• Obama’s interference in governors’ races is upsetting to those who think that Obama’s desire to keep Democrats in power is soo partisan. [New York Times]
  • Internet service providers are terribly angry with the FCC, which wants “net neutrality,” a concept of unimaginable injustice that would prohibit these Internet service companies from purposely slowing down connections and blocking access to their competitors’ content. [WSJ]
  • Fewer troops in Afghanistan will be fighting in deserted actual desert areas and will concern themselves more with defending cities and humans. Except N.B. to the Taliban: this is not because America is weak! [Washington Post]
  • Here are your MacArthur Genius Grant winners!  [Los Angeles Times]
  • Bank of America just cold refuses to tell Congress all about its consensual hook-up with Merrill Lynch. The SEC is THISCLOSE to just subpoenaing the bank, the judicial equivalent of correctly guessing its Gmail password. [Reuters]
  • Nancy Pelosi is going to send a health care bill to the floor by the end of the week. She’s like, “Fucking bet me.” [The Hill]
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  1. I dunno, I guess the GOP (Karl Rove and his minions of flatulent orcs) using DoJ to prosecute voter “fraud” (black people) in congressional races is nothing compared to a black man telling a blind black man, “You’re a loser and you suck, go home.”

    Internets providers, I’m playing the world’s smallest violin in sympathy to you. It will be an easier sell to the peoples. If net neutrality doesn’t happen your ISP will fucks with your PORN!

  2. I have personally known two MacArthur winners although you wouldn’t know it if you met them. I have also funded a lot more of them. And me- I once won a brownie camera when I was 10 years old- and no, I don’t have it anymore.

  3. BoA vs. SEC, in sum:

    SEC: We will vigorously hand you your ass on a platter.
    BoA: STFU, vigorously.
    SEC: No, really. You and Merrill both. Two asses, one platter. Vigorously, also.
    BoA: STFU.
    SEC: Fine. Meanie.
    BoA: Yay. We win, you lose. Now, where’s our moneez?

  4. President Obama would like the Democratic Party to field candidates who can win? What’s up with that?

    And all this legislation and progress and change he wants? Too much! I mean, when Abraham Lincoln was President, and those Southern states wanted to leave the Union, did he tell them all they couldn’t go? Or, did he try to pick them off one at a time, incrementally resolving the problem the way things really get done in DC?

    Let’s look at some history here…

  5. O/T–OK, it relates to a much earlier post–but it’s nice to see that the gods have finally gotten around to answering the Dixie governors’ highly public prayers for rain.

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