Noth’ing. [Thank you Drudge-refreshing operative “Tim H.”]

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  1. It’s not her fault, her back’s turned. Until I read “bold, powerful, persistent” I thought they were adverstising a traffic barricade since that’ll pretty much stop anything from getting by.

  2. Horrible masking job around her head, too. Someone must have been very pressed for time. Or it was done purposefully to achieve that amateur, MySpace look.

  3. It’s a mistake right? So let’s correct it for Fox viewers;

    “Nuthin’ gits by Greta, cuz she’s bold, powerful, persestant.

    We Report. Y’all decide.”

  4. [re=415902]The Station Manager[/re]: This is correct. “Nothing Get” is the name of her new ethereal spoken word album. It is a collection of “found text,” that is, text found dribbling out of Steve Doocy’s mouth and flopping at his feet like goldfish cruelly tossed from their bowl. A sample:

    Nothing get
    Taxing our
    America we knew
    :) :( #;-9
    That’s outrageous!
    I’m Steve Doocy.

  5. With Caribou Barbie limiting her international media exposure to those hard-hitting Facebook interviews, what is GVS up to these days? If she and her husband can’t promote the SnowBillies (read the article about Levi Johnston and the Palins in Vanity Fair – some pretty funny stuff there!)what are they doing with their time and infinite resources?

  6. Now we know the new job held by that Faux Noise “associate producer” who got into trouble whipping up the DC crowd for Griff “Birth Control Glasses” Jenkins – copywriter!

  7. [re=415888]Suds McKenzie[/re]: and toenail fungus.

    Love the placement of Greta next to the Jane Velez ad. Did David Paterson do the haircuts and the plastic surgery on these “ladies”?

  8. From her Wiki-Wakka entry:

    “Gretel von Sudafed has the enviable task of holding Belle O’Rally’s falafel whilst he bends over to retrieve the loofah he dropped in the shower. I spot a liver spot where liver spots should not be spot! All Praise to Xenu, Jesus, Muhammad Ali et al.”

  9. Must of been a slow day for the Fox News Chyron guy so they let him do some advertising copy. You know it is a tough day writing D on the line where they should put R for the latest republican sex scandal.

  10. If this country, could put a “tax”, on all the “unnecessary” and misplaced punctuation marks used by Fox news viewers on the many comment pages they visit, we as a people, could “raise” enough money to pay for all the “death” panels, you could ever hope for.

  11. I’m pretty sure that’s Elizabeth Dole in drag. But if that is Greta van, I definitely remember the interview when Sarah Palin got by her when Greta was flaring her nostrils in heat and tried to pin Moose Mama against the refrigerator in her very own kitchen. That was sooo weird … but Sarah got by Greta. Just.

  12. Bold. Powerful. Persistent. Dentatious.
    Same woodchuck prima fascie, even after gnawing on the raw potato of a thousand e-meters.

    Nothing gets by the Greta except her Scientology … and logic.

    Our old Greta Van.

  13. Oh look, a typo. I hate to piss on the campfire, but Fox has entire legions of anchor-twinkies, and the left has, what, Rachel Maddow? Kiran Chetry vs Rachel Maddow is like Godzilla vs Bambi. Your co-workers know it, your neighbors know it, DOGS know it, the only ones who don’t know it are you lot. How many elections have been tipped by English majors?

    I’m not cheering for the Idiocracy, okay, but what exactly is the swoon factor for Rahm the Space Knight or George Snuffapopodopolus? Or that guy who used to be a sportscaster, and then he announced that Dubya was a war criminal, and now his life revolves around the fact that his moms is dead and you can fuck right off? Marketing sucks, but it does appear to work.

  14. Fuck, this has been a great day, with Orly claiming that a letter from her client to the judge was forged, itself concerning a lawsuit in which a forged birf surtifikat was filed… and now this. Nothing get’s by teh kraziee’s.

    [re=416093]GreenHalo[/re]: Did you forget to take your Seconal this morning?

  15. [re=416093]GreenHalo[/re]: “I’m not cheering for the Idiocracy” But you are obviously trying to speak for them. You cant fool us with your lower case babble.

  16. In lingua franca of FoxNews, “get’s by” means “enjoys The New Masculinity with”.
    No argument from moi.
    Value Voters Summit
    THE NEW MASCULINITY – Dr. Pat Fagan, Senior Fellow and Director, Center for Family and Religion, FRC
    Feminism has wreaked havoc on marriage, women, children and men. It is time to redress the disorder it has wrought and that must start with getting the principles and ideals for a new “masculinism” right. Such a “masculinism” will have its dovetailing counterpart in a new “feminism” for they mutually define each other and, in nature, are meant to be complementary.

