Yup appalachian inbreds, keep voting against your own ecomonic interests, maybe 50-75% percent of ya can live below the poverty line in another generation.

    If this deliverance extra ever did try to get a match on eharmony I definetly dont want to see Ms. Skoalrebel.

  81. Leaf mah boy ahlone! Ur crusifixn him lak u did Britnee when she wuz under tha stress a few years ago. At least he is bein tru and not wearin a wig wif a fake Muslin accent!!!11!!

  82. I think we’re witnessing a Rain Man level of autistic intelligence here. I know I wouldn’t be able to organize 187 videos purely based on the type of chewing tobacco I was experimenting with at the time. Someone put this kid on a bus down to Huntsville, NASA needs him…

  83. Y’all are actually seeking out and WATCHING, of your own volition, this turd-tard’s music videos and so on? What, this excruciating display wasn’t ENOUGH for you? This lifestyle(/form) is a REVELATION to you? As though they’re not out there every single goddam day, rocking themselves back and forth as they sit at bus stops, wheeling stolen grocery carts full of cheap beer and store-brand chips and opened packages of beef jerky down the sidewalks, perusing guns and cubic-zirconium jewelry at the pawn shop, struggling to haul their whale-like bodies through the Wal-Mart parking lots, smacking their kids in the Dollar General Store, staring gape-mouthed at anyone not wearing a gimme cap and overalls and aiming their 2nd-Amendment-by-God rifles at you from their rusty belching pickup trucks because you’ve still got your Obama bumper sticker on your Toyota? Are you saying this sort of display isn’t COMMON, EVERYDAY HUMAN BEHAVIOR in your snooty-patooty corners of this great nation? You are? Really? God, can I come live with you’uns?! PLEEZE?!! PLEEEZE!!

  84. [re=419747]Click[/re]: Note to self: do NOT kill someone whose job it is to keep track of EVERY HOUSE HE’S BEEN TO and NOT destroy said record. Better luck next time rednecks.

    [re=420130]Suds McKenzie[/re]: so true.

  85. [re=419890]Glanton[/re]: Oh, looky everybody! A (probably) rich (probably) white liberal overcome with guilt! He’s like the polar opposite of Stank Breath McGee in that video up yonder. Which, by the way, I could only watch about 50 seconds of because Holy Shit I hate poor people! Just like Glanton does, except that I’m more than willing to admit it, instead of projecting my deepest prejudices unto others, anonymously, on the internet, like a pussy.

  86. [re=420157]Bufford T. Justice[/re]: This guy looks a lot like Private Pyle and in “Full Metal Jacket” Private Pyle never got the chance to hump on down to the Perfume River after nailing his name in the pages of history so these videos might be like SkoalRebel’s version of nailing his name in the pages of history and we’ve helped.

  87. Apparently , he doesn’t have the sophistication of a Copenhagen man. They say “negro” and their shirts look like they were washed 5 days ago instead of 30.

  88. [re=419756]Scruffy_The_Janitor[/re]: Well Said

    Some of the best comments ever. Thanks.

    People on The YouTube are giving him a tongue lashing.

    His friend posted this message 8 months ago: “My Grandpa and Grandma both chewed snuff,or tobacco, and both went to heaven when they died.”

    Really? I mean. Really? Is this what the internets have come to?

    Note to self: Avoid Kentucky at all costs

  89. [re=419995]Cheney Guevara[/re]: Ah, but it wasn’t actually a simple labeling of Obama’s heritage. (Jew??) It was more along the lines of a “socialist/communist/nazi/marxist/librul/homo” string of the worst possible epithets you could spew at someone, at least according to this pumpkinhead: nigger and jew.

  90. [re=419794]springfield_meltdown[/re]: Agreed. Upon further review it appears to be a PBR overdose with a possible chaser of some raw green homegrown.

  91. [re=420181]freeatlast[/re]: I know the first thing I do when the doc tells me I have cancer is grab a big ol’ hunk of Red Man and stuff it into my slacked jaw.

