Here is Howard Kurtz, official professional media critic of both the Washington Post and CNN, doing some important, trenchant analysis, as one would expect of all esteemed journalistic savants in his position: Twittering snide, resentful barbs about the level of difficulty in television comedian David Letterman’s questions to Barack Obama last night, on the Late Show. David Letterman clapped when his guest Barack Obama came onstage, guys! Howard Kurtz shall grade this human’s journalistic skills as an “F-“, he will. Tut tut, Letter-man! [Howard Kurtz/Twitter]

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  1. Funny my recollection of David Gregory involves an extended minstrel routine with Karl “Roll Me in Dough and Fuck the Wet Spot” Rove. I wonder why Dave didn’t don a smoking jacket and make dark allusions to Obama’s preference for Black and Tans? He will never be a Villager.

  2. Someone who’s had more coffee that me come up with the Letterman version of “The show that leads into me is puppets making prank phonecalls. What is wrong with you?”

  3. This is like Tucker Carlson getting mad at Jon Stewart for not asking John Kerry hard-hitting questions. No wonder the MSM sucks…they seem to be unclear about what the fuck they do, and how it’s different from what people who tell jokes for a living do.

  4. To be honest, Letterman asked better questions than all of these assholes combined. But it’s good to know Howard Kurtz spends his time *critiquing* a comedian’s journalistic bonafides.

  5. Letterman didn’t ask about the birf certificate, either, which would have fit with the format of a “comic-entertainment” show. At least that would have been 4 teh lulz.

  6. Holding back the hardball? Gee, I’m sure no one in the press corps did that in, say, late 2002 or early 2003, did they?

    It rather seems to me that I recall every eminent and respected political reporter being a devout Bush fellatrix at the time.

    And if the press corps had given in to their hearts’ yearnings and applauded when Rumsfeld entered the room, no one would have been in the least surprised. As it was, they simply sublimated their immediate gamma-male yearnings into fawning stenography.

    In other words, Mr. Kurtz, you might have made better use of your time gargling TruckNutz. Kindly do so.

  7. He’s criticizing the journalistic bono fides of a man who once dressed himself in a velcro suit and trampolined into a velcro wall. When was the last time Howard Kurtz did something as brilliant as that?

  8. [re=416386]Mr Blifil[/re]: Near as I can tell, all of his coloreds find him quite congenial to work for, what with him letting them have every Sunday off to travel to Washington to participate in the voodoo rituals and such held by Marian Robinson. Also.

  9. “Why do you hate children so much, Obama?”

    “Are you America’s worst person?”

    “NOTHING BUT SOFTBALL HERE. Letterman didn’t ask Obama about his terrorist connections.”

    Seems fair, right?

  10. Kurtz is clearly upset that Dave didn’t ask sharp, relevant questions such as, “Will your death panels primarily use age and health as criteria, or will race factor in?” or “How many Czars were there *really* in Stalinist Nazi Germany? How many *health* Czars?”

  11. Why didn’t Letterman ask Obama if Joe Wilson Conservative got a bum deal when the press focused on his refusal to accept the claims of parentage of his hero Strom Thurmond’s mixed-race love child? Oh wait, I just remembered the subject has never come up.

  12. Not only did he waste time twittering all this, he then turned around and wrote half of his “Media Notes” article in the Post today about the same stuff he twittered about. Lazy, lazy, lazy.

  13. Apparently Mr. Kurtz thought he was watching Meet the Press at 11:30 in the evening.

    If he wants to watch a softball interview, how about GVS and Gov. Palin? Or Sheer “Am I An Idiot?” InSannity “interview” George Bush or Dick Cheney?

    When Ross Perot talked about a giant sucking sound south of the border, he wasn’t talking about jobs going to Mexico. He was talking about a Faux Noise infomercial with a Republican office holder.

  14. Gawd, this crap from Kurtz is awful–just awful–on about 100 levels. Someone who portends to write and broadcast about “the media” for The Washington Post and CNN should NOT be sending out over the internets such imbecilic, moronic, idiotic, and grammatically childish “comments”–it’s unprofessional, offensive, slightly dumb, and ridiculous. Unbelievable. Hurtz should be ashamed of himself for this nonsense.

  15. What a bunch of whiny bullshit. Can’t believe this dumbass is bitching ’cause David Fucking Letterman didn’t try to crowd the President into a corner about his fiscal policy or something. HE’S A COMEDIAN, RECTUM-HEAD!!!! Go stick your head in the paper shredder, you’re too stupid to live.

  16. I love it when “journalists” hold up comedians to a journalistic standard they can’t seem to hold anyone else to. Including themselves. You’d think their heads would explode. In a better world, I suppose.

  17. [re=416481]shadowMark[/re]: Ah but a fucking critic, just think of it.

    “Hmmm, yes, a certain je ne sais quoi, good body, great legs, and a smooth finish. Next!”

  18. [re=416499]Uncertainty Vice-Principal[/re]: “Hmmm, yes, a certain je ne sais quoi, good body, great legs, and a smooth finish. Next!” We are still talking about Howard Kurtz, right?

    Letterman should be disbarred, from the AMA, for journalistic malpractice.

  19. [re=416396]Cape Clod[/re]: When has Kurtz ever done anything brilliant. Apart from daydream all day at his desk that Martin Sheen is coming down the river into the heart of darkness to confront him.

    Kurtz at his desk, all day: “The horror. The horror. Oh look, Letterman.”

  20. Dear CNN,
    please hire me to replace Howard Kurtz. i would gladly be an insufferable toupee-wearing cuntrag on the teevee for only 75% of his salary. it’s the only responsible thing to do in these economies
    just another douchebag on twitter

  21. [re=416354]ManchuCandidate[/re]: “Is he upset that the WaPo monopoly on fawning/sucking up to Preznits has been broken? Or is it just because Kurtz only feels that GOPer Preznits can be sucked up to?”

    I’m glad you made the first post, Manchu, because you absolutely nailed it.

  22. Howard has no patience with softball questions.

    When Howard Kurtz invited Kimberly Dozier, the CBS journalist wounded in Iraq, onto his program, “Reliable Sources,” on CNN on Sunday, he was not a disinterested interviewer. Mr. Kurtz’s wife, Sheri Annis, had been paid to serve as a publicist for Ms. Dozier’s memoir, “Breathing the Fire,” which Ms. Dozier had come on the program to discuss.

  23. At least Dave finally came out in favor of death panels, which makes him OK in my book. And Preznit Obama didn’t respond, which in and of itself is very telling.

  24. [re=416354]ManchuCandidate[/re]: All that, and that he feels that Preznits should only be sucked up to (or off, or anything to do with sucking, really) by condescending, manipulative elites.

  25. Well Wonkette is pure comedy in my book, but just like The Daily Show, where I first heard that our key Iraq informant was a untrustworthy, alcoholic code named “curveball, now I learn that Howies wife is a right wing shill. Comedy 2, MSM 0. And now when I watch reliable sources everything makes sense.

  26. Wasn’t Kurtz the evil fellow in “Heart of Darkness?”

    I’m thinking about the book – but I think it was the same in the movie. Except for the switch from the Belgium Congo to Viet Nam (not that that changed his name, of course).

    “I love the smell of seathing media critics in the evening.”

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