NEXT STEP: THE DANCE FLOORApparent MTV employee Barack Obama called human simulacrum Kanye West a “jackass.” This is in response to Kanye yelling something in bad taste to Faith Hill at the Country Music Awards, which has been plaguing our President, this altercation between two Hollywood movie stars about something, a shared boyfriend maybe. Anyway, this latest declaration from Obama is “causing quite a stir on Twitter,” as all known events have been wont to do lately, because it was apparently given off the record to CNBC. But CNBC and ABC got their scoops crossed, and ABC’s Terry Moran Twittered the “jackass” comment, which was bad form because how dare journalist Terry Moran report this exclusive information. The Tweet has since been sent back to Hell. [Michael Calderone]

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  1. So, the Obama-bot can swear and show anger. It is a good sign, but would be even better if some of that were directed at the Repuglicants and their Teabagging paymasters.

    As for Moran. Hmmm, sometimes family names are given for a reason.

  2. Glad I clicked through to the story. From your intro, I thought Obamer was twittering. If true, I would have to reconsider my vote against Hillary. Now I just have to decide why I read a War Blog that links to Politico.

  3. Let’s just eliminate the time delay and come out with Tweet 2.0.

    It will be a direct cranial implant, so as to allow the instantaneous transmission of gaffes, faux pas, indiscretions, malapropisms, self-incriminations, and thoughts better left unsaid.

    Because of the amount of WAKE UP SHEEPLEZ! who will use it, it will be called Bleet.

  4. Meanwhile, former Carter press secretary and early snarker Jody Powell died.

    Responding to a critic who accused his boss of “communistic” tactics against opponents of the busing used to desegregate schools, Mr. Powell wrote that one of a governor’s burdens was having to read “barely legible letters from morons.”

  5. Kayne should retaliate by coming out with some cool rap lyrics in his next song dissing the Prsident. Then Obama should give him some jive talk . Then some of their posses should shoot each other.

  6. would someone be kind enough to provide a explanation of the incident and hopey’s involvement in it? (some sort of chart or diagram would be nice) I wasn’t paying attention back when this kerfluffle began but now that it’s grown into some sort of political scandal I need to be properly briefed so I can snark )at the moment I’m not sure why Kayne would say something mean about Ellen to Faith….)

    thank you

  7. Playing videos is about as foreign to MTV’s current business plan as having sane, reasonable guests who don’t need spit guards is to Fox News’ business plan.

  8. Based on his previous behavior it’s crazy to invite Kanye West to any awards show – but what in the world is he doing at the Country Music Awards? WTF? Ray Charles could just go out there and make one of the greatest country music albums in his spare time, but Kanye West? I’m looking for his cover of “You Ain’t Much Fun Since I Quit Drinking.”

  9. [re=411269]aleks[/re]: Taylor Swift only dates verifiable Americans — Let’s work this out. JFK has an affair with Marilyn Monroe. And JFK ends up getting shot in the head. Barack Obama has an affair with Taylor Swift. And… what? I’m guessing the “and” is: And the Jonas brothers take Obama out back and beat the crap out of him but that’s a worse presidential legacy even than Monica.

  10. [re=411308]Naked Bunny with a Whip[/re]: [re=411389]Neoyorquino[/re]: Sorry you two, but Willow Palin called dibs on “Rogue Tweet” via her MySpace page late last night.

    How ’bout “Jackass Moran” as an alternative?

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