Will someone throw some work at George W. Bush’s gang of ex-speechwriters? Recall “Matt Latimer,” an actual alien who wrote an essay for GQ magazine after stumbling across an encyclopedia of all known cliches that he found lodged under some forgotten moon rock on Mars. This latest one, “Josh Trevino,” is not as bad—because he’s not A. Matt Latimer or B. Hitler or his outer space equivalent, Space Hitler—but he’s a pretty horrific man. The evidence is two-fold: 1. This Josh Trevino co-founded pay-as-you go pornography search engine 2a. This is arguably not the most offensive thing Trevino has ever done.


Trevino wrote on Twitter, “Dear Border Patrol: my red hair and pale skin IS my passport, bureaucrats.”

After criticism from other Twitterers, he later added, “For the record, kids: that border should be open, open, open. But if you’re going to check documents, don’t be a fool about it.” He went on to say that he himself is half-Mexican (but, apparently, he doesn’t look it). Accused of “self-loathing,” he replied: “My loyalty is to my country, not my ethnicity.”

“Combative Twittering ginger” is not an ethnicity, please check you facts in one of Matt Latimer’s contraband Frommer’s: Earth guides.


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  1. Aye, but in the mid to late 1800s it wasn’t there boyo. In fact one could get deported with the red hair and pasty pasty pale skin back to the Emerald Isle, Trevy Boy. Messicans is the New Irish.

  2. His pale skin and red hair is his passport? Try getting away with that in customs in great britain. They nearly threw my INLA-looking ass in jail.

  3. Trevino does not sound like a Mexican name without the wiggly thing above the “n” which wordpress objects to me coding, because it’s furrin or sumfin .

    Clearly, they should have done a cavity search on this albino messican, for the safety of America.

  4. [re=416337]magic titty[/re]: His loyalty is to his country…but not his government? How’s that work, exactly?

    Simple, really. He’s loyal to his country…which should have no borders…which would then render it physically and juridically indistinguishable from any other ‘country’…which, um, let me think about this for a minute.

  5. [re=416337]magic titty[/re]: In what world is loyalty to country the same as loyalty to government? To be serious for a moment, those are two quite different things.

  6. You know, Columbus had red hair. I bet that, plus the weapons, venereal disease, and smallpox, was a great passport for him. Pizaro had red hair, too. And a whole lot of British colonists.

  7. [re=416349]jagorev[/re]: form of government versus current Administration is another nuance there. Loyalty to the Constitution, the form of American government, and what it stands for versus loyalty to Dick Cheney, for example.

  8. [re=416348]jagorev[/re]: I personally am a big fan of gingers in general, especially those with good beards. But so few of them can really pull it off. Must be the messican heritage.

  9. [re=416349]jagorev[/re]: Not to get all political-sciency, but loyalty to ‘government’ doesn’t generally imply loyalty to a particular leader, party or even policy orientation. It is ‘loyalty’ (or more accurately, a grant of legitimacy) to a particular set of rules governing the political system. Absent this, what does ‘loyalty to country’ mean? I’m loyal to a bit of geography? A piece of cloth with stripes and stars?

    Professor Owls (‘Yes, you DO need to know this for the test.’)

  10. [re=416349]jagorev[/re]: If you hate the government of your country, but you’re loyal to your country no matter what…I think you can see where I’m going. Which is to say that thinking is just illogical.

  11. [re=416370]magic titty[/re]: Where the fuck did Trevino say he hates the government of his country? Jesus Christ, you seem to think that complaining about government, ever, is disloyalty and treason.

  12. If only old Josh Trevino would, in fact, utter that crackeresque retort to our Border Patrol Agents, a significant number of which do not fit into the “red hair and pale skin category.”

    Methinks the friendly agents would “bring in the gimp.”

