GollumYou should read this whole Ezra Klein interview with Sen. Jay Rockefeller if you have the time, because Rockefeller is doing his best to preserve some kind of decent health care bill in the Senate, and candidly hints at all sorts of things: “I think the world of Olympia Snowe. She’s got incredible courage, and the Republican leadership is brutal in the way they apply pressure… They bring the hammer down on her, and I’m not going to say how,” and “If you really want to be honest about it, eight to 10 percent of the members of Congress understand health care. At maximum. I chaired the intelligence committee, and health care makes it look like riding on a tricycle it’s so complicated. So what you have is lobbyists picking on congressmen who don’t know health-care reform…” In other words, it’s a brand new Washington! [Ezra Klein]

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  1. They bring The Hammer down on her? Tom Delay? I thought he was nurturing his inner gay, practicing for the teevee dance show in those fabulous sweatpants hiked up to his nipples.

  2. So what we have here is a WONDERFUL situation where people who don’t know shit about what they’re talking about are leading the fucking debate by pandering? Well, what the fuck? Isn’t that what punditry is all about? For shit-sake man, there’s a reason Fox has over 3 million viewers. You don’t just bullshit for crackers, after all. This is money we’re talking about.

    Some bastard wrote:

    “The term “they” seems to be a statement suggesting there is in fact a “they” with some devilish plan to overcome us. This, since the first Red Scare, is such a ridiculous and fucking insane communication strategy that even full-borne schizos would reject. There is absolutely no truth to it, and considering 3 million mouth-breathing Americans are listening to this sort of scuzzy shit-sack, we have to go back to the argument that the next generation will in fact be so overrun with this kind of crap, that they will turn out like Beck. They will gnaw at their own limbs at the news that Jesus will save them in the act. Funnels of bad information will lead them to kill their own kin— as it would help some backwoods free market agenda. There is nothing short of a loony bin that will save our innocent society from being torn from their own even-handed sense of justice.”

    I have no choice but to agree with that bastard.

  3. “They bring the hammer down on her, and I’m not going to say how…”

    Hammer = Tom DeLay (brought in on a “consulting” basis)
    How = Rape rooms

    Let’s leave it at that.

  4. [re=414295]shortsshortsshorts[/re]: I have it on good authority that “they” is the Van Patten family. They have secretly been running this country since Eight is Enough ruled the teevee airwaves.

    [re=414296]Mahousu[/re]: Jinx!

  5. If only we lived in a cool country, Obama could just dissolve both houses of Congress and hold a special election. Unfortunately, we are stuck with these stuttering slobs and their hand-puppet masters on K street. Time to spike the kool-aid.

  6. It would be nice if our congressmen understood the issues — but then again, if the people funding them have already formed their opinion, why go to the extra effort?

  7. Hooray for Jay!

    Although this thing about not wanting to tax the health benefits of coal miners with black lung – what are you Senator, some sort of communist?

  8. well, it looks as though Mass. will be sending Michael Dukakis in to sub for the late Sen Kennedy, so the filibuster may not be an issue after next week.

  9. [re=414445]MarSF[/re]: Yes. Drink some ouzi and smash a plate; it’ll make you feel better.

    [re=414448]Norbert[/re]: You like chicken livers that much?

  10. Man. Yesterday I found it necessary to defend Eddie Haskell against charges that he was actually John Holmes and now I need to stand up for Olympia Snowe (Here in Maine she’s just “Olympia”) It hurts me to see you guys bag on her looks. She’s no Annette Funicello, I’ll grant you, but she ain’t the worst looking of the congresscritters, either. And as for her Senatorial performance she’s decent, when you keep in mind that she’s an R. In fact when you keep in mind that she’s an R, she’s wicked good, as we say here in the woods. She’s voted for some bad shit, it’s true. But if I had Grassley or Bachman or some such speaking for me I’d stick my head in a turkey death-funnel. But Olympia isn’t awful. Sorry, my snark is so limp. Can we talk about eyepatches?

  11. [re=414507]UnattendedConsequence[/re]: Howdy, neighbour. You’re right,for Republic, she’s alright. Hope she doesn’t end up sleeping with the lobstas over this.

  12. [re=414507]UnattendedConsequence[/re]: Did you read my second post? I feel ya, brother! Nothing more grateful for a little bonation than a weathered Mediterranean hag. I’d even let her take her dentures out and give me the Full Craig!

  13. [re=414507]UnattendedConsequence[/re]: I actually agree with leaving her looks along. Generally, my rule is that you only bag on someone’s looks if their inside is ugly or uglier than the exterior. In this case, as misguided as she is and held hostage by the wingnuts of her party (she and Collins are basically the last ‘moderate’ Republican Senators), she’s not an evil mouthbreather.

    I actually kind of pity Snowe, and anyone that knows me knows that I don’t hand out pity, easily.

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