Are you ready for a dose of injustice this morning?  Ch-ch-ch-check out Obama, David Paterson and Jon Corzine’s Triangle of Racism, brought to you, straight up, from three-dimensional polygon of hip hop, RNC Chairman Michael Steele. See, Obama said that he would not encourage a certain black governor (David Paterson) to run for re-election, as David Paterson is historically unpopular with his own constituents. But Jon Corzine is just as hated by his own state (New Jersey—not even kidding), so why did Obama not include the white Jon Corzine in his grand total (1) of how many black governors he would tell to sit this one out??

The right thing to do here would be for Obama to support Paterson, because he is black, and also because what is best for all people everywhere would be to let Paterson run and be handily replaced by like, Rudy Giuliani or some non-hyperbolic equivalent. This is what would be best, for everyone really, but especially for Obama and especially for black people and Democrats.

“I found that to be stunning, that the White House would send word to one of only two black governors in the country not to run for re-election. And it just raised a curious point for me. I think … Gov. Paterson’s numbers are about the same as Gov. Corzine’s numbers, yet the president was with Gov. Corzine.”

Michael Steele… Michael Steele.

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  1. In baseball, what Mikey’s done would be called tipping pitches.

    First pitch is a “please don’t let the blind man leave so we’s can gets the NY gubbinor” fastball on the outside corner
    2nd pitch is a “let’s incite rebellion among Barry’s black supporters” inside fastball
    3rd pitch is a “Christie’s supposed overwhelming lead is shrinking fast over Corazine” curveball

  2. I’m going to say it; it’s what everyone is already thinking and it’s what you all know in your heart: Barack Obama doesn’t care about black people.

  3. Speaking of Rudy Gulliani, have you seen him lately? He has this new tic where he grimaces severly. This could be tartive dyskenesia, a side effect of years of anti-psychotic medication. This hould diswualify him from further public service.

  4. Good to know that Steele is now bff’s with Paterson.

    After all they share those shining common traits of incompetence and buffoonery.

    Note to Steele: Black voters, like the Obama, will kick your black ass out of power if they think you’re a douche. Or they won’t vote for you. Remember Alan Keyes, Cynthia McKinney? Oh, and remember yourself? Black voters in the state of Maryland kicked your ass to the curb and voted for the most boring white man on earth (a creature named Ben Cardin). So quit the crap and spare us all the faux brutha bromancing stuff. Bruthas and sistahs still think you’re the uncoolest uncool douche after Alan Keyes.

  5. [re=415127]blader[/re]: Glenn Beck, vindicated again. Obama is hereby proven to be a racist who hates everybody, which technically would make him a “misanthrope,” but WTF, who cares. Obama = whatever Glenn Beck doesn’t like, or thinks we wouldn’t like.

  6. You dope, Michael Steele. Obama doesn’t hate David Paterson because he is black, he hates him because he is blind. Obama, with his fully functioning vision and limbs and brain is a handicapist. Also too, he hates Paterson ’cause he cheats on his wife a lot, making Barry Soetoro an infidelitist as well.

    He just hates you ’causes you’re black, dummy.

  7. [re=415144]JSDC007[/re]: Ben Cardin is not the most boring white man on earth-believe me(I’ve met white men way more boring than Cardin and still think there are more boring ones I’ve yet to find). And I think he is a pretty good politician- plus no whores,no boys, no cheating, no crazy beliefs. Steele is a douche and his belief that he would be elected by black voters in our state is pretty racist.

  8. [re=415144]JSDC007[/re]: Steele’s trying to garner the Uncle TomBama” backlash and boost Paterson’s approval ratings……so GiuliUgly can destroy him in the general.

    The GOP: Its not racist unless we say it is.

  9. Right now, Paterson is supposed to be greeting Obama at Albany “International” Airport (a couple of charter flights to Canada-land make it international). Awkward, no doubt.