  13. I’ve never seen so many speechwriters come out of the woodwork like rats amidst the flotsam. They all have the same message: “It wasn’t my fault!” There was this From guy (“I’m the intelectual one!”) who chided Rachel for not being serious enough. A writer for the Crawford Cretin want more sobriety. Palin is not a serious candidate, he says. He was proudest of “Is our kids learning?”

  14. [re=416368]user-of-owls[/re]: Depends on how you’re using “government.” Most places, the word refers to what we US Americans call “the current administration.” What we call government, they call “the state.” Which is what we call a province. Don’t be reedeeculous!

  15. “my red hair and pale skin IS my passport, bureaucrats”

    Because nobody in the IRA fits that description at all! Let’s see what happens when he tries that line in Heathrow!

  16. [re=416337]magic titty[/re]: He said “My loyalty is to my country, not my ethnicity.” The government thing wasn’t there — so the subsequent discussion is a little confused.
    On the other hand, it is interesting that he wants his citizenship to be judged by his ethnicity (to which he is not loyal). So looking American (whatever that is) is more important than being American. If I were a Border Patrol officer, I’d be tempted to keep anyone that semantically challenged out of the country.

  17. [re=416380]jagorev[/re]: Whoa whoa. ‘Hate’ was the wrong word, on my part. And I’m not equating anything to treason. Dissent is great – I do it all the time. What I failed to articulate coherently, was that being blindly loyal to some borders on a map, even though you vehemently disagree with the direction that place on the map is going (as I suspect Trevino does)…that strikes me as highly problematic. Which makes me wonder how one can be blindly loyal to something that is going against their interests. It’s STUPID.

    Anyway, Trevino was actually complaining about not being given immediate entrance into the country, even though he’s a white guy. Which means he would like his government to show him preferential treatment because of his whiteness. But sure take his side.

  18. [re=416358]the problem child[/re]: Frankly, for a bottle of Breck, anybody can be a ginger. I’m willing to check to see if the carpet matches the drapes on Liz Kuchinich; Josh, not so much.

  19. [re=416407]SayItWithWookies[/re]: I used ‘government’ because Trevino used the word bureaucrats to criticize his treatment at the border. Now, I’m pretty sure when he used the word ‘bureacrats’, he felt like the man was holding him down. I made the inference that he’s wondering why his government bureacrats were given him a hard time. I feel pretty justified in that leap. But you’re right, as to the confusion that ensued. My bad. Anywwho, I will kiss jagorev’s ass for the rest of the day, because he got shout-y.

    [re=416405]mardam422[/re]: You’re beyond wrong, and I said no such thing, but hey, you’re bored, it’s early, believe what you want.

  20. [re=416368]user-of-owls[/re]: The Constitution begins “We the People of the United States…” We are the government – it is one of the absolutely essential (and, of course, unique) aspects of our nation.

    When these right wingnutz (in government, for the most part) talk about how the Federal government can’t do this and can’t do that (thank you President Reagan) they are just talking about their own failures to get the job done.

    Should be “ARE,” by the way. If the order were reversed (“My passport IS) then it would be correct. Since the two nouns (hair and skin) come first, “ARE” is correct.

    Not just a fool, but a poor writer, as well.

  21. [re=416421]jagorev[/re]: I just find it funny that people are unwilling to defy their love of country, even if they spend most of their time complaining about it, or despising what they believe is happening to it. It seems silly to me. That was the crux of my entire argument.

    Why is love of country unconditional?

  22. [re=416378]ssccss[/re]: No more secrets, biatch!

    OK, back on topic. This is it America: I’m not coming back. I was finally able to consume the Canadian equivalent of menudo, poutine, without visibly gagging, so my transformation is complete. You can keep your combative racist gingers, your teabaggers with no actual testes (‘cept for Greta Van Susteren, zing!), and your Alaskan idiot/next president, Todd Palin.

    I will send marshmallows for you to use when they set fire to the universities and libraries. Jebus loves you.