  92. [re=420183]Click[/re]: [re=420181]freeatlast[/re]: I dunno, it sorta balances out all the nice people in the world who get horrible diseases, no? I kinda wish everyone like this would get the cancer, and let it leave my fucking friends alone. Glanton, does that make me a bad librul?

  93. I was watching this video at work when my boss asked me if I could come in tomorrow… I think I’ll spend half the day transcribing this. I think the hearing impaired would get just as much of a kick out of this that we are.

  94. I don’t know if anyone has said this but..
    My problem with Bubba here is not that he is fat, poor, probably lacks hygene…that goes without saying…my problem is that he’s the type
    who thinks he deserves a lot of things, like prastatu’ion, without having to work for any of it

  95. [re=420203]Tundra Grifter[/re]: As Mr. Ron White has famously noted, the difference between poor and stupid is that you can’t fix stupid.

    Famous Glanton’s: 1. A 19th century hired gun for the Mexican government whose assignment was to massacre Apaches. He and his posse got out of control and started wasting any and everybody, until some Quechan Indians killed them. He figures in a Cormac McCarthy novel. 2. Black Republican political associate of Dick Thornburgh of Pennsylvania who is now the head of a broadcasting group in Philadelphia. 3. Is there much of a difference between 1 and 2? (This will be a study question in Peggy Noonan’s class.)

  96. [re=420217]BobTheBuilder[/re]: Movie magic

    1) REC
    2) Blair Witch Project
    3) Whatever the fuck this video is
    4) Cloverfield

    Whatever the fuck this video is I liked it better than Cloverfield but less than the Blair Witch Project.

  97. Someone needs to take his Copenhagen away if he’s going to use Skoal in his screen name. Those two things are as different as George Jones and Travis Tritt, or Alabama and Auburn.

  98. One hundred eighty-four youtube videos on hatin Obama and lovin dip? Too much time on his hands.

    Someone buy this guy a gift certificate to the University of Pheonix. Someday, he too can burst into flames…

  99. Y’all didn’t grow up in TX obviously if you didn’t know what the “whap, whap, whap” was.

    Only candy asses (sorry dated myself) dipped anything other than Copenhagen. The Skoal users were considered wimps but still part of the club. But FLAVORED DIP was for complete pansies!!!!!

    Even in the rich well healed neighborhoods of Houston we had a few of these. Though somebody of this guy’s intellectual status could have only come from the “real” south.

    (It’s true, Texas ain’t a part of the south, course then the south ain’t Texas either, I guess that’s a good thing?)

  100. This is so focking depressing. I just finished telling my Glenn Beck watching, Palin supporting, gay marriage abhorring, teabagger of a Grandmother over cocktails about how my generation (the 18-25 year old youngs) don’t care about race, sexuality, abortion, or any of the social issues the Republicans have won on in the past, and how basically conservatism is a dying ideology. And then I see this fat bastard. I just realized that we will never evolve past this. Americans will always be prejudiced and self-destructive. Americans will never follow in European footsteps and stop being such pubescent bitches. We’ll never grow out of religion, sexual repression, and self-centeredness. I’m moving to Sweden. And I’m taking the FIT trainer with me.

  101. *doesn’t. Also, the one good thing about this video is that we have finally found a logical and coherent voice for the teabaggers/birthers/deathers. He is obviously a much better choice than Glenn Beck. He actually makes more sense. Also.

  102. note to all the kaintucks and others similars: if’n you doan wanna have the fun bein made a-you-alls on the internets, doan be makin fools a-yersells on the same an such. you do know what a fool is, doncha? well, go look in the mirra, it’s that thing over the bathroom sink where you kin see everthang in the bathroom, only backerds.

    note to all the supercilious libtards: someone has to do the dirty work. carry on.

  103. [re=420297]loquaciousmusic[/re]: A beautiful tribute to a beautiful ‘Merkin. The Smiths soundtrack was a lovely touch, really complimented the soulful/misunderstood nature of skoalrebel.

  104. [re=420309]Ye Olde Fap-Smith[/re]: Thanks, Fappy. While I was standing in the shower this morning, it came to me: when Morrissey wrote that song, he was writing about SkoalRebel.

