Linda McMahon, who runs a friendly wrestling company out of Connecticut with her husband, Vince, will run as a Republican for Chris Dodd’s Senate seat in 2010. Whatever. Here she is in a wrestling video getting struck with a move called, “The Standing-69 Gone Wrong.” [MoJo]

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  1. Of the $90,000 she and her husband have contributed since 1989, 51 percent has gone to Democrats. Her top beneficiaries include Dem Mark Warner of Virginia, Obama chief of staff and former Rep. from Illinois Rahm Emanuel, and Dem-turned-Independent Joe Lieberman of Connecticut — This is the President being tricky. Linda is really his tag team partner and she’s just pretending to be Republican but at a key moment Obama will wink and then Linda will pick up the sledgehammer and smash Sarah Palin in the gut. And Stone Cold Steve Austin will come back and throw beers to the President and Michelle!

  2. Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Ted DiBiase for Preznit/VP 2012!

    BTW, that youtube is the least gay thing about wrassling I’ve seen. Seriously. Oiled steroided muscle men in tights playing grabass. I’m just saying.

  3. She’ll only be senator until she loses her office in a “first blood” election match to Ned Lamont, who will in turn lose his seat, due to contract manipulation behind the scenes by Eric Bischoff, to Joe Lieberman, who will announce the unification of both senate seats from Connecticut.

    And then Congress will go on hiatus and Chris Dodd will be senator again when they return, without any mention of the previous events having ever taken place.

  4. Ok, most of the time I don’t mind that the computer Nazis at work don’t let us watch videos but one titled “The Standing-69 Gone Wrong” means I will have to find an excuse for my boss so I can go home to view it now.

  5. I used to watch wrestling, and I always admired one thing about Linda McMahon: her jewelry. Seriously, girl has some good taste for baubles. (What? I’m gay. Why shouldn’t I watch half-naked men in spandex write around on a mat together, all the while drooling at the CEO’s fabulous gold and sapphire necklace?)

  6. [re=413381]shadowMark[/re]: She is too infiltrate the Republican side of the chamber so that the next guy to shout out during a POTUS speech can be slammed upside the head with a folding metal chair.

  7. Dear Senator Dodd,

    Pay us $100,000 and we will get you the video of her husband making out with Trish Stratus while she sits there in a wheelchair pretending to be catatonic. Your election will be reassured.

    Smart marks everywhere

  8. Thank goodness that wrestler took steroids, because if he hadn’t, his dick would’ve been so big that she would’ve bitten it off when he slammed her head against the floor. And they say those things are bad for you.

  9. [re=413412]JamesMichaelCurley[/re]: Actually, Wonkette got it from me, who got it from a colleague who’s a native Connecticut-er; she actually worked in management at the WWF/WWE for several years, so we got a LOT of yuks out of this one.

    Thunda in the Rotunda…..

  10. [re=413398]Way Cool Larry[/re]:The dumbfuckery was a preexisting condition. They just knew how to capitalize on it, you know, like the Repuglians do.

  11. [re=413398]Way Cool Larry[/re]: The collective body of work of those two combined multiplied by number 5 still wouldn’t equal one hour of the tidal wave of dumbasitry oozing from Klansman Beck’s pie hole.

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