  23. Trevino wrote on Twitter, “Dear Border Patrol: my red hair and pale skin IS my passport, bureaucrats.”

    Oh please use that line with said Border Patrol. Every time you cross. And act skittish too. They love that. You’ll make their day.

  24. [re=416347]user-of-owls[/re]: I’ll give him a half pass. I bet he’s travelled in Europe, where there *literally* are no borders. But, the member states have to meet a minimum of security to be allowed into Schengen. So, I’d heartily agree that we should have no border control with Canada, but Mexico, not so much.

  25. He could have been some Ginger Albanian Muslin Talib (nice beard, Youngblood Kris Kringle), hellbent on setting off his shoe bomb in a Waffle House or something…Papieren, bitte, beotch! Always!

  26. Mmmmm…Liz Kuchinich…

    Yah but the point is, if he’s all Mister Grumpy-Pants about having to show his papers at the border , I’d have to ask him, what other sacrifices has he made since 9/11 to further the War on Terror – except to, say, bloviate, which honestly, he was probably going to do anyway?

    And if he hates the border guards, need we all remind him that the formation of the TSA, the largest new federal bureaucracy since whenever, happened under George W. Bush’s watch, so he could say the he saved us from all the other 9/11s (after the first one, the one that did happen)? Need we remind him of that?

  27. [re=416496]Redhead[/re]: Excuse me, sir, I resemble that remark.

    Interesting side story, I have to go through additional security at any airport because I’m on the terror watch list. Why is that? Some potatofucker in the IRA shares my incredibly common Irish name (hint: a Congressman and a news anchor share it too also).

  28. [re=416433]magic titty[/re]: Love of country is like love of family, or Stockholm Syndrome. Sure, you might get drunk and hold a broken beer bottle to the neck of your country every once in a while, but you’re sort of used to having it around and aren’t sure what you’d do without it. Other people may express their love in different ways.

    I love my country, or at least the 5 barren acres of knapweed and gopher mounds that I’ve fenced off as my own. My government, and anyone under 40, I distrust. And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some clouds to go shout at.

  29. I am loyal to the idealized, Platonic country-in-my head (and therefore am committed to nothing in particular, action-wise.) Srsly, all that the phrase “I am loyal to my country” means is “I am better than you.”

  30. He’s right, they have no business checking his documents at the Mexican border – or any border, because male gingers have no business carrying documents and pretending to be people.

  31. A Republican who thinks the Mexican border should be “open open open?” No passport inspection? I bet Erick Erickson will have something snarly to say about this twit! Oh, wait…

  32. [re=416425]magic titty[/re]: [re=416421]jagorev[/re]: Seriously, asscracks. If I wanted to debate the finer nuances of loyalty, patriotism and what-not, I’d haul my happy ass back over to Kos and end up spewing dick jokes anyhow because I’m part of the problem and the solution can get fucked. And don’t give me that crap about ‘if you don’t like it, dont’t read it’ either, because your ‘personal responsibility’ and ‘freedom of expression’ crap can suck it as well.

  33. I cannot believe all the Incivility and Rudeness expressed here. When a man is so ashamed of his own red hair and pale skin that he fears they mark him as merely a half-Mexican, the least we can do is be sympathetic.

  34. [re=416555]JDHART[/re]: I want to hear from the guy who puts food on his family next!

    and in tucson there is a hotdog stand (they wrap the dogs in bacon!) called el guero canelo—the owner is a pale mexican ginger. Not that that has much bearing here, but remember that if you’re ever in tucson…

  35. Oh please. I would love nothing more than to see this guy tell a cholo at the border that he is half Mexican. I’d also like to see him anywhere near the border. He would burst into flames ala “Scanners” after 4 seconds in the desert sun.

  36. [re=416555]JDHART[/re]: Indeed. By my count, the number of Bush’s speechwriters is now 2x the number of speeches ever made by the Codpiece in Chief. Odd.