  105. [re=420301]comicbookguy[/re]: What a truly unpleasant image you have conjured up on a Saturday morning.

    I was just listening to an NPR story about people who object to the Orthodox Jewish practice of Kapparot (i.e. waving a chicken around over your head in an attempt to transfer you sins to the chicken). I guess those chickens have it easy compared to the ones who live near Skoalrebel’s trailer.

  106. The Dancing Israelis of 9/11 in NYC
    now demand
    The United States start & fight more wars for Israel.

    Ventura Sheehan Perot Paul Nader McKinney Kucinich Kaptur Gravel Gonzalez Clemente Choate Carter Baldwin Anderson

  107. Arguing with you, sir, would be like arguing with a dining room table. A dining room table heavily laden with fast food, Hot Pockets, Vienna sausages, PBR beer and Skoal and dirty socks.

  108. [re=420297]loquaciousmusic[/re]: Fucking Brilliant.

    Also, that’s a Star of David on his hand, albeit, misaligned. He was probably trying to draw it while looking in a mirror. I know, I know. This seems like a contradiction, but he’s more complex than he leads on. He smokes Kool cigarettes. Also.

    I just keep coming back for more. It really is the gift that keeps on giving. His girlfriend’s Insecurities & Beauty VLOG is precious.

    I’m not so sure he’s as stupid as he looks. When he declares that he’d make prostitution legal (5:26), he clarifies: “I’d definitely make prostitution legal. NOT ILLEGAL. LEGAL.” This is surely self awareness. He can appreciate that the average viewer can’t tell the difference between his pronunciation of the two words due to that big dip that he’s sucking on and the bag of marbles tucked just under his tongue.

  109. [re=420297]loquaciousmusic[/re]: For the record, I haven’t watched the original youtube video because I try to avoid things that I know are going to make me want to die, but this stirring tribute of made me realize something awful. I feel sympathy for this creature and this is why, no matter how hard I try, I will never be able to give up on the god forsaken land of my birth. He is just a sad excuse for a human being and cannot be happy. Although, no one in eky is happy. It is the most depressed area of the county, and really for good reason. I just want to smack him upside the head and read him a book and take him to the dentist. And this is why my life will be wasted and miserable.

  110. This guy is a class A jerk. He was my professor in my “Exchange Rates and International Capital Markets” class at Yale. He gave me a B because I wouldn’t buy into his elitist tirades. Smart people can be such assholes sometimes. And another thing, just because your tenured, its no reason to dress like a slob. It just pisses me off man.

  111. Ok I’ll admit I could not watch beyond the first 41 seconds.

    But I will say this guy is a winner!

    I think if Glenn Beck can have a show, this guy should too.

    How about: “Trailer Trash Matters” for the title?

    I love that his stove probably does not work (or maybe he can’t afford to get the propane tank refilled), and he is now using it as a desktop.

    That may be a major cause of burnt-to-the-ground trailer house fires.

    His compelling & down home banter are a perfect compliment to the Beck hate forum.

    He may appeal to the whole meth head/hillbilly demographic the FOX network has been missing!

  112. [re=420323]OffTheRecord[/re]: I just want to … take him to the dentist

    Yet the pygmies appeared relaxed now—at least until Amy came crashing back through the underbrush. Then there were shouts and swiftly drawn bows; Amy was terrified and ran to Peter, jumping up on him and clutching his chest—and making him thoroughly muddy.

    The pygmies engaged in a lively discussion among themselves, trying to decide what Amy’s arrival meant. Several questions were asked of Munro. Finally, Elliot set Amy back down on the ground and said to Munro, “What did you tell them?”

    “They wanted to know if the gorilla was yours, and I said yes. They wanted to know if the gorilla was female, and I said yes. They wanted to know if you had relations with the gorilla; I said no. They said that was good, that you should not become too attached to the gorilla, because that would cause you pain.”

    “Why pain?”

    “They said when the gorilla grows up, she will either run away into the forest and break your heart or kill you.”

