Who cares about anything Fox News actor Glenn Beck says or does about anything — he’s really not worth getting so worked up about on a daily basis, tipsters! — and god knows why Katie Couric is interviewing him… but this is a pretty funny three minutes of television. Katie asks, “what do you mean by ‘white culture,'” because apparently Glenn Beck said something about “white culture” recently on his stupid meaningless show that no one should watch or care about in any way, and Glenn Beck just gives her weird sly looks and says, uh, he will not help her? With her show? Anyway, Glenn Beck! He’s so wacky! BUT IS HE BAD FOR AMERICA?? [Think Progress]

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  1. Americans should ask tough questions – just not answer them. That way it is so much easier to act offended and persecuted when a logical inference, such as “sounds racist” is offered in response.

  2. Don’t forget, everybody, tomorrow is Glenn Beck Day in Mt. Vernon, WA. We are so honored that this great man will be traveling back to his home town to receive the key to the city and whatnot.

    That is, we 23%ers.

    Those of us with functioning brains are kinda pissed off, actually.

  3. Beck/Palin 2012! Or maybe Beck/SC-AG 2012! It’s hard to decide!

    [re=419438]FlownOver[/re]: I’d like to turn over some rocks while standing on a cliff above GLENN BECK!

  4. What else would you expect from a man that apparently raped and murdered a young girl in 1990?

    Now look, I’m not saying that *I* think he raped and murdered a young girl in 1990, but you have to ask yourself: “Why hasn’t Glenn Beck denied these claims?”

    He has never denied it.

    So ask yourself again, “Why not?”

  5. Katie was never going to get Glenn to admit he made a dumbass generalization. Because once he started admitting one statement was idiotic, where would it end? Not just the dumbass racist stuff either, but also the dumbass paranoid stuff, the dumbass pseudo-prophecies, the dumbass economic stuff, the dumbass stuff about ACORN, the dumbass stuff about Van Johnson, the dumbass Nazi stuff, the dumbass Stalin stuff, the dumbass cult of personality stuff, the dumbass God bullshit, the dumbass misunderstandings of the Constitution, the dumbass Mexican border stuff, the dumbass War on Christmas stuff, and just the general unclassified dumbass stuff that just happens between all the other dumbass stuff.

  6. I’ve never sat for three minutes and listened to Glynda Bleccchh before. Holy cow. Is he always like this? He’s not only a fatuous smirky jerky lie-head know-nothing douche-brain asshole, but he’s not even very good at it, is he?

  7. Jeezze, he makes Catie look pretty good. Good for her to point out to everyone what a flaming A-hole Beck is. (Beck here is a clue: White culture is Mayberry RFD, Father Knows Best, I Dream of Gennie, white bread and velvetta cheese, 30 cent a gallon gas, marital defense to rape, and MOST OF ALL WHITE PRIVILEGE!! (ie never having to think about saying your sorry to any non-white male for anything.))

  8. Yesterday Glenn’s thread got 164 comments. Meghan’s thread got 173 comments.

    Ha, ha, ha Glenn, Meghan McCain sunk your battleship.

    (I understand in black culture that would have been phrased differently but I’m posting from deep in white culture.)

  9. Red states’ school committees should make nonsensical, evasive non-denials as acceptable answers to all questions to redefine Glenn Beck’s intelligence as appropriate and the norm.

  10. [re=419467]MzNicky[/re]: WIN Nicky! What a tool this taint is. Can you imagine the million or so lost souls who ingest his bullsh*t via the teevee?! GAH!!!

  11. [re=419430]Yaybuls[/re]: I think you need to look up the definition of hero again. In my dictionary, at least, there is no reference to maggot-infested cancerous anus under the entry for hero.

  12. Glenn Beck has puffy gay face. Which is not to say he’s gay. If anyone is asexual, it is he. Nothing that stupid & paranoid could possibly have a functioning libido. My question is will an insurance company move to deny him costly coverage once the inevitable and spectacular breakdown occurs?

  13. Big mistake. Never feed the trolls. Never, never, never.

    What is it about conservatards that makes them all regress into naughty little boys every time they’re out of power?

  14. White Culture is Individuality and Independence.

    White Culture is Ignorance and Myopic History.

    White Culture is Efficiency and Innovation.

    White Culture is Capitalism and Jesus.

    Sure lots of other cultures have ignorance and innovation and all that crap. It’s just that Obama hates individuals, efficiency, and jesus.

  15. Voytra8> are you saying that Glenn Beck raped and murdered a young girl in 1990?
    Cause I thought I heard you say that Glenn Beck raped and murdered a young girl in 1990.

