• Some sort of Truther claims Barack Obama isn’t muslin? Someone has been watching too much Zeitgeist! [True/Slant: Ali Eteraz]
  • Nancy Pelosi needs a hug. [The Caucus]
  • Time for a feel-good story about the selfless charity of a very special health insurance company. Gather the kids ’round the computer screen. Do you have your cup of coco ready? And enough marshmallows? [Think Progress]
  • Why would the Democrats want to keep young Americans from attending college? Everyone knows Harry Reid is a huge Dave Matthews fan, and that Barbara Boxer is captain of her ultimate Frisbee team. Democrats love college. [RedState]
  • Some racist Obama pics for your spankbank. [AMERICAblog]
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  • Scoops McGee

    Don’t worry, Nancy. Just make sure no one up on the hill eats too many Twinkies.

  • Potater

    Fun fact: RockTheVote is actually a super double secret probation Republicanary organization. That’s why Democrats hate college, because young people love Republicans. All the time. Constantly. In evey hole.

  • imissopus

    Ironically Rolling Stone had a recent story that is now up on their website about the student loan issue:

    It’s not worth posting on RedState and pointing out that the Obama reforms are designed to save taxpayers a shitload of money and make the whole government-funded student loans programs less bureaucratic and more efficient, is it? Why am I bothering to ask?

  • magic titty

    Michael Steele is one dumb cracker.

  • LoweredPeninsula

    RockTheVote? Is that like ACORN, Jr. or something?

    Also, did you hear that? A new Czar! The conservatives are creaming themselves, because, after all, the only way Republicans can off is to be angry and/or hateful or scared shitless.

  • chascates

    The vote was 253-171 in favor of a bill that fulfills nearly all of President Barack Obama’s campaign promises for higher education: The measure ends subsidies for private lenders, boosts Pell Grants for needy students and creates grant programs to improve community colleges and college graduation rates, among other things.

    No wonder the right hates it. Smarter citizens are never a good thing for the GOP.

  • hobospacejunkie

    Stan: Vote or die? What does that even mean?

    Puff Daddy: What do you think it means, bitch?

  • rocktonsammy

    “Spank bank”, that kids going places I tells ya.

    Hello Penthouse!

  • SayItWithWookies

    You’d think a conservative site like RedState would be all for the government eliminating the middleman, streamlining itself and maybe even making a profit — you know, operating like a business. But no:

    Basically, the bill would shut down all private providers of student loans, drive up costs for universities, and become a bureaucratic nightmare for institutions of higher learning.

    Right now the government gives the money to a bank, the bank loans the money to a student and the bank makes a profit while the government takes on the risk. By cutting out the banks, the government risks nothing and might even profit; the students only have to fill out one loan application instead of several completely different ones for each loan they apply for, and colleges have one entity to dea with instead of hundreds.

    So basically Erickson in on this bill like Wolf Blitzer on a Daily Double.

  • S.Luggo

    “Insurance company ordered to pay $10 million for revoking policy of teen with HIV. “

    And so fucking what? Under RepublicanCare the kid, with his tax credits, will be able to buy a new policy for, let’s say, ummm, you know, maybe 10 million dollars, without losing his freedom of choice because of a soul-sucking, socialist Nazi Kenyanesian Public Option. In this way, we are all winners.

  • ifthethunderdontgetya”

    [re=413924]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Erick son of Erick exists to make Howard Kurtz and Fred Hiatt seem slightly less stupid.

  • S.Luggo

    “Insurance company ordered to pay $10 million for revoking policy of teen with HIV. “

    And another thing, this is why we need tort reform to protect insurance company profits [strike that] … to lower health care costs for all Americans.

  • One Yield Regular

    Having witnessed first hand the black hole that is the American student loan system (and I don’t mean just as a student with loans – I mean as a participant in one of the largest civil lawsuits in U.S. history, involving the biggest student loan fiasco in world history), let me just say to Redstate: STFU. If students in this country had half an inkling of what went on behind the scenes with the money they borrowed for college, they’d be in the streets throwing Molotov cocktails. It’s a system designed for investors to skim profits off of student desperation and to insure that the primary thing students get out of university is not a great education, but DEBT. The proposal to make student loans directly from government may not be ideal, but it is a vast, vast improvement over the current, corrupt system.

    Did I mention that higher education in France is largely FREE?

  • Lionel Hutz Esq.

    What Red State forgets to mention is that the reason the Student Loan office cars about this is not because they have to act all Conservative and shit because they deal with money, but they have to act all Conservative and shit because they liked all the bribes and vacation they used to get from banks for the sweet deal of making a profit loaning government money with no risk.

  • Lionel Hutz Esq.

    [re=413953]Lionel Hutz Esq.[/re]: “Student Loan office cares about . . .”

    Sheesh, I need to drink more before posting.

  • Carly

    Michael Steele is one dumb cracker……….

  • zhubajie

    [re=413924]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Most institutions of higher learning are ALREADY bureaucratic nightmares!

  • zhubajie

    [re=413945]One Yield Regular[/re]: Germany too. But you have to pass a battery of tests over a lifetime to qualify.

  • zhubajie

    [re=413876]imissopus[/re]: Reps are not so much interested in saving the taxpayer money as profiting themselves.

  • Redhead

    [re=413892]chascates[/re]: Did you read the Red State comments? They actually SAY they hate education. One guy said it ruined workers, didn’t teach them anything (but to be a liberal) and pushed them $40,000 in debt, while he made more money cause he already had experience. Another several called colleges and universities indoctrination camps.

    And here I thought most people learned logic, reasoning… you know, THINKING… at college. Oh wait, no, that fits too.

  • thejesusandmarycheney

    [re=414020]Redhead[/re]: Distrust of education is patriotic! Ask David Brooks!

  • oldguy

    Why does RedState (isn’t that where Uncle Joe lived?) hate reducing government spending?

    “Ending loan subsidies and turning control over to the government would save taxpayers an estimated $87 billion, according to the Congressional Budget Office.”

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