  17. [re=416101]S.Luggo[/re]: Dr.Pat Fagan, former employee of the Heritage Foundation, where “In 2001, his work earned him Heritage’s prestigious Drs. W. Glenn and Rita Ricardo Campbell Award. It is given to the employee who delivers “an outstanding contribution to the analysis and promotion of the Free Society.”

    Oh really?

  18. [re=416093]GreenHalo[/re]:
    Well, shuckins. We so sorry that we take glee because Cretaceous-Conservative, gadzillionaire Rupert Murdock screwed up his agitprop for his house Scientologist nutcake.
    Lesson learned. Next time, we hold our tongues out of respect. Hahahahaha … cough.

  19. The Pride of Appleton.

    But until she calls out Glenn Beck as a stooge of the Maoists — are there still Maoists, like, for real? — she will not dislodge Robert Welch, Sr., from pride of place in my “favourite Wisconsin conservatards”.

    Plus: Bob, Sr., — & his namesake — attended my alma mater. Before my time, of course.

    Sing out, Ripon College!

  20. [re=416113]Long Form Def Certificate[/re]: She’s from Appleton, too? Ooh!

    I once stayed in a hotel in Appleton that had somehow lost its chain affiliation when their pool burned down (!), and had simply covered their sign with a semi-translucent tarp through which the dim letters of the old “Days Inn” still shone through at night. This is pretty much all anyone ever needs to know about Appleton, Wisconsin.

  21. So, during this time of budget cuts, Fox elected to get rid of the copy editors before the janitors? On behalf of copy editors everywhere, I say, Where is the justice, where is the justice?!

  22. Here’s what I think they were getting at. The Dine’ language uses apostrophes as we use the letter “e”. This simple example speaks volumes.

    To be drunk
    Navajo phrase (1): bi naak’ai’

    This phrase can either mean to be “drunk” or “hung-over. It literally means “his (or her) legs are spread apart.” Most people say bi honeezdoh for being drunk.


    Éí adáádáá’ bi naak’ai’go bi nániikai.
    Yesterday, he came back with us all drunk.

  23. [re=416093]GreenHalo[/re]: Marketing sucks, but it does appear to work.

    That’s very insightful. Throw marketing right in with huffing paint, vodka enemas and autoerotic asphyxiation as things which suck but appear to work.

  24. [re=416093]GreenHalo[/re]: Hey, English majors MADE O’bama. I should know. And because we (as a mighty fighting force for subject-verb agreement) are never in it for teh munnies, no matter what “it” is, you know he won fair and square . . . by 9.5 million votes, a margin that will not be breached by pissant meanie screed merchants at any volume.

    And Rachel? She. Totally. Kicks. Ass.

    Call your mom and ask her if she remembers where you left your point, because I’m betting you had one when you started out.

  25. [re=416101]S.Luggo[/re]: You’ll no doubt be shocked to know this bed-sheet sniffing dildo smuggling hypocrite was a Deputy Assistant Secretary at HHS during the reign of Bush the Elder.

  26. [re=416113]Long Form Def Certificate[/re]: Her Father was a Raging Drunk Judge who “forgot” to pay his taxes for 10 years because he “was too busy”, … for 10 years. their family was a joke in Appleton. which is umm.., saying something.

  27. [re=416093]GreenHalo[/re]:You barge in with your huffy buzzkill body language and piss all over the campfire in order to announce:

    “Marketing works” ?

    What a dork

  28. [re=416020]JoeMac[/re]: Must HAVE, for fuck’s sake. If we’re going to mock the illiterate morans, we must remain a notch or two above the illiterate morans, i.e. no misspelling nothing or using bad grammar unless it’s clearly deliberate, as in “The morans get all they’re infromation from Fock’s Nudes.”
    The terms “must of” and “could of” do not actually exist in the English language. Learn this, JoeMac, and you will become a better person, like magic.

  29. Why didn’t I know she was a Scientologist? How is she on Fox? Isn’t being a non-Christian female on Fox basically being equivalent to an old-timey, Salem witch? I bet you her office is somewhere way out away from the rest of her colleagues in the building.

  30. [re=416131]jimmyQ[/re]: It’s either the random apostrophe generator prized by wingnuts and students everywhere, or there is a grammar rule unknown to most of us: If you have to ask if an apostrophe might work there, it does.

  31. [re=416113]long form def certificate[/re]: i think i speak for all of Wisconsin when i say we fully reject this creepy bitch. Outagamie county (of which Appleton is the county seat) went blue for Obama, 55%-43%.

    [re=416265]LoweredPeninsula[/re]: check wikipedia for a long list of noted scientologists. you’ll be surprised….

    [re=416119]Mad Brahms[/re]: don’t let one bad hotel experience keep you away. Sconnie is real nice this time of year.

    –, resident cheesehead

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