    If he Glenn Beck did raped and murdered a young girl in 1990, then why doesn’t
    he address it in his show? exactly!

  16. What did you mean by what you said? is Couric’s sly way of setting Glenn up in a trap. Don’t you libtards get that? She was mean to Sarah Palin, also.

  17. GLENN is RIGHT! President Obama, like anyone with at least an ounce of sense, would hate whatever Glenn Beck means by the phrase “white culture”.

  18. Did You Know?

    Glen Beck has been hosting/pushing “tea parties” since the 80’s. He did one in my hometown of New Haven in the summer of 1992. He was a shitty, smarmy, stupid, smug, donut-turd then, too.

  19. [re=419497]Scruffy_The_Janitor[/re]: The fact that he hasn’t denied it speaks volumes. I know that if I was accused of raping and killing a young girl in 1990, and I was innocent, I would certainly deny it.

    Why won’t he deny these accusations? There can be only one answer.

  20. I am now thoroughly convinced that of the 2 million dumbfucks that watch his show every day, only 2500 are true believers and the remaining are 1,997,500 are people waiting to make video clips of his dumbfuckery.

  21. I also love the way he tries to dump word salad all over her, and she sits back patiently and then she’s all “…so what did you mean by ‘white culture?’…” Oh, she’s goooooood.

  22. Voytra8> If I was a young girl and was not only raped but also killed by Glen Beck I certaintly complain about it. at least call in to his show.

    Why hasn’t Glen Beck called the girl he raped and killed?

  23. I wonder if Beck has ever met Orly Taitz. Imagine that nut conspiracy conversation going on and on for 5 hours leading to dissapointing sex and a promise to call each other in the morning.

  24. People should ask themselves questions… but apparently not answer them.

    Who needs answers anyway. It’s not like they’re lying there under a bunch of rocks. Or in a pot of boiling water. Or something.

  25. The only Time Magazine cover I ever want to see with Gleen Beck’s mug on it is the one with the spray painted, red X over his face. Their subtle way of letting us know that another incorrigible maggot has gone off to his just reward.

  26. [re=419519]Scruffy_The_Janitor[/re]: You know, I’ve heard about this rape and murder from a few different people now and Beck still hasn’t denied it. It’s all over the internet.

  27. The real problem is that starting into Katie Couric’s face makes people confused an unable to answer questions directly. CBS should fire Katie Couric. QED

  28. [re=419515]RoscoePColtraine[/re]: And her facial expression! You can almost see the dollar signs in her eyes as she thinks to herself, “You know what? I deserve every last penny of that goddamned raise I’m gonna get from CBS for having to sit here and listen to this shit.”

  29. [re=419523]Werefrog[/re]: Shit happens when you drive to rape town. I’m outraged Katie didn’t bring it up. Yeah, it’s a rumor, but I’d like to watch Glenn have an aneurysm on the air.

  30. I wish he had answered that, because I’ve got this funny white culture growing on my salad from yesterday? And I want to know if it’s okay to eat.

  31. [re=419534]Norbert[/re]: Yeah, no Ricky Ricardo stuff for Glenn. And Jones. Van Jones. Van Johnson was pretty good in The Caine Mutiny, though.

  32. [re=419470]shadowMark[/re]: in fairness to glenn, several comments were just bitching about the fat jokes. no one seems to want to defend his chins tho.

  33. [re=419542]queeraselvis v 2.0[/re]: Or, the shock at the fact that the real gotcha question she had planned was further down the list. She never dreamed the interview would hit a snag with “what did you mean by what you said…”. Katie needs to re-evaluate her approach to interviewing the functionally retarded.

  34. Don’t know about the black president being against “white culture,” but ask any white person not from GlennBeckistan and they will tell you they hate the white culture that is defined by “white, badly educated, pudgy, stupid, insular, inbred, mostly Southern, whining crackers who are mostly male with moobs, who put on tons of jiggly white fat pounds by eating white marshmallow fluff on white wonder bread that is first dipped in white mayo.”

    For all of Buckley’s rants in favor of southern white crackers and against the “less advanced” coloreds (his words, not mine), he’d never go live with them.

    Why did William F. Buckley hate the white culture so? Why?

  35. [re=419567]Buzz Feedback[/re]: Crikey, I could feel the melanin seeping out of me just reading that…

    Also, my friend from bingo night just forwarded me an email about some unsolved rape and murder from 1990. It certainly raises a LOT of questions!

  36. He’s a bi-polar knucklehead who doesn’t know it and who needs serious help with reality. He doesn’t mean anything he says and he’s incapable of saying exactly what he mean.

