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Reading Is Fun, And So Is Drinking

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Saturday, September 26: Laura Bush did not read to her children and she felt bad because her kids became losers. To make up for it, she invented The National Book Festival. Even though she is gone from DC and one daughter is now on the teevee, the festival continues, but it is now hosted by the very literate Obamas.  [National Book Festival]

  • Saturday, September 26: 99% of museums in DC are already free, but a select few of the ones that require payment are opening their doors free of charge on Saturday. Not any of the really, really good ones are free, but so-so free culture ain’t half bad. [Free Museum Day]
  • Sunday, September 27: Just because Ted G. Loza is caught up in a little little bribery scandal and did some shady stuff when it comes to Fiesta DC, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t still go to the festival and enjoy the flamenco dancing and other performances. [Fiesta DC]
  • Monday, September 28: It’s the Big Lebowski Rocky Horror Style, minus the catchy songs and drag. See film, recite its oh so catchy lines, and enjoy a white Russian for $20 at the 9:30 Club. [Lebowski Fest]
  • Closing Sunday, September 27: The gays on stage in various plays of gayness ends on Sunday. So too does a play about Liberians, warfare, death, destruction and other uplifting subjects. [Ganymede, Eclipsed]

And the Washingtonian, nice little magazine that it is, details how to score free and discounted theater tickets, the kosher way that is.

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