    — “Congo,” Michael Crichton

  113. [re=420324]AnnieGetYourFun[/re]: No shit. How does something like that even start; it doesn’t make any sense. First of all it would take a much bigger bird if you are going to have any chance of transferring a whole years worth of sin – I’m thinking an albatross or perhaps condor but they would probably really mess you up if you grabbed them by the wings and started waiving them over your head.

  114. [re=420345]Jim89048[/re]:

    …the thoughtful placement of ‘found objects’ such as matched grocery carts, yard appliances and an exercise machine evokes that majestic sensation. Vandals and thieves take heed! There are five dogs chained up in strategic places, along with 25 cats who amazingly, all looked exactly alike! The camera couldn’t capture the love of animals that permeated the atmosphere. Truly, this home has earned the title, a Great Mobile Home of Mississippi.

    I’m going to be thinking of “yard appliances” all weekend now.

  115. [re=420297]loquaciousmusic[/re]: An inspired work of true genius, like Elton John’s “Candle in the Wind/Goodbye English Rose” video. Now if only SkoalRebel’s life were to be tragically cut short it would be perfect.

  116. Jeebus H. Copenhagen Christ!
    Exactly what, Dippity Douchebag, do you have to lose? You have absolutely nothing that anyone (including the gubmint) wants.
    Now, put another whiskey dip in yer trash can mouth and go back to rimming yer mutt.

  117. Is this guy featured on RedState as a Common Sense American Hero yet?

    He definitely qualifies as the next asshole to represent conservatards following Joe Wilson.

    Next teabagger sign:

  118. [re=420354]Jim89048[/re]: Your next shot at fame–the one that will pay off–is when you hook up with filmmaker Werner Herzog. Those pictures are a Werner Herzog film just waiting to happen. Maybe even a Herzog trilogy. Get Final Draft and do the screenplay(s). I hear Mischa Barton is out of work again. I would make her SkoalRebel’s obscure object of desire. Who should play SkoalRebel? That could be the next big Hollywood scramble.

  119. [re=420371]shadowMark[/re]: I might just go with the more readily available talents of [re=420297]loquaciousmusic[/re]: , whose photo montage made me laugh ’til I cried, as if I had any tears left after viewing skoalrebel’s original work…

  120. [re=420368]Smoke Filled Roommate[/re]: Depress you? SkoalRebel’s thread is still happening after more than 382 posts and Peggy Noonan’s thread has bogged down at 85. This is better than Meghan beating Beck. This is a happyface time and not an ironic Watchmen kind of happyface with blood on it. Well, maybe a happyface with tobacco spit on it but not ironic tobacco spit.

  121. Jeez, I am totally late to the party.

    I made it to 3.44, but those weird faces he made cramming snuff in his mouth were too much. LOVE the comments on his youtube page, especially the guy who wrote:

    God that’s hot.
    Shove more of that chew in your mouth, baby.
    Oh yeah, mooore.

    Too funny! Oh, and Come Back, Glanton! Did we scare ya?

  122. Someone please alert skoalrebel to the existence of porntube. I imagine he & his ladyfriend could cook up some hot Kentucky love for our viewing pleasure. Copenhagen as sexual enhancement device.

  123. Much as I’d love to hang around and help push this thread to the 1K comments mark, it’s time to head off to the Harvest Festival of Deep-Fried Foods and Dirt Track Racing with the rest of the villagers. bbl

  124. [re=419929]Glanton[/re]: My two grandfathers were both immigrants to rural Pennsylvania and uneducated; one worked as a bricklayer and the other as a coal miner — both non-union. They were SO POOR my father’s job as a child was to hike along the railroad tracks picking up coal that fell off trains — that’s what they used to heat their house. My mother’s job as a child was to wash clothes for the boarders her parents took in to meet the rent. But somehow both those families had enough brains to insist their children finish high school and get work. This second generation saved their union or military wages and insisted their children go to college.

    How many generations do you think skoalrebel’s family has been in this country, where public education and public libraries are available, even in the former Confederacy? What do you suppose the reason is that he can’t take a shower, spit out the chaw, quit spewing profanity and racial invectives, and act like an adult human? It’s not as if he’s totally stupid — he knows how to record videos and post them on the Internet. He’s got enough money to buy a camera, a computer, chewing tobacco, food, and rebel flags.