  37. [re=419571]nader paul kucinich gravel[/re]: This guy was a lot more entertaining when he was doing cameo appearances on Clash albums.

    … slamdance the cosmopolis

  38. I guess I haven’t been paying attention. It’s a complete mystery to me why Mr. Beck has not denied or even addressed these so-called “alleged” crimes. Where is the justice?

  39. [re=419571]nader paul kucinich gravel[/re]: Do not be down on Mormon Delight. Mormon Delight and dressing up like an Indian to murder people are the two best things about the Mormons. Both are also great things to have to get you revved up for a night of industrial drinking.

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  41. The one articulate individual who could have concisely and precisely explained to Ms. Couric what Glenn Beck meant by the term ‘White Kulture’ would have done so but she was apparently raped and murdered back in 1990.

  42. I should show my dad this clip since he bought this stupid fucks book. Come to think of it, he’d probably agree with everything he managed not to say.

  43. I read a study from some university (I don’t remember which one) that theorized that he raped and murdered that girl to cover up the fact that she’d discovered his Furry relationship with her baby brother, which was something he was using to take his mind off the fact that he couldn’t find a local meth dealer.

  44. [re=419583]user-of-owls[/re]: Rock the Casbah

    Little Joe never once gave it away
    Everybody had to pay and pay
    A hustle here and a hustle there
    New York City’s the place where they say
    Hey babe take a walk on the wild side
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    Take a walk on the wild side ~

  45. [re=419612]Click[/re]: Glenn Beck is not denying that. What does he have to hide about how he defines white culture, and the accusations that he raped and murdered a young girl in 1990?

    [re=419583]user-of-owls[/re]: Enlighten the populace.

  46. Scruffy_The_Janitor says at 1:52 pm:

    “I wonder if Beck has ever met Orly Taitz. Imagine that nut conspiracy conversation going on and on for 5 hours leading to dissapointing sex and a promise to call each other in the morning”


    Orly Taitz is Glenn Beck’s drag persona.

  47. This is the comment I questioned and objected to from the start. And I was very frustrated by the various media accounts of his statement that President Obama was a racist that did not include the astonishing stupid statement that Mr. Obama hates white culture.

    This was, by far, the most revealing and dumbest thing he said!

    My opinion of Ms. Couric just went up a couple hundred percent from the Palin interview that I thought was just outstanding.

    This is how to interview someone! Do your homework, ask the question, and follow-up when they get that Mike-Wallace-from-Sixty-Minutes-is-asking-me-about-the-crime look on their faces.

    She just kept following up, and Glum Bleek is so limp he can’t even stick up for himself. These gasbags are accustomed to taking on a tv camera or a radio microphone or a phone call with a cutt-off switch and they think they’re big swinging dicks.

    Then he rambles and mumbles something about “soundbite journalism” as if that actually had meaning – and it just doesn’t.

    Same as when Whooopie on The View tore him a new one for being a liar. He tries that little boy smile that he’s about 40 years too old for and it just doesn’t work.

    Who writes his “books” for him?

    What a dork.

    Katie Couric – great job!

    In a few days, when he’s actually thought of a response (and why would he agree to be interviewed in the first place? And why in the world would he not expect a question about such a dumb thing to say?) he’ll come up with an explanation and be all rough and tough about it.

  48. At the risk of getting lost in the crazy, can anyone explain this quote to me?

    “George Bush says my grandmother was a typical African-American that had, that had her views bred into her.”

    Now, is that Glum Bleek’s grandmother, Mr. Obama’s grandmother, Mr. Bush’s grandmotehr (a typical African-American? I’m not so sure I’d agree with that) or Ms. Couric’s?

    As to “views bred into her” I think we’re begining to get into Jimmy the Greek / Al Campanis territory here, buy anyway…

    Sometimes “WTF?” is all you can ask?

    Can anyone translate this or otherwise explain it to me?


  49. [re=419661]Tundra Grifter[/re]: I think old Glenn in trying to say that George Bush admitted that his Grandparents were racist jew-hating WASP’s and that he had inherited their views so he hates Glenn’s black relatives? That’s what I took away from that quote, anyhow……

  50. 1. Glenn Beck was born in Washington State.
    2. Ted Bundy was in Washington State, murdering and raping at the time.
    3. Some have alleged Glenn Beck also murdered and raped a young girl.


    I’m not saying Beck raped and murdered a young girl in 1990… but the connection here raises some interesting questions.

  51. [re=419661]Tundra Grifter[/re]: Can’t say for sure, but after listening again, it appears he was trying to say that he can’t comment on accusations that he raped and murdered a young girl in 1990.

