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And Tomorrow, Someone Will Leak The Virtual Reality Version Of Obama Saying This

First there was Terry Moran’s Twitter. Yesterday, TMZ brought us audio. And here, for your masturbation purposes, is videographic footage of Barack Obama calling ex-college student Kanye West a “jackass” for what he did during that “perfectly nice woman”‘s music video award speech, on teevee. Ben Smith found this clip first and posted it, but then, OH WHAT HAPPENED HERE hmm?: “UPDATE: Not so much: Wiser heads than mine at POLITICO made the call to take down the video of the ‘jackass’ moment. Sorry about the tease if you missed it.” Fortunately CNN’s Rick Sanchez stole it just in time! So… when do we get to see a video of Obama calling Jim VandeHei and John Harris “kiss-asses”? [YouTube, Ben Smith]

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  1. thejesusandmarycheney

    President Obama should mutter more things through clenched teeth like that. It’s terrifying.

  2. Aquannissiwamissoo

    At least we don’t have to go through a month’s worth of footage and anal-Isis of what Obama thought about the S1Ws and Professor Griff’s anti-semitic comment back in 1991.

  3. Kev-O-Tron

    Ha! He says “jackass” like I say “jackass”. I like the guy a little more today. No wonder his approvals are up.

    Seriously, Kanye West = Jackass. For sooooo many reasons.

  4. Aquannissiwamissoo

    “Jackass” is Swahili code for “fellow traveler in the IslamoMuslin world cultural takeover, with 22 inch rims.”

  5. Lionel Hutz Esq.

    Has Glen Beck issued a 20 minute rant which proves that the word “jackass” was originally used by Nelson Rockefeller, Teddy Roosevelt and the Fascist to overthrow the American People so that Kenyans could rule us? ‘Cause if not, I don’t know what to think about this.

  6. Aquannissiwamissoo

    I like that the national press immediately assumes the BlackAfrican Presleydent has an opinion on what every single other BlackAfrican person has done or said in the last 24 hours.

  7. shadowMark

    All this is happening endlessly because some guy took a microphone away from Taylor Swift. What’s going to happen when Taylor Swift gets all bad girl and goes out with Chris Brown and he goes all Chris Brown on her? Will Obama declare a state of emergency and round up everyone and send us to FEMA camps for a time out?

  8. problemwithcaring

    Barack, I’m happy for you and Imma let you finish, but POLITICO is one of the biggest Jackasses of all time. Of all time.

  9. Diamante

    I love his tone of voice… he is correct too. He seems ultra-cool & calm all of the time, and hearing him say that just makes him seem all the more real, more human.

  10. linernotesdanny

    God, is there any way I can vote for this person again between now and 2012? Because I can’t stop rewatching this video and LOLing.

  11. hobospacejunkie

    Glenn Beck said on his show that Obama called him a jackass 1.7 million times, while crying fake tears.

  12. Min

    That’s just great, Mr. President. Now the jackasses of America are going to organize and start teabagging in protest.

    Oh, wait…

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