    Awwww, he’s poor. Boo hoo. That gives him the right to call our president a “nigger/Jew”? That gives him the right to feel repressed because prostitution is illegal? That gives him the right to claim he’s a “real American” and the person who regulates tobacco sales is not?

    Skoalrebel is a fail, but you, Glanton, are an epic fail.

  125. I agree that his race-baiting is a Freudian Slip, but think you are all missing the term “nigger/Jew”. He’s not talking about about racismz, he’s talking about “SLASH”. He just wants to see some good ole Blacks-on-Jews pr0n!
    Preferably anything with Naomi Russell, Kelly Devine or Daphne Rosen.
    However, his redneck ethnicity won’t let him acually express these urges so he takes out his frustrations on teh Preznit.

  126. The girlfriend appears to have gone, sort of; her Myface reveals that her current love has two babies and she’s sooo happy just keeping house. Skoalrebel’s says that no girl will go out with him, he doesn’t know why, and it’s pissing him off.

    @3:13 of his “100 subs” video — in which Our Hero packs a whole can of dip whilst grunting objections to being fly-swatted and flicked at with a lighter — is the deathless line “Ah unnaa mo uh the fuckin dennis there’s suhin rong wi mah fuckin tuuuth.”

    Glanton, this critter is able to vote.

  127. [re=420393]GreatOldOnesParty[/re]: So–just for instance, to illustrate the concept–we’d have Barbra Streisand dressed as Captain Kirk and Barack Obama as Lt. Uhura.

    Barbra/Kirk: Lt. Uhura, open a hailing frequency and… Say, you are looking ravishing today.

    Obama/Uhura: Captain, please, we’re on the bridge.

    (Barbra/Kirk crosses to Obama/Uhura)

    Barbra/Kirk: I don’t care who knows. I can’t hide my feelings any longer.

    (Barbra/Kirk kneels and buries her head between Obama/Kirk’s legs and under his scarlet dress.)

    (Spock pointedly stares into his science viewer. Chekov and Sulu pointedly stare ahead at the main screen. Scotty openly stares at Barbra/Kirk and Obama/Uhura, a big engineer smile on his face.)

    — Something like that? Or is that too Trekkie?

  128. [re=420396]shadowMark[/re]: Oops. I was…enjoying…typing that too much and messed up the final stage direction. Should read:

    (Barbra/Kirk kneels and buries her head between Obama/Uhura’s legs and under his scarlet dress.)

  129. [re=419920]notwavingbutdrowning[/re]: Boy do I hate to be such a lurking troll. And let it be said that I don’t buy Glanton’s argument that poverty is being mocked here. But your use of “moral relativism” betrays a complete lack of understanding of what it is, and I have no idea how it could possibly describe what Glanton is saying. In order to prevent you (a nice seeming person) from embarrassment when you use it in real conversation, here is a primer:

  130. [re=420386]Glanton[/re]: I guess your feelings about this are going to depend on whether you think our friend Skoalrebel has the ability to be other than the way he is. Whether free will is possible. I am not sure. As to humor, I find nothing about the video lolworthy other than the narcoleptic behavior. But it does not follow from my lack of amusement that those who are amused are morally flawed. They just think he talks funny and is cartoonishly stupid. A video of a very rich celebrity talking stupid would inspire laughter in these same people, so the explanation of reaction as classist doesn’t seem plausible.

    By the way, here’s a privileged person being filthy and talking stupid!

  131. I am so glad that you guys identified him as a Kentuckian. I was worried that this was his first commercial, and that he was going to run for Governor of Oklahoma. He’d have a good chance of winning, you know…

  132. [re=420399]BrownPenance[/re]: wavingnotdrowning was referring to the fact that Skoalrebel would consider it moral to have sex with his relatives. Try to keep up.

  133. “Dixie Classics”, his t shirt proudly proclaims–=he is indeed that, and so much more
    I just pray that when he stands up for what he believes in, he doesn’t kick over his ‘mud bucket’
    ——wait, Obama is banning Cope Whiskey dip?? Sheeeeeit now aahm piss off too!!!!

  134. [re=419929]Glanton[/re]: The England Lowland planters abused the freedom-lovin’ Ulster Scots-Irish so much, they lit out across the Catoctins, the Blue Ridge, through the Cumberland Gap and settled into the hollers of Western Virginia and Kentucky…they had to kill many Tuscaroras, Monacan, and Cherokee, so their progeny’s progeny’s progeny could live in squalor, just like they did back in their peaty holes in Killyclogher, Ballygawley, and Loughmacrory. They were the sepoys and vanguard for the conquest and settlement of the near “beyond the pale” frontier in the Eastern United States. And stayed there. And became consumers of Hot Pockets and flavored snuff.

    Here’s a quote from 1844 , by John L. “Manifest Destiny” O’Sullivan about Kentucky:

    Curiosity is natural to the soul of man, and interesting objects have a powerful influence on our affections. Lo these influencing powers actuate, by the permission or disposal of Providence, from selfish or social views, yet in time the mysterious will of Heaven is unfolded ….Thus we behold Kentucky, lately a howling wilderness … become a fruitful field; this region, so favorably distinguished by nature, now become the habitation of civilization….We behold the foundations of cities laid, that, in all probability, will equal the glory of the greatest on earth.

    O’Sully would probably want to reconsider his opinion on the Kentucky Project, on seeing this young lad, so full of promise and vigor.

    You really think this mouth breather (or his contemporaries) would care for any idea of social uplift? These Ulster descendants just want to be left alone in their isolation and squalor, free of entanglements with anything resembling a central authority (benevolent or otherwise). These are the descendants of the assholes that Washington had to bring up short in the Whiskey and Shay’s Rebellion in Pennsylvania, just as the country was getting started and was in jeopardy of destruction.

  135. If Young Racialist Kentuckian had a brain in his head and the aptitude, he’d qualify for what would have to be his dream job:

    U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Co. – Undergraduate Intern Brand Management

    • Assist in development of marketing programs.
    • Execute promotional plans, product, packaging, and point of sale materials.
    • Advise Brand Manager of competitive activities and marketing trends.
    • Provide day to day direction to agency and cross-functional partners on project basis.
    • Analyze business results/program results and makes recommendations for future plans.
    • Analyze competitive marketplace trends and makes recommendations on actions to address them.

    With all his ingenious blending of various snuff and chaw stuffed in his gob, he’d be a natural!

    But, alas…

  136. Has anyone noted that Obama hasn’t actually “outlawd” flavored snuff? He signed a bill, passed by Congress, that creates FDA regulation of tobacco products, under which the FDA this week started a ban on candy and fruit flavored *cigarettes* aimed at children. As yet, there is no ban on whiskey flavored Copenhagen dip.

    Speaking of dips … over 180 YouTubes? Recorded from a lawn chair in front of a non functioning stove in a camper kitchen? He is not an inbred mouthbreather, he is the Appalachian Andy Kaufman! People … this is performance art!

  137. [re=420463]lulzmonger[/re]: well, no one has ever seen skoalrebel and bobby jindal together at the same time, in one place, so that might be problematic.

    yeah I seriously doubt he actually skates.

    and Bill Saffire is dead. not a good week for the old conservatives, eh?

  138. [re=420467]Crank Tango[/re]: Dammit! He was the one ex-Nixon speechwriter who managed to redeem himself subsequently. I used to read “On Language” religiously, when the NYT was my local paper. Now it costs something like $4.75 an issue for remote delivery, so screw ’em.

  139. [re=420470]jasper f. krone[/re]: yeah I used to read it a lot too–you can read it online on the NYT site tho, but I confess it has really bored the crap out of me in recent years, so I usually just read “the ethicist” and whatever else in the magazine that looks good.

  140. I wonder: are we fighting for access to health care for this man? Not that I will stop fighting for health care, assuming that this is the case.

    But it would be so fucking ironic.

  141. [re=420473]octupletsmom[/re]: No, he’ll be dumb enough to try think the public (free) plan is a conspiracy to vaccinate him with pig aids. He’ll also hide from the census. Win, win!

  142. [re=420312]King of the Dipshits[/re]: ZOMG (so to speak) was not that NPR chicken story creepy? Chickens dying, in New York City, for the sins of 21st century New Yorkers? Not chickens being sacrificed in a primitive jungle society in a third-world country. Chickens being sacrificed–to die for someone’s sins!–on a NYC sidewalk!

    Take those people and drop them deep in a plaguey jungle, out of sight of civilized people like, say, myself. Please.

  143. [re=420297]loquaciousmusic[/re]: That was almost . . . poignant. (Damn you Morrissey for your capacity to evoke sympathy in the midst of our derision!)

  144. Cowboys can no longer buy Vanilla and Strawberry Long Cut Skoal? Gay as hell! What will big brother do next to emasculate our population, ban rainbows?

  145. [re=420490]spencer[/re]: I’ve done some research and I found you can buy edible underwear ( “the more you lick the better they taste” ) in ten flavors, cherry, chocolate, forbidden fruit, mint, passion fruit, pina colada, pink champagne, strawberry champagne, strawberry chocolate and vanilla but not in tobacco flavor.

    Is this what the elites call a “market inefficiency?”

  146. So I sent our retarded a friend an youtube message. I told him his username was lame, and gave him some suggestions:

    * Powerskids
    * ViolentFart
    * …And you will know me by the Trail of Dip Spit Cups
    * Blarrggh Cffggh Arghhkckkckk
    * zZxenophobicrazorxD
    * MyMouthNeedstoDie

  147. On the up side, we can see a little evolution in process here. Note the unusually small aperture where a mouth would be. In a few generations, this individual’s offspring are likely to have no mouth at all. They’ll simply have a dimple where the hole used to be. Makes feeding difficult. Suspect we’re looking at something pretty close to the end of the line.

  148. [re=420386]Jukesgrrl[/re]: well said.

    [re=420444]schvitzatura[/re]: Also, Kan-tuk-kee, the “dark and bloody ground.” These are my ancestors. Fortunately some of them managed to get the hell out of the hollows and backwoods and mines and the shallow fucking end of the gene pool. (Some of them married Cherokees. Biodiversity is a good thing.) Thanks to goddamn gubberment programs like public schools and the GI Bill. And thanks to goddamn socialist worker organizing interference in practices like child labor. Granddaughter of Wobblies. Woot.

    [re=420399]BrownPenance[/re]: The SEP! Good Lord. Kudos on being more pedantic than I am. Did I send you a link to a glossary of literary terms so that you can read up on the categories of satire and comedy so as to better inform yourself of the difference between finding something funny versus finding something worthy of derision? No. Why? Because we are all half-assed smart-asses here. Join with me in being a moran.

    Anyhoo, I stand by my use of the philosophical category of “bullshit.” It is my field of expertise.

  149. [re=420504]notwavingbutdrowning[/re]: They are my people, too. The Depression sent them up the Ohio Valley looking for work, and eventually the war effort demanded a lot of rubber products so it paid off. Grandparents went back to Kentucky after retirement. Maybe that’s why I can’t give up deeyup, but not flavored, cuz that’s–well, you know…

  150. Being a retard isn’t notable, hell our last President, his Vice President, Secretaries of State and Defense were all a couple of fries short of a happy meal. A dim witted racist red-neck is no more worthy of comment than a fart smelling liberal, but this chuckle head transcends all normal boundaries. When it comes to repulsive beliefs, speech and habits this guy is the individual for whom the phrase “Beyond the Pale” was invented. He appears to be a fusion of good ole boy, Boy George, Forrest Gump and Nathan Bedford Forrest rolled into a single snuff pinching package and the cherry on this ice cream sunday is he appears to have mastered the internets and the you-tubes. Amazing.
    We need to get teams out into that God forsaken hellscape he calls home before that gerbil he’s, no doubt, got decomposing in his lower intestine goes septic and we loose this example of mans de-evolution back into the lower primates forever. The future of the Republican party might be at stake here!

  151. I hate to say it, but an Ivory-Billed Woodpecker could post a better vid than this cracker-slash-poo… I don’t know if an ivory-billed woodpecker can dip… but I’d give an ivory-billed woodpecker a dip…

    (Ah, but how much dip would a woodpecker dip if a woodpecker could peck dip?)

  152. [re=420542]jasper f. krone[/re]: Therein lies the difference between birds and tards, and the proof of avian supremacy. Birds are the evolutionary remains of dinosaurs. Tards are the mortal remains of what was once the GOP.

  153. first off the throat clearing in the beginning was deliciously sexay

    secondly, (I am sure this has been asked before but) is he high, drunk or really just that retarded?

    Lastly, there is no question that this mouth breather has or will breed and for that I am scared.

  154. [re=419890]Glanton[/re]: Glanton, my family came from this, or less than this, farmers and miners and herders poor enough to have lost children to starvation during the past century. But around the time of WWI, they started busting their butts to make sure every kid in the family got at least an 8th grade education (equivalent to about college sophomore today — you couldn’t get out of 8th Grade without knowing a smattering of Latin and Greek, and better writing skills than most of the posters here.) They pooled their money and sent the three or four best students, out of 13 surviving kids, to college. My aunts each had three dresses (one to wash, one to wear, one for Sunday) and one pair of shoes. My Dad worked his way through UCLA in the 1930s by picking fruit and vegetables 12+ hours a day all summer long.

    Poverty is sometimes out of a person’s control. But this smug lazy slovenly stupidity? *That’s* a Choice. I’ll bet they have free schools and free libraries in this jerkoff’s town. I’m not going to cringe in Liberal guilt ’cause this idiot just wants to lie around and dip snuff and talk stupid ignorant racist smack on the Internet all day.

    But enjoy your little shot of self-righteousness, Goody TwoShoes. Golly, you sure showed the likes of *us*.

  155. [re=419852]Glanton[/re]: You know, Glanton, if *you* can’t tell the difference between “poor” and “stupid”, especially “wilfully stupid”, if you think these things are interchangeable, or that “poor” must inevitably *lead* to “stupid”, sounds like *you’re* the Classist.

    You’re aware that schoolin’ up through 12th grade is free? Public libraries, too!

    And I doubt you have any poor friends either.

    I’ve got friends and family that don’t live much higher on the hog than *this* dude, but they and their places are clean, they read, they know how to be proud of something other than the color of their skin, and they don’t talk shit on folks of other races or countries, and, best of all, they recognize horseshit when they hear it.

  156. “If I was President, I’d make EVERYTHING legal.’

    Here here. Because the only way this sad sack is ever going to do anything positive for humanity is to be the main dish at his neighborhood pig roast.

  157. [re=419852]Glanton[/re]: I’m curious… Do you twist your panties up in knot before you put them on in the morning, or do they work their way up your tight ass in the course of the day?

  158. You just know that somewhere on Adult Friend Finder there is a fully frontally nude picture of skoalrebel, posed in front of that same stove, that same hot pocket wrapper, that same lawn chair, displaying his unremarkable skeezy junk. (Perhaps we should find it and send it to Andrew Sullivan.)

    He’d be one of those guys who sends a dick pic and a canned inarticulate filthy note to every new woman who signs on to the site, and then wails and complains about how these women are all bitches … or lesbians … ’cause they don’t all rise to this irresistible Ladybait.

  159. The guy doesn’t make a great argument, but I think the elimination of Kreteks or Cloves from the US marketplace is a sad day. How else can we support the Indonesian economy. Barry is betraying his Indochinese roots

  160. God, where do you start? 1. This is the most damning indictment of the American school system ever. 2. This is the most damning indictment of Tea Baggers ever. No racism at issue, my ass. 3. This guy is drain bamaged. And he gets to vote. Lovely.

  161. this appears to have been shot in an actual,literal, trailer! the talking thing (not sure if it is human) is sitting on a lawn chair in his house/trailer. perhaps he wants to make prostitution illegal because he’s upset that he can’t even buy sex. he is the grossest thing i’ve ever seen.

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