  10. You missed the best part. In the question directly before this he mentioned how people shouldn’t play the race card. Seriously, the question right before this.

    Bob Schieffer was just about to call him out, but then decided not to look like a racist.

  11. I imagine that after his death 200 years from now, Michael Steele will become a game played by children during their electronic hovercraft slumber parties. You have to look in the mirror and say “Michael Steele, Michael Steele, Michael Steele,” and if you can keep a straight face when his ghost ineptly tries to call your ass a racist, you win!

  12. [re=415158]Serious[/re]: Nothing prohibits a polygon from being three-dimensional. I am looking at an Aquafina bottle label right now:a rectangle (polygon), nominally, wrapped around a cylinder.

  13. um. maybe Paterson just hasn’t seen his poll numbers?

    Personally I think he should stay in the race, if only because his mustache keeps getting more and more “hitlery.” Actually, only because of that.

  14. New York (unlike the rest of America), knows what a douche Rudy is. Steele is trying to “help” by pulling the race card, thereby giving NY the jagged edge of the plunger.

  15. You should have seen the litter of Value Voters attendees who careened over to Good Guys, Camelot, Archibald’s and the Palace Friday night and Saturday night–they loaded up on whiskey, bourbon and beer, tipped the dancers, paid for “private dances,” got into fights, four of them got arrested for disorderly conduct, and a whole crew of them went to some diner about 3 a.m. Sunday and ordered dozens of early-morning breakfasts, some of them still with dancers from the clubs. Then there was something about a late-night, after-hours party at some townhouse on C Street on Capitol Hill, and that party apparently went on until 5 a.m.!! There was some rumbling about a late-night, or early morning, run to a nearby 7-11 for certain health products, Dorito’s, liters of Diet Cokes, and several boxes of Slim Jims.

  16. [re=415158]Serious[/re]: I read it in the Greek sense of Many-Angled, which seemed highly applicable. Every day he’s got another angle on shit that he’s sellin’.

  17. Wait, isn’t Paterson being racist for not respecting Obama? At least we know it’s not Michael Steele who’s being racist. At least he’s clarified that.

  18. [re=415197]hobospacejunkie[/re]: that, or corzine already having won his primary despite shitty poll numbers. i guess mc steele would prefer that hopey go in there right now and chuck corzine anyway, and just replace him with whomever he pleases, just to prove that he’s not racist. a dictator perhaps, but at least not a racist one.

  19. I was bored shitless at 11PM on Saturday (loser), so I was on a blogsite for the Washington Independent trying to kill an hour by tormenting Birthers—yeah, pathetic, but I was in the mood for something more lowbrow than porn. So, the pattern that emerged was this meme of calling me a ‘racist’ when I was simply mocking their raison d’etre; sometimes it was deployed in a Peewee Herman-esque “I know you are, but what am I?” fashion, but at other times it came as a total non-sequiter, and I got the feeling that they were trying out a new talking-point that had come down from the usual sources. When I told my wife what I had been up to, she gave me a look that suggested she’d rather that I had spent the time doing porn…

  20. [re=415546]Extemporanus[/re]: Thank you! That was new(s) to me. The miracle of the Internets. You think you have an original thought and it’s already there to see on YouTube…

  21. [re=415714]slowuncle[/re]: My kids give me that look when I’m on NewsBusters, rattling the cages with a stick. It is, indeed, a low form of entertainment. Just not very challenging, although there is some satisfaction that the responses are sooo predictable.

  22. Well Corzine has his albatrosses, like ex girlfriend Carla Katz, at the time a union prez, on whom he settled a large sum once they split, and a dishrag persona, plus his campaign literature reads like it was designed by the Christie campaign (what is it about NJ repugnicans and the name Christie?) but as to the main point, Corzine can probably win because he is rich as bejebus and Christie is a Busher nutabll, while Paterson will probably lose, so that’s all the math you need to prove O’s racism right there. Why can’t we all just get along?

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