  37. My father is a redhead, and I would like to say that this coppernob isn’t reflective of everyone in the ginger community. There’s always got to be one or two extremists.

  38. [re=416592]lampadadog[/re]: Yes! Let us all take the following pledge:

    i will be only moderately incivil in my discourse on self-hating red-haired people

    i will be respectful enough to only call them douchebags, whether they deserve worse or not

    i will stand against incivility, unless it is racist comments by self-hating, red-haired douchebags.

  39. [re=416514]Potater[/re]: I’m too old to be a ginger, I’ve always been a redhead or a carrot-top or some other lookist slur. And I’ve been grilled by the FBI in front of my wife and kid for the crime of visiting France and having a Irish surname that was on the compendium the DHS cobbled together by uncritically cutting and pasting Britain’s most wanted terrorist list into their files.

    Bitter much? Yes. And us redheads have terrible tempers.

  40. [re=416597]magic titty[/re]: Moar funny all around, everyone! But take heart, MT! I did agree with you.

    Gingers need to come together and censure this guy, because his argument that ginger is an effective passport is a pretty compelling reason to deport all of you.

  41. Oh Sacramento, Sacramento, land of my ancestors, when did so many people around you get hit so hard with the stupid stick?

    God forbid that ICE actually do its job. Which includes asking EVERYBODY the questions. Dumbass.

  42. Way to refute yourself, stupid ginger.

    If your allegiance is to your country then you need documentation to prove your country.
    If your allegiance is to your race, then your race is your passport.


  43. I must revisit this. “My loyalty is to my country, not my ethnicity.” Except that my ethnicity IS my passport, to my country, to which I am loyal.
    There is a special kind of brain wiring that produces a self defense against implosion upon this kind of logical connection fail.

  44. [re=416349]jagorev[/re]: But…but… for the past 8 years FOX N00z has told me it’s the same thing…
    Now you’re telling me they’re different? X(

  45. [re=416433]magic titty[/re]: Jon Stewart said it best: Only coloreds and Democrats have to prove their patriotism: ALL Republicans love their county, they just hate half the people in it.

    And yes, this includes “bureaucrats” – who are something like wise Latinas only less brown.

  46. [re=416329]DollarStorePregnancyTest[/re]: A Canadian friend of mine actually was deported from UK to Canada, because he was supposedly an illegal immigrant from China (he was not at all Chinese-looking). He was actually stopping in London for a couple weeks to visit friends, in between a job teaching English in China and a visit to his home in BC. Then they gave him a date, two weeks later, to report for deportation! No holding cell, no jail, no nothing! If he’d been a real illegal, he’d’ve disappeared in a day. The weirdest part of all was talking British immigration into deporting my tall, pale-skinned, round-eyed pal of Irish descent to Canada, not back to China!

  47. [re=416347]user-of-owls[/re]: Actually, that’s how it is most places in the world. You don’t have to love Chairman Mao to be a real Chinese person.

  48. “Trevino wrote on Twitter, ‘Dear Border Patrol: my red hair and pale skin IS my passport, bureaucrats.’ ”

    Passport to Russia, maybe? JT hasn’t traveled much, it seems. The USA has no monopoly on palefaces.

  49. Actually, sassing border control agents of any country is one of the dumbest things you can do. They usually can do anything to you they want. An acquaintance (from Mississippi!) got taken aside for questioning in the private room, in Ben Gurion Airport, because he got too sassy with some Israeli soldiers,carrying Uzis. I don’t think he got a body cavity search or a beating, but anything is possible.

    Me, I was always mistaken for a Jew!

  50. [re=416438]PhyrePhox[/re]: Good for you! I’ve more or less immigrated permanently to China, although I can’t become a citizen. As for eating weird things, I started as soon as I arrived!

  51. I love judging people by 140 characters or less! Who has time for anything more? The best thing about Twitter is that it really ‘brings the stupid’ in a concentrated, powerful way.

    Optical character recognition, anyone?

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