  52. [re=419661]Tundra Grifter[/re]: As a former criminal defense attorney who has spent much time sorting out the crazy, here is my best shot: Obama said he understood white culture because his wite grandmother was typical whitey. Beck was trying to say that if Bush said he understood black culture because his g-mom was black, and it was factually accurate, Sharpton and the rest of the coloreds would attack.

    I give him credit for realizing part way through that if he made that clear, it would be the sound bite of the interview, so he lapsed into incoherence, not a big leap for him.

  53. To be perfectly fair, Jim, Meg McCain isn’t actually worth getting worked up about, either, but you literally post absolutely everything she says or does.

    [re=419449]Lascauxcaveman[/re]: Are you fucking kidding me? Maybe I’ll drive through a moon the city.

  54. [re=419661]Tundra Grifter[/re]: Who knows what the fuck he was saying. I thought he meant Obama, not Shrub, and then he got all confused and scared and didn’t know enough to correct his sorry self.

  55. What I love is that he actually gave the white culture answer, but inevitably cannot tell that he’s done so: “I don’t see what the big fuckin deal is. What’s your problem?”

    Perversely eloquent.

  56. [re=419514]Chickensmack[/re]: No. “Gotcha Journalism” isn’t asking “what do you mean by your words ‘white culture'”. That’s asking for a definition of a nebulous phrase used to grab resneck listeners so that they will see in it what they want. Keeping the phrase undefined, the pussy speaker can deny all inferences.

    “Gotcha Journalism” would be planting a film crew outside of someone’s home, let’s say owner’s name is G.B., as he lures young boys into his basement. And that would be wrong.

  57. A society that would enable this assclown to talk to more than three people at a time is doomed. “What are you talking about,” is a “gotcha” question?

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  59. Kind of off-subject, or tangential, but I’ve really come to like Ms. Couric doing the news, and particularly her interviews. Between this one and the Immanutjob, she hit on more important points and questions than either of the other two evening news anchors to be honest.

  60. Gosh, am I the only person who would like to see this dickweed impaled on a splintery pine sapling and then tormented with flaming pine-pitch torches? It’s just my Viking genes talking…

  61. Turn over all the rocks…… in Glenn Beck’s head!!!!!

    Come on Katie—- Glenn just says shit he makes up, don’t ask him to explain or defend it…. get with the program.

    Bravo to Katie for continuing with *Just answer the question*.

    I bet Beck refuses to do anymore interviews with Katie. Lil’ Katie kicks Beck’s ass! Bwahahahaha

  62. [re=419437]Tommmcatt[/re]: Oh, dear, I guess you don’t know what “crepuscular” means. Maybe ask skoalrebel if you can borrow his thesaurus? On second thought, don’t, because he’d probably think you were asking for his favorite plastic dinosaur, the one that Jesus rides.

    But you totally nailed “fart-knocker.” Partial credit will be awarded.

  63. [re=420417]gradgrind[/re]: Perhaps Tommmcatt lives above the Arctic Circle, in which case 3:30pm, ET (Glen Beck airtime) coincides with dusk, at certain times of the year. Then, the term would be justified. I say full credit.

  64. BeckBeck is a Peckpeck. He shouts all about what is wrong but he never gives any advice on what to do other than stupid teaparties (gay!). awww he’s afraid to go into a trap. Glen stop being so damned PC, he’s a PeeCee PooCee. Everybody call his radioshow and get through the screeners by talking like batshit reactionaries. Then call him out for not leading the revolution that he’s formenting say it (Foh-mentin’). Accuse him of being a PC PooC librul. Remind him that there was only one TeaParty in the first American Revolution. Tell him that it was talk radio in Rwanda that led the revolt of the average Joe God-fearing, conserative Hutus stood up to the elitist Kenyan librul Tutsis and their Hutu collaborators, and took their country back. Beckbeck will probably run with it. I wouldn’t egg him on for fear of a Rwandan-style glenndocide here. I’m such a vag.

  65. White culture — you know, Jell-O salad, “ambrosia”, ham with canned pineapple rings and maraschino cherries, monster trucks, all that. But what I’m annoyed with is that Glenn Beck stole my look. I don’t think it really works for him, as he isn’t manic enough, but still, it’s insulting.

  66. There you had a chance to answer the question on behalf of the Mormons around the world and you blew it! Return your sacred magic underwear asap, what a disgrace you are!

  67. Personally, as a woman and mother of daughters, I’m appalled that he won’t answer the rape charges. I know the MSM has given him a pass, but I read it one the internet so I believe it.

  68. “Katie, all you gotcha journalists are alike. You have no faith in the essential decency of the white man’s culture.”
    – Fear and Loathing in Glenn Beck

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