WAHHHWe were watching this horrific CNN clip of evil Washington corporate lawyer/lobbyist Lanny Davis and others discussing the recent uptick in American rudeness — a few black athletes and rappers (and Joe Wilson!) have been very rude recently, according to the new fake national trend — and as Lanny was whining about Jimmy Carter’s “virulent anti-Israel attitude,” we noticed that he was associated with something called “The Civility Project” for this particular television vomit-bath. Yes, that’s right, the known poopfuck Lanny Davis has some new organization where he moans about civility! HE… HE WANTS US TO TAKE A PLEDGE.

It’s nice that between his stints lobbying for the new illegal Honduran government (a.k.a. American retail interests) and the health insurance industry (for some reason, he doesn’t want a public option at all!), Lanny Davis still finds time to promote a whiny, condescending new website about how we should all stop being MEAN.

“Take the pledge,” we are instructed. But who will bear witness?? A-ha, Lanny Davis is so civil that he is putting us on the Honor Code! (BUT IF YOU CATCH ANYONE BREAKING THE HONOR CODE THEN TELL LANNY.)

Everyone write terrible things about Lanny Davis now, in the comments!

Lanny Davis: Jimmy Carter Really Shamefully Contributed to What We Would Call In-Civil Dialogue Here [Crooks and Liars]
[The Civility Project]

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  1. Lannny: Also me, in the most civil way possible (with a calligraphy-laden, gold-embossed invitation employing arcane, Noonanesque entreaties), invite you to chow down on a bowl of dicks. And, for some light after-dinner entertainment, we will watcheth thou taketh that pledge and crammeth it in sideways.

  2. Should probably require those who take the pledge to wear some distinctive badge so that they can be identified for shaming, tracking, ratting purposes. Like a nosering, or something. Maybe a barcode?

  3. Lanny Davis is still predicting that Hillary is going to edge out the colored fella.

    Wonkette is really striving to meet the posting goals of Our President’s 5-year plan this morning. Does Wonkette have a 2:00 PM T-off time?

  4. Here’s my pledge

    I will tell military junta loving, insurance lobbying, beltway whore Lanny Davis to shove it up his a** during any encounter I may have with him as runs from Charlie Palmers to his limo.

  5. Lanny, buddy. Maybe we would have a little more civility if the insurance companies you whore for hadn’t sent all those mouth breathers to yell and scream at town hall meetings

  6. What the hell’s wrong with Lanny? Doesn’t he know that civility pledges are a sure sign of an Oedipus complex? No, I’m not going to take your little pledge, dumbass, because I’m not nine years old and nursing a latent desire to crawl back into mommy’s birth canal. Good luck with your issues, though.

  7. I don’t think I want to take you, or your luggage, to the airport, Lanny. What the fuck kind of a name is Lanny? Was his dumb brother too fucking stupid to pronounce Larry?

  8. The real reason people like Lanny Davis want “civility” is because it would be incredibly rude in polite society to mention the rapes, needless deaths and other carnage they enable.

  9. I pledge to keep my open ridicule, mockery and snark to a higher level than the intelligence of the person at whom it is directed, to spare their feelings. For a limited time only.

  10. I will be civil only when the situation merits it.

    I will only act respectfully towards those that have earned my respect.

    I will not oppose incivility that is justified.

  11. Eh, more “we get to call you treasonists”, and “on-the-heretics’-road-to-hellers”, and whatevershitwewant when WE have the mic, but after we fuck over the country because we were distracted by 11 year old boys reading girlie mags and the mic gets passed around, we get to put out a general call for civility and pretend like we have the high ground. Right.

    There is a schoolyard saying about this, something about taking what you dish out. Maybe all these dickwads were homeschooled and missed that lesson.

  12. Lanny Davis must have absolutely nothing – nothing – on his plate right now in order to create a non-issue out of three – three – people being so-called “rude.” It’s like dude just fell off the turnip truck yesterday.

    Hey, Lanny, way to keep up, douchebag. We’ve been assholes to each other for at least the past two thousand years. I mean, we nailed a guy to a tree for saying we should be nice to each other. Where was your civility pledge then, huh, jerk?

  13. If once a man indulges himself in murder, very soon he comes to think little of robbing; and from robbing he next comes to drinking and Sabbath-breaking, and from that to incivility and procrastination.

    Thomas De Quincey, Murder Considered as One of the Fine Arts – 1827

    Lanny’s next crusade will be his promotion of the new-and-improved “Davis Daily Planner”…

  14. Lanny, You was Frat Brothers with George W. Bush, so you’ll know what I mean when I say, “Grab your ankles and remove the codpiece pledge, prepare for a Crawford Cramberry”

  15. [re=416476]the problem child[/re]: Recycle all of those “chastity pledge rings” from the knocked up bible belt girls. You can probably get them pretty cheap these days.

  16. Lanny. You are a whore and a world class douche. Wow this civility stuff is boring. Let me try again without the fetters of civility. >ahem<
    DOUCHEWHORE!!! Scumfuk! You stinking pile of steaming Komodo dragon shit!

  17. Lanny Davis is a quivering, full-to-bursting porcine sack of fermented syphilitic pus who should be locked in a tractor-trailer in the desert until he doesn’t smell anymore

  18. Lanny: Has that douchebag David Denby taken the pledge yet? If not, I don’t think we can take this pledge seriously… so eat a bag of dicks with a side of salty nutz.

  19. the heck kinda name is lanny anyway

    like his parents couldnt decide if they wanted him to be larry or lenny

    lanny has no trouble deciding to be a slimy weasel though

    lanny’s pretty confident on that one

  20. [re=416627]Extemporanus[/re]: Lanny himself looks kinda chicken-like. Perhaps you should tell him “Keep getting civilly fucked by Nick Gregory, Lanny”?

  21. So much interesting info on the Wiki-whacker; apparently Lanny got frat-hazed by GWB while at Yale and had to drink vodka out of the future preznit’s butt, then lost a congressional race after lying about his academic record (his real major was butt-vodka), but nevertheless went on to become Bill Clinton’s favorite legwarmer in the WH.

  22. Don’t know where you’ve been Lanny, but American discourse has ALWAYS been uncivil. Dudes were yelling “you lie” or worse at Presidents way before you were born — just ask Jefferson, Madison, Lincoln, and FDR for starters. So, stop trying to make Real Americans into polite British debate society poo-bahs, ya bag of shit.

  23. Lanny Davis, you pathetic excuse for a human being. While your shamlessly hypocritical civil discourse pledge might impress a few dementia-laden bitters, the rest of us see right through you and it’s not a pretty sight. I’d say Jim was going easy on you with ‘poopfuck’.

  24. Nice of Lanny “Finster” Davis to take time out from abetting a dictator down south. On behalf of Manuel Zelaya, eat a bag filled with 7.5 million Honduran dicks, sir.

  25. Do we have to say “fudge” instead of ‘fuck’, and “no thanks” instead of ‘step off, bitch’?
    If so, what does one do with ‘fudgepacker’? Do you turn that into “fun-pooper” or something? Is that more civil? These fucking things continue to be confusing.

  26. Lanny might ask himself how rude it is to take the president of a sovereign nation — which is also an OAS member — rush him to a US military airport, and then dump him off in some third country. In the middle of the night

    He might also want to ask himself if it’s even ruder to protect American investment — of the likes of Chiquita Banana and The Gap — in order to prop up the wrong side in an internal dispute. Even when it involves the president of a sovereign nation merely proposing to put a non-binding referendum for a new constitution on the ballot. Granted, Sr. Zelaya was acting a bit strange for thinking that Honduras’s present constitution was drawn up during the regime of a military junta.

    So it’s not rude at all when the US props up interim governments as blatantly lop-sided as is the acting Honduran government. Mr. Obama and Ms. Clinton merely want Robert Micheletti to roll back the country’s minimum wage for its sweatshop workers to the 17TH Century. “Intelligent design” has already proven that Hondurans with too much cash would use it only to buy more rap CDs

    And Emily Post would no doubt approve of the US’s never-ending allegiance to the top 2% of a nation’s financial elite. Especially when Davis lobbies “shuttle-style” for just that between Washington and Tegucigalpa.

    Astonishingly, none of this is rudeness to Lanny. It’s just business as usual. Gangsta rappers acting like gangsta rappers so people buy their CDs pales by comparison. Except when it gives America’s reactionary MSM something else to talk about other than their erroneous palliatives about the horse shit economy, 2 perpetual wars, and G.W. Bush’s “3rd term.”

  27. So, he made up a civility pledge and then posted it on the internet. The *internet*. The spawning ground of /b/.

    That’s like walking into a bondage party, dropping your pants